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                                                                                                                                                       Official Recognition
                                                                                                                                                       Most days at the police union office we don’t see eye to
                                                                                                                                                       eye with QPS senior management…Particularly Assistant

                                                                                      However, the decision of Assistant Commissioner Brett
                                                                                      Pointing to have an official ceremony to recognise those
                                                                 OFFICIAL RECOGNITION officers who have recently been promoted is one which I
                                                                                      welcome wholeheartedly.
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Phone	07	3259	1900		Fax	07	3259	1950                                                                                                                        Queensland Police Union Journal Nov 09 • 1
2 • General President’s Message                                            Queensland	Police	Union	Journal		Nov 09

                                                            issues publicly that members consistently raise with us in
                                                            an attempt to have some change for the better.

                                                            Assaults on Police are on the rise and we all know that
                                                            most of these are by people who have had way too much
                                                            to drink. Even ambulance officers are more commonly
                                                            on the receiving end of beatings. I am not a wowser but
                                                            something needs to be done to turn things around.
                      IAN LEAVERS
                                                            I will also be appearing in person before the
Alcohol fueled violence                                     Parliamentary committee to expand on our suggestions
This union was invited to make a submission                 and to put forward a few more that members have raised
                                                            with me in recent weeks.
to the Queensland Parliament law, Justice and
Safety committee on Alcohol-Related violence in
                                                            Our submission has had widespread public support
                                                            with a poll on the Courier Mail website showing more
                                                            than 70% percent in favour of earlier closing times. It
The union put forward a comprehensive submission
                                                            is important that our union advocates on behalf of our
which was supported by the Queensland Ambulance
                                                            members and we were fortunate to have support from
Union (LHMU), the Royal Australian College of Surgeons
                                                            both sides of politics and the highly respected Royal
Trauma Committee and Brisbane Lord Mayor Campbell
                                                            College of Surgeons. Earlier closing times in Newcastle
                                                            NSW have seen massive decreases in crimes of all kinds.
                                                            According to evidence provided to the committee by the
By way of summary the QPUE:
                                                            QPS Assaults, sexual assaults, break and enters and
1. Supports replacing glass with plastic or similar cups
                                                            even car thefts have fallen in the order of 15 - 30% since
   in ‘high risk’ venues by end of 2009.
                                                            they wound back the licencing hours. Presentations at
                                                            hospital emergency departments also fell – a great result.
2. Seeks immediate change to trading hours
• Ordinary trading hours (10am to midnight) for all
                                                            Almost everywhere in the USA closes at 2am and even
   venues not operating in deemed ‘entertainment
                                                            New York, the world’s biggest city is winding back
                                                            closing hours at most clubs to 2am.
• Late trading hours (10am to 2am) for venues operating
   in declared ‘entertainment precincts’.                   Even the Queensland Hotel Association has realized that
• No trading permitted outside these hours, (other than     5am closing is unhelpful and is now conceding that 3am
   24 hour trading commercial special facility licenses).   would be okay.
• Maintaining “special event permits’ for not longer than
   5 consecutive days (e.g. Indy Week, Anzac Day etc.).     Let’s hope that the all party committee brings down
• Suburban clubs and hotels that are not deemed             recommendations that allow Queenslanders to enjoy a
   ‘entertainment precincts’ to operate under ordinary      night out in more safety than they currently do and sees
   trading hours (10am to 12am) with the exception of       more officers returning home after a nightshift with fewer
   New Year’s Eve trading as of right to 2am.               injuries and arrests.

3. Seeks a consistent approach to enforcing liquor          Political donations
   licensing laws to the full extent of the law by Office   The Queensland government has announced its intention
   of Liquor Gaming and Racing (OLGR) and Queensland        to legislate to restrict political donations to $1000 dollars
   Police; including: regular OLGR licensee compliance      per organisation or individual per year. Members might
   checks, ensuring CCTV are installed (inside and          recall that I strongly called for an end for the cash for
   outside premises), operational and recording to          access culture that had developed over the past decade
   evidentiary standards.                                   in the August edition of the Police Union Journal.

4. Seeks crowd controllers (security guards) be             The word on the street is that the Federal Government
   regulated by Queensland Police Service                   will legislate as well, however, their legislation could be
   Commissioner and not Office of Fair Trading.             tighter still than that announced by Anna Bligh.

5. Supports the use of scanned photo identification for     Of course this will mean that political campaigns will
   entry. Police and/or ambulance officers provide the      be publicly funded, however, I prefer that to the system
   first official response to alcohol-related.              currently in place where the biggest cheque wins.

Our submission has elevated the debate around this
subject to the point where even the Prime Minister is       ian lEaVERs
making comment about the issue. We have not taken a         General President
political side in the debate; however, we have raised the   0419 786 381
Queensland	Police	Union	Journal		Nov 09                                         General Secretary’s Message • 3
                                                              I am pleased to be able to say that during this time
                                                              I have observed QSuper’s genuine commitment to
                                                              providing members with a great value product. As
                                                              well as delivering some of the lowest fees in Australia,
                                                              QSuper provides access to a variety of investment
                                                              choices, an extensive seminar program and subsidised
                                                              financial planning advice, designed to help members
                                                              achieve their retirement goals.
                       MICK BARNES
                                                              Their commitment was also recently recognised by
it was disappointing to receive feedback from                 SuperRatings in September 2009 when the QSuper
members regarding some Workcover issues.                      Accumulation and Pension account products were
Workcover has received and accepted claims for                named as two of Australia’s best superannuation
psychological injuries due to the inappropriate               products.
workplace behaviours of a Manager in one
particular workplace. This Manager is not a                      “ additionally, Qsuper’s Pension
member of this union. As is the norm in such
cases, other workers often provide statements                      product was listed as one of
to Workcover in support of the applications.                       the top five pension funds in
When this Manager became aware of yet another                             the country. ”
claim other workers within that workplace were
approached by said Manager.                                   SuperRatings, an independent research and ratings
                                                              firm, reviews over 300 of Australia’s leading public
Our caring Manager advised the workers one-on-one             sector, retail, industry, and corporate superannuation
that he/she was aware of the Workcover application            funds each year to determine which are the best
and that the officers were about to or had provided a         superannuation and pension funds. They listed QSuper’s
statement in support of the other officer’s Workcover         Accumulation product in the top ten super funds in
Application. That Manager, the subject of the claim of        Australia, based on its overall results in investments,
inappropriate workplace behaviour, then asked for a           fees, insurance, service delivery, member education,
copy of the officers’ statement. This is despite the fact     financial planning facilities, employer support, and fund
that all statements are provided to the employer as part
                                                              governance. Additionally, QSuper’s Pension product was
of the normal Workcover process.
                                                              listed as one of the top five pension funds in the country.

“ My thesaurus lists this verb with                           I was pleased to note that QSuper performed better
 such words as threaten, frighten,                            than the median fund return for the 2008/2009 financial
                                                              year, which of course was a year that was hit hard by the
  scare, bully and even terrorise.                            Global Financial Crisis, as revealed by SuperRatings in
     i prefer to use the term                                 July 2009.
          “bastardise”. ”
                                                              The fund has recently announced some exciting
So caring is the Manager that during the same                 news with the extension of it service offering enabling
conversation career counselling was given offering            members who are employed outside of Government to
assistance for the workers to be permanently relocated        make QSuper their fund of choice. From 1 July 2009
(transferred) if they weren’t happy within their workplace.   members employed outside of Government can now
I see this as a blatant attempt to intimidate our people.     have their non-Government employer pay into their
My Thesaurus lists this verb with such words as               QSuper account. They’ve also extended this service to
threaten, frighten, scare, bully and even terrorise.          spouse members of QSuper members.
I prefer to use the term “bastardise”.
                                                              “This product is issued by QSuper Board of Trustees (ABN 32 125 059 006) of the QSuper
                                                              fund (ABN 60 905 115 063). The Board is not licensed to provide financial product advice.
                                                              It is recommended that you obtain a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and consider it
I regularly read and hear denials from QPS management         before making a decision to acquire the product.

that bullying does not exist within the QPS. They only
need to search their own records to find the evidence.
                                                              stay safe
QsuPER – RatEd as onE of thE toP funds in
austRalia                                                     Mick BaRnEs
Since I became a trustee of QSuper in June this year, I       General Secretary
have had the opportunity to get to know more about the        0411 453 335
superannuation fund for the Queensland Police Service.        mbarnes@qpu.asn.au
4 • Assistant General Secretary’s Message                                 Queensland	Police	Union	Journal		Nov 09

                                                           acting in the best interests of the member consulted
                                                           and agreed to become involved to make sure that this
                                                           nonsense was not allowed to continue and in doing so
                                                           spoke with the QPS Solicitors office to advise them of the

                                                           Our Union Solicitors were of the clear understanding that
                                                           after discussions the QPS through their Solicitors office
                      DENIS SyCZ                           would attend to this matter. This was particularly helpful
                                                           to the QPS because they had a Coronial matter in the
for many years the union has been involved in the          same Court on the same day.
welfare of our members through the legal defence
fund, this has been administered in the best               The member was contacted by the QPS and immediately
interests of members in supplying legal assistance         put at ease with the kind reassuring words such as, “We
                                                           don’t usually do these.” And continued on to advise the
when members are being investigated for discipline
                                                           member that they were doing her a favour by looking
and criminal matters, criminal compensation,
                                                           after her, then interrogated her as to her actions on the
and where matters are of a civil nature owing the          fateful day, hardly instilling any great confidence. Then
members employment.                                        when the matter came around on the day, the QPS
                                                           Solicitors office and sent the local Prosecutor along
Not all matters have been handled by the Union and         to deal with it even though they were in town on that
in times gone by the Union has assisted members            morning. This is not a criticism of prosecutors. It must be
through negotiation with QPS to see that where matters     remembered they are trained to represent officers in the
have occurred through the course of the members            criminal courts, not in civil jurisdictions where different
employment that they are properly handled by the QPS       rules and tactics apply.
through their legal system. These are such matters as,
members being served with civil complaints and where       So what you might say, it happens all the time. Well it
issues of members discipline files being used in Court     shouldn’t, when assurances are given and members
hearings by defence Counsel, to name but a few. In         are waiting in the precincts of a Court with the clear
times past the QPS Solicitors office would attend to       expectation of being represented that’s exactly
these matters as they are rightly in the sphere of their   what should happen. Then imagine the Union’s total
responsibility. Whilst they affect our members surely      astonishment when one day later another matter arises
the employer should look after the employee’s welfare      where the QPS advise they would attend to a Court
where there is no conflict of interest.                    matter for members would were served with a summons
                                                           for assault as a result of a private prosecution.
 “ surely common courtesy would
                                                           The members are waiting in Court and no one shows.
  involve informing the prosecutor
                                                           The Union then has to fill the void and attend to this
     and providing copies of the                           matter so there is some form of representation even after
    materials to the prosecutor’s                          assurances had been given. Again not good enough.

      office for consideration ”                           It is this union’s belief that there are many instances
                                                           where the QPS are shirking their responsibility in not
However oft are the times the first the prosecutor or
                                                           dealing with matters that clearly fall in their area of
investigating officer becomes aware discipline records
                                                           responsibility and that for a couple of years now it’s been
have been supplied by the QPS Solicitor is when
                                                           a matter of, let the Union do it, we couldn’t be bothered.
defence counsel starts to cross examine using these
                                                           Clearly where the actions of Police are in good faith and
                                                           in the execution of their duty then the vicarious liability of
                                                           the QPS is not in doubt as they often claim and matters
Surely common courtesy would involve informing the
                                                           should be rightly handled by them. But just don’t leave
prosecutor and providing copies of the materials to
                                                           those people high and dry when the time comes. After all
the prosecutor’s office for consideration. This would at
                                                           aren’t we all on the same team?
least allow the prosecutor to make an informed decision
in consultation with the investigating officer as to how
the prosecution is to be conducted, instead of being       denis sYcZ
ambushed in court.
                                                           Assistant General Secretary
So to the point, this Union became aware of an issue
whereby a member was served a summons under
the Peace and Good Behaviour Act, for actions that
occurred as a result of an arrest. At first, the Union,
Queensland	Police	Union	Journal		Nov 09                          General Vice President’s Message • 5
                                                             Chief Justice de Jersey said “anyone who spat on a
                                                             policeman should ordinarily serve actual jail. Police
                                                             officers should not be subjected to the indignity and risk
                                                             of being spat on.”

                                                                “ there hadn’t been any rain in
                                                               the area of hillsborough station
                      MICK GERRARD                            for over 220 days – that is until we
                                                                drove in there and the heavens
ASSAulTS on Police
it’s very disturbing to see that Mount isa has laid                      opened up. ”
claim to the largest increase on Serious Assaults
                                                             From many of the decisions handed down, it would
on police across the state with Townsville coming            appear that most of our courts must treat the vast
in not too far behind.                                       majority of assaults on police and particularly involving
                                                             spitting as “exceptional cases”!
As we all know, this is an escalating problem faced by
operational police across the state but unfortunately the    aYR station
Northern Police Region seems to have the worst of it.        No one can doubt that the police in the Burdekin and
                                                             particularly at Ayr Station have had a very difficult time
“ People who spit at police, or who                          over the last year and a half.

 transfer their bodily fluids such as
                                                               “ in spite of all they have been
 blood, or who otherwise callously
                                                                through, our members remain
    and seriously assault police
                                                              positive and focused on delivering
  should face a mandatory term of
                                                               a professional policing service
           imprisonment. ”                                           to the community. ”
Is there an effective deterrent to would be offenders?
                                                             On Wednesday 28th October 2009, Ian Leavers, myself
I believe that this is one of the key issues that needs to
                                                             and Peter Thomas from Townsville Branch went down to
be addressed through the court systems with offenders
                                                             Ayr where we put on a BBQ lunch for all the staff.
being shown a clear message that assaulting police
officers in the execution of their duty is something that
                                                             In spite of all they have been through, our members
will not be tolerated by our society.
                                                             remain positive and focused on delivering a professional
                                                             policing service to the community.
People who spit at police, or who transfer their bodily
fluids such as blood, or who otherwise callously and
                                                             We also took the opportunity to drive to Hillsborough
seriously assault police should face a mandatory term of     Station, where the forward command post was located
imprisonment.                                                for the search for Mick Isles.

It seems to me that our courts are totally dismissing
Chief Justice Paul de Jersey’s findings from the Court of
Appeal decision on 30 January 2008 from the Peter King

    “ chief Justice de Jersey said
 “anyone who spat on a policeman
    should ordinarily serve actual
  jail. Police officers should not be
 subjected to the indignity and risk
          of being spat on”. ”
The Court of Appeal did not find offenders should be
automatically jailed for spitting on police but did find
only in exceptional cases they should not be given an        • Ian Leavers talking with Insp Glenn Kachel and
actual jail sentence.                                          Sen Sgt Warren Francis
6 • General Vice President’s Message                                           Queensland	Police	Union	Journal		Nov 09

• Myself and Peter Thomas with Sgt Matt Pegg and                • Stock Squad trying to keep their swags dry!
  Sen Const Jason Jesse takin shelter from the rain

That morning and the previous day, there had been               “unity is strength”
further extensive searches utilising recruits from the
North Queensland Academy and Stock Squad officers               Mick GERRaRd
from across North Queensland on horseback.                      General Vice President &
                                                                Executive Member Northern Region
There hadn’t been any rain in the area of Hillsborough
                                                                0408 733 274
Station for over 220 days – that is until we drove in there
and the heavens opened up.

As yet, there is still no news in relation to Mick Isles, but
everyone remains hopeful that Mick will be found safe
and well.
Queensland	Police	Union	Journal		Nov 09                                                        Central Region • 7
                                                              Anyone of us who has successfully applied and used the
                                                              Use of Force Model and defended our actions, has Bull to
                                                              thank for its use and application in the QPS.

                       BILL FELDMAN

life’S leSSonS
it’s amazing how lessons learnt early in life and
early in our service stay with us and generally keep
us in good stead the rest of our working lives in the
circus. Generally the lessons were learnt with a little
pain, some discomfort or a little heartache.
                                                              Speaking of old stagers I also had the pleasure of
                                                              attending the formation meeting of the Mackay Branch
I know that the three years spent as a Cadet in my early
                                                              of the Retired Police Association and presenting the flag
and formative years has kept me loving a training and
                                                              to Branch President, Les (Kojak) CAMPBELL another of
fitness regime (I might be a little more rotund these days
                                                              those characters in the job I spoke about. The foundation
– but I’m still fit) especially in the sports of my choice.
                                                              members are legends not just in the north but in the QPS.
The old academy instructors gave us a good grounding
and good skills in the manly art of fisticuffs – Judo,
                                                              As State Secretary Greg EARLY said, “There are no
Karate and Ju-jitsu as well.
                                                              ordinary members of the QRPA – they are all extraordinary
                                                              members.” – hear! hear!.
Fitness Instructors of the calibre of Les ALLEN and
Wayne BENNETT kept us honest. Fighting instructors
                                                              Knowing most of this fine group of men and women (and
of the calibre of Graeme KELLIHER (Karate) , Jim
                                                              knowing how much the Union spent on them over the
STACKPOLE (Judo) gave us skills and confidence. But
                                                              years) I revelled in the tall tales and true, the irreverence
the one I’m going to miss most is the one who taught me
                                                              and the great camaraderie that still exists between mates
how to survive - often working one out - in some of the
                                                              that have bled together (red and blue). I know I am going
rough holes I worked in the City, Valley, South Brisbane,
                                                              to enjoy the regular get together and the annual dinner - if
West End, Woodridge, Caboolture and Deception
                                                              they are still game enough to invite me.
Bay – I did not get down to farewell Bill (Bull) TURNER
at his send off but this man’s street fighting skills are
                                                              Whilst speaking of old coppers, tall stories and just plain
                                                              out and out lies – What a great time I had at the Mobile
                                                              Patrols Re-union. Getting to see and speak with old mates
I remember a pale skinned, skinny, flaming red haired
                                                              that I thought were dead or at least should be dead was
17 years old Cadet being called out onto the torture mat
                                                              highlight of my month.
for one such lesson on how to get out of a headlock.
Bull’s squeaky high pitched voice resonated under the
                                                              I thank all my old mates for the words of encouragement
covered area as his reddening face questioned if I had
                                                              and the delight they find in reading my articles and my
the headlock secured to the best of my ability. Revelling
                                                              passing shots over the bow of the good ship QPS, and
in the pleasure of inflicting pain on this mountain of
                                                              the odd ‘et tu brute’ stab at the heart of bad governance.
man I screamed a delighted affirmative. Seconds later I
                                                              This month has renewed and strengthened my resolve
was screaming like a little girl as he spun his huge chin
                                                              and vigour to continue the good fight.
against the inside of my rib cage and bit hard, tearing the
skin off my side (I still have the blood stained Judo suit
                                                              I hope and pray we all grow to be old coppers telling great
and scar as evidence).
                                                              yarns and large whoppers.
A matter of milliseconds later the properly applied lateral
vascular neck restraint (on me) had me wishing he had
chosen another victim rather than I for the lesson of         Work smart, work safe – make it home.
the day. Bull – My ribs healed and I have applied and
used that lesson many times over the years and never          Bill fEldMan
forgotten – FAREWELL and I hope the wind is always at         Regional Representative
your back and the sun is always smiling on your face.
                                                              Central Region
You have left us all in a better place. (I don’t know if we
would get away with such hands on training today). I am
sure many of us have very similar Bill TURNER stories.
8 • South East Region                                                        Queensland	Police	Union	Journal		Nov 09

                                                             the track it did not make much difference from a Policing
                                                             perspective. All the plans were in place and the roads
                                                             were closed off as usual. I say it every year and I’ll say
                                                             it again, thank you to all the First Year Constables who
                                                             have to spend the week on traffic points directing the
                                                             disgruntled motorists around the area. You do a great job
                                                             in very unfriendly conditions.

                      BOB SMITHSON                               “ i’m sure our members would
Gold coAST c.i.B. RevieW                                      like to see at least one of the leave
As most staff attached to the Gold coast c.i.B.                   embargos removed from the
would be aware, there is currently a review in                  yearly timetable, (but don’t hold
progress regarding all aspects of their local c.i.B.
detective chief Superintendent Michael condon                             you breath). ”
from crime ops. has been assigned the task of
                                                             The State Government seems intent on continuing
conducting the review for presentation to the Board          this yearly extravaganza, but in some quarters there
of Management once his report is completed                   are rumblings about the value of it all. In my view it is
                                                             something that most of the members of our Union would
Mr. Condon invited me to meet with him as part of his        happily do without so we could get back to our core
consultation process with the various stakeholders.          business of serving the community. I’m sure our members
Prior to that meeting I spoke with some senior members       would like to see at least one of the leave embargos
of the Gold Coast C.I.B. to get their thoughts and any       removed from the yearly timetable, (but don’t hold you
ideas they felt should be raised. The major issue from       breath).
them was staffing numbers. The fact is there has not
been any significant increase in C.I.B. numbers over the     cooMERa distRict and RoBina station oPEn
past decade, just a handful I am told.                       foR BusinEss
                                                             On Saturday 7th November both the new Coomera
When I met with Mr. Condon he had already compiled           District and the new Robina Station commenced
a comprehensive draft report. It covers virtually every      business. Things got behind schedule a bit, but it was
aspect that one could think of, staffing numbers,            a huge task and a lot of people put in long hours to get
decentralisation, supervision, vehicle allocation,           there. We can expect some teething problems as with any
accommodation, and the list goes on. Denis Sycz              new venture, but I hope they can be sorted out quickly.
attended the meeting with me and we were generally
happy with the direction that Mr. Condon was taking          One issue that has created a lot of discussion from
with his review, he appears to have all bases covered.       members of our Union, and also the QPSU on behalf of
                                                             the CRO’s, is that of Communications. The current Gold
We were advised that we would once again be                  Coast Communications Centre will pick up significantly
consulted before his final report is presented to the        more radio traffic with a large portion of the Logan District
Board of Management. We look forward in anticipation         now coming under their control. I know that a project
that things might be heading in a better direction for the   is currently underway regarding the whole structure of
Gold Coast C.I.B.                                            communications in the South Eastern Region, but the final
                                                             product from that is some way off yet. I just hope that in
While it is not my place to speak too much on any            the interim period none of our members suffer any grief
specifics in Mr. Condon’s draft report, I am happy to        as a result of the shortcomings.
hear from any member of the Gold Coast C.I.B. if they
have any further matters that they feel should be raised.    PolicE REMEMBRancE daY PhotoGRaPhs
                                                             In the October issue of this journal I wrote a small section
indY/suPER G.P./V8 suPERcaR/a1 EVEnt                         regarding the Police Remembrance Day Service held
Once again the Gold Coast hosted a car race in late          at Burleigh Heads. I must apologise that I neglected to
                                                             acknowledge Sergeant Craig Nielsen from Gold Coast
October. This years event had several name changes
                                                             S.O.C. who was present and took a series of photographs
from what it had been known as in previous years. The
                                                             which were printed in the October journal. Thanks Craig
major drawcard for this year was to be the A1 Grand
                                                             and sorry for the oversight.
Prix group. However this all fell in a heap at the last
minute, and with just a week to go before the event, the
organisers were scurrying around looking for something
to fill the hole. The V8 Supercar group came to the party    Bob sMithson
and along with some veteran racing car drivers doing         Regional Representative
some laps the event took place. Whatever happened on         South East Region
Queensland	Police	Union	Journal		Nov 09                                                Metro South Region • 9
                                                              guilty. This way all ancillary court documents can be
                                                              scanned into the case folder and electronically produced
                                                              to the courts thus saving valuable officer time. And while
                                                              we are talking to Justice we may like to convince them to
                                                              amend the Justices Act so that any simple offence can
                                                              be heard anywhere rather than in the court division that it
                                                              occurred. That is so archaic it is not even funny anymore.

                       TONY COLLINS                           PRoMotions cEREMonY
                                                              I was invited to attend the Metropolitan South inaugural
Whilst the union and its members may not be 100%              promotion ceremony at the Jim O’Sullivan Club at the
happy with QPRiMe it does not mean that we are                Academy. This is an idea mooted and implemented
naïve enough to believe that if we shut our eyes and          by Assistant Commissioner Brett Pointing to properly
click our heels three times everything will return to         recognise everyone promoted to the rank of supervisor
pre-QPRiMe.                                                   within MSR. This recognition extended to Sergeants,
                                                              Senior Sergeants and AO3s. They were formally
The horse is bolted and we are strapped to it. But it         recognised by the Assistant Commissioner and
does not mean the union will just stand by and say “Well      presented with a very nice framed certificate and a
you will just have to get used to it” either. The union is    morning tea.
developing a technology policy so that we can engage
the QPS and in particular ICT in relation to what and
how technology is implemented within the QPS. To this
extent I have already opened dialogue with Assistant
Commissioner Stewart of ICT in relation to what I learnt
when I was in Canada.

 “ negotiations need to be entered
  into with the Justice department
    to allow scanned documents
     as sufficient proof on pleas
              of guilty. ”
I had a meeting with Assistant Commissioner Stewart of
Information Communication and Technology in relation
to these issues and I must say I was pleased to say
I was given a fair hearing. The A/C is looking at the
possibility of a hybrid digital recording system but as
Police Link goes live in April next year it would not be
possible to research it and implement before that time.
At this meeting I was also informed that the next CAD
system will be able to communicate with QPRIME so
real time savings in QPRIME will soon be achievable.          I can only hope that this ceremony becomes
This has the potential to remove occurrence sheets.           commonplace across the QPS. One of the persons
Of course, in a lot of these situations money is always       presented was former branch secretary Bernie Quinlan
an issue, so the technology implemented needs to be           who has taken a Sergeant’s promotion to Wynnum TCS.
prioritized. The only thing that must occur is that our
procedures need to be wrapped around the technology
                                                              Remember if you have any problems i am
and not the technology around the procedures.
                                                              a phone call away.
For example, and I know I am not the first to talk about
it, but it is time to trial and implement a paperless court   tony collins
brief systems. We now have the technology through             Union Representative
QPRIME. Oxley District alone has to deliver paperwork         Metropolitan South Region
to four different magistrates courts. Negotiations need       0414 804 472
to be entered into with the Justice department to allow
scanned documents as sufficient proof on pleas of
10 • North Coast Region                                                    Queensland	Police	Union	Journal		Nov 09

                                                            I have also been involved in the investigation of a death
                                                            in custody, this investigation is still underway and I
                                                            don’t want to interfere with that, however I would like to
                                                            comment publicly on the way the incident was managed
                                                            by the DDO and RDO, both members of our union.
                                                            Throughout the whole incident these senior members
                                                            ensured the safety of all our members by putting our
                                                            member’s safety first, well done. I’ve personally thanked
                      DES HANSSON
                                                            those involved.
i have just read the coroners findings in relation to
                                                            As the Treasurer of the Union I’ve been involved in
the deaths of three people in the north coast Region.
                                                            buying a block of 6 units in Brisbane. The sale should be
Two of those persons, tragically, were members of
                                                            concluded shortly. I believe that by building up a solid
the public killed by a person attempting to evade           portfolio of private and commercial property in the future
police during a traffic intercept.                          the Union would be in a position to buy or build a resort
                                                            for use exclusively by our members at a substantially
The investigation was thorough in both matters, even
                                                            reduced tariff. I will keep you informed of any future
to the point of CCTV at the front of licensed venues on     acquisitions.
the route taken being viewed with speeds and distances
calculated from them.                                       With the well named silly season fast approaching,
                                                            please put your own safety first!
I just want to remind each and every member to make
sure you have a sound knowledge of the pursuit policy.
Particularly those that are not justified and the actions   anyway, be careful out there.
you need to take when you are terminating a pursuit.
                                                            des hansson
There is enough drama in our job with the tangled web       North Coast Regional Representative
of minefields we have to negotiate daily, and that’s just   0412 707 434
Qprime. Please see to it that you are well aware of the
pursuit policy and if in any doubt DO NOT PURSUE.
Queensland	Police	Union	Journal		Nov 09                                                  Metro North Region • 11
                                                               are often fined, with no conviction recorded. Instead
                                                               the Government should legislate to impose minimum
                                                               sentencing and sentencing guidelines for use by the
                                                               Judicial system when sentencing these offenders to
                                                               some form of incarceration, thus sending a strong
                                                               message to the public. These decisions are only
                                                               compounding the anxiety and undue stress too our
                                                               members and their families. Recently an aboriginal
                       ShAYNE MAXWELL                          woman arrested for public nuisance and during the
                                                               course of the arrest, spat in the facial region of one
SToP The violence 2 AM                                         the officers. The woman was restrained, she continued
Recently the Queensland Police union of employees              to spit at officers in the station and was on video at
presented a submission to the inquiry of the law,              the Police Beat spitting. More recently a solicitor has
Justice and Safety committee in relation to                    assisted a private individual to take out a civil action
Alcohol-Related violence.                                      against an officer for a criminal charge of assault over
                                                               an arrest. The officer attended the Brisbane Magistrate
Part of this submission was for nightclubs and hotels          Court as summonsed, not only did the QPS solicitor fail
to close doors at 2am. The question has been asked             to support our member, they failed to attend his first
by certain members, whom I believe have somewhat               appearance.
hidden agendas. Why is the Police union tackling this
problem? Are the Union trying to become a de facto             Police performing their duties in these areas are
opposition to the government of the day? Why isn’t the         constantly under scrutiny from print and electronic
Union concentrating on the next EB?                            media, often criticizing police in the execution of their
                                                               duties whilst in the comfort of their offices. Sitting in
Firstly it is the responsibility of the Government and the     judgement are the editorial writers and columnists who
Queensland Police Service to undertake and provide             have to maintain their employment and sell newspapers.
a safe work environment in which our members on the            Recently I heard a speech that aptly describes what
completion of their shift can go home to their loved           editorial writers do “ It is their job to hide in the hills until
ones.                                                          the fighting is over, then come down and bayonet the
                                                               wounded”. The quote was written by an editorial writer.

     “ We as the union should                                  Police, when dealing with these alcohol fuel laden
 endeavour to do everything in our                             members of the public whose judgement is totally
                                                               impaired, have to make snap decisions on the spot.
  power to prevent our members                                 These decisions are subsequently open to critical
  being injured whilst performing                              scrutiny by media, civil libertarians, legal fraternity and
                                                               minority groups. Who, of course, have the luxury of time,
           their duties. ”                                     SAFETY and COMFORT in which to analyse and find
                                                               fault with the police actions of the day.
Brisbane City and Fortitude Valley are very violent and
hazardous places to work in for our members. The
                                                               We are living in a highly fractious society in which people
younger generation are undertaking to drinking more
                                                               are being programmed by the minority to find fault
alcohol at home and going out later to night clubs and
                                                               with every action or decision a Police officer makes.
bars. Thus leading to the numerous drunken brawls
                                                               As Police are on the coal front to many of society’s
that occur in which our members are often seriously
                                                               problems including Alcohol related violence and with
assaulted, spat upon and verbally abused. We as the
                                                               media simultaneously feeding the cult of grievance and
union should endeavour to do everything in our power
                                                               victimisation. Who are going to support our members
to prevent our members being injured whilst performing
                                                               and stand up, to the government of the day, the judicial
their duties. Currently our members are not getting any
                                                               system and these minority groups, if not the Queensland
support from the government of the day as they have
                                                               Police Union of Employees.
given other issues higher priority, Premier Anna Bligh is
currently fighting for her political survival within her own
labour party over the sale of public assets including a
                                                               that’s my whinge for the month, play safe.
motion of no confidence by her local branch.
                                                               shayne MaXWEll (chook)
Whilst we are not looking for any support from the             Metro North Executive
judicial system, the judicial system has failed to show        0438 112 741
any deterrent to the public, when sentencing those
who seriously assault our members. These defendants
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Queensland	Police	Union	Journal		Nov 09                                           QPRIME... Can We Do Better? • 15

Can we do better?                                     by Tony Collins

Whilst I was in Ontario, I took the opportunity to get in
contact with some police services that currently use the Niche
system as their records management system. The purpose of
this was to see how they handled the data entry workload and
potentially bring back some ideas to share. I chose 1 that had
Niche for longer than us and another that has had Niche for
less time than us.

The first police service that I visited was the Ontario
Provincial Police (OPP). The OPP has around 5,600 officers
and approximately just over 850 cadets. Cadets are people
who are interested in becoming police officers. They are                then obtain further information which is then added to the
employed on 1 year contracts and wear the uniform but with              CAD job. This job is then assigned to the OPP unit via the
different epaulettes. Cadets have limited use of force options          mobile data unit in the vehicle. Each job on CAD then
and assist with administrative duties with the OPP.                     becomes an occurrence in Niche. The OPP CAD system has
                                                                        the capability of linking into the occurrence all the
The OPP has had Niche since 2000 and since that time have               information obtained by the call taker including the address
had 17 upgrades. When originally introduced OPP provided 5              which originally came from the telephone and the names of
days training but as the upgrades came on line it would                 any persons involved and occurrence address which may be
appear that the training did not keep pace. This was quite              different from the original telephone address.
evident when the first response officer demonstrating the in
car computer was given some handy but basic hints on                    The OPP officer would then go into the occurrence and verify
computer usage by some OPP Niche experts that assisted                  all the entities that have been linked and then add the
with the visit. Yes I did say in car computer. OPP currently has        information such as the general report and MO. Brad, the
25% of its police vehicles with in car computers which are              first response officer from OPP, giving the demonstration
fully functioning.                                                      explained that at the completion of his job he would merely
The OPP record their occurrences in 2 ways. Firstly, an                 pull over to the side of the road and complete the occurrence.
occurrence can be commenced when a person telephones the                The interesting aspect of this was obviously in most cases
communication centre or alternatively when a person                     this would mean the officers would not return to the station
attends a police detachment in person the officer will enter            to complete any work and their vehicle becomes their office.
the occurrence from scratch. Currently 83% of all occurrences
are placed on the system through CAD with the remaining                 So effectively the OPP utilize their first response as data entry
17% done by the officers themselves. Whilst QPRIME records              operators. When asked about civilian data entry operators, I
all occurrences with a QP prefix the OPP system uses                    was told that OPP as a police force do not have a force wide
different prefixes for system generated versus officer                  policy on data entry operators. However, when the OPP have
generated occurrences.                                                  taken over a local municipality they have provided and
                                                                        factored into the price of the policing contract civilian data
The OPP telephone system has the capability to populate                 entry operators. So, this policy or lack thereof, has led to
their CAD system with the address where that telephone                  adhoc use of data entry operators with some areas having
number comes from if it is a landline. The call operator will           them but the majority does not.
16 • QPRIME... Can We Do Better?                                                   Queensland	Police	Union	Journal	 Nov 09

The fact that OPP has a true mobile capacity has lead to some      The reason for this is that the criminal code in Canada is
interesting side effects. One identified by Doug Lewis, from       country wide and any potential bad case law affects more
the Ontario Provincial Police Association, as he pointed out       than just the OPP. This was further justified by how many
that this ability to complete all the data entry in the vehicle    times a first response officer might actually want/need to use
without returning to the station was fine whilst the officer was   this functionality. Also, when a mug shot is taken within the
young, but after a number of years the ergonomics of sitting       OPP the photograph is taken in an environmentally controlled
in a police vehicle doing literally hundreds of hours of typing    room. This means that the camera is always the same
will have a substantial impact on the lower back eventually.       distance between the camera and suspect and the lighting is
This statement brought home the reality of the current             the same. All these variables are the same in every
situation within the QPS where more and more officers are          detachment within the OPP. The OPP has created these rooms
recording work cover claims in relation to utility belts and       in every detachment so that there is uniform quality across
vehicle seats. So how many more claims would be initiated if       the board for each photograph taken. The other ability that
the police vehicle truly became the office?                        OPP can do with their version of Niche is that they have the
                                                                   ability to customise their searches from the detailed find. This
The other issues were officer safety and complaints against        gives them the ability to combine fields across their different
officers both resulting from the officers having their heads       tabs and have the ability to conduct extensive searches within
down whilst they data entry. A number of complaints had            Niche itself. This means they can start with a detailed find
been received in relation to the perception of lack of action by   of a person and then add into the search information from a
officers for offences such as running red lights that are          detailed find for an occurrence or vehicle or address.
occurring in front of them but because they are not paying
attention to what is going on around them they are not             Another thing OPP is looking at is the use of a system called
noticing these offences. Secondly, officer safety is also an       ‘COP LOGIC’ which is a public self reporting system. Members
issue as whilst the officer concentrates on data entry, again      of the public would log onto the police website and fill out
they are not aware of the environment they are working in.
                                                                   the required information to report their minor crime. Once
                                                                   entered the occurrence would be reviewed and then migrated
Some system usage differences by the OPP are that they don’t
                                                                   into their version of Niche. They are hoping that this will
use ACL to control access to information but use Special
                                                                   reduce a large number of minor reports that are currently
Projects. Effectively a special project is a hidden occurrence
                                                                   being taken by their first response officers. Apparently ‘COP
within the system. You create a hidden occurrence to hide
                                                                   LOGIC’ is currently being utilized in a number of other
information from the general user and then nominate who
                                                                   jurisdictions both in Canada and the USA with some success.
can see the information. Once that occurrence is finished the
information can then be transferred back to the overall system
for general viewing. The implications are that all the informa-    Other technology that the OPP is currently looking at is a
tion from the occurrence must be transferred so that if there      voice command system within their vehicles. This will give
is information that must remain confidential the occurrence        an officer the ability to use voice commands to activate lights
can’t be released. This use of special projects has led to a       and use the inboard computer to conduct vehicle checks. A
large number of occurrences being hidden and each must be          unique innovation, but one that the OPP are quietly confident
searched individually to reveal any information. Interestingly,    of being able to successfully implement. Imagine driving
OPP severely restricts any officer from being able to create a     down the road and merely talking to your onboard computer
photo lineup except for their Ident officers. These Ident          with the registration of the vehicle in front of you rather than
officers are responsible for the creation of all photo lineups.    typing in or calling up on the radio. I draw your attention to
Queensland	Police	Union	Journal		Nov 09                                      QPRIME... Can We Do Better? • 17

the current Ford Mondeo advertisement where voice                 occurrence. Now, this is where the similarity to the QPS
recognition is used. This technology is not pie in the sky but    ends. When the Peel officer calls their DDE their telephone
here now.                                                         call is prioritised through voice protocols. Peel prioritise the
                                                                  telephone calls into 4 categories. All calls relating to arrests,
Ontario Police Information and Technology Cooperative             stolen vehicles and missing persons are categories 1 and 2
(OPTIC) which includes the OPP and 43 other provincial police     and as such get put through to an operator within the DDE.
services within Ontario all use the Niche system and have the     All other calls that might be considered more routine such as
ability to check each others domains and look first hand at the   a Break and enter where the between times are from Friday
occurrences. However, not all police services within Ontario      night to Monday morning are classified as a category 3 or 4.
are partner of OPTIC. Peel Regional Police is one of those        Officers are switched immediately with no delay to a digital
police services but has had Niche for just under 2 years.         voice recording system. This means for these types of calls
                                                                  there is no waiting in queue and no delay in data entry from
Peel Regional Police has approximately 1700 officers and          the officers end. All time delays occur at the data entry
close to 600 support staff. Peel Regional Police has mobile
                                                                  operators end.
data units in 100% of its first response vehicles and in 50% of
its plain clothes vehicles. Unlike the OPP they have a service
                                                                  At the time of visiting the DDE unit there were approximately
wide system of civilian data entry operators working from a
                                                                  90 voice recordings waiting to be entered into their version of
unit they call the Direct Data Entry (DDE) unit. This unit has
                                                                  Niche. I was informed that all of these calls would be entered
approximately 45 civilians working a rolling 5 team roster of
                                                                  into Niche prior to the end of the DDE 10 hour shift. When
10 hour shifts. Peel officers have a choice of shifts they can
                                                                  queried that should there be a delay in entering the voice
work. They can either work 12 hours shifts or they can work
10 hour shifts. If the officers choose to work 10 hour shifts     recording onto Niche, Peel still had a record of the occurrence
it is done in 5 week rotations. It was interesting to note that   due to their business process of having all jobs regardless
some police services within Canada have been working 12           of where reported going through their call centre. Should
hour shifts since 1981.                                           an officer be chasing information in relation to a job on the
                                                                  system but not yet completed by the DDE it is a simple matter
One difference between OPP and Peel is that Peel has done         of ringing the DDE supervisor and having them listen to the
everything within its power to remove the day to day grind        recording and advise the officer of the information or putting
of paperwork and Niche from their first response officers.        the information on the system immediately to help with the
Peel Officers are not allowed to commence any of the 250,000      investigation.
occurrences that are created every year. All occurrences are
created through an interaction with CAD. Therefore all calls      To further remove their first response police from the
for service go through one phone line and all occurrences are     drudgery of paperwork and niche usage, Peel has employed
created through this public interaction even if the member        civilian Court Process Packagers. This works as follows. The
of the public comes to a police station. The officer will put a   Peel officer makes an arrest. Once the process is completed
call through to the call centre to have the occurrence com-       the Peel officer then puts together all the documents for the
menced.                                                           arrest along with a copy of their notes into the Court
                                                                  Process Packagers tray. The packager then will complete all
Similar to OPP, Peel’s CAD system exports the data into Niche     the necessary initial court documents on niche for that officer.
to create the occurrence. The Peel officer, once taking the       The packager will then send a task to the officer’s supervisor
report, then telephones into the DDE to complete the              to check the quality of the brief. Once satisfied the
18 • QPRIME... Can We Do Better?                                                    Queensland	Police	Union	Journal	 Nov 09

