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					                                                                             November 2009 Vol. 11 No. 9

       INSIDE • 3 How Does Shoreline Compare? • 4 Shoreline Property Taxes • 6 How Shoreline Spends Its Money

                                                                                        Special Budget iSSue
Investing in Shoreline’s future:                                                               Budget Summary
2010 balanced budget continues                                                          Operating Budget      $34,420,223
essential programs and services                                                         Surface Water Utility  $4,893,489
                                                                                        Capital Budget        $41,507,105
by Robert Olander                            Operating budget highlights:               Bond Debt Service      $2,955,496
Shoreline city Manager                           property tax levy: The City Coun-
    Shoreline’s 2010 Proposed Budget         cil will maintain the same property tax      Adoption of Budget and
is balanced and allocates $84 million        levy in 2010 as in 2009—a 0% increase          Property Tax Levy
to invest in services that make our com-     —other than any new taxes collected as         Monday, Nov. 23, 7:30 p.m.
munity a great place to live. We had to                                                    Shoreline City Council Meeting
                                             a result of new construction. Taxpayers      Mt. Rainier Room, Shoreline Center
make some tough choices, but we are          pay approximately 10% of their total                18560 1st Avenue NE
proud of our work in balancing the           property tax bill to the City and should   Call the Agenda Line at (206) 801-2236
budget and setting a course to keep our      not see a major change in taxes paid for      or check online for more details.
community one that our residents and         2010 (see story on page 4).
businesses expect and deserve.                   personnel costs: The City’s per-
    Our ability to keep essential ser-       sonnel costs will decrease by 3.6%,
vices intact is due to the solid financial   $517,865, from 2009 to 2010. We’re
policies that have been adopted by the       controlling costs by eliminating three
Council in years past. Our City leaders      positions and reducing seasonal and
had the foresight to create a “rainy day”    temporary positions. The City’s required
reserve, which sets aside money in a         contribution to the State of Washington
savings account to be used during eco-       retirement system for employees was
nomic downturns to keep operations           also reduced and City employees will
going. The balance of the fund was 30%       not receive a cost of living adjustment
of our economically-sensitive revenues       (COLA) for 2010.
(e.g., sales tax, development revenue,           police contract: The 2010 King
investment interests) or about $6.2          County contract for police services is
million. Staff has recommended that          expected to increase by 4.5% to a total
we use $1.6 million of that reserve dur-     of $9.7 million.
ing 2009 and 2010. When the economy              expenditure Reductions: Every
recovers, we will restore the reserve        department had to make reductions to
funds spent.                                 balance the budget. Departments re-
    The 2010 Budget is 32% ($38.7 mil-       duced their budgets by nearly $500,000
lion) less than the current 2009 Budget.     in 2009. This included the elimination
The reduction is largely the result of the   of seasonal and temporary staffing, a
completion of major capital projects.        20% reduction in training, eliminating                    continues on page two
Even so, our 2010 operating budget           funding for major facility maintenance,
totals $34.4 million and is 3.4% lower       and reductions in contracted services
than the 2009 Budget.                                            continued on page 2
    continued from page 1                      develop a long-term financial strategy.             City Council Goals
    and operating supplies. In 2010 depart-         After working for more than a year,
    ments reduced their base budgets by        the Committee presented its final rec-
                                               ommendations to the Council in April.               Goal No. 1
    another $250,000. Information technol-
                                                                                                   Implement the adopted Community
    ogy improvements, contracted services,     Their recommendations were consid-                  Vision by updating the Comprehensive
    overtime and advertising were reduced,     ered in planning the 2010 Proposed                  Plan and key development regulations
    the Sister City Program was suspended      Budget.                                             in partnership with residents,
                                                                                                   neighborhoods and businesses
    and the planned replacement of major       committee recommendations :
    equipment and vehicles was delayed.        1. Sustain the commitment to efficien-              Goal No. 2
                                                                                                   Provide safe, efficient and effective
        While Shoreline’s 2010 Proposed         cies. Maximize budget savings and                  infrastructure to support our land use,
    Budget is balanced through cuts and         technology efficiencies and invest and             transportation and surface water plans
    savings from the “rainy day” reserve,       partner in economic development op-                Goal No. 3
    we cannot continue to fund ongoing          portunities.                                       Implement the Economic Development
    operations this way and put off long-      2. Keep services that preserve the qual-            Strategic Plan
    term maintenance and replacement.           ity of life that Shoreline residents and           Goal No. 4
    Even after recovery from the current re-    businesses value and deserve.                      Create an “environmentally sustainable
    cession, our long-term financial projec-   3. Adopt the Transportation Ben-
    tions have indicated that the declining     efit District ($20 vehicle license fee)            Goal No. 5
                                                                                                   Complete the projects approved with
    revenues cannot continue to support         in 2009 and in 2010 (or later) ask the             the 2006 Parks Bond
    the services that make Shoreline a great    voters to reaffirm their investments in
                                                                                                   Goal No. 6
    community.                                  Shoreline.                                         Construct the Civic Center/City Hall
        The primary cause of the gap is that   4. If service reductions are necessary,             project
    while property tax increases are limited    preserve the quality of core services              Goal No. 7
    to 1% a year (in 2010 this is 0%), the      such as public safety and keep services            Construct the Aurora Improvements
    costs of necessary resources such as        that provide the greatest benefits to              from 165th to 205th Streets
    fuel, police services, asphalt and labor    the community as a whole.                          Goal No. 8
    are rising at a much faster rate.          5. Expand communication and out-                    Develop a Fircrest Master Plan in
                                                                                                   partnership with the State
        To address this, starting in 2003 we    reach to better inform residents and
    focused on service and budget efficien-     taxpayers about Shoreline services,                Goal No. 9
                                                                                                   Develop a “healthy city” strategy to
    cies. In 2007 the City Council adopted      resources and needs.
                                                                                                   ensure the community’s access to
    phased-in revenue increases from the            For more information about the                 needed human services
    cable utility tax and the Seattle City     committee, visit the Finance Depart-                Goal No. 10
    Light contract payment. In 2008, the       ment on Shoreline’s website.                        Provide enhanced opportunities for
    Council appointed an 18-member Citi-                                                           effective citizen communication and
    zen Advisory Committee (CAC) to help

