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									                          Champions of the Future is a new service to support and develop
                          young sporting talent in Westminster.

                          Westminster City Council has teamed up with the West London
Champions of the Future
                          Sports Trust, SportsAid and Nuffield Health Community Fitness to
                          offer four simple steps to develop young sporting potential.

                          Who can apply?
                          Anyone aged between 11 and 18 years who
                          are competing in a sport at district, regional
                          or national level, and live or are educated
                          in Westminster.

                          What can the Champions of the Future
                          programme offer me?
                          If you’re a young person competing at district,
                          regional or national level, you are eligible to
                          apply for the following benefits:

                          •	 Free	access	to	swimming	pools,	fitness	
                             suites and classes (age restrictions apply)
                          •	 Free	mentoring	and	training	support,	
                             including athlete and performance
                             workshops, technique enhancement
                             sessions and nutrition, psychology and
                             lifestyle coaching.
                          •	 Up	to	£1,000	funding	support	for	travel,	
                             equipment and accommodation. (Only for
                             those competing at a national level).

                          Cllr Ed Argar, Westminster’s Cabinet Member          Ulick Tarabanov Director of West London
                          for Adult and Community Services:                    Sports Trust:
                          “The	Champions	of	the	Future	programme	              “This partnership will bridge the gap between
                          makes it easier for Westminster’s talented           participation and excellence in sport for many
                          young people become the sporting stars of            talented young people.”
                          tomorrow, and I hope many take advantage of
                          the support it offers.”                              Daniel Law, Operations Director
                                                                               for Nuffield Health Community Fitness:
                          Tim Lawler, SportsAid Chief Executive:               “By providing free access to key facilities
                                                                               for talented young sports people thereby
                          “The programme means the right athletes, with
                                                                               increasing their training opportunities -
                          huge talent and potential, are being helped at
                                                                               helping our next generation realise their
                          the right time.”
                                                                               sporting potential.”

                          For	further	information	or	if	you	don’t	match	this	criteria	but	you’d	like	to	know	what	
                          sports	opportunities	are	available	please	contact	the	Sports	Unit	on	020	7641	2012	
                          or e-mail:

                                                                                             Registered	Charity	No	1111612
Champions of the Future
                          Four steps to becoming a Champion of the Future

                          Accessing the Champions of the Future programme is easy
                          - just follow these four simple steps.

                             1. Download an application form at
                             	   Or	contact	the	Westminster	Sports	Unit	on	020	7641	2012	
                                 or email: to request an application form.

                             2. Complete the Champions of the Future application
                             	   Return	to	Westminster	Sports	Unit,	Moberly	Sports	&	Education	Centre,	
                                 101	The	Quadrant	Kilburn	Lane	,	London	W10	4AH

                             3. Assessment of your application
                             	   Westminster	Sports	Unit	will	register	and	assess	your	application,	working	with	the	
                                 West	London	Sports	Trust,	SportsAid	and	Nuffield	Health	Community	Fitness

                             4. Response to your application
                                 You will receive a letter confirming the status of your entitlement and how you can
                                 access the relevant support.
CHAmpioNS oF THe FuTuRe AppLiCATioN FoRm


  Forename(s):	                                     Surname:

  Date	of	Birth:	                           Sex	(Please	tick):	 	    Male	   	        Female

  Permanent address:


  Phone:	                                             Mobile:


  If	there	is	a	Westminster	Sports	Unit	Officer	who	can	provide	additional	support	for	your	
  application please provide their details.


Are you studying full time? (Please tick)
      Yes                No

if yes please give the below details:
•	 School	college/university	year:

•	 Name	of	contact/teacher:

•	 School	college/university	telephone	number:

•	 Your	email	address:

Do you expect to be in full time education this time next year? (Please tick)
      Yes                No
CHAmpioNS oF THe FuTuRe AppLiCATioN FoRm continued...


Sport(s) you are involved in:

At what level do you participate? (Please tick)

•	 Name	of	club/team:

•	 Name	of	main	coach:

•	 Address	of	main	coach:

•	 Telephone	No	of	coach:

•	 Email	address	of	coach:


Please list your major sporting achievements

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