supervisor then forwards this onto the prosecutors who are          The computer screen is colour coded to show if you are
separate from the police service. Quite a unique idea and if        available, enroute to the job, at scene or on air but
you think about it the back of QP9s is not rocket science but       unavailable. The majority of all communication is by the
more a writing formula.                                             computer thus leaving the radio waves available for all ur-
                                                                    gent radio calls. The radio waves were eerily quiet. With the
Peel then displayed the capability of its mobile data               in car computer, not only is there a visual reminder on the in
capacity. As I said previously they have 100% of their first        car computer of the job being assigned but there is also an
response units with mobile data capacity. Through the               audible reminder for the job. The in car computer not only
computer they are able to receive all their calls for service.      provided up to date information on all units available it
Upon first logging on they also record their personal radio         greatly assisted with officer safety. It also provided mapping
with the communications. This then shows up on the in car           capability to direct you to the job that has currently been
computer. Should the officer accidentally try to record the         assigned to you thus removing the need for street directories.
wrong radio, the actual signal from the radio has the               The in car computer also removed the need to write down
identification number within the signal and it easily identified    job details and removed the need for occurrence sheets and
by communications. The reason the radio is recorded is that         handwritten logs as all this information was already record-
Peel has emergency buttons that can be utilized to call for         ed.
assistance when you can’t speak or an event is unraveling           The in car computer can also be used to send car to car
faster than you can speak. By pressing the button a Peel            messages as well as emails through the normal email
officer automatically notifies Peel communications who eas-         system. The Peel police vehicles also have driver’s licence
ily identify which officer has pressed the button because of        swipe capability where you merely swipe the licence and the
the preregistered personal radio. Should an officer acciden-        computer check is performed. The in car computer does truly
tally press the button they verbally voice the mistake over the     turn the Peel police vehicles into mobile offices. Peel also use
radio but just in case a supervisor takes up with them at their     an ‘E-Token’ which was a USB which carried each officer’s
location to ensure they are not being forced to say everything      profile so no matter what computer you logged onto the
is all right.                                                       computer set itself up the way you preferred. This included
                                                                    your email account.
Combine this with the fact that all the Peel units have GPS,
any unit can see any other unit on its mapping system.              To add to this Peel use a 3 strikes and you are out rule for all
Therefore should a unit press a button for assistance all Peel      false alarm jobs. They basically send a letter to the company
units automatically know its location without being told by         saying they are not attending their address anymore and to
communications. The GPS is also used by communications              make alternative arrangements with their security company.
in relation to allocation of jobs to the nearest unit. The in car   Peel is also looking at ‘COP LOGIC’ in relation to reporting of
computer is colour coded to assist the supervisor as to what        minor offences.
units are available. Basically, the in car computer provided at
their fingertips all the information on the screen that a DDO       IMPLICATIONS FOR THE QPS.
or supervisor would need to ‘professionally’ do their job. I        The QPS is currently attempting to reduce the number of calls
compared this to me acting as a DDO using a printed copy            for service handled by its first response officers with the
the district roster and then using a trusty high lighter to iden-   creation of ‘Police Link’. Police Link will remove
tify which units were available to me for my shift. It was a        approximately 30% of current calls for service which will
serious embarrassment to me, professionally, to explain the         greatly benefit first response police. However, it is possible
paper based system used to supervise first response units.          to have our first response on the street even more by
Queensland	Police	Union	Journal		Nov 09                                     QPRIME... Can We Do Better? • 19

adopting a hybrid call centre system such as utilized by Peel.   Potential efficiencies are to be made in the reduction of the
Peel police changed from operator data entry only to a hybrid    road toll with police vehicles being highly visible and not
of digital recording and operator 8 months after Niche went      parked at the back of stations, better response times,
live. Why did they do this? The reason was they had their        better officer safety and better job satisfaction in that you are
first response off the road for far too long to be reasonable.   not sitting on hold waiting for PAC to talk to you. Also, first
What has happened within the QPS? The QPS acknowledges           response officers would not be waiting in queue for an
that data entry onto QPRIME takes longer than what it did        inquiries operator nor would they be using their personal
for CRISP. Originally the time taken to report was up to 50%     mobile telephone to ring back to the station to conduct
when QPRIME first commenced for crime reporting but              inquiries. I believe that if there are significant efficiencies to be
expectations were to have this reduced to only 20%. We put       made in relation to our first response police then it should be
on around 800,000 PACs a year. I have not heard any updates      made a priority of the QPS.
since that time but what if there was no wait? What if you got
through automatically first time everytime and there was no      As for the vehicle becoming an office, the issue of the
input delay just how long it took you to talk.                   ergonomics of the seats has to be addressed but there are
                                                                 products out there such as seats produced by the LEAR
The QPS should also care about how much time its first           Corporation that could greatly reduce the issues being
response officers are spending on data entry. That is not        complained about. As for officer safety and awareness whilst
what first response officers should be getting paid to do. If    they are typing on the computer I don’t have a ready
Peel police can recognise that first response officers time is   solution to that but it could be managed by where the officers
extremely valuable to change the way they do business then       are actually parking to minimise these risks.
surely so can the QPS. A combination of data entry
operators and digital recording would virtually eliminate the    The Canadians are all over technology like a fat kid on a candy
wait time on calls to PAC. Not only that but with recorded       bar and it is about time the QPS got hungry and took a bite.
calls, any current input delays would not be felt by first       We are seriously being left behind in the use of
response. I think the QPS has it right to have a central call    technology and as a result our professionalism as a Service is
centre to ensure quality but tweaks can be made to ensure        also taking a big hit. We need to change our business
that it runs as efficiently as it should.                        practices so that we concentrate on what is real and practical
                                                                 for our front line officers and not what makes it easier for
I am also aware that the QPS is also currently looking at a      audit purposes. It should never be forgotten that first
new CAD system. This new CAD system will be able to export       response officers are the face of policing for the QPS and the
to QPRIME and thus what occurs in Canada may soon be             easier and more efficient we make their job for them the more
occurring here. This, when it occurs will provide time savings   professional the QPS will look to the public of
to first response police if regions get on board and             Queensland. The QPS should not be introducing anything
commence taking their daily occurrences from QPRIME              that does not help or reduce the workload of first response
searches. However, as for mobile data units, that may be         officers. What I saw in Peel did exactly this.
some time away.                                                  QPRIME. We can do better!!

In car computers will revolutionise policing in Queensland
in many areas including PCC where the need for inquiries
operators would disappear. These operators could be utilised
within PCC for other tasks that make it run more efficiently.
20 • QPUE Scholarships                                                          Queensland	Police	Union	Journal	 Nov 09

An opportunity to assist
Rosemary Featherston

The Queensland Police Union of Employees is proud to again offer QPUE Scholarships to
members’ children who are academically gifted or a sporting achiever.

An annual $20,000 scholarship fund has been developed and funded by the Queensland Police
Union of Employees. With the assistance of the General Secretary Mick Barnes, the Queensland
Retired Police Association administer the scheme. The QRPA Scholarship Committee promote
unilateral fairness through a decision making process.

The recipient of scholarship funds must be the acknowledged direct descendent (biological and/
or adopted) of a currently serving QPS officer and financial member of the QPUE. The maximum
scholarship assistance offered to any one individual is $2,000 over a one year period.
Recommendations to the committee are that grants be made

       •   Up to $500 for primary school students
       •   Up to $1000 for high school students
       •   Up to $1500 for TAFE/University students
       •   Up to $2000 for international events that involve representing Australia.

Recipients may only hold one scholarship per calendar year.

The Queensland Police Union is please to assist our member’s children to take advantage
of academic and sporting opportunities. Successful recipients will be selected by either
demonstrating sporting or academic achievement. Additionally, each recipient will demonstrate
leadership qualities, community service and extracurricular activities and will provide written
referee reports in support.

Applications are open to domestic students only (Australian or New Zealand citizens, permanent
residents or holders of a permanent humanitarian visa. Successful recipients must remain
enrolled on a full time basis at a recognized Australian primary or secondary schooling
institution. Applications need to reach the QPUE Office before the end of the year.

Application form, application procedures, selection criteria and terms and conditions are
available on the Queensland Police Union website located:

The QPUE is proud that this scholarship scheme continues the culture of ‘taking care of one’s
family” and hopes that it assists in some small way the ability of a Police Officer’s child to
achieve something great.

   Promoting Excellence through the QPUE -As Always!
               If you require any further details, please contact Rosemary Featherstone on 3259-1900.
Queensland	Police	Union	Journal		Sep 09
Queensland	Police	Union	Journal		Nov 09                                                            XXXXX 11
                                                                                     North Recognition XX
                                                                                    Official Coast Region • 21

          Official                                                                             by Ian Leavers

         Most days at the police union office we don’t see eye to eye with QPS senior management…
         Particularly assistant commissioners.

         However, the decision of assistant commissioner Brett Pointing to have an official ceremony
         to recognise those officers who have recently been promoted is one which i welcome

         a/c Pointing is the first of what i hope will be many senior managers to acknowledge the
         attainment of rank or detective appointments as a significant milestone in an officers career.

         the 10 Officers and 2 aOs recognised at the first ceremony for Metropolitan South Officers
         which was held at the Jim O’Sullivan building at the Police academy on 29 October were
         presented with framed certificates as a memento of the day.

         as we all know, sometimes it’s the little things that can make a difference. Sometimes working
         in such a large organization as the QPS we can feel a bit anonymous or get the sense that we are
         not valued. that’s why i think that gestures such as this are terrific for the morale of the officers
         and their long suffering families. Well Done Mr Pointing!
22 • Official Recognition         Queensland	Police	Union	Journal	 Nov 09

              aO3 Judy Kuhn        aO3 Kathy forsythe

            Sgt Benjamin Browne   Sgt Berrnie Quinlan

             Sgt nicholas Dean      Sgt Peta Jordan
Queensland	Police	Union	Journal		Sep 09
Queensland	Police	Union	Journal		Nov 09                         XXXXX 11
                                                  North Recognition XX
                                                 Official Coast Region • 23

                Detective errol coultis   Detective Matthew Scott

                  Sgt Brock Murphy          Sgt Margo Watson

                 Sgt Stephen gough         SnR Sgt craig Pond
Queensland	Police	Union	Journal		Nov 09                                              Police As Victims Of Crime • 25

 Police as victims of crime
                          – new comPensation
                           regime commences
                                                    by Mark Jeffrey and Ryan Heath

Articles in recent editions of the Police Journal have         such cases, where it is possible to show that the injury
foreshadowed the significant changes to the way in             arose as the result of negligence on the part of QPS,
which victims of crime are to be compensated with the          officers will be entitled to an award of compensation
commencement of the Victims of Crime Assistance Act            including pain and suffering, economic loss for both
2009 (the Act). The Act commenced on 1 December 2009.          past and future, out of pocket expenses and loss of
The purpose of this article is to highlight some of the        superannuation entitlements.
important issues that Police need to consider in light of
                                                               Sciacca’s Lawyers and Consultants have had a strong
these changes.
                                                               and continuing association with the QPUE and its
                                                               members. Recently, it was agreed that the interest of
At the risk of labouring the point, significant changes
                                                               QPUE members who are injured at work in circumstances
brought about by the new legislation include:
                                                               where they are victims of crime can be best served if the
                                                               following procedure is followed:
• A change from a court based litigation process to an
  administrative process with decisions being made by
                                                               1. Lodge a WorkCover Claim as soon as possible after the
  the Victims Assistance Unit within the Department of
                                                                  injury occurs.
  Justice and Attorney General;
                                                               2. Contact your local QPUE representatives to make an
• A process of compensation that is triggered by ‘event’
                                                                  application for legal assistance.
  rather than the conviction of an offender;
                                                               3. All applications must include the documentation
• A move away from general lump sum awards of
                                                                  outlined on the QPUE website in regards to such
  compensation to a system that provides assistance
  (financial and otherwise) to help victims to recover;
                                                               4. Applications will be forwarded to Sciacca’s Lawyers
• The introduction of a system that actively compliments
                                                                  and Consultants who will contact the officer and make
  the Worker’s Compensation Scheme.
                                                                  an initial assessment about interim entitlements for
                                                                  victim assistance and any potential common law claim.
• A process that allows for immediate interim payments
  to victims in certain circumstances.
                                                               5. Where there is no common law action, referrals will
                                                                  be returned to the QPUE which will oversee the process
Under the new legislation there are a wide range of
                                                                  of applying for assistance under the victims of crime
factors that come into play in determining the type and
amount of assistance that will be provided to victims. For
the purposes of this article it is appropriate to restrict
                                                               Members should contact the QPUE should they have any
our discussion to occasions where police officers become
                                                               questions with respect to their entitlements under the
a victim of crime whilst working.
                                                               Victims of Crime Assistance Act 2009 or pursuant to
                                                               WorkCover legislation.
In these circumstances there are two critical issues that
need to be addressed as soon as possible.

Firstly, officers should ensure that for any injury
occurring at work, a WorkCover Claim is lodged. Not only

is this important from the point of view of later obtaining
a possible lump sum payment for permanent impairment
but it is also a necessary pre-requisite to the making of
an application for victim assistance.
                                                                                   Lawyers and consultants
Secondly, officers should obtain legal advice as to
whether the circumstances giving rise to the injury also
give rise to any entitlement to common law damages. In
26 • Advertisements                       Queensland	Police	Union	Journal	 Nov 09

QULA 082 PostGrad LawJustice QPJ.indd 1                            18/5/09 11:22:52 AM
Queensland	Police	Union	Journal		Nov 09                                                        Light Sentences • 27

                                               sentences                                                       by Ian Leavers

One of the things that is a major annoyance for our
members is the relatively light sentences handed out
by the courts for charges of evade police.

As most members will recall, the evade police provision
came about because this union highlighted the ridiculous
situation where there was effectively no penalty for causing
a police chase.

Since the inception of the provision in the PPRA there has
been a large number of reports coming in from members
of fines of only a couple of hundred dollars being issued by
our courts – less than for talking on a mobile.

I recently met the Attorney General Cameron Dick and
outlined my concerns in this regard.

