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Invitation to become a Tiff-Tools Reseller - We would like to offer this opportunity to you.
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How does it work? - A very simple process. You promote our software via your own customer base and website and
any sales medium that you prefer. When you secure an order, your customer orders the product from you, and makes payment to you at full retail price. You then place an order for the fully registered version of the software with us (via our special on-line secure reseller order pages), quoting your reseller serial number (issued by Tiff Tools). The price you pay to us is discounted by 40% on the retail price. We email the registered product either to you, or if you wish, direct to your customer. Each registered product has a unique serial number that is allocated per licence purchased per customer (end user).


A simple, effective process that will yield benefits for both our companies. Simply download all of our demo products from our website, write them to CD and instruct your salesmen to always carry the CD with them when visiting clients. Your customers will have a need for our software tools. Anyone who ever scanned a piece of paper using Tiff Group iv compression has a problem that will be solved using our Tiff Imaging Tools. As you know, we do not sell SDK's that take forever to understand how to create a tool to do the job you want. Our tools do the job right out of the box. No setup, no programming, simply click and go. There is no doubt that you will be able to sell our software tools.
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How do I become a reseller? - Again, very simple.
Email us here at with confirmation of your intent to become a reseller. Click here to go to the secure reseller signup order page. (We ask this commitment from you to ensure that you intend to sell our products). We email to you a list of links to our on-line secure order pages (40% discount pages). You are then ready to begin selling.

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Product Name
Auto Crop - tiff image cropping tool

(1) Simply select the first image you wish to crop in the file manager. (2) Select the crop area by 'rubber banding' with a left mouse click. (3) either Click the Crop button or press the SPACEBAR. (4) The image will be cropped, and the filelisting will automatically advance to the next image in the list. (5) The 'crop area' square (markup) will automatically show on the next image. Make adjustments to the crop if you wish, and then click Crop or press Spacebar and the image will be cropped and it will then move on to the next image in the list. Cabinet Maker: Automatically create folder structures from your indexed tiff image files. Simply index the filename as Cabinet,Folder,filename.tif and the software will automatically create a folder structure of a top level folder called CABINET, a subfolder called FOLDER and place the tiff image into the subfolder and rename it as FILENAME.TIF in the process. Ideal tool for engineering projects. Supports up to 10 folder levels. Designed initially for the digital imaging bureau as a way of controlling documents issued on cd. This software allows you to capture the hard-coded serial number that exists on every cd that is written. When you issue a cd for distribution, you can check at any time that the cd in circulation is indeed the cd that you initially distributed, simply by reference to the serial number that is embedded in every cd. You can even capture the serial numbers of your audio cd collection.

Retail Price

Cabinet Maker


Capture CD Serial Number


CSV converter to delimit Ensure all your csv index data has each field surrounded by quotes to ensure compatibility with all products csv files with quotes that use csv file format. DiskWatcher DiskWatcher - Constantly looks at up to 20 drives (local or network) and gives you live disk useage information. Never run out of disk space ever again. The user can set 'Panic' thresholds for each drive. When a drives available disk space drops below this threshold the software shows a warning against that drive. Also generates log information showing trends of disk space availability. ScanCalc: Simply and quickly determine the required scanning dpi of an original photograph/document in order to produce a print at a given size. Be sure that you create best quality prints and maximize efficiency by creating scan files no larger than they need be.





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Index Counter

Index Keystrokes Counter for the document imaging bureau. Now you can count the total keystrokes in any csv or txt index file automatically. Simply tell the software how many fields each record contains, and if each field is surrounded by quotation marks, and then hit the count button. Very fast and very accurrate. Tiff QA - automatic image quality control. Simply point the integral folder manager at the top level folder containing any combination of single/multipage tiff files in any number of subfolders and TiffQA will write two audit logs in the top level folder where you began the QA process. The logfiles detail an entry for each page of each tiff file showing the page number and if it passed or failed the QA check. The second logfile shows only those pages that failed the QA check. This file can later be viewed by the quality inspector so that corrective action can be taken with regard to any bad images found. Tif Checker is the ideal tool for the document imaging bureau. Be confident that all your images are good and that your quality is 100%. The registered version can also check tiff image files that have .001 .002 .003 etc as the file extension instead of .tif Records all keyboard and mouse movements for replay. Can be used to automate index information exchange between two or more applications. Manage your monthly sales newsletters automatically.


Tