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Personal Wellness Program By Libby

Personal Wellness Program by Libby

Having a personal wellness program has become a concern for more and more people. The problem is many people do not know where to begin a wellness program. Here are a few keys to maintaining a personal wellness program: Know and understand your current health situation. Do you have a proper assessment of your current state of health? Do you have a bad cholesterol problem? Or maybe you have good cholesterol? Do you gain weight easily? Or do you have a hard time keeping weight on? Has your overall health been getting worse, stayed the same or has it been getting better? Taking time out for yourself is important to your (and your family’s) well being. Do you take out personal time for yourself everyday? If you fail to support your personal wellness program with alone time you may experience burnout. Burnout can affect your personal wellness and that of your family. The results of this can have a lasting residual effect on your families’ health and wellness. Getting proper rest and sleep should be a part of your personal wellness program. Do you know how many hours of sleep you need a night? Can your body function on four hours of sleep a night? Or maybe you need eight hours? Make sure you’re getting the proper amount for your personal wellness. Not having enough rest can make you susceptible to illness, irritability and lack of concentration. There are many more problems that can arise if you neglect sleep. Managing stress affectively in your life will help you maintain your personal wellness program. Do you know what stresses you out? How can you avoid that stress? If you can’t avoid certain stresses how can you better cope with stress? Find healthy ways to channel your stress so you don’t internalize it. Internalizing stress is what affects your health negatively. Getting proper exercise is a big part of your personal wellness program. What kind of exercise and fitness do you currently get on a weekly basis? Did you know walking just 10 minutes a day is beneficial for your health? You don’t have to spend hours in the gym a day. You can ride a bike, walk a round of golf, walk the dogs around the block and you can even go to the gym. The key is making
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exercise a regular part of your personal wellness program. You will feel better and stronger, reduce stress and function at a higher level of energy. Supporting your body with proper foods and nutritional supplementation are essentials to your personal wellness program. What kinds of foods do you eat on a daily basis? Stay away from fried foods, sweets, sodium and salts, fatty foods and empty carbs. Empty carbs are foods like white potatoes, white rolls and bread, cookies and cakes and foods that lack density and fiber. Support your diet with dense carbs like peanuts or almonds, corn tortillas and green vegetables. Another important aspect of making sure your body gets all the nutrients it needs is finding good nutritional supplements. Unfortunately eating a good balanced diet in this day and age does not get your body all the nutrients that it needs. Do your research and find out about supplements that will increase your optimal health and fit your personal wellness program. Copyright 2005 Libby.

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A Wellness Program Could Be The Key To Your Employee's Performance By Charles Martin

A wellness program is a program that deals with health related problems of the employees. One of the critical deliverables of a wellness benefit program is imparting knowledge to team members with respect to their own health and well being. If conducted successfully, a wellness program could help increase the productivity of each employee. With mental health becoming increasingly important, a wellness program needs to delve on it too. Stress has become an increasingly responsible factor behind employees losing focus and these wellness programs can help by incorporating spiritual and motivational extras to rejuvenate the employees. The results, if put in hardcore statistics, can surprise many. To begin with wellness programs are more effective as a preventive step. Johnson and Johnson found out that their medical bills would have shot up by at least $13 million, up and above the $4.5 million that it currently invests in its wellness programs, if the programs had not been implemented. NASA carried out a similar research which revealed that the productivity of non-exercising workers came down by 50% in the last couple of working hours. Wellness programs can also inculcate in the psyche of the employees, the importance of physical exercise and thus cut down on the decrease in productivity. GE's research showed that absenteeism resulting from ill health, one of the biggest banes afflicting companies, can be brought down by 45%, while Heirich and Associates found wellness programs reduce the chances of cardiac diseases, one of the more common stress related diseases, by approximately 40%. One of the major benefits, which cannot be quantified, is that wellness programs help prevent attrition. The employees keep mental cognition of what the company is doing for them and it greatly enhances their commitment towards the organization. Also, employees being the best brand ambassadors for corporate entities, wellness programs help companies to attract new talent, while retaining their existing employees. Family being the cushion providing comfort to the employees, wellness programs should try to be beneficial to the families of the employed personnel too. Hence, a company should not look at the accrued costs as expendable costs, but as a long-term investment towards increasing the productivity and profitability by taking care of its employees before it is too late. Ths article was developed by the team at - Find a wellness program the easy way, without a broker!

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