The Attorney has already established a reputation for being
a no-nonsense political operator and I found him to be very
open minded on the subject.

The example that I put forward to Mr Dick was that there is
a major drink-driver or repeat offender who is aware of the
law and the QPS pursuit policy, they could make the
following calculation;

If I speed off police will be directed not to chase.

If they catch up with me the next day I will be issued with    Mr Dick said that he appreciated what I was saying and
a notice to appear and have to appear in the magistrate’s      gave me an undertaking that he would examine the issue
court where I am likely to cop a fine of only a few hundred    more closely to see what options would be possible and
dollars instead of the usually much heavier penalties for      seek further advice from his department. He also noted that
drink driving.                                                 the CMC is currently reviewing the operation of these
                                                               powers and that he would need to liaise with the Police
The law must move with the times and with the State            Minister, who is responsible for the PPRA.
Coroner and the QPS making it impossible for officers to
chase offenders I expressed my view to the Attorney that it    I will keep members advised
was time that serious penalties were imposed for this          of any outcome in the future.

We discussed options such as seizure of vehicles, automatic
licence cancellation and heavier fines, mandatory
disqualification periods etc.
28 • Behind The Spin                                                             Queensland	Police	Union	Journal	 Nov 09

          Behind the spin
        PolItICs Is an EvIl tRadE
          By Ross Musgrove

American writer, raconteur and drug addled                      He got the leadership through cunning, guile, and almost
                                                                being the last man standing. He did not become leader of the
lunatic Hunter S Thompson a few decades                         ALP through the undying love and support of his colleagues.
ago stated that “politics is an evil trade and
                                                                Now his polling has been suffering his colleagues…even
only a fool would dare defend it.”
                                                                cabinet colleagues, have let it be known (through the pages
                                                                of the newspapers) that the Prime Minister ought to take
Despite consuming more drugs than Keith Richards during
                                                                more heed of them and their advice.
his life, Mr Thompson occasionally observed and noted life
in a way that thousands of ‘real’ journalists never could nor
                                                                Since coming into government Kevin Rudd as PM has
                                                                basically only sought counsel from three Ministers on a
                                                                regular basis…Wayne Swann, Julia Gillard and Lindsay
“ It’s a blood sport that is winner takes all                   Tanner.
  at best and nobody wins, at its worst ”
                                                                Everyone outside of that group has had a pretty big dose of
Politics is an evil trade. There are few dog eat dog            the shits for the past two years, however, when the leader is
professions that come even close. It’s a blood sport that is    soaring they’re all prepared to cop it.
winner takes all at best and nobody wins, at its worst.
                                                                It is only now that Rudd has had a bit of a shake up that they
When you are on top of the political game it’s a high wire      are leaking their frustration of being left out of the process
from which you can see all. Mere mortals seem like ants         and treated like mushrooms.
beneath you as you stride across the void, sure footed,
confident, and after awhile you forget about the risks.             “ Yes, he will want to get square with
That was about the point where Kevin Rudd was at before a
                                                                   you for having the temerity to question
couple of polls came along to knock him off balance.                           his authority ”
It hasn’t hurt him much…but he has just had a gentle            Here’s a tip for all of those Ministers and backbenchers
reminder that he too is mortal and that there is much at        hoping that Kevin Rudd will change his ways as a result
stake.                                                          of their whining to the press about his dictatorial style – he
                                                                doesn’t care – he won’t change – and you have just given
The tremor of the polls combined with a refugee headache        him a reason to have a reshuffle before the election. Yes,
that won’t go away has woken his enemies too…those              he will want to get square with you for having the temerity to
within the ALP.                                                 question his authority.

Kevin Rudd hasn’t been very popular within his own party….      Kevin Rudd backs himself and he knows that when his
well ever really.                                               polling heads south permanently, at some stage in the future,
Queensland	Police	Union	Journal		Nov 09                                                         Behind The Spin • 29

there will be a rush to push him off the high wire, as all        Cyclone Larry, or more correctly Peter Beattie’s use of it as
those people he has ignored or treated with derision line up      a backdrop, turned the polling around and Beattie went on to
to get even. He knows very well that he has very few real         win another election in September 2009.
long term allies.
                                                                    “ Of course not all natural disasters turn
He will do things his way while he is there and the rest of
them can put up or bugger off…                                        out well…Hurricane Katrina exposed
                                                                    the Bush administration as being aloof,
Poll fever
The bad polls keep coming for Anna Bligh…and that won’t
                                                                          unresponsive and uncaring ”
change. Unless…Unless there is a major natural disaster.
                                                                  Of course not all natural disasters turn out well…Hurricane
                                                                  Katrina exposed the Bush administration as being aloof,
   “ Beattie milked it for all he was worth.                      unresponsive and uncaring. Hanging out on the ranch in
     He practically moved in there for a                          Crawford, Texas whilst New Orleans was drowning killed
                                                                  George W’s polling.
                 few weeks ”
In the months leading up to the 20th of March 2006 Peter
Beattie looked like he was coming to the end of his run…
the polls had turned and people were starting to question his

That was until Cyclone Larry all but wiped out Innisfail in Far
North Queensland. Beattie milked it for all he was worth. He
practically moved in there for a few weeks.

It may have looked great on TV, however, it was a logistical
nightmare having him and all the relevant DG’s including the
Police Commissioner in the middle of the devastated town.
                                                                                           Anna Bligh
All major natural disasters are supposed to be coordinated
from Brisbane where there are useful things like phone            Still, cyclone season may yet save Anna…we will see.
lines, clean water and power…but that’s not so good if you
are a Premier in desperate need of votes…so Innisfail it          In a world where cyclones are good news for politicians you
was…TV cameras, reporters, crews and politicians came             can be sure that politics is an evil trade and you won’t find
and went. But Beattie and his gleaming smile and comb             me defending it.
over hair stayed.
Queensland	Police	Union	Journal		Nov 09                                                          Beyond Reasonable Doubt • 31

Conducting Voluntary

                                                                              Police conducted a search of the vehicle and located a water pipe and
                                                                              the defendant was later charged with the drug offence.

                                                                              On appeal at page 54 White J held –

                                                                              “That the search of the defendant’s vehicle was not unlawful. His
                                                                              honour held that the police officer had asked for, and had been granted,
                   by Calvin Gnech Legal Officer QPUE                         permission to search the vehicle and there had been no finding by the
                                                                              magistrate, nor was there evidence to support a contention, that the
I have received a number of questions from members in regards to              permission had been obtained by coercion.”
conducting voluntary searches, therefore posing the following question:
                                                                              In relation to Queensland Law the most significant case that is referred
‘Is it fair for a person to consent to a search requested by Police when      to in DPP v Leonard is that of Andersen v Harper, Ex-Parte
they have not been informed that they do not have to consent?’                Anderson (1982) Qd R 105. This matter was heard by the full court of
                                                                              the Queensland Supreme Court of Appeals and is therefore binding on
In the matter of DPP v Leonard (2001) NSWSC 797I; Police conducted            all Magistrates.
a search of a vehicle after being given consent to search the vehicle.
The Constable conducting the vehicle intercept did not inform the             Andersen v Harper is a situation whereby Police elicited answers from
defendant that he had the right to refuse Police the opportunity to           the defendant in relation to traffic matters that were at the time
search the vehicle. Upon searching the boot of the vehicle Police             incriminating to the defendant. The defendant was charged. Police
located a number of bags of green vegetable matter that was later             elicited answers from the defendant as per section 70(3) of the State
formally identified as Cannabis Sativa. The defendant was charged in          Transport Act. This section stated the following-
relation to possession of these drugs.
                                                                              “A person thereunto required by an authorised officer shall not fail to
On the 5th February 2001 this matter went to summary trial and the            answer any question put to him by such authorised officer under the
charges were dismissed for a number of reasons however, in relation to        authority of this Act, but if the question tends to criminate him, and he
the search of the vehicle the Magistrate stated at page 8 of his judgment;    answers if after objection on that ground, the answer shall not be used
                                                                              against him in any proceedings.”
“The only important factor is knowledge of the right to refuse. This is
not necessarily an all controlling factor, but unless it can be               In this particular case Police did not give the defendant a warning
demonstrated that such knowledge exists in the context of roadside            informing him that he need not answer the questions if the answers
searches of motor vehicles, it is very difficult to argue that the consent    to the said questions would be that of an incriminating nature. The
was truly voluntary.”                                                         Magistrate held that the answers to the questions were inadmissible and
                                                                              dismissed the complaint on matters of proof.
Later at page 10 of his judgment;
                                                                              On appeal all three judges held –
“As I indicated earlier, knowledge of the right to refuse may not be the
only or all controlling factor. It may for example, have much less weight     The Magistrate erred in his decision and that it was unnecessary for a
or no weight at all if the person requested to consent is legally trained,    person to be informed of the provisions of section 70(3) of the State
or himself a Police Officer or other person known to be familiar with         Transport Act before being questioned pursuant to that Act.
drug laws.”
                                                                              Informed Consent was not codified as such until 1998. The Police
On appeal to the Supreme Court of New South Wales at page 65 of the           Powers and Responsibilities Act 1997 was enacted in Queensland and
decision;                                                                     at section 5(4) it outlined the requirements when conducting a search
                                                                              when no powers exist:
“Knowledge of the right to refuse.
                                                                              “Also, if no search power exists, nothing in the Act or this code prevents
While a person’s knowledge of his or her right to refuse to give consent      a Police Officer searching a person or a vehicle with the person’s
is a factor to consider, it is not the controlling factor. A Police Officer   consent given after the person is told he or she need not consent to the
who seeks a consent to search need not inform the person of his or her        search.”
right to refuse.”
                                                                              This provision was specifically removed from the Police Powers and
DPP v Leonard at p51 –54 further referred to a matter from the Supreme        Responsibilities Act 2000 and the corresponding Police Powers and
Court of Western Australia of Wineburg v Stafford (unrep, 22 July 1997).      Responsibilities Regulations 2000.

In this matter Police conducted a routine intercept and asked the driver,     As a result of this specific exclusion it can be presumed legislators’
“Do you mind if I have a quick look in your vehicle then?”                    themselves did not want informed consent to be a requirement in
                                                                              relation to the searches conduct by Police when no power of search
The defendant replied, “No, go ahead.”                                        exists.
32 • Tips & Traps                                                                          Queensland	Police	Union	Journal	 Nov 09

 Tips & Traps
  on why invest
This month’s Tips & Traps is on why invest in                          global share markets experienced less volatility than Australian
international shares.                                                  markets. But this is not a surprising result. Global share market
                                                                       indices typically comprise nearly 1600 stocks and offer the
A common perception is that the Australian share market has            potential to choose from thousands of additional stocks, including
outperformed global markets during the recent recovery. We             emerging markets and smaller company shares not included in
frequently hear that our domestic economy has been one of the          the main index.
strongest in the western world, so it may seem logical that our
share market should also be stronger.                                  Critically, this diversity enables global portfolios to typically
                                                                       hold around 100 to 150 stocks compared with less diversified
But there are two problems with this perception.                       Australian share portfolios. This enables global portfolios to be
                                                                       well diversified across industry sectors, economic cycles, countries
Firstly, it is factually wrong. All major markets around the           and regions. In contrast, Australian share market concentration
world have experienced strong share price gains. On average,           increased during the financial crisis.
these gains have been very similar in magnitude to the rise in
Australian market. For example, from early March 2009 to the           Stocks in the financial sector now comprise more than 40 per
end of September 2009, the US market is up 55 per cent, the            cent of the Australian market capitalisation. Stocks in materials
Euro markets by 58 per cent and Hong Kong by 76 per cent. The          (resources) and energy sectors make up an additional 30 per cent
Japanese market has lagged but is still up by 41 per cent.             of the market. These two groups of stocks drive the Australian
                                                                       market returns. Meaningful investment in important growth
Secondly, if we consider the whole period of market disruption         sectors such as information technology and health care can only
and recovery – approximately November 2007 to the present – the        be achieved in global markets, where they collectively comprise
returns for Australian investors in Australian shares and in global    more than 20 per cent of market capitalisation.
shares have been almost the same, but the global share market
has actually been less volatile.                                       Global investing provides valuable diversification. A somewhat
                                                                       surprising observation, as shown by figure 3 below, is that the
In other words, Australian investors in global share markets           longer-term Australian share market rarely tracks the international
achieved similar returns, but with lower risk.                         share market.

A question many investors in global share funds may be asking          Investors in global markets are able to diversify their growth
is, why they haven’t seen gains of similar magnitude in their          portfolios and access opportunities which aren’t available in the
portfolios? The reason is largely due to exchange rates. The recent    local Australian market.
market recovery has corresponded with a period of very strong
rises in the value of the Australian dollar compared with most         Over time, this diversification can help manage risk. And the
major currencies.                                                      experience of the past two years shows this does not need to
                                                                       mean lower returns.
Looked at from an Australian investors perspective, foreign
currencies have fallen in value by approximately 30 per cent since     David Martin
March this year. But despite this recent negative impact, currency     Executive
diversification has benefited overseas investors in overseas           Moore Stephens Queensland Wealth Management & Authorised
                                                                       Representative. Charter Financial Planning, Australian Financial Services
markets during the crisis period.                                      Licensee AFSL Number 234665
                                                                       Moore Stephens Queensland
The fall in the global share market leading up to and during the       Level 25, Riparian Plaza, 71 Eagle Street,
                                                                       Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 4000
crisis was not nearly as severe in Australian dollar terms compared
                                                                       Tel +61 7 3317 7877, Direct +61 7 3100 0002, Mobile: 61 409 872 399
to local currency. In other words, during this period the Australian   Fax +61 7 3100 0028, Web site: moorestephens.com.au
dollar helped cushion the effect of the large fall and contributed
to diversification benefits.

Key reasons for considering global shares in diversified portfolios
include taking advantage of the broader range of investment
opportunities and diversification benefits. Over the crisis period,
Queensland	Police	Union	Journal		Nov 09                                                                                                  Sidebar • 33

By Calvin Gnech Legal Officer QPUE

“Sidebar” is being introduced to the journal as a regular addition for the purpose of
giving brief summaries of selected recently decided cases which may be of interest to
members. Members seeking a full understanding of the case will need to be obtained
the full case. These case summaries have been prepared by Ken Mackenzie of Mackenzie
Mitchell Solicitors as part of his Q-Crime weekly digest.

