Health and Wellness is not a Destination. It is a Journey

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Good health, along with access to good health care, is not a privilege, it’s a right. Medical information, which can be daunting and sterile, is sometimes best served with a human touch on the web, especially when it comes to consumer knowledge. Click here to know more

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Health and Wellness is not a Destination – it is a Journey By Sharon Benson

Health and Wellness is not a Destination – it is a Journey by Sharon Benson

The more overweight you are, the more likely you are to have health problems. Studies show that you can improve your health by losing as little as 10 to 20 pounds (5-9kg). The longer you delay taking action, the more damage you may inflict upon your health. Obesity Epidemic: ·Heart Disease, Diabetes, Strokes, Cancer, Depression ·Medications ·Over 100,000 people a year die from properly prescribed medications Nutrition is necessary, and leads to everything else. Cellular Nutrition: ·Delivers Macro-nutrients ·Food is Body Fuel ·Meal replacement is the cleanest, most efficient fuel ·Micronutrients, Vitamins/Minerals ·Botanical Factors Total Control is great – but it has no nutritional value by itself. You need nutrition. Nutrition is ongoing – a way of life. Retraining your eating and your life. Nutrition to give you a functioning body and you don’t have to eat things/calories you don’t need. It is a system of products that improves nutrition even while limiting calories for weight loss – and a system of support.

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Our products are better balanced – which is key for absorption and digestion.

I will be guiding you to weight loss and health success. I am not an employee working for an hourly minimum rate, but rather a customer just like you who has personally experienced the power of this program.Your personal quest for weight loss success begins with the easy step of finding out according to medical guidelines just how much you need to lose and what we can do to help you.

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A Wellness Program Could Be The Key To Your Employee's Performance By Charles Martin

A wellness program is a program that deals with health related problems of the employees. One of the critical deliverables of a wellness benefit program is imparting knowledge to team members with respect to their own health and well being. If conducted successfully, a wellness program could help increase the productivity of each employee. With mental health becoming increasingly important, a wellness program needs to delve on it too. Stress has become an increasingly responsible factor behind employees losing focus and these wellness programs can help by incorporating spiritual and motivational extras to rejuvenate the employees. The results, if put in hardcore statistics, can surprise many. To begin with wellness programs are more effective as a preventive step. Johnson and Johnson found out that their medical bills would have shot up by at least $13 million, up and above the $4.5 million that it currently invests in its wellness programs, if the programs had not been implemented. NASA carried out a similar research which revealed that the productivity of non-exercising workers came down by 50% in the last couple of working hours. Wellness programs can also inculcate in the psyche of the employees, the importance of physical exercise and thus cut down on the decrease in productivity. GE's research showed that absenteeism resulting from ill health, one of the biggest banes afflicting companies, can be brought down by 45%, while Heirich and Associates found wellness programs reduce the chances of cardiac diseases, one of the more common stress related diseases, by approximately 40%. One of the major benefits, which cannot be quantified, is that wellness programs help prevent attrition. The employees keep mental cognition of what the company is doing for them and it greatly enhances their commitment towards the organization. Also, employees being the best brand ambassadors for corporate entities, wellness programs help companies to attract new talent, while retaining their existing employees. Family being the cushion providing comfort to the employees, wellness programs should try to be beneficial to the families of the employed personnel too. Hence, a company should not look at the accrued costs as expendable costs, but as a long-term investment towards increasing the productivity and profitability by taking care of its employees before it is too late. Ths article was developed by the team at - Find a wellness program the easy way, without a broker!

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