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Health Myths Debunked part 1 By Zach Hunt

Most people wonder about their health, and we've all heard these Health Myths. Often, we hear from friends or family that if we just do this or do that, then some great health benefit will happen. But, as a most popular saying goes: if it too good to be true, it probably is. These Health Myths will clear the air on a few of some regularly heard myths. Health Myth #1:You'll know if you are having a heart attack. Not always. Only half of those who've suffered from a heart attack felt a symptom. That means that the other half never felt any symptom, or didn't recognize it. There are several signs most common to a heart attack: chest discomfort (pressure, squeezing, or fullness) shortness of breath nausea cold sweat discomfort in upper body (arm, back, neck, jaw, or shoulder) sudden extreme fatigue (without lack of sleep) Because the heart's nerves don't feel pain directly, symptoms can be unpredictable. Health Myth #2: Pampering can speed recovery from back pain. False. You know if you've ever strained your back that the pain is intense. In fact, if you rated it on a scale of 1-10, it would be a 99! Back pain is excruciating and makes it hard to even walk without feeling great uncomfort. The best medicine seems like a day of bedrest where you're propped up on pillows. Ringing your bell to have your honey bring you ice packs, ibuprofen, and put on the latest movie. However this is a bad idea. Your sweetheart may feel like they are being kind by offering all this attention, but you really need to move around. In order to recover from that back strain, you need to stay as active as possible, strengthening the back muscles. Staying in bed for two or three days slows your recuperation. Walking is best. Health Myth #3: Blood in the toilet means cancer. False. You probably do not have cancer, especially if it is a small amount. Of course it is always wise to check with your Dr. Typically a small drop of bright red blood is a sign of hemorrhoids, and it only
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takes one drop to taint the whole bowl red. There are over the counter tests that can be done at home to check for even microscopic amounts of blood, just ask the pharmacist. Don't panic, but do check it out with your medical professional to be safe. Health Myth #4: You can eliminate a problem area by doing specific exercises. False again. If you have a flabby belly, and want to get rid of it, a bunch of crunches will not make your bulge disappear. Unfortunately that's not how the body works. In order to reduce any problem areas, an overall workout is necessary. Crunches or squats will tone the muscle, but will not spot reduce those extra rolls. Health Myth #5: Men can drink more than women. True. Not because they are just more macho and cool than women, but because men have an enzyme that metabolizes more of the alcohol they down before it is even absorbed into the bloodstream. Women don't have as much of this specific enzyme and also don't have as much water in their bodies. This extra water men contain in their bodies also helps decreases blood-alcohol levels drink for drink. Good health and fitness are not just a trend but a way of life.

Zach Hunt is a health myth expert, personal trainer and owner of Physzique, a fitness coaching service in Spokane, WA. Go here: or you can go here for more health myth tips: /spokane-health-myths-debunked-part-1/

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Common Arthritis Myths And Other Misconceptions By Jeff Foster

Common arthritis myths have the potential to do harm to those actually living with this trying disease.

Arthritis is a collection of over 100 different diseases all with varying symptoms and when common arthritis myths and misconceptions abound; it often makes it difficult for those suffering with this disease to get the attention and even understanding, particularly from their family and friends that they really need while dealing with this lifestyle challenging disease. One of the most common arthritis myths is that arthritis is a disease that only affects the elderly. Only older people get arthritis? This is an absolutely, positively incorrect. Arthritis affects those of all ages including the very young, the very old and all ages in between. Arthritis is simply the aches and pains that everyone gets as they get older. So basically it's something that we all have to learn to live with and something that we all can expect to deal with at some point in our lives. Again, this is a common arthritis myth. Don't buy into it. Another common arthritis myth is that it really is not that serious of a health issue. Another myth busted! Arthritis is a major cause of work disability in the workforce today. When you take the combination of all arthritis and rheumatic diseases those conditions make up the most common chronic health problem in the United States today. Some estimates indicate that the cost associated with arthritis total more than $65 billion each and every year. Seems like a pretty serious health issue! All arthritis is the same. Wrong again! There are more than 100 varieties of arthritis all which deserve individualized attention and care. The different types of arthritis also have varying prognosis and treatment plans. All arthritis diagnoses are most certainly not the same. Some arthritis is a direct result of trauma to the joint with arthritis developing in the subsequent years following the initial injury. Some arthritis is thought to be genetic. Common arthritis myths still abound but you must take the time to dispel the myths from the truth if you are going to get the best arthritis care around.

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