R v Sullivan [2009] QCA 344 – Trafficking. S pleaded guilty to                          R v Day and Anor [2008] QSC 358 – Discretion to exclude illegally
trafficking in ecstasy but disputed the facts. The most serious                         obtained evidence. Police believed suspects in house and forced
allegation in the prosecution version of the trafficking was the                        entry. House empty but police proceeded to search for drugs,
purchase of laboratory equipment that was used to manufacture                           finding some. Two post-search approval orders obtained from
a precursor chemical, isosafrole, with the intention of making and                      Magistrates. Held: No justification for search without warrant.
selling ecstasy. Held: Doing things preparatory to the manufacture                      Police could have secured premises and waited for warrant, or
of a drug with the intention of selling it is not sufficient to prove                   obtained warrant by telephone. The post-search approval orders
trafficking in the drug. An essential attribute of trafficking in a drug                were not applied for by the officers who conducted the first part
is a dealing with the drug. Sentence was imposed on incorrect                           of the search. One order was invalid on its face. Unlawful search.
basis. Original head sentence reduced by 3 years and parole                             Evidence excluded.
eligibility date brought forward by 1 year.
                                                                                        Law v WA [2009] WASCA 193 – Sentencing. Finding of facts where
R v Le [2009] QCA 343 –                                                                 disputed. L pleaded guilty to burglary, but claimed he stole a few
1. Hostile witness. Prosecutor called a witness, the complainant,                       items from the premises after noticing they had already been
knowing that he had recanted an earlier identification of L. C                          burgled by others. Crown disputed this basis in reply. L did not
agreed he had made the earlier identification. Prosecutor asked C                       call evidence. Judge sentenced on Crown’s basis. Held: It was
if he had told the truth at the identification procedure. C answered,                   open to the judge to sentence on the Crown’s basis. L was
“No,” and gave some explanation as to why he had made a false                           represented by experienced Counsel who chose not to call
identification. After argument in the absence of the jury, the                          evidence. The judge did not have to warn L that he would be
prosecutor was given leave to cross-examine. Held: Holding a voir                       sentenced on the Crown’s basis. Appeal dismissed.
dire was not necessary when it was plain the witness was hostile.
There was nothing improper in the Crown calling a witness                               R v Burke [2009] QDC 334 – Hearsay. Evidence of deceased
expected or known to be hostile.                                                        witness. B charged with r-pe. C died after committal hearing at
                                                                                        which gave full evidence and was cross-examined. B conceded
2. Accident. The trial judge wrongly directed the jury that                             the earlier statements of C were admissible; s93B Evidence Act. B
accident could be excluded if they found L intending to injure C                        applied for their exclusion on the grounds of unfairness; s130. B
hurt D instead, irrespective of whether the injury to D was                             contended that a fair trial involved the jury, seeing C, gauging her
reasonably foreseeable. Appeal allowed on that count. Re-trial                          demeanour, and seeing her cross-examined. Held: Evidence would
ordered.                                                                                be admitted.

R v Horne [2009] QCA 336 – Circumstantial evidence. “There is...                        A-G v Hynds [2009] QSC 355 – Expert witness. Dr Sundin gave
no invariable imperative for a summing-up in a circumstantial case                      inconsistent evidence that did not reflect well on her credit. The
to direct that the jury must identify those intermediate facts which                    court was not prepared to act on her evidence and found it
constitute indispensable links in a chain of reasoning towards an                       difficult to give significant weight to her opinion.
inference of guilt, or to direct the jury that they need to be satisfied
of such facts beyond reasonable doubt.”
Queensland	Police	Union	Journal		Nov 09                                                        Flying With The New TMS • 35

Flying with the new
  Rosemary Featherstone

Back in the early days of ASAP (Aligning Services and Priorities), we       selected and information provided will be clearly visible to the
saw the Queensland Government rush into such projects as the shared         approving officer and is reported. A financial tolerance is built into the
services initiatives. This initiative was a response to the challenges of   process. The tolerance will greatly reduce the need for re-approval of
maximizing cost effectiveness whilst experiencing the increased demand      acceptable changes to travel plans.
for services. For QPUE members it meant the implementation of
PartnerOne and a period of uncertainty of level of service to be            Approval is given online in TMS. The approver receives an email
provided. As part of the continuing commitment to aligning services         advising the need to approve travel. The approver is presented with an
and through a Cabinet decision in November 2004, all budget-sector          accurate costing for the trip, all in one view. All approvals in the TMS
government agencies will now make all associated travel arrangements        will be compliant with financial and administrative approval
through the Travel Management System.                                       delegations. Once approved, all bookings are then completed
                                                                            within TMS.
The Travel Management System (TMS) is an online, integrated travel
booking and management tool. It is a whole of government system and         Travel Allowance Entitlement claims can also be attached are completed
is accessed through GovNet. It will maximize travel policy compliance       more quickly and accurately. The approver can have confidence that the
in all areas including best fares, allowances and approval. The Travel      claim is accurately calculated. Advance payments for travel allowance
Management System’s aim is to assist the Queensland Government              can be accommodated and payment can be made up to 7 days prior to
reduce the direct cost of travel through simpler shopping the cost of       travel for advance payments of travel allowance entitlements. For urgent
airfares, through improved fares and tariffs negotiated with suppliers      advances required in less than 7 days, local procedures will still apply.
by the Qld Government Chief Procurement Office and through reduced
accommodation and hire car charges.                                         Generally TA payments are usually made to the officer within five days
                                                                            of the TBO closing the file. The TMS Implementation team has advised
The Queensland Police Service is now implementing a pilot of TMS in         that there have been some delays in payments of TA but generally these
both the Administration Division and Ethical Standards Command. The         are due to booking file remaining open and once closed payment is then
TMS system within the QPS provides a booking system for air, hotel and      generated. The TMS Implementation team believes that this one issue
car, travel allowance calculations, an expense management system and        will be addressed through training and continued experience.
a reporting database.
                                                                            For the first time, QPUE members who have a budget for travel will be
The QPUE can almost hear our members whinge ‘another computer               able to access comprehensive travel data according to the user’s access
system that doesn’t work’ – well, the answer is that it does. The TMS       and not wait for end of month reporting.
Implementation team coordinated by S/Sgt Richard Batty and joined by
Tony Georgas, Julianne Hunt and Ruth Watson are piloting what               The Travel Management System is capable of allowing all
appears to be an easy to use program that allows for enquiries,             authorized users to book their own travel but initially within the QPS
reservations, entitlements, electronic approval, acquittals and             only Travel Booking Officers will book travel arrangements. Whilst the
expense reconciliation.                                                     TMS; within the QPS, is the first step in the travel process, there is
                                                                            future possibility of this program being utilized by all officers in
The QPS will appoint TMS Travel Booking Officers (TBO) who will             claiming for their travel allowances/entitlements. Although it is
book travel, acquit travel and arrange for traveler entitlements (TA).      recognized that this type of claim would be similar to applying for leave
The TBO will be able to book an airfare, hotel and hire car in one          through ESS, there is no current plans by the QPS to see this happen.
                                                                            The Queensland Police Service expects the Travel Management System
Best fare of the day is provided by showing all available fares from all    to be rolled out in stages throughout the State during 2010. The QPUE
airlines on one screen. If the lowest fare is not selected, the TMS user    supports the use of this program and asks our members to report any
is prompted to provide a reason for the selection. The government has       issues during the pilot and rollout.
stated that they do not expect travelers to undertake circuitous
itineraries or to travel in circumstances where there is unacceptable
safety or security concerns in order to access lower fares. The reason
                                                                         Letters to The Editor should be no longer than
                                                                                      400 words if possible and sent to:
                                                                                              Queensland Police Union -
                                                                        PO Box 13008 George Street Brisbane Qld 4003.
                                                                                                   Fax (07) 3259 1996.
                                                                            Letters may be edited for length and clarity.

                                                                                      fast approaching a scenario where we
                                                                                      will be held accountable to exactly the
                                                                                      same set of rules as the general public.
                                                                                      Anyone who believes that the current
                                                                                      level of traffic enforcement could
                                         Dear Editor,
                                                                                      continue in such an environment is
                                                                                      having a lend.
                                        Hats off to Mick Barnes for
                                        highlighting the quandary                     The current urgent duty driving
                                        that officers conducting traffic              policy gives officers attempting a
                                        interceptions currently face. Recent          traffic intercept the same exemption
                                        years have seen a steady erosion of           to engage in urgent duty driving as
                                        the value of a traffic offence, at the        an officer responding to a code 1 or
                                        same time the QPS is chest-thumping           code 2 job. The reality however, is
                                        about the road toll. Firstly, you can’t       somewhat different. Take my example,
                                        pursue a traffic offender - Now you           Suspended from motorcycle duties for
                                        cannot exceed the speed limit by any          5 months for speeding. At the same
                                        appreciable amount to intercept a             time, a DRP considered the matter of
                                        traffic offender. Kudos to the staff at       a generals crew clocked at 173km/h
Dear Editor,                                                                          in a 60 zone. My speed was lesser,
                                        one of the Brisbane traffic branches
                                        who had the nous to sit down and nut          and in a higher speed zone. And you
I have read your submission on the                                                    can believe my “punishment” was
                                        out some office policy in the absence
union website and I concur totally with                                               significantly higher than that of the
                                        of anything concrete from the QPS.
the sentiments and suggestions in it.                                                 generals crew. Good luck to them as
                                        I have been a traffic officer for 16
I am a father of boys aged 20 and 17                                                  well, I don’t like to see anyone stitched
                                        years, and I believe this is the most
and they are in the precise                                                           up at a DRP or SERP. What made the
                                        significant challenge to the way we
age-group which your submission                                                       difference, you might ask, well, one of
                                        perform our duties that I have ever
targets. If it is adopted, I will feel                                                us was “merely” intercepting a traffic
much more comfortable with their                                                      offender, and one wasn’t. Can you
social life and options available. I                                                  imagine an officer being investigated
                                        The latest rumour doing the rounds
am a regular consumer of alcoholic                                                    for 173km/h in a 60 zone while
                                        is that the custom of “chip and chase”        intercepting a traffic offender ? The
beverages and I feel that there is no
                                        will become a prohibited practise in          officer would be drawn and quartered.
need for the extended hours which we
                                        high speed zones, as apparently, we           Why have a policy which says one
currently endure.
                                        just can’t be trusted. What comes after       thing, when the reality is significantly
                                        that ? Ban the use of mobile radar?           different?
I am most grateful for the work of
                                        Why not, you have to exceed the speed
your members and having seen people
                                        limit (sometimes appreciably) when            Any officer who believes they will
behaving badly and even once having
                                        intercepting offenders there too. The         receive any sort of support from the
to come to the aid of a policeman
                                        practise of Police officers exceeding         hierarchy while engaging in urgent
on duty, I fully realize how difficult
                                        the speed limit is (supposedly)               duty driving to “merely” intercept
your job is and how dreadfully many
                                        protected by legislation and case law.        a traffic offender had better have a
members of the public treat you all.
                                        Why is the QPS so intent on white-            rethink. I only wish I had a crystal
You have my unqualified support
                                        anting keen officers who arc merely           ball to look at what the annual road
and full marks to you for putting it
                                        trying to live up to their oath of office     toll will be in 5 years time. Here’s my
forward.                                                                              tip, it will continue to increase, and
                                        ? I would think that the majority of
                                        law-abiding citizens would accept the         one of the reasons will be, that Police
Kindest regards and keep up the good                                                  can’t do their job with one hand tied
                                        premise that Police officers need to
work.                                                                                 behind their back. The current crop
                                        safely exceed the speed limit at times,
                                        in order to get the job done. I’ll bet my     of Assistant Commissioners will have
Phil Tagell                                                                           been reshuffled by then, why would
                                        next pay packet that the crash rate for
                                                                                      they care ‘? Just don’t expect traffic
                                        police officers is still way below that
                                                                                      branches around the state to accept
                                        of the general public. And yet we are
Queensland	Police	Union	Journal		Sep 09                                                      CORRESPONDENCE • 37
ownership of the road toll, when the                                                This simple act will have significant
Executive won’t allow Police officers                                               benefits for those front line officers
to Police the public. The figures                                                   who deal on a weekly basis with
speak for themselves. 70% of Unit 1                                                 the alcohol related violence in our
drivers in serious and fatal crashes                                                states entertainment areas. My
had a traffic history that ranged from    Dear Editor,
                                                                                    congratulations and thanks go to
below average, to poor. The proof is in                                             the President and his team who have
the pudding. It is not the mums and       Recently the actions of our union,
                                                                                    liaised so successfully with the QAS
dads out there causing these serious      the QPUE, have been instrumental in
                                                                                    and representatives of the medical
crashes, it is the serial, recidivist     directing parliamentary and public
                                                                                    profession to bring this issue into the
traffic offender, who doesn’t give a      focus onto the issue of alcohol related
stuff about anyone else, and drives       violence and the possibility of earlier
how they like, when they like, and        closing times for licensed premises.
                                                                                    While policing has never been a safe
where they like. And these are the                                                  option our partners and families
people that will not be getting caught,   As an officer who has spent the last
                                                                                    will no doubt experience a little less
if the QPS continues down their “softly   four years watching the increasing
                                                                                    apprehension as well as we start to
softly, let them go, someone else will    levels of violence in Fortitude Valley
                                                                                    come home a little less battered and
catch them eventually” mind set that      on Friday & Saturday nights I can only
                                                                                    bruised from a Friday & Saturday night
seems to have pervaded the Senior         be thankful that common sense may
Executive.                                finally prevail and that opening times
                                          will finally be wound back.
                                                                                    So from one of the coalface workers
Stop being so paranoid about public                                                 directly affected by this issue,
opinion, or what the Courier Mail         Personally I have been kicked in the
prints, or what our completely            face, spat on, punched and kicked by
unbiased State Coroner has to say,        drunken louts, though thankfully
                                                                                 Kayt Howe
and let Police officers do the job they   without serious injury resulting. I
signed onto do. Is that too much to       have seen fellow officers seriously
                                                                                 Fortitude Valley
ask ? The grubs, hoops and serial         assaulted, requiring significant
traffic offenders must be laughing        time off work resulting in increased
their heads off.                          pressure on those that remain. The
                                          Newcastle experience indicates that
Paul Rohweder                             we can expect a downturn in assaults
Senior Constable 7471                     both generally and against police when
Sunshine Coast Traffic Branch             the opening hours are wound back.
Queensland	Police	Union	Journal		Nov 09                                                           Police Health • 39

  MeMber survey
  gives Police HealtH HigHest rating
  For the fourth year in a row Police Health has rated highly    positive response, we’ve already begun implementing
  in the HIRMAA (Health Insurance Restricted Membership          measures to improve our service.”
  Association of Australia) membership survey.
                                                                 In direct response to member feedback, Police Health is
  The survey is part of an ongoing process to identify any       introducing BPAY and extending direct debit services in
  issues and improve service standards – and Police Health       addition to existing payment methods.
  scored well in all areas.
                                                                 Members will be able to use BPAY to make quarterly, half
  Member satisfaction continues to increase with 87 per cent     yearly or annual payments using their cheque, savings or
  reporting they are ‘very satisfied’ while 13 per cent were     credit card accounts via the internet or phone banking
  ‘satisfied’. Only three of 475 respondents said they were      service.
  not satisfied. See graph insert.
                                                                 Direct debit is also now available for fortnightly premiums
                                                                 from any financial institution - not just the QPCU.