     Controlling costs: Comparing city staffing
                                                                     Number of City Employees Per Thousand Population
         The 2010 Budget provides
      funding for 137 regular full-time                         Federal Way             1.77
      equivalent (FTE) positions,                                     Burien               1.92
      excluding City Councilmembers.
      This reflects a net drop of three                      University Place              2.00
      (3) FTE positions when compared                              Edmonds                        2.47
      to 2009. As the chart depicts,
                                                                  Shoreline                       2.52
      a comparison of staffing to
      population shows Shoreline’s                                   Auburn                              3.11
      staffing levels below the median                               Renton                                 3.58
      of comparable cities. These
      ratios exclude fire, police,                                      Kent                                    3.89
      utilities and special program                                 Kirkland                                       4.22
      personnel from the comparable                                 Olympia                                            4.56
      cities to provide a more accurate
      comparison with Shoreline.                                  Lynnwood                                                 4.92
                                                                   Redmond                                                            5.96

2    CURRENTS November 2009 Vol. 11 No. 9                                       0   1             2        3           4          5          6
Quality of life: How does Shoreline compare?
   Shoreline ranks nearly 10                                % of residents rating city as an excellent or good place to live
percentage points above the av-
                                                             Bellevue (2007)                                               95%
erage, indicating that residents
enjoy a high quality of life.                              Shoreline (2008)                                                93%
    When resources are scarce, we
like to ask the question, “How does                           Kirkland (2008)                                        85%
Shoreline compare with others?” When                                                                                 86%
                                                            Redmond (2006)
reviewing the City’s budget, we use
benchmarks to identify efficiencies.                                Average                                      84%
Benchmarks compare one city’s data
                                                             Olympia (2006)                                          84%
with another city or several cities. This
issue of Currents has many examples of                         Burien (2007)                                   77%
    It’s also helpful to review and com-                       Renton (2004)                                   75%
pare satisfaction levels of our residents.                                  0%        20%      40%       60%         80%         100%
One of the most significant ratings that
the City Council and staff examines is       line families, neighborhoods and busi-          bike (first mile of the Aurora Corridor
whether our residents believe Shoreline      nesses have much of which to be proud.          Project, three miles of the Interurban
is an excellent or good place to live.           Shoreline’s budget is aimed at              Trail, sidewalks near schools and on
    It’s especially meaningful when          protecting the quality of services that         major streets)
outside sources affirm that Shoreline        Shoreline families, neighborhoods and          • Increasing open space and protect-
is a great place to live. In its July 2008   businesses want and deserve.                     ing our environment (South Woods,
issue, Seattle magazine ranked 110 of          Since incorporating, your invest-              Hamlin addition, Kruckeberg Botanic
the best-known Seattle neighborhoods         ment has resulted in:                            Garden)
and surrounding cities on quality of life
                                              • Making residents feel safe by increasing    • Improving recreational and ath-
criteria. Shoreline was ranked first.
                                                police protection in the community            letic opportunities (Shorewood,
    We believe these results are no
accident. Shoreline has a history of          • Improving direct, local access to ser-        Paramount, Connie King Skate Park,
coming together to make good things             vices (permits, recreation programs,          Twin Ponds, Shoreline Fields A & B)
happen. Nearly 15 years ago residents           long-range planning)                        • Keeping homes safe from flooding
incorporated as a City so they could re-      • Adding quick, responsive operational          (3rd Avenue NW Project, 10th Avenue
ceive better, even exceptional, services        services (responding to the sinkhole          NW Project)
for their tax dollar. The City has worked       at 6th Avenue NW and 175th Street,          • Investing in infrastructure to encour-
hard to meet residents’ expectations            annual snow/ice removal)                      age economic development and
and 14 years after incorporation Shore-       • Creating more safe places to walk or          investment (North City Business
                                                                                              District, first mile of Aurora Avenue)
                                                                                            • Caring for our most vulnerable
                                                                                              residents (funding the Senior Center,
                                                                                              Center for Human Services, Hopelink
                                                                                              Food Bank)
                                                                                            • Sustaining our quality of life through
                                                                                              partnerships (Neighborhood groups,
                                                                                              Shoreline School District, Shoreline
                                                                                              Historical Museum, Shoreline-Lake
                                                                                              Forest Park Arts Council)

