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									LincoLn’s WetLand

Past, Present & Future
By Ray Willard

There are so many amazing stories funds and work with the City and in the history of Lincoln Options. The School District to get permits and program and our renovated, historic permission to redevelop the facility. facility are actually still very young After several years of meetings, paperwhen you consider the possibilities work, planning, design and fundraisfor the future. I like to think of our ing, construction took place in the fall current students coming back to visit of 2000. years from now and bringing their Key parents helping with the children and grandchildren to see this project included Christian – Engiplace and tell them neering Design, stories about the myself – Landscape early days. Architecture, Steve This is the story Bossow – Wildof our wetland life Biology, Mary garden; how it Coacher – Accountcame to be, why it ing and Fundraisis such a valuable ing, and Steve Kelly and important part – Excavation and of our facility. Earthwork. The Photo by Michael Dempster When the building majority of labor and grounds were renovated in the was provided by the grant of a crew early 1990’s, the district was required from the Department of Ecology’s to install an on-site facility for storing Washington Conservation Corps. We and treating all stormwater run-off also received a cash grant from the from the building and grounds. City of Olympia through the South The initial design included a chain Capital Neighborhood Association, link fence surrounding two large and private donations from several tub-shaped holes and seeded grass for local banks. Materials and equipment ground cover. Soon after the Options were granted through Lincoln Creek Program moved back into the remodLumber and Lew Rents. Many other eled building, a group of parents lead generous businesses donated time, by Christian Fromuth began planning equipment and materials. It was an to convert the space into an outdoor amazing accomplishment. classroom and wildlife habitat, while Lincoln’s wetland is a wonderful still maintaining its function in treatplace. It will be a part of our school ing stormwater. Christian developed and the neighborhood for years to plans for regrading the site and come and it will just get better with organized a parent group to raise time. v

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