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									Quarterly Newsletter Vol. 9 No. 6

The Voice of Personnel
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The County and the Personnel Department have just gone through a difficult and painful budget process. As this is written, we have six fewer staff, seven fewer positions and an eighth position is being held unfilled in the Personnel Department. This equates to a 30% reduction in our staff. Beyond the obvious impact this has on our capability to deliver timely service to our customers is the human toll it takes on six exceptional employees who are now out of work. This issue of the Personnel Department Newsletter is dedicated to all those County employees who have been put out of work because of the State budget crisis. I want all to know how hard the Personnel Department has worked to ensure the layoff process has been as fair as possible. We don’t take management of the layoff process lightly. We have been meticulous in the preparation of seniority rosters and the application of Civil Service Rules governing layoff. I am very proud of the teamwork, brainstorming and dedication of the staff of the Personnel Department in these very trying circumstances. As we move into the new fiscal year, the challenge will be to keep a positive attitude, concentrating on meeting the needs of our customers in the near term with an eye toward our long-term goals. As always, our commitment is to provide the best customer service possible. In an effort to address the myriad questions and concerns from those affected, an informational workshop was developed to assist those workers slated for layoff. Workshops were held in June, July, and August hosting representatives from Personnel, Employee Benefits, Kern County Employees’ Retirement Association (KCERA), Great West, Employment Development Department, and Employers’ Training Resource. Each presented information about the layoff process and its impact on the benefits employees receive and resources available to them from the community as they transition from employment with the County of Kern. The inclusion of representatives from the Rapid Response Team from Employer’s Training Resource afforded employees their first step outside of County employment. Participants who attended are able to fast track to receive services from Employer’s Training Resource and the Employment Development Department. In addition, employees had one-on-one access to agency representatives to discuss their situations and their next steps. As we move forward through the 2009/2010 budget year, the Kern County Personnel Department is committed to continuing this service if we experience additional layoffs resulting from the budget crisis. As each department coordinates with their Personnel Analyst about layoffs, a schedule of workshop presentations will be arranged to address the needs of your employees. If you wish further information about the Displaced Workers’ Workshop, please contact your Personnel Analyst.

2 The Voice of Personnel

IN ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTION(S). . . Q. Our department has not laid off any staff. We have a vacancy for a Fiscal Support Specialist. We requisitioned to fill the position. The certification we received had two names on it from the County Layoff Re-Employment List. Before we make an appointment, are we entitled to a third name from an eligible list for a full certification? A. Civil Service Rule 602.10 prescribes the order of certification from eligible lists. In the absence of a Department Layoff Re-Employment List and Alternate Work Eligibility List for the classification, certification will be made from the County Layoff ReEmployment List. The department is entitled to receive the names of the three (3) persons ranked highest on this list for the classification per CSR 602.10.30. Should there be fewer than three names on that list, the department’s certification will include only the name(s) of those persons on that list. No additional names will be certified from either existing eligible lists nor will a recruitment result to complete the certification. Departments must make an appointment from this certification unless all person(s) decline appointment to the position. Declining an appointment may result in removal from the said eligible list.

The Personnel Department has recently experienced many staff changes as a result of the budget crisis. To better meet the needs of county departments and employees, below is a list of Personnel Analysts and their respective department assignments. Department heads are encouraged to work in partnership with their assigned Personnel Analyst to meet the needs of your department. Personnel Analysts are available to departments and individual employees to provide guidance and answer questions related to career counseling and planning. Utilizing these resources can assist the county in its succession planning efforts.
JOYCE ANDERSON—Payroll, Records, Certification, Support Staff Management LAURA CHRISTIAN—Air Pollution Control District, Engineering & Survey Services (Code Compliance & Building Inspection), General Services (Communications, Construction Services & Garage), Kern Medical Center, Recruitment LINDA O’NEIL—Assessor-Recorder, Farm & Home, Parks & Recreation, Public Health Services (California Children’s Services), Resource Management Agency . (Administration), Veteran’s Services, Waste Management

KERI PHARRIS—Aging & Adult Services, Agricultural & Measurement Standards, Animal Control, Emergency Medical Services, Mental Health Services (Substance Effective May 11, 2009— Civil Service Rule Abuse), Safety Officer, Skills Testing, Personnel Depart704.40, “Reinstatement of Probationer to an ment Newsletter

Eligible List,” was enhanced to clarify the language that was lacking, specifically the language addressing the circumstances in which probationary employees displaced through layoff may be reinstated to the eligible list from which they were certified. The revised rule reads as follows: “In the event a promotional probationer fails probation and displaces a new probationer or a new probationer is displaced through layoff, the department head may request, in writing, that the new probationer be reinstated onto the eligible list from which certified. Placement on the list is dependent upon the approval by the Director of Personnel. If approved, the displaced employee shall be placed on the eligible list based on their final earned score and remaining duration of their eligibility, per the qualifying examination.”

DEBBIE RODRIGUEZ—Board of Trade, Clerk of the Board, Community Development, Planning/Development Services, Employers’ Training Resource, Fire, Information Technology Services, Treasurer-Tax Collector, Retirement, New Employee Orientation ROBERT SEIBLY—Department of Human Services MARY ANNE STEELE—Auditor-Controller-County Clerk (Elections), County Administrative Office, County Counsel (Risk Management), District Attorney (Forensics Services), Library, Personnel, Probation, Public Defender JASON WIEBE—Airports, Child Support Services, Environmental Health Services, Roads, Sheriff

All department payroll assignments remain the same. However, all certifications will now be made by Reva Pena.

4 The Voice of Personnel


Payroll and certification will continue to operate

Employment numbers for the quarter in a training mode as staff continue to crossending June 2009 indicate 8198 fulltrain. We continue to appreciate your patience time employees (a decrease of 110) and 232 part-time employees (a decrease of 8) on payroll. and understanding as we strengthen our team. County Departments also maintained 617 extrahelp employees (an increase of 8); 257 temporary employees (a decrease of 7); 68 retired employees (a decrease of 3); 35 Board or Commission Members (same as last quarter); and 473 other non-budget (same as last quarter) on payroll. The total number of county employees on payroll for the quarter ending June 2009 was 9880 (a decrease of 120 from the previous quarter).

The Personnel Department’s County Jobs website ( has been enhanced to include a Recruitment Status link. This new feature allows applicants to view the status of recruitments that have been processed recently, including the dates of scheduled examinations (e.g., a written test or an oral exam/ interview). The status will be listed for 30 days after the final results notices have been mailed. Recruitments that have no activity for 60 days will be removed from the list. If a recruitment has recently closed (is no longer accepting applications) but the title is not listed, no exams have been scheduled yet. Questions regarding the information found on this site can be directed to . your department’s assigned Personnel Analyst.

• New Employee Orientation Will not be conducted this quarter • Payroll Workshops July Topic: Dark August Topic: Dark September 17, 2009 Topic: Mandated Family and Medical Leaves Presenter: Steve Sanders A reminder will be sent as the date approaches. Board of Supervisors Chambers **2-4 p.m.** • Civil Service Commission Meetings July 13 August 10 September 14 Kern County Personnel Department **5:30 p.m.** • Human Relations Commission Meetings July 14 August 11 September 21 County Administrative Center Complex Third Floor Multipurpose Room **5:30 p.m. **

At its July 14th meeting, Gary Johnson resigned from the Civil Service Commission after eight years. Mr. Johnson served three terms as Commission President.

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