                                                                                      CURRENTS November 2009 Vol. 11 No. 9              3
           Shoreline’s 10%: 2010 property taxes
           in 2010 a typical homeowner                                         Impact of the City’s Property Tax
           will pay approximately 10%                                          on Typical Shoreline Homeowner
           of their total property tax
           bill, which is approximately                            2009                                                            2010
           $472 for the average home,                                                          CHANGE
           to the city of Shoreline. the                         Home Value                                                     Home Value
                                                                   $407,300                 $59,100 = -15%                        $348,200
           charts on these pages provide
                                                            Regular Tax Levy Rate                                          Regular Tax Levy Rate
           a historical perspective of the                           $0.95                    $0.16 = 17%                           $1.11
           city’s property tax rate and                 Total Regular Levy Paid to City                                Total Regular Levy Paid to City
           a breakdown of Shoreline                                  $387                          0%                               $387
           property taxes.                                Voted Bond Tax Levy Rate                                       Voted Bond Tax Levy Rate
                                                                     $0.21                    $0.04 = 19%                           $0.25
                Many homeowners will see a signifi-      Total Voted Levy Paid to City                                  Total Voted Levy Paid to City
           cant reduction in the assessed value of                    $86                          0%                                $86
           their home this year. The City estimates          Total Tax Paid to City                                         Total Tax Paid to City
           that assessed values in Shoreline will                    $472                          0%                               $472
           fall by at least 15% for 2010. However,
           this does not mean significant drops in
           property taxes for 2010. In some cases
           property owners may pay less but they       crease from one year to the next unless            Shoreline Residents’ 2009
           could also pay the same or more taxes       voters approve a larger increase.) The            Property Tax Allocations
           in 2010 than in 2009.                       county assessor calculates the tax rate
                People are often more familiar                                                                               eMS 2%
                                                       by dividing the levy by the total value             King county Flood $0.28
           with rate-based property taxes where        of all property within the jurisdiction.            & Ferry 1%             port district 2% $0.20
           taxes go up and down with property                                                              $0.14                    library district 4%
                                                       The tax rate is typically expressed in
           values. However, Washington State is                                                                                     $0.42
                                                       dollars per $1,000 of assessed value.
           one of only two states that do not have         So if the total value of property
           rate-based property tax; Washington’s                                                                                      Shoreline 10%
                                                       within a jurisdiction falls, the rate                                          $1.16
           property tax is levy-based.                 would increase to raise the same
                This means a taxing district is al-    amount of money. This is the situation
                                                                                                        Shoreline Schools 40%
                                                                                                                $4.54                 King county 10%
           lowed to collect a specified total dollar   with Shoreline’s tax rates between                                                   $1.10
           amount (the levy) per year. (In Washing-    2009 and 2010.
           ton, this amount is limited to a 1% in-                                                                                  Shoreline Fire 14%
                                                           In response to the recession, the                                        $1.65
                                                       City is not intending to increase the
                                                       levy. The City of Shoreline’s 2010
                                                                                                                     State Schools 17%
                                                       property tax levy is projected at $7.5                               $1.96
        City of Shoreline Property Tax Rate Per        million, basically the same as that as-
              $1,000 Valuation 2000-2010               sessed in 2009.
                                                           The estimated regular property tax                 One piece of land may
                                                                                                          fall under the jurisdiction
                                                       levy rate for 2010 is $1.11 per $1,000             of as many as 10 separate
           $1.52                                       of assessed value, an increase from                taxing districts, each with its
$1.50          $1.43
                   $1.35                               this year’s $0.95 per $1,000 assessed              own levy rate. For example,
                       $1.28                                                                              Shoreline taxpayers pay nine
                                                       value. The increase in rate is a result
$1.00                          $1.17                                                                      different taxing districts as
                                   $1.10               of the decrease in assessed value, as              shown above.
                                           $0.95       explained above. Homeowners may
$0.50                                                  pay the same, more or less tax based
                                                       on the assessed value of their property
$0.00                                                  and whether it stayed the same or
        2000   2002    2004   2006    2008   2010
                                                                             continued on page 5

