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Antiaging Skin Care - Collagen Who? By Johanna Myers

? Antiaging skin care articles have a Ms. Collagen that appears every time. After researching on how Ms. Collagen has such a vital affect on our skin I decided to look her up in the dictionary. Their definition of her is "a fibrous protein found in connective tissue, bones, and cartilage." To understand just what part Ms. Collagen plays in the antiaging skin care cycle we have to delve into what makes her so important. Collagen is the main supporting substance that's produced in the dermis or inner skin. Collagen formation and breakdown takes place inside that inner skin lying beneath the thin outer skin called the epidermis. In younger people the collagen is firm and abundant. Unfortunately as we grow older, the collagen structure begins to fall away creating wrinkles, deeper creases, that horrible sagging neck, and those baggy areas around the eyes. Increasing collagen loss also causes the elderly to bruise more easily and to be subject to skin tears. Is there something we can do to minimize the negative affect that this breakdown of collagen has on our skin? The answer is yes. A great study published by some University of Michigan scientists that gives us hope. Their research has shown that as our skin ages, there is an increased production of the enzyme collagenase which breaks down collagen. Fibroblasts (cells in the skin that are the main producers of collagen) are an important part in firm and healthy skin. If they lose their normal stretched state they can actually collapse resulting in additional breakdown enzymes being produced. In one of their studies they tested lotions containing retinal, a form of vitamin A, and found it reduced wrinkles and skin roughness by promoting new collagen. There are also professional procedures available such as topical retinoic acid or injections of cross-linked hyaluronic acid. Collagen injections, derived from the skin of cows, works by puffing up the lower skin levels, stretching the outer level, thus helping to remove wrinkles and fine lines. It is important to note, that collagen gels, derived from the skin of cows, does not work when applied directly to the skin as the skin pores cannot absorb it. You would need to talk to your health care professional about this antiaging skin care treatment or any others, for that matter. If you are looking for products that are alternatives to chemically created ingredients look for natural skin care products. Botanical or natural skin care products are created from plant extracts. One ingredient to look for in natural skin care products is keratin. Cynergy TK is a patented form of keratin which tests have shown stimulated collagen growth, regenerate elastin and increase production of new skin cells.
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There is always that big question, "What should I look for in an anti-aging skin care product?" The first word of advice I would give is to be very cautious. Finding a good product on the internet can be difficult as you need to be able to evaluate whether there are any ingredients listed in the fine print on the label that might be harmful. An example of one of these ingredients is the preservative Parabens. Although it is believed to drive cancer tumor growth there are some companies still using it in their anti-aging skin care creams. I would say your best bet would be to research any product you intend to buy or to talk to an expert at your local vitamin or health food store. Whatever you decide to do start today as every month you wait has Ms. Collagen crying for help.

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The Worth of Antiaging Products For Your Skin By Sunil Punjabi

No one can deny the fact that the external human skin performs numerous functions. But it is also prone to aging and problems associated with it. Aging not only has an adverse impact on the skin but also on the overall appearance of the human body. Excellent antiaging products and antiaging treatments available in the market can play a prominent role in delaying, and even reversing the effects of aging on the skin. The impact of aging varies from person to person. In earlier times, people preferred to use herbs and other traditional therapies. But now with the advancement in science and medicine, numerous doors are open for people who wish to minimize the threat of the effects of aging to a large extent. The effectiveness of each product can differ from one type of skin to another. This is the reason why consulting a dermatologist in advance can be a prudent act. They suggest skin products as antiaging treatments after taking into consideration the numerous antiaging products available in the market, the age of the person, and nature of the skin. It is important to make a proper assessment of the skin because the product that is highly favourable to one type of skin can prove to be harmful for another type of skin. If you are searching for good antiaging products for your skin in the market then you need to be very careful. It is understandable that in the present era people are highly conscious about their skin especially women. This is the reason why one can find a large number of dodgy suppliers and companies that enter in the market not with the objective of customer care and service but with money minded approach. They offer a large number of antiaging products and antiaging treatments and many gullible customers lacking proper knowledge opt for these products without consulting an expert in advance. Such products instead of treating the aging problem can damage the skin to a great extent. A large number of people think that artificial creams and lotions that are available in the market are the best antiaging treatments and provide positive results. This is a general myth. A significant number of people who have better knowledge about the ingredients will say that artificial creams and lotions are effective because they contain collagen. But most people are unaware of the fact that it is not possible for the skin to absorb collagen from an external source. This is basically because the collagen molecule is too large for the skin to absorb. Then what can be the solution for it? It is significant to understand the worth of antiaging products before using them. For best antiaging treatments it is better to apply the skin care products that provide nutrients to enhance the ability of the body to generate more collagen. Two great natural substances that you can rely upon for the same include Cynergy TK & avocado oil. Cynergy TK is a kind of natural substance that has been originated to stimulate the production of collagen whereas; avocado oil is an excellent moisturizer that is full of in vitamins and minerals. For more information on antiaging, antiaging products, and antiaging treatments, please do visit our site or write to us -

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