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Healthy Eating for Healthy Living Tips By Joy Healey

There's more to KEEP FIT than exercise classes. With all the modern emphasis on sports and gyms, you could be forgiven for thinking that keeping fit is all about pounding the streets jogging, or exercising to exhaustion in the gym. Nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, exercise is important, but so is your diet. Real fitness means a healthy from the problems that take all the fun out of life. Fact: Our modern way of life contributes to a nutrient deficient diet - no matter how well fed we think we are. Fact: Food refining strips up to 80% of minerals from food as nature intended it to be. Fact: Air pollution, man-made pesticides and toxic chemicals damage our environment. Simple dietary and lifestyle changes can combat these negative forces, and allow us to live full, rich, healthy lives. But with so many fad diets, and so much conflicting information that even the experts seem unable to agree, it's no wonder you may have failed trying to improve your health and weight, by diet and/or exercise. In fact, it's not your fault and you're not alone. The UK Government's Chief Medical Officer, Sir Liam Donaldson pulled no punches in warning that much of the British public is becoming obese at an alarming rate. What is particularly alarming is the fact that so many children are overweight too. We live in an age where parents are, understandably, anxious about children playing out in the streets, so instead they may spend hours in front of the computer or TV. Yet we live in an age when there has never been more information so freely available; in which case why aren't we all slim, fit and healthy?

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
As a qualified nutritionist, I have been seeing clients since 1999, and come to a stark conclusion. There's more to "Keep Fit" than just exercise and diet. Independent research reveals that, even after leaving a nutrition consultation (or exercise class) enthused by new knowledge, less than 20% of people will make long-term behaviour changes to incorporate what they learned. The other 80% will have wasted their time and money. Consider two typical, but very different, clients - a busy Mum and a highly-stressed executive. Both are looking for advice on healthy eating and exercise. It is quite simple to trot out a standard "Five-a-Day" and "30 minutes on five or more days a week" formula, but one size does not fit all. For most people, this advice is totally inadequate unless motivation and lifestyle are considered. In addition to receiving advice on diet and supplements, clients need to seriously explore the benefits they'll experience from a healthier life-style, and to consider the consequences of not following through on what they've learned. Even when health consequences are clearly understood, some clients are still unable to commit to life-style changes - as evidenced by those continuing to smoke despite the health warning on cigarette packets. While a one-off nutrition consultation or coaching session can be useful to kick-start you into a new way of eating and living, the effect can soon fade. To be successful, your health and fitness programme must fit into your life as an on-going program, so it's helpful to source a recurring series of practical tips on incorporating healthy eating into your every-day life. With regular reminders and new ideas, you are much more likely to stay focused on healthy eating for healthy living.

Joy Healey qualified as a nutritionist in 2000, at the prestigious Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London. For regular health news and tips on healthy eating subscribe to her Healthy Eating for Health Living Tips at:

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Healthy and Good Living By Caroline James

Food plays a very important role in being healthy and fit. This is because it is one of the basic requirements of the body. If you want to be healthy, you should take proper care about what you eat. This has become quite crucial today. The problem of obesity is increasing in the developed countries. Some people also face health problems because of under nutrition of some nutrients. Healthy and good eating doesn't just involve eating, good food, but it also includes eating it the right way. There should be a regularity in the eating time. Breakfast, meal, dinner, etc, should at a specific time during the day. Among these the breakfast should be high nutritious. It should provide the calories, which you are going to need during the day. Moreover, it should also be rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Then the meals can be a little lighter and dinner should be lightest. This is because we are not active during the night and therefore whatever excess calories we consume are converted in to fat. Even the small things like being in a happy mood while eating also helps. Similarly, just sitting in the right way while eating, will help the body digest the food better. Nutrition experts suggest that instead of taking a full meal or breakfast it is better if we keep on eating small but healthy meals through out the day. Such simple things are not at all difficult to follow but they are a part of healthy and dieting. For healthy and active living, you should also focus on what you eat. Today the major health problem is obesity. When the fat content in the body increases, it in turn gives rise to several other problems. Obesity arises mainly due to overconsumption of calories, which you get, from carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Among these, you should keep a control on the consumption of carbohydrates and fats. Cut down the substances containing fat, as these are the major culprits. These are oil and oily substances, meat, flesh, milk, and milk products. The substances containing calories are cereals like wheat, rice, etc, starch-containing vegetables like potatoes, etc. One of the major source of carbohydrates which most of us would find hard to avoid is sugar. The sweets, like cakes, cookies, ice creams etc, are favorite substances of most people, especially children. Though most of the favorite foodstuffs contain the above substances, you should control yourself from eating them, as they are not among the substances allowed if you want to be healthy and wise. While you are avoiding the foods, high in calories be sure that you are getting enough nutrition's for health and joyful living. Apart from eating from eating healthy and nutritious, you also need to keep all your body parts active. Just eating healthy and losing weight is not the always the case. For this, a regular workout also is required. If you know the eating healthy and workout tips, you can be lead a healthy and longer life. Workouts will relax the different organs and muscles in the body. It will also stimulate the glands and other systems in the body.

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