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					THE OLC SCHOOL 248 Luis Marin Blvd. Jersey City, NJ

WELLNESS POLICY The OLC School is committed to creating a learning environment conducive to successful growth of the total development of the child. Our hope is to prepare each child with the necessary resources that promote and protects the child’s health and well-being. Children must be given the opportunity to be educated and to establish the appropriate attitudes that will enable them to embrace healthy eating and physical activity. We must all work in partnership with our school families to foster and accept a healthier life style of nutrition and physical activity. The Wellness Policy described, herein, will provide the necessary objectives to achieve our goal. NUTRITION EDUCATION The OLC School will provide students with child-friendly and age appropriate health and nutrition education in the following manner:      Nutrition education will be integrated within the curriculum at all grade levels. Students will be engaged in hands-on activities encouraging and educating them in nutritional education through visual aides (i.e. posters, videos, reading materials, educational games). Food service and cafeteria personnel will provide guidance in the selection of healthy food selections. Parents will receive pertinent nutritional information to assist them in their understanding of healthy food choices and the importance of physical activity in their families’ lives. In conjunction with the Dietary Guidelines for Americas, The OLC School will strive for ABC’s: To aim for physical fitness, to build a healthy base, and to choose sensibly for good health.

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY The OLC School will emphasize and model the importance of physical activity:    The Physical education curriculum in accordance with state and also the Archdiocesan guidelines have been accepted by The OLC School to facilitate our Physical Education Program. The Physical Education Program will be encouraged to be continued at home. Students will understand that physical activity is continuous and will be involved in such activity on a daily basis.

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Whenever possible, physical activity will be incorporated into the curriculum. The school will strive to promote school-sponsored sports teams and to encourage the students to become involved. The school will publicize Community Recreation Department Programs. Team spirit and good sportsmanship will be encouraged as important and necessary life skills for the students.

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