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					       Appearance of Argon in Oxygen/Helium Plasma

                                                         Edward Esko*

ABSTRACT — In gas studies conducted at Quantum Rabbit (QR) lab in Nashua, New Hampshire, USA, in November and December
2005, QR researchers recorded the anomalous appearance of argon in vacuum tubes containing oxygen and helium plasma. Results were
monitored and recorded by residual gas analyzer (RGA).

Experiment 1: Oxygen plus Helium                                  um in Experiment 2. The second fill gases, helium in
                                                                  Experiment 1 and oxygen in Experiment 2, were also noted.
                    4 parts O + 1 part He                         In both experiments, values corresponding to the mass
                    Pressure O2 = 2x He                           assignment of argon (Source: Mass Assignment Table from
                                                                  MKS Instruments, manufacturer of the RGA) appeared on
In the first experiment, the QR vacuum tube was filled with       the RGA readout following admission of the second fill gas.
pure oxygen, isolated, and pumped down to approximately           No argon was used in either test. These values are shown
4 Torr. Plus/minus stainless electrodes located at opposite       below:
ends of the horizontal tube were electrified to the point at
which oxygen plasma was created. Pure helium was added as                  Mass              Ion        Parent Substance
a second fill gas to 4 + 2(1.08) = 6.16 Torr so as to maintain
the 4 to 1 ratio between oxygen and helium, determined by                  18               Ar   ++        argon-36
the respective mass numbers (O16/He4) of the gases.                        20               Ar   ++        argon-40
                                                                           36               Ar   +         argon-36
Experiment 2: Helium plus Oxygen                                           40               Ar   +         argon-40

                    1 part He + 4 parts O                         CONCLUSION
                    Pressure O2 = 2x He                           Although preliminary, these results suggest the possibility of
                                                                  a low energy nuclear reaction in which one atom of helium
In the second experiment, which is the reverse of the above,      reacts with a molecule of oxygen to produce argon:
the QR vacuum tube was filled with pure helium, isolated,
and pumped down to approximately 2 Torr. The stainless                            2(8O16/18) + 2He4 = 18Ar36/40
electrodes were electrified so as to spark and maintain heli-                     2He4 + 2(8O16/18) = 18Ar36/40
um plasma. Pure oxygen was added as a second fill gas to 2
+ 4(1.08) = 6.32 Torr, again, to maintain the 1 part He to 4         Placing a target gas under vacuum, charging it with elec-
part O ratio determined by their respective mass numbers.         tricity, then admitting a catalyst gas may cause the mutually
                                                                  repulsive force existing between their respective nuclei to
RESULTS                                                           become instantaneously neutralized. This sudden breach
RGA analysis at the beginning of each test showed the pres-       may allow the centripetal Casimir force generated by the
ence of the first fill gases, oxygen in Experiment 1 and heli-    vacuum/ether to cause the nuclei to react and form a heav-

          Typical residual gas analyzer (RGA) readout.                          Quantum Rabbit® solar vacuum tube.

                                                              ISSUE      81,      2008   • Infinite Energy                     1
                                                                  About the Author
                                                                  Edward Esko is the founder and president of Quantum
                                                                  Rabbit LLC. He designed the Quantum Rabbit® Solar
                                                                                    Vacuum Tubes used in the above
                                                                                    research, plus the formulas and proto-
                                                                                    cols utilized in QR studies. He is co-
                                                                                    author, with Michio Kushi, of The
                                                                                    Philosopher’s Stone: A Guide to
                                                                                    Transmutation and the New Science (One
                                                                                    Peaceful World Press, 1994). His article
                                                                                    “Production of Metals from Non-
                                                                                    Metallic Graphite” was published in
                                                                                    Infinite Energy (#78, 2008). Edward lives
                                                                                    in Western Massachusetts. A free DVD of
                                                                  the experiment described herein is available from the
                                                                  author. You can view the DVD on
                  Helium plasma in QR tube.                       Rabbit - “Appearance of Argon in Oxygen-Helium Plasma.”

ier atom. In this case two lighter atoms—oxygen and heli-         *Quantum Rabbit, 3399 Main Street, Becket, MA 01223
um—react to produce the heavier argon atom.                       Phone: 413-623-5645; Email:
   These results are of course preliminary. Further research is   Website:
needed to establish whether low energy nuclear reactions are
in fact produced by the above experiments.

2    ISSUE      81,    2008      • Infinite Energy

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