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					Ubuntu-Debian System Administration (4) Days Hands-on Training
(Training Outline)

Background: This 4-day course is designed to provide the student with a well rounded understanding of the popular Ubuntu Linux OS, which is a Debian-based flavor. It begins with imparting a fundamental view of the Linux Operating System in relationship with Hardware architectures and the Debian Package Management. The sessions contain intensive play of the Command Line with a firm use of essential Linux commands at lower runlevels, moving on to File System/Hierarchy, text streams (links and piping), disk partitions, including mounts and the X window system.

The training will be capped with a lab session focusing on the sourcing, configuration and deployment of Ubuntu/Debian Server services including Postfix, Samba, CUPS, Linux Firewall and SELinux among others.

               Orientation and Introduction to the course Hardware and Architecture, BIOS, USBDevices etc. Preparation Partitioning and Installation Essential Commands on Hardware and Kernel Module Monitoring. Bootloaders / Boot Managers Shared Libraries Package Management (Tarball/Source Code/Files, Dpkg, RPM, Alien) GNU and Unix Commands Work on the Command Line Process Text Streams Using Filters Basic File Management, Text Streams, Pipes, Redirects Process Management, Execution, etc.

                         

Devices, Linux Filesystems andHierarchy Partitions and Integrity Mounting and Unmounting of File Systems Disk Quota File Permissions, Ownership The X Window System Kernel Modules Reconfigure, build and install a custom kernel Boot, Initialization, Shutdown, and Runlevels Runlevels Networking Fundamentals Fundamentals of TCP/IP TCP/IP Configuration and Troubleshooting Networking Services The CUPS Print Server Install & configure local & remote printers Sendmail and Postfix configuration, deployment, mail spooling The Apache Webserver Samba File Server Squid Proxy Server The Secure Shell (OpenSSH) Security Administration on Host Level, User, Level and iptables

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