                                                                 Michael said other initiatives planned for 2010 included a
                                                                 national Police Health member newsletter and a redesigned
                                                                 website which is more user-friendly and with greater

                                                                 “More than 5000 Queensland police have now joined Police
                                                                 Health since we extended our service here six years ago,”
                                                                 Michael said. “This is a great response and shows how
                                                                 important it is to have effective two-way communication
                                                                 with members on a national level.”

                                                                 Communication was one of the areas addressed by
                                                                 the member survey with 68 per cent saying they were
  The result gave Police Health an overall customer              ‘very satisfied’ with Police Health and 29 per cent were
  satisfaction index of 92.6. This is a weighted method of       ‘somewhat satisfied’.
  scoring and for the fourth year running Police Health rated
  the highest of all the 12 health funds surveyed.               Police Health also rated highly on the speed of claims being
                                                                 paid, with 86 per cent ‘very satisfied’ and 14 per cent
  All the funds have a strong member focus and aim to            ‘somewhat satisfied’.
  provide more value-for-money and better benefits than the
  larger open membership health insurers.                        There was a strong message about the importance of
                                                                 maintaining existing benefits with well over half of the
  “The survey feedback not only allows us to benchmark           respondents happy with the current level of benefits.
  ourselves so that we can improve our product, but by
  measuring ourselves against other health funds we can          More than 80 per cent of respondents were prepared to
  strengthen our focus on customer satisfaction,” said Police    pay modest increases in premiums to maintain current
  Health CEO Michael Oertel.                                     benefits while 74 per cent were strongly opposed to
                                                                 reducing hospital coverage to lower premiums.
  “The survey confirmed that members want cover that is
  easy to understand with fast payment of claims – areas in      Police Health thanks the 475 members who responded to
  which we rate highly.                                          this year’s survey and for providing invaluable feedback on
                                                                 the fund’s performance. Further comments are welcome
  “Significantly, a third of Police Health members reported      anytime on 1800 603 603 or email feedback@policehealth.
  that their level of satisfaction had increased over the past   com.au
  12 months. But while we were delighted with the overall
By Greg Early, State Secretary, Ph 3863 1180
Email greg.early@qpcu.org.au


Greetings to all Members, Associates and Friends of the

What was a busy but historic month with the formation of
the Mackay/Whitsunday Branch and the Van Diemen’s                 These pictures show
Land Branch of the QRPA. I was honoured to represent              the presentation of
QRPA with the State Secretary Greg Early at Mackay and            the Formation
to represent us again at Gretna Green in Tasmania for             Certificate and the
                                                                  QPS flag, caps and
the launch of our first interstate Branch.                        cushion, to the
                                                                  inaugural President
Below are photos of both events                                   of the Van Diemen’s Land
                                                                  Branch, Andy Beasant. at Gretna
                                                                  Green Hotel in Tasmania on 24.10.09.

                                                                  Both functions were very well attended. We were pleased
                                                                  to see the Acting Commissioner of Tasmania Police, Mr.
                                                                  Darryl Hine, attend together with Mrs. Flynn, the local
                                                                  Mayor, both of whom pledged their full support to the
                                                                  new Branch and welcomed it to Tasmania.

                                                                  Now it is on to the hard work being done by Members Max
                                                                  Moloney and Darryl Murtha to get the Logan area Branch
                                                                  established. They need to round up enough members
                                                                  and prospective members to launch a successful and
                                                                  viable Branch. Can you help?

                                                                  Last, but not least, was our meeting with a delegation
                                                                  of officials from the Guangzhou Province in China who
                                                                  wanted to learn about the Association as they have
                                                                  nothing similar in the Province, or I believe China, where,
                                                                  when police retire they go out onto the grass, sit in parks
                                                                  and generally wait to die. We met at the Board Room
                                                                  at QPCU on 19 October. SMC members, Senior State
                                                                  Vice President Arthur Volz, V/P Janet Brady, Treasurer Len
                                                                  Bracken, Life Member John Cummins, A/Sergt. Stephanie
                                                                  Gilholme of Crime Stoppers and Det. Inspector Warren
                                                                  Webber of the Task Force Drug Squad attended. We
                                                                  welcomed the Director General of the province, Mr.
                                                                  Cui Yadong, and his delegation of 5 officials from the
These pictures show the large number of people at the             Province including the head of the Drug Squad, Mr. Wen.
launch of the Mackay/Whitsunday Branch on the 17/10/09 at         Faxiang. Well, through a great interpreter, we managed
Police HQ in Mackay by kind permission of the District Officer,
Superintendent Rowan Bond, and the presentation of the            to inform them about what the QRPA provides for retired
QRPA flag to the new Branch President, Les Campbell, (left) by    officers, the QPS Seniors Portfolio provides with Volunteers
the Police Union Central Region Representative, Bill Feldman.     in Policing as well as access to the other arms of the
Queensland	Police	Union	Journal		Nov 09                                                                 QRPA • 41
Service that assist with Community Supporting Police and     FUTURE LUNCHEONS IN 2009: Rockhampton’s special
the like. Warren Webber, who was one of the fine young       dinner is on 18 November 2009 at the Cambridge Hotel;
detectives at Caboolture CIB when I spent a short time       Near North Coast – Caboolture Golf Club, Lesley Street,
there as O/C in the 80’s, gave a detailed run down on        Caboolture – 23 November 2009; Far North Queensland
the current crop of drugs and the work being done by the     – Brothers Leagues Club, Cairns, 27 November 2009;
                                                             Bundaberg and Townsville luncheons - 2 December
QPS to combat this menace. We had sandwiches and the
                                                             2009 at their RSL Clubs and Ipswich – Brothers Club on
obligatory photographs and they left. Only the Director
                                                             16 December 2009.
General fielded and asked questions and was amazed
that the Association and the Police worked separately        FUTURE MEETINGS IN BRISBANE: These now commence
as does Police Legacy and the other areas where our          at 12.30 pm in the ground floor conference room at
retirees can use their services. He could not understand     Police Headquarters: The only one left this year is on 7
how the State Government wasn’t involved with QRPA           December 2009. Hopefully our Patron, Commissioner
and that we were separate from them. All in all, a great     Bob Atkinson, will be able to join us, speak to us and stay
experience and hopefully we may have done some               for refreshments.
good for the police retirees in the Guangzhou Province
which is in South Western China. Look it up on Google to     NEW MEMBERS: Former Constable 1st Class Anthony
find out more about it. We gave then all a small gift and    Paul Wakefield, former Sergeant (NSW) Stuart Hugh
they handed us some as well. I expect most if not all of     Halls, former Senior Constable Neil Robert Kidd, former
                                                             Sergeant 2nd Class Tony Leonard Wynne, former
the gifts exchanged were made in China.
                                                             Detective Senior Constable Mervyn George Fisher, former
                                                             Inspector Karl Lloyd Nystrom and former Constable
Please read the Welfare Reports in this edition carefully    Kenneth Ashley Zunker (all Mackay/Whitsunday), former
as some of our stalwarts in Terry Walker, Arthur Zillmann    Sergeant David Alan Currie (Darling Downs), former
and our dear Assistant State Secretary, Jeanette Warwick,    Senior Constable Clifton Elliott Robinson (Murwillumbah),
Immediate Past State President Des French and John           former Senior Sergeant Neil Raymond Bradford
Fillingham have had their share of health problems and       (Brisbane) and former Senior Constable Kerry Dianne Orr
all have appreciated the attention given to them by their    (Sunshine Coast).
colleagues in and out of the QRPA. That is why we are
here, to care for each other in such times so if you see a   NEW ASSOCIATE MEMBERS: Megan Sue-Ann Gilbert,
familiar name in the report please do not hesitate to give   partner of Les Campbell, Michelle Christina Rose Mary
them a call.                                                 Sheehan, spouse of Sam (both Mackay), Joyce Edith
                                                             Moloney, spouse of Max Moloney (Brisbane) and Nola
                                                             Lillian Trower, spouse of Cedric Trower (Van Diemen’s
It has been a busy month and November will be just the
same with the final round of luncheons at Caboolture
with the Near North Coast contingent led by President Col    OVER 90: William Oliver James Powell         100    on 18
Guy, Far North Queensland’s function with president Jack     November 2009.
Frame and his Branch at Brothers Club on the 27 November
and President Brian Bensley’s members at Townsville’s at     RECENT OBITUARIES – May They Rest in Peace.
the RSL Club on 2 December. The highlight function will      Member: Former Senior Sergeant Harry Laurence
be Rockhampton’s dinner on the 18 November at the            (Laurie) Fisher 26 October 2009; Non Members: Former
Cambridge Hotel when our centenarian, Bill Powell, will      Constable Denis Earle Soblusky 9 October 2009 and
celebrate his birthday and be the first retiree to receive   former Inspector Graeme Evan Matthews, service 26
the Queensland Police Service Medal. The Commissioner        October 2009. Family: Vila Cislowski, wife of Chris, 6
was very keen to attend but his work has forced him to be    October 2009, Deena Hayes, daughter in law of Bob
                                                             and Cherrol Hayes, service 5 October 2009, Margaret
in Perth on this great occasion.
                                                             Ellis, widow of Senior Constable Roger Ellis, Edna Mabel
                                                             Dudley, widow of Walter Dudley, 4 October 2009 and
                                                             Jackie Minette, wife of Bob, 29 October 2009.
God Bless and best wishes to all.
                                                             WELFARE REPORTS MENTIONED AT THE BRISBANE MEETING
                                                             ON 5 OCTOBER 2009: Arthur Zillmann was back in
                                                             Wesley Hospital where he had several blood transfusions
                                                             as a result of a bleeding ulcer. He is now home and
                                                             recuperating slowly. However, his wife, Shirley, has had
                                                             a bowel operation recently. Moira Cremin was in the
                                                             Mater Private Hospital but is now home and doing well.
M.J. (Mick) O’Brien, State President QRPA Inc.               Ted Bones has been in PA Hospital with heart problems.
42 • QRPA                                                                  Queensland	Police	Union	Journal		Nov 09

