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Post & Ring Bike Stand Request
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Approximately 2000 post-and-ring bike stands will be installed on City sidewalks and boulevards this year. Installation will begin in the spring and continue into the fall. The stands are provided free of charge in response to requests received from businesses, residents and cyclists. Transportation Services staff performs site inspections at all requested locations.

mail to:

Pedestrian and Cycling Infrastructure Unit Transportation Services, City of Toronto East York Civic Centre 850 Coxwell Avenue Toronto, ON M4C 5R1 416-392-0071, Attention: Pedestrian & Cycling Infrastructure Unit

or Fax to:

For additional forms, or to report a damaged post-and-ring, please call 39CYCLE (416-392-9253).
The personal information on this form is collected under the authority of the City of Toronto Act, 1997 (No.2) and By-law 34-1998, and is used to process your application for a Post and Ring Bike Stand. Questions about this collection can be directed to the Planning Technician at the above address, or at 416-392-8400. Sending personal information by fax is not a secure means of transmission. It is recommended you return the Post & Ring Bike Stand Request by regular mail.
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