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Acne is not caused by poor hygiene or certain foods; however, certain foods can make it worse such as chocolate, fried foods, and sugar. Other contributing factors to acne are the use of contraceptives, corticosteroids, and anabolic steroids. Click here to know more

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Adult Acne - More Common Than You Might Think By Dave Cahill

Acne and our teen years seem to go hand-in-hand but fortunately many who had to suffer through acne as an adolescent no longer have problems as they get older. On the other hand, the number of adults who struggle with acne may surprise you. While teenagers do make up the highest number of the acne suffering public, it is surprisingly more common in adults than you might think. It is also becoming increasingly clear that the psychological, social and physical effects of this condition are common occurrences in adults and can and do cause many problems. The reasons are not yet clear but according to recent studies, acne is becoming an increasing problem among adults. Many dermatologists have indicated that adult acne is more likely to leave permanent scars because as the skin ages it loses collagen. As a result, it's less likely to bounce back and thus, the scars don't heal as well as they do with younger skin. Unfortunately, the physical scars left by adult acne don't paint the whole picture. The psychological effects are harder to trace and at times, more difficult to deal with because of the many misconceptions they carry with them. Because acne has always been seen as a condition of our teenage years, many adults who are suffering from acne are hesitant to admit they have adult acne and seek proper treatment. However, perceptions are shifting as more people recognize adult acne as a problem and that acne is not only an issue among teens, more adults are seeking proper treatment by going to see a dermatologist. As awareness of adult acne has increased sales of prescription as well as over-the-counter products to treat the condition have also increased. More and more doctors are now considering the unique cause and effects of this condition among their older patients, with more attention being given to the psychological effects of adult acne. Because both adult and teens are affected by how others perceive them, adults suffering from acne tend to avoid social events whenever possible - just like teens. However, as the storehouse of
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Understanding Adult Acne And Its Causes By W. Darren -

You probably had acne breakouts during your teens. Your mother assured you that “its part of growing up and it’ll clear up soon.” And you found out that your mother was right. The acne did eventually clear up and you lived happily ever after – acne free, right? Wrong! What can you do when you’re suffering from adult acne? Fortunately, you are not alone. There are countless of people who are suffering the same fate. Adult Acne Basically, acne is caused by a malfunctioning sebaceous gland. If your glands produce excessive sebum, you’d suffer from acne regardless of your age. So, adults can still suffer from acne. Because of excessive production of oil, the hair follicle, dirt and bacteria are trapped with the oil or the sebum. This creates an infection which leads to lesions and inflammations. Is This Common? Adult acne is fairly common. In fact, more than 50% of adult women experience adult acne at one point in their adult lives. It is less common in male adults. Only about a quarter of male adults suffer from adult acne. Indeed, you can still experience acne when you are at your 20s or 30s and even at your 40s! You still have to cope with acne and all its psychological effect – social embarrassment, insecurity and depression. What are the Causes of Adult Acne? There are no exact causes of adult acne. However, the common reason for adult acne is hormonal imbalances. Not surprisingly 1 out of 5 women suffers from this condition because women are more prone to hormone riots. Women tend to have hormonal imbalances when their about to have their menstrual period, or when they’re pregnant, and when they’re going through menopause. Hormonal imbalances may also be triggered by birth control pills or other medications. Other causes of adult acne include: Simple recurrence of puberty acne. Your acne may just be your puberty acne resurfacing. The reason for this is not clear for researchers. In fact, the exact reasons are not known but this happens a lot. Medications. Acne in adults is also oftentimes triggered by medications. These medications include anti-epileptic drugs, mood stabilizers like lithium, anabolic steroids, anti-tuberculosis drugs and medications containing iodine. Skin irritation. Clothing fabric, bags, helmets may cause acne. Frequent irritation may trigger breakouts. Cosmetics and hair products. Adult women are fond of wearing cosmetics but there are ingredients in some cosmetics that may cause skin irritation. Hair products may also irritate the skin or forehead which also causes acne to form on your forehead.

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Unhealthy lifestyle or diet. Not getting enough sleep and exercise does not help with your skin. If you only spare a couple of hours of sleep daily, you can expect your skin to suffer from adult acne. Adult acne can be treated. It is treated the same way you would treat puberty acne. You should consult with your dermatologist for treatment and prescriptions. You can also try OTC drugs or natural remedies and see what works. However, before you seek treatment, you should first determine the causative factor of your acne. The author is an online medical researcher and webmaster of

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