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Natural Cosmetics By Maggie Ng

Natural Cosmetics by Maggie Ng

In a world full of technology, machines and elements, the only thing protecting our bodies is our skin. Did you know we spend around 6 to 20 percent of our disposable income on products for our skin? Our skin is important to us and most of us will do anything to preserve its youth and longevity. But do we ever think about what we put on our skin every day? Sure, many products claim to be safe or may even appear to be safe, but beyond the short term benefits of using the cosmetic, there are long term effects from daily absorption of its use. Creams that are suppose to treat dry skin may actually strip the skin of its natural oils, which are useful in preventing dryness. Some contain chemicals that seep through the skin and defat the skin. So what's a better alternative? Natural cosmetics! Consider switching to completely natural products, which perform to the same standard as their non-natural counterparts. Whether you are a makeup artist or an esthetician that may use cosmetics every day or a consumer who applies the occasional moisturizer, we may not see any immediate effects from the current products we are using. Even though we are all dying for beautiful skin, keep in mind the healthy alternatives. We only have one skin, so care for it properly. By Maggie Ng, Make-up Artist

Maggie Ng is a member of the Organic Make-Up Company's creative team, as well as the Account Representative. She is a professional make-up artist specializing in client, bridal, fashion, runway, period work and designs. Maggie currently is a make-up consultant for Cargo Cosmetics. She also freelances, concentrating on magazine photoshoots, model testings, runway, etc. Her latest work includes Career Insider Magazine and EST Magazine.

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Natural and Organic Cosmetics Are Perfect For Your Skin By Amit Kishore Verma

Our environment has most often been neglected by the people for many reasons. For making use of chemicals, for ruthlessly spoiling the environment, we have spent a lot of years. But today is the time to make up for whatever harm we have done to our environment and also to make up to our body for a healthy future. It is good to be aware of the products that we use and consume on our bodies. Natural cosmetics or organic cosmetics are the best suited cosmetics for all the skin types and the fact that they don’t contain any chemicals acts as a spicing on the cake. People prefer buying products which they can be sure of and trust blindly without any hassles. Organic cosmetics are products are being used all over the world despite the fact that they are a little expensive but who minds paying a little extra for an assurance which can also be termed as skin insurance. As a matter of fact, the industry of natural cosmetics is on a high rise as compared to the traditional cosmetics industry with as much as five times higher momentum. Basically there are two main reasons for such a bloom seen in the organic cosmetics and natural cosmetics industry, one is the understanding of the people towards the importance of incorporating eco friendly products in our lives and the other is the awakening of the consumers towards the chemicals present in the traditional cosmetics with synthetic ingredients and their despise of such products. Another reason which can be considered responsible for the sudden boom in the natural cosmetics industry is the rising popularity of the organic food in the past few years which is actually enabling a healthier lifestyle with products like organic food, organic clothes, organic furniture and organic cosmetics. Many cosmetic brands are incorporating these natural and organic cosmetics into their lines and shops. People prefer to buy natural products as compared to the synthetic ones especially because of the fact that they can cause many skin ailments in the future. These days, there is work being done to devise guidelines for the stipulating what constitutes a natural product. There used to be a certification program earlier during the year which used to give certificates to the products which used to meet certain requirements. These days many big names and brands are snapping up organic brands just for the simple reason of the money these natural products are making. There are so many benefits of these natural and organic cosmetics, no wonder people wish to use them despite the fact that they cost a little extra. Many traditional cosmetics promote allergies to the users or skin infections and rashes but these organic cosmetics and natural cosmetics are completely allergy free products. Thus they add a glow to the skin and provide healthier skin. The traditional cosmetics contain aluminum particles which tend to clog the pores of the skin whereas these natural cosmetics act as exfoliating agents and cleanse the pores of the skin. Visit for more details.

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