4        CURRENTS November 2009 Vol. 11 No. 9
  Building our community:
  Where Shoreline’s revenue comes from
     In 2010 Shoreline projects it will receive $72.8 million in revenue from
  a variety of sources. The City’s Capital Program is primarily funded with
  grants and the use of fund balance (project reserves carried from one year
  to the next).
                                                                                                             Operating Budget
     The City’s operating budget totals $34.4 million, of which 75% of the
  funding comes from taxes and franchise fees. The largest sources are                                  Gambling Tax
  utility, property, and sales taxes.

                                                                                                   Utility Tax/
                                                                                                 Franchise Fee/                       Property Tax
                                                                                                Contract Payment                          23%

                                                                                           State Shared
                                                                                            Revenues                                   Sales Tax
                                                                                                7%                                       23%
                                                                                                    Fees &

                                                                                                 Transfer from Other Beginning Fund
                                                                                                Other Funds 5% 3%       Balance

                                            Doing more with less:
continued from page 4
    The City’s regular property tax levy
                                            Comparing tax collections
provides resources to fund services to
                                                One way to compare cities is by the amount of tax collected per
the Shoreline community. Not increas-
                                             capita. To determine this figure, the total tax collected is divided by
ing the 2010 levy presents challenges        the number of residents. The graph reflects data for 2008. During
since the City’s costs are increasing.       2008 the City of Shoreline collected $410 per capita from property,
    In May 2006, Shoreline voters            sales, gambling and utility taxes, and franchise fees.
approved $18.795 million in general
                                                                       Per Capita Revenue Collection Comparsion
obligation bonds to fund park projects                                 Property, Sales, B&O, Utility and Gambling Taxes, Franchise Fees
and open space acquisition. Property
                                                    University Place                    $342
owners are assessed a separate levy
                                                         Shoreline                         $410
rate of the repayment of these bonds,
                                                         Lakewood                              $415
which is estimated to $0.25 per $1,000                                                         $415
of assessed value or $86 per year for an                Federal Way                            $421
average valued home.                                      Edmonds                                     $514
    For more information about Shore-                       Auburn                                      $551
                                           Shoreline + Fire district                                         $605
line property taxes visit www.shore-
                                                         Lynnwood                                                      $749 or contact Shoreline Fi-
                                                           Kirkland                                                    $760
nance Director Debbie Tarry at (206)                                                                                    $768
801-2301,                           Renton                                                       $788
                                                          Redmond                                                              $854
                                                           Olympia                                                                    $942
                                                                       0         $200            $400           $600           $800          $1,000

                                                                                               CURRENTS November 2009 Vol. 11 No. 9                   5
             Your resources at work for you
                                                                                                           2010 Proposed Budget
             The City’s 2010 Budget totals $84.1 million. Nearly 50%,                                        Total $84.1 Million
             $41.5 million, represents the City’s capital budget. Examples                          Enterprise
             of capital projects scheduled for 2010 include improvements                               5.8%
                                                                                                  ($4.89 million)
             to Aurora Avenue N from 165th to 185th, street pavement
             maintenance and improvements to both Cromwell and
             Hamlin parks. Approximately 41%, $34.4 million, of the total
             budget is spent to provide a variety of services to Shoreline
             residents and businesses like the ones pictured here.

                                                                                                          Capital                  Operating
                                                                                                           49.4%                     40.9%
                                                                                                       ($41.5 million)           ($34.4 million)

                                                                                                                                          Internal Service
                                                                                                                         Debt Service         328,467
                                                                                                                             3.5%               0.4%
                                                                                                                         ($2.9 million)     ($0.3 million)

Street Maintenance                                                               ent   - Zoning
                                                           Planning &

              Field maintenance

           Emergency Response

   6       CURRENTS November 2009 Vol. 11 No. 9
                                                                        Recreation Programs - Camp Shoreline
                           2010 Operating Budget
                             Total $34.4 million
              Community Services

                          Works                                                              Streetlights
                           10%                     Support Services
            Planning &
       Development Services

                                                           City-Wide &
          Parks & Recreation                              Contingencies
                 13%                                           13%

                                   Public Safety
                                                                                          Environmental education

                                                                          Give Graffiti the Brush Off Program

Shoreline Pool

Crime prevention - Police Auto Club Program                               Road Overlay Program

                                                                                              CURRENTS November 2009 Vol. 11 No. 9   7
         November 2009 Vol. 11 No. 9

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8   CURRENTS November 2009 Vol. 11 No. 9