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									O Successful Fund Raising – Totaling 62.5 Mil USDon the path to establish global foot print O Significant growth achieved in 2007 – 08, in line with the projections O Healthy order book, growth of new businesses O Significant changes in the macro environment – in the country and in the world

O High Oil Prices

O High Interest rates

O High Inflation

O Significantly slower economic growth prospects

O Significant slow down in Power Sector during Q4 of last fiscal and first half of current Fiscal O “In the last few months, economic scenario has severally changed and is causing alarming concern” – Mr S C Bhargava – President of IEEMA. O “Electrical Industry is highly sensitive to increase in prices of raw materials – Puts pressure on deliveries and margins” – Mr Sunil More – Director General – IEEMA. O Budget ’09 has not focused on power sector, funding priority to social causes than power O Lending institutions like world bank, ADB back into conspicuous prominence after a gap of few years

O Slow down more in Transmission compared to Distribution Segment


O APDRP Phase 2, focusing on improved efficiencies and loss reduction through use of IT in power sector, is now approved – Providing significant opportunities to ERL

O Southern states negative growth





O Investment decisions and procurement decisions deferred from Q4 till date O Bunching of orders creating delays in decision making – also resulting in higher risk perception by the customers O Healthy order Book higher – profile of the order book is more of EPC orders

O ERL now an established player in 61850 domain – enabling it to participate in widening the market reach including PGCIL opportunities O AMR market is growing significantly and ERL is well poised in this area – Successes in Punjab and MPEB O Type tests successfully concluded generation Switchgear products on new

O Project business successfully reaching out to all Indian market opportunities

O New players – International and Domestic – particularly in projects area – leading to margin pressures O Significant increase in Import of Medium Voltage breakers causing concern

O Strong Order Book - Up 50% YOY O Growth in Protection and Automation businesses O Significant growth in Metering, Switchgear and Projects businesses O Delayed deliveries to resume in second half – second half significantly higher the first half O Gaining significant strength in distribution segment O More spending in the distribution segment through RGYY umbrella O Exploring opportunities in Generation segment

O ERLPhase, Canada, poised to double its revenues in FY09 and grow strongly there after O ERL Marketing International (ERLMINT) established – Head quartered in UAE – commencing operations in Sept 2008 – Initial focus on ASEAN, West Asia, Africa and SAARC markets. O ERL International Established in Singapore – holding organisation for all acquisitions and joint ventures O Acquisition efforts underway – Discussions in progress – Targets in USA and Europe O Emphasis on right synergies and attractive valuations – Given the global scenario the timing is critical

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