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Pets can be like a part of the family, and sometimes even a cherished part of every aspect of life. Pets like dogs and cats serve as loyal companions to people and are rewarded with tender loving care by their owners. Click here to know more

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Pets Need Vitamins Too By Mary Lorainne

Some if not many of us love animals and enjoy taking care of them as pets especially dogs. I for one enjoy the company of dogs and take pleasure in giving them a pat, a hug or a walk in the park. Some families even treat their pets as members of their family. Dogs as they say are man’s best friend and of all the animals I have known the dog is one of them who would always remain loyal and stay by your side no matter what. There may be times when our dog may be feeling weak or getting sick. You bring them to the vet and have them treated. Your dog may not be getting enough nutrients to keep him or her healthy and strong against sickness. Dogs just like humans need essential vitamins and minerals to enable their bodies to function effectively. Vitamins and minerals are essential for its growth, repair of damaged tissues, having strong teeth and bones and digestion. It doesn’t mean that just because a dog is lower than that of a human being that it doesn’t need to have a well balanced diet as well. In fact, like us it is important for them to eat healthy as well. Animals that lack the needed vitamins and minerals are more at risk to developing diseases and to having a shorter life span. Your pets, I suppose usually eat dried or canned food. You have to take note that no matter how much these pet food manufacturers guarantee to providing a balanced and complete meal, we won’t really know where its primary ingredients come from. These foods have also already undergone a process, packed with chemicals and artificial coloring. Many of the natural vitamins and minerals usually get lost in the processing stage of dried or canned pet food. All of us even pets, without an exception are living in a world full of toxic chemicals that may cause harm upon us. So it is with utmost importance that your pets have vitamins to help him or her fight combat against all these harmful elements. You need to give your pets vitamins aside from the usual pet food to ensure that he gets enough of what is needed to stay healthy and strong. Pet food is not enough and vitamins and minerals fill the gaps that pet food may lack. Visit your vet and consult on what supplement he would recommend for your pet’s needs. Mary Lorainne writes about
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Spray Your Way To Better Health For Your Pets! By Kelly Alvarez Mace

Many of us take a variety of supplements to ensure that we get the recommended daily allowance of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Some of us also take supplements for specialized health issues like joint health, heart health or for whatever ails us! We want to feel healthy, energized, limber and young so we can enjoy a long, active life. How about your pet? Do you think that every day they are getting all of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients from their diet? Most veterinarians would probably surprise you with a simple answer of "No". Your pets are much like you: sometimes you eat a balanced diet, sometimes you are more physically active than others, and sometimes you feel a bit sluggish and without energy. Furthermore, you are bombarded by and exposed to multiple toxins in your work and home environment that affect your ability to absorb nutrients and impact your health. Your pets live in that same environment, with the same affect on their health. So, what do you do to counter the negative effects of these noxious toxins? You take your daily vitamins, minerals, drink lots of water and take the necessary supplements to support your health and well-being. Your pet deserves that same attention! One of the easiest solutions to getting the right supplements to your pets is to introduce VitaMist Pet Spray Vitamins into their every day routine! Spray vitamins are easy to give to your pet, they are quickly absorbed and not a single drop of liquid or part of a pill is wasted! In fact, we know from studies with humans that parts of a pill supplement are passed through the human body without fully breaking down and releasing that supplement into our system! Furthermore, how fun is it to give an animal a pill??!! While it can provide endless entertainment for us to hide it in their food, or conceal it in a treat they love or slather it in peanut butter, that poor pet may not get the full benefit from the pill supplement as it passes without fully dissolving through their system. How simple are spray vitamins for your pet? * You can simply spray the VitaMist Pet Spray Vitamins directly into your pet's mouth, and your pet has an immediate release of the necessary vitamins and nutrients that will be be readily absorbed! Your pets will even love the flavors! For example, VitaCanine is liver-flavored! Well, candidly, that may not be my favorite flavor in the world, but your dog will truly savor it! * Better yet, you do not even have to spray it in their mouth; you can simply spray it on their food. Your pet still gets all of the benefits as if it were sprayed in their mouth! Does it get any easier to ensure your pet's happiness, health and longevity?! Here the amazing benefits for each VitaMist Pet Spray Vitamin: VitaCanine: Energy-producing B vitamins, A and E vitamins, calcium, phosphorous and iodine are just some of the SIXTEEN total vitamins and minerals in VitaMist VitaCanine! DogEase: This is a multivitamin with glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, two well known supplements for enhancing bone and joint health. This is perfect for older dogs, but is a great routine to start immediately for your puppies!

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Presented by Daniel Toriola

VitaFeline: A special multivitamin for the kittens and cats in your life with SIXTEEN essential nutrients including vitamin B, vitamin A, phosphorus, iodine and taurine. With such great products, and how very easy it is to provide your pets with the vitamins and supplements they need for their health and well-being, Vitamist makes it easy and convenient for you to invest in your pets' health! Please remember, it is always best to consult your vet before introducing any vitamin or supplement to your pet's routine. Kelly Alvarez Mace has recently launched and manages several online directories for the private jet and jet charter industry. is one of these innovative, online, "find-it-fast" directories located at The PetJets company blog is at

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