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					City of Hamilton City Hall, 71 Main Street West Hamilton, Ontario, Canada L8P 4Y5

May 31, 2007

Dear Friends of City Hall, As you may know, City Hall services will be temporarily relocated to the Hamilton City Centre (former Eaton’s Centre) at 77 James Street North this summer while City Hall is being revitalized. City Council and Committee meetings will be held in the Hamilton Convention Centre. The City departments will be moving over to the City Centre in phases beginning August 14. In preparation for the move, we would like to inform you that Facility Services will not be accepting any meeting room bookings for City Hall during this revitalization period. Meeting rooms in City Hall will only be booked for meetings occurring before August 31. If you wish to make alternate arrangements, you can do so by contacting the Facilities Help Desk at 905-546-2784 or Unfortunately, meeting space within Cityowned facilities is limited and we can not guarantee your meeting requests will be fulfilled. Bookings are approved on a first come first serve basis and it is important to note, City business takes precedence over all external bookings. To avoid disappointment, you may wish to initiate a review of alternate sites for usage during this period. For your reference, we have enclosed the following documentation: • Listing of all alternate meeting rooms available for booking; • Meeting Room Reservation Form for City of Hamilton Sites; • Meeting Room Reservation Form for Convention Centre Room 207; • Terms and conditions for bookings. We thank you for your co-operation and support as we move forward with the revitalization of City Hall. If you require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me at 905-5462424 ext. 7016. Sincerely,

Linda Tattrie Superintendent Facility Services and Customer Services Public Works Department City of Hamilton

After Hours Meeting Room Space Available
Room Location Dundas Town Hall* 60 Main St. E L9H5E7 Room Description Auditorium Capacity 120 people Contents 4 long tables 15 round tables 1 small square table 85 folding chairs Kitchen Use of room only

1st Floor Meeting Room

12 people

Council Chambers Stoney Creek City Hall* 777 HWY #8 L8G 4N9 Council Chambers

60 people 140 people

Use of room only Built in screen Sound System TV and VCR

Saltfleet Room * Note: After hours Security Charges may apply

12 people

Built in Screen

Hamilton Convention Room 207 Centre** Summers Lane, Hamilton ** Note: Charges may apply ** Terms & conditions for Room 207 attached

12 people

Use of room only

These rooms can be booked through the Facilities Help Desk at 905-546-2784 or

City Of Hamilton – Facilities Terms and Conditions The Corporation of the City Of Hamilton (hereinafter called “the City”), of the first part, and “the Applicant” as printed on the face page whose signature is affixed here to, of the second part, General The City agrees to rent to the Applicant the noted Facility on the dates, times and at the rental rate indicated on the facing page(s) of this document. The Applicant shall pay the total rental fee due to the City not less than 1 week in advance, as applicable and decided at the sole discretion of the City. If the Applicant fails to comply with the rental terms within the dates aforementioned, the City shall cancel the rental contract. If, for any reason, the Applicant wishes to cancel their contract and/or any dates within the aforementioned, they are required to give the Facility Help Desk not less than 72 hours notice either in writing, e-mail (, or by telephone (905-546-2784). The Applicant may pay the rental fees by cash or cheque. Any applicant giving the City a cheque that is returned “Non Sufficient Funds” may have the Applicant’s rental cancelled, and will be charged an administration fee which the applicant, by affixing his/her signature hereto, agrees to pay. The applicant agrees to pay any additional cost to the City, caused by the Applicant’s increased needs. It is the applicant’s responsible to ensure the room is returned to proper order at the end of their meeting The applicant hereby releases the City for Liability for personal injury or loss of property. The Applicant agrees to indemnify and save harmless the city from and against any and all actions, causes of action, claims and demands arising out of, or by reason of, the occupation and use of the Facility by the Applicant. The Applicant agrees to be responsible for all persons in the group and agrees to reimburse the City for any losses, costs or expenses incurred by the City in respect of any damage or destruction, however occasioned, to the Facility, fixtures or chattels caused by, or arising out of the use of the Facility by the applicant, or any other person within the Facility, with the permission of the applicant. All City facilities are Smoke Free Environments and are regulated by City By-Laws. Failure to comply may result in cancellation of hours without refund. If for any reason the Public Works Department of the Corporation of the City Of Hamilton is unwilling to permit the use of the Facility, the Public Works Department shall have the right to cancel such use at any time and order the Facility to be closed, and neither the Public Works Department nor the City Of Hamilton shall be required to do more than refund the applicant any fee which the applicant has paid. The applicant understands and is aware that all Council and Committee meetings take priority in all facilities and as such, the Public Works Department shall have the right to cancel such use at any time. The Applicant shall not permit any act(s) to be done by any member of the Applicant’s group or any other participant, that might breach any federal, Provincial or Municipal statute, regulation or by-law, or that might invalidate the policies or insurance of the Corporation of the City Of Hamilton. The Applicant is aware and understands the Facility is not to be used for demonstration or protest purposes. The Public Works Department may at any time arbitrarily, without notice or cause revoke a meeting reservation. The Applicant shall have no claims for damages against the Public Works Department of the Corporation of The City of Hamilton or their employees, servants or agents, resulting from said revocation. NO BEVERAGES CONTAINING ALCOHOL are allowed in the Facility. Any breech of this regulation shall lead to an immediate cancellation of the Applicant’s use and forfeiture of the deposit. ABSOLUTELY NO SUB-LEASING IS ALLOWED. Meeting reservations are not transferable from one Applicant to another. Please note that the above conditions may be subject to change, in the interest of providing better service to all Applicants. We thank you for your cooperation in these matters.

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