Merv Deakin, Rockhampton, has had a lengthy bowel           ROCKHAMPTON: They met on 7 October 2009 at the
and hernia operation in RBH and is doing well. Former       Cambridge Hotel. A special welcome was given to Pat
Sergeant 1/c and Member Clyde Jones is very seriously       Lawton by President Barry Self. Pat had not been able
ill in the Peninsula Private Hospital at Redcliffe.         to attend for a few months. Twenty-five members and
                                                            associates attended the National Police Remembrance
LIFE MEMBER LAPEL BADGES: Several of these have             Day service at the Salvation Army Citadel, North
been issued. Life Members who have not received one         Rockhampton, on the 29 September. This was conducted
should contact their Branch and update their personal       by Police Chaplains, Horst Sauer and Colin Robinson.
details (address, phone number/s and email address)         Chief Supt. Steven Gollschewski officiated in the
whereupon the Branch will make a request for their          absence of Assistant Commissioner Ann Lewis following
badges. Life Members not in a Branch should apply for a     the passing of her mother. The service followed a short
badge from Len Bracken, State Treasurer, on 33661392        march by serving and retired police along Park Street.
or len.bracken@qpcu.org.au.                                 Norm and Caroline Tomlin are heading inland from
                                                            Kalbarri to Kalgoorlie, then to the south west and back
PAYMENT OF DUES: These were due on 1 July 2009. Some        to Perth for Christmas. Jim Burton has been to Brisbane
have not paid theirs for last year. Could those involved    for a checkup on previous eye surgery. Beverly Burton
please give this matter their urgent attention either via   is recovering well from her hip operation. Merv Deakin
their Branch or via the State Treasurer, Len Bracken, 48    had successful surgery in Brisbane on 23 October 2009
Betheden Terrace, Ashgrove, 4060. If Members wish,          and hopefully went home on 30 October 2009.
use internet banking - BSB 704052 (QPCU) and account
number 1013730 S1.                                          FAR NORTH QUEENSLAND (CAIRNS): Our quarterly meeting/
                                                            lunch was held at Brothers Leagues Club on 30 October
QUEENSLAND POLICE LEGACY SCHEME: State President            with nine members in attendance. Noel Holding has
Mick O’Brien has been a Director of this Scheme for         prostate troubles and Maureen Bickhoff has suffered a
some seventeen years. He never misses an opportunity        back injury. Viv and Cath Finter are cruising the South
to urge members of the QRPA to support the Scheme.
                                                            Pacific. Our final activity for the year will be the annual
He did this at the formation meeting of the Mackay/
                                                            lunch at Brothers Leagues Club on Friday 27 November.
Whitsunday Branch on 17 October 2009. After the
                                                            I have received information that the restoration of the
meeting concluded Michael Harris came forward and
                                                            gravesite of Des Trannore at Gordonvale is hoped to
advised that he had been a Legatee and that he, his
                                                            commence on 31 October 2009. (Don Condie).
late mother Margaret Harris and his sister Frances had
been regulars on the Police Legacy holidays from when
                                                            SUNSHINE COAST: Their meeting on 27 October 2009
they first commenced. His father, the late Sergeant John
                                                            was held at the Headland Golf Club. Ken Scanlan
Harris, was killed near Thargomindah in 1975. Michael
                                                            was presented with his Senior Certificate by President
also joined the QPS in 1995 and only resigned in recent
                                                            David Betts. Former Senior Constable Kerry Dianne Orr
months. As at this month QPLS is supporting 43 families
                                                            was recommended for membership. Their Christmas
consisting of 34 families of deceased Queensland Police
                                                            luncheon will be held on 24 November at the Headland
Officers, 6 families of serving Officers whose spouse has
                                                            Golf Club with their widows being invited to attend at
died, three families of serving Officers who are deemed
to be suffering from terminal illnesses and the Scheme      no cost. Margaret Williams gave a report on a recent
is meeting the educational expenses of 70 dependent         Brisbane Mobile Patrols re-union and Greg Rainbow gave
children. Worth supporting? Very much so.                   a like report on the 30 year anniversary of the AFP. Nolly
                                                            vanderWijk recently spent several weeks in hospital with
AROUND THE BRANCHES                                         pneumonia. She is now recovering at home. Judy King
IPSWICH: Their 14 October meeting was held at Brothers      recently went on a seven day cruise which she enjoyed
Club. A large number of police – both serving and retired   immensely. Tom Bishop had a fall at the meeting and
– attended the funeral of former Inspector and Branch       x-rays the next day revealed a cracked rib. He has some
Secretary, Mick Rooney. A very large guard of honour        bruising and swelling and will have to wear a sling so
was afforded Mick. Joy Brown, a Financial Information       that his arm and shoulder will get better.
Officer from Centrelink, spoke on entitlements and
changes to pension entitlements as from September           GYMPIE: They met at the Cooroy RSL Club on 7 October
2009. Her address was comprehensive and informative.        2009. President Laurie Pointing welcomed Mick Barnes,
The Police Remembrance Day service was held at Browns       Secretary of the Queensland Police Union of Employees,
Park Sangster Memorial at North Ipswich. Jack Paff          and Des Hanson, the Regional Union representative for
supplied the wreath which was placed on behalf of the       the North Coast Region. They presented the Branch with
Branch. Even though he had recent knee replacement          a QRPA flag. Also welcomed was Member Fred Palmer
surgery, Ron Lobwein marched from the Terrace to the        who has moved to Cootharaba Road, Coothabara.
Park. Arthur Zillmann has had another stint in Wesley       They decided to continue with their current newsletter
Hospital and is recovering well at home.                    which is edited by Norm Breen.
Queensland	Police	Union	Journal		Nov 09                                                                     QRPA • 43
GOLD COAST: We met on 6 October 2009 at the                    well with his two new walkers and scooter. Albie advises
Currumbin RSL Club. President John Meskell welcomed            that he and Meryl are not taking a coach trip around
back Ross Rigney, Ross Beer and Pat Glancy who have            Australia but they will be going around Australia by ship.
been unable to attend meetings because of ill health           He said that he is getting a portside cabin so that he can
and other reasons. Life Member, Graham Dank is still           see the mainland all the way around. Peter Aebersold
in poor health. We had our Branch BBQ at Graeme and            is suffering continuous pain but continues to have a
Bev Millard’s place. As usual, Arthur Jones assumed the        positive outlook. Over twenty members and partners
role of head chef and there was heaps of food but              attended the Police Remembrance Day service at Christ
unfortunately only 16 turned up. Neil Raward brought           the King Catholic Church, Deception Bay. A large crowd
one of his old mates along. He is a Superintendent in          was in attendance. The service was conducted by Police
the pommy police and it was very interesting to listen         Chaplain Ian Todd in conjunction with the local Priest.
to some of his stories. We all enjoyed a top day and           President Col Guy laid a wreath on behalf of the Branch.
special thanks go to Bev and Graeme and to all who             Twenty two members and friends attended the Darling
contributed. Our ‘boys’ luncheon for November is to be         Downs luncheon on 20 October 2009.
held at the Surfers Paradise RSL on Thursday the 26th
starting at 11.30am. Archie always does the right thing        BUNDABERG: Recently our Welfare Officer Ron Rooke
by us so make a note of it. Free parking across the road       was involved in a horrific traffic accident a week or so
in the Council car park. Just bring your ticket with you       back. He had been on his welfare rounds. He received
and have it endorsed at RSL reception. An up-date on           injuries to his pelvis, femur, ribs and arm. As a result he
Peter Scanlan. He tells me that his PSA blood reading          was transferred by Flying Doctor to Brisbane for surgery.
has now dropped to 1.0. Considering it was over 200            He is now back in Bundaberg and is recovering in the
only a matter of months ago, this is very encouraging          rehab ward at the Base Hospital. Any member that can
and I believe his specialist is amazed at how he has           pay him a visit would be welcome as his stay is going
responded to treatment. A reminder that our Annual             to be for a few weeks yet. Elwyn Jones has undergone
Christmas Luncheon is to be at Twin Towns RSL (Four            throat surgery and he is now receiving radium therapy
Seasons Room) on Friday 11 December starting at                at the Townsville Hospital. Col Kellermeier is still much the
11.30am Qld time. $25.00 per ticket – Branch widows            same and he cannot make any more meetings due to his
free. Tickets should be purchased from Neil prior to 4th       condition. Dougie Hoare has been down with a severe
December. Neil’s postal address is PO Box 7794 GCMC            virus. He is gradually getting better but has shared it with
9726. Don’t forget, donations for raffles please. (Des         his wife Marie. Dave Costello has continued on with the
Sorensen).                                                     welfare work on his own since Rookie’s accident. He has
                                                               visited Cec Bartlett, who is going up to Mackay with his
DARLING DOWNS: Due to the absence of our President,            daughter Iris for a few weeks break. Dave saw Darcy
Rod Millward who was interstate, Kev Weise our                 Joyce who is heavily sedated and cannot converse
Senior V/President took the chair and gave a warm              much. The Retired Bowls Squad of Graham Caesar,
welcome to all present. Ten members of the Branch              Ray McInally, Bob Hayes and myself ran second at the
attended the Candlelight Vigil while 24 attended the           Brothers Club President’s Day recently. Several members
Remembrance Day Service at St Patricks. We all felt            attended the induction by Assistant Commissioner
that both ceremonies were well delivered. We even              Graham Rynders of new Police Chaplain for Bundaberg,
had the functional working members of the Dog Squad            Ray Nutley. Ray officiated at Police Remembrance Day
in the Church. Hope the Stock Squad don’t bring their          this year and was also in attendance at Gary Hills funeral
functional members next year. Some members wanted              service. Mary Waugh was the first female Police Officer
to attend Mick Rooney’s funeral service but we had too         at Bundaberg. She retired recently and will soon be the
many constraints on us in Toowoomba. The Toowoomba             first female retiree to join the Association at Bundaberg.
Regional Council is now considering the proposal for
the memorial wall and a decision is expected very soon.        TOWNSVILLE: Twenty five members one guest and one
We might have to change some of our initial plans but I        visitor attended the October meeting at the usual venue
am sure it will be a success. (Graham Hohenhaus).              of the Townsville RSL Club. A minutes silence was held
                                                               in memory of members who had passed away and
NEAR NORTH COAST: Their 19 October meeting was                 especially our Branch’s member Vincent Augustine
held at Sylvan Beach, Bribie Island. Helen Carmody             Walker. Our guest speaker was the Townsville District
has had her knee operation and was in Peninsula                Officer Superintendent Noel Powers who gave an
Private Hospital Kippa Ring. She was in a lot of pain.         interesting talk about his life before and during his Police
Jack Gibbison broke his toe. Jim Robilliard was at the         Service.Gordon Thomas advised that Father Lindsay
meeting. He said that he has good and bad days. He             Howie was still in the Mater Hospital after a heart by-
tires easily but is still making the best of life. Gus Young   pass. He is now allowed a day pass but has to return
was able to attend the meeting. He is still not in the         each night. Stan Goffin advised that he and Rose had
best of health. Albie Maier is said to be getting along        visited Margaret Kelly and that she had attended the
44 • QRPA                                                                    Queensland	Police	Union	Journal		Nov 09

Police Remembrance Day Service with her daughter,             the Calliope Central Bowls Club with morning tea at
Donna. Ozzie Cislowski, Peter Armati, John Urquhart,          10.00 am, barefoot bowls at 10.30 am and a hot lunch
Fathers Dave Lancini and Barry Cox marched in the             at 12 noon. Athol Snelling advised the members that
Townsville Police Remembrance Day Parade. Other               01 December will be his last meeting with us for some
members who attended were Brian Bensley, Rose Goffin,         time as he is joining the “grey nomads”. Gordon Jones
Bill Green, Roy Hielscher, Bob Loveridge, Stan Goffin,        has sent the order in for our club polo shirts and they
Charles Bopf and Jenny Urquhart. Charles Bopf and             should be here in the next few weeks. Derek Nichols has
Roy Hielscher laid wreaths during the ceremony, Brian         just returned from Brisbane after further bone marrow
Bensley played the organ and John Urquhart made a             checks. All appear OK and he is improving daily. Derek
reading. Several members assisted with the collection.        is very thankful and appreciative of the support he
Retired Inspector Roger Walsh and his wife Norel were         has received from former work colleagues and from
welcomed as members of our Branch and during the              the Gladstone Branch. Arnold Mossman has recently
month John Urquhart presented Keith Chandler with his         undergone hernia surgery and a knee replacement.
gold life member’s badge. Rose Goffin is organising a         His nephew advises that he is in good spirits having
“bring and buy” at our next meeting and all proceeds          undergone his 81 years maintenance service. Heather
will go to the Queensland Police Legacy Scheme.               Jones is at home and Gordon advises that she is so/so.
(John Urquhart).                                              The prayer vigil and Police Remembrance Day service
                                                              were well attended by members of the Branch. Neil
HERVEY BAY: Another successful barbeque was held              Coleborn carried the standard for the march and has
this month with 28 attending. Thanks again to Bevan           donated a standard holder to the Branch.
Bradshaw for bringing along his famous damper and
thanks to Bill Johnston especially imported from NSW to       MACKAY/WHITSUNDAY: About fifty persons attended
be the chef for the day. We’re fortunate to have such a       the formation meeting of this Branch which was held at
wide selection of good park facilities here in the Bay that   the Mackay Police Station on 17 October 2009. Much
we can try different ones for our bimonthly barbeques.        time and effort had been expended by Les Campbell
On the sick list at the moment is Bruce Dickens who’s         who was appointed President of the Branch. Twenty eight
had a lengthy spell in hospital in Maryborough. Les           members are recorded on their formation certificate
Schultz has returned to the Bay after having a stint          and all bar Doug Sologinkin and Margie Poole (better
in hospital in Brisbane and while in hospital he was          known to many as Poole) were rounded up by Les.
certainly appreciative of receiving a visit from the          Margie assisted Les in the ‘roundup’ and she is the
Commissioner, Bob Atkinson. Roger Barlow is to have           Treasurer. Other office bearers appointed are: Graham
further surgery on his shoulder and Col Bauer is to have      Pike, Vice President; John Frater, Secretary and Col
a cataract removed from his eye in early November.            Duncan, Welfare Officer. State President Mick O’Brien
Geoff and Anne Flood are currently travelling through         has covered the formation meeting in his message.
western NSW. Recently returned travellers are Trevor
and Gwen Trost – Western Australia; Smokey and Donna          VAN DIEMEN’S LAND (TASMANIA): On the 24 October
Dawson – New Zealand where Smokey played rugby                2009 history was made for the QRPA when its first Branch
league with the “oldies”; Kev and Cynthia Guteridge           outside of Queensland was formed in Tasmania. Andy
– Gatton; Jack and Margaret Nichol – Canada; Roger            Beasant and his wife Karen had been finding former
and Dot Barlow – Canberra. (Grahame Gronow).                  Queensland Police Officers all over Tasmania and signing
                                                              them up to join the new Branch. This resulted in twenty
REDLANDS: They met at the Redlands Sporting Club on           four other members being recruited. At the formation
27 October 2009. Vice President, Pat Swan, chaired the        meeting, which was held at the Gretna Green Hotel,
meeting in the absence of President Terry Walker who          Andy was elected President/Secretary, Ian Johnston -
was hospitalized. With the resignation of Vince Mawn          Vice President, Jim Byrne – Treasurer and Phil Sharpe and
as Secretary Allan Nicol volunteered to fill the position.    Jenny Johnston became Committee Members. State
Welfare Officer, Joe Priddle, mentioned that Ted Dale,        President Mick O’Brien and his wife Therese attended the
Daphne Dale, Terry Walker and Jackie Minette, wife            meeting as did QPUE Assistant Secretary, Denis Sycz and
of Bob Minette, were in hospital. Unfortunately Jackie        his wife Tricia. Mick has covered the formation meeting
passed away on 29 October 2009. Adrian and Jenny              in his message.
Hall have invited members to their place for another
Christmas BBQ on 9 December2009.
                                                              All the best to you and your family.
GLADSTONE: Their 6 October meeting was held at
the Yaralla Sports Club. Mal Nichols, Brad Austin and
Doug Jones were not present due to their attendance
                                                              Greg Early, State Secretary, QRPAI
in Bundaberg at the funeral of serving member Gary
Wayne Hill. Their 1 December meeting will be held at
Queensland	Police	Union	Journal		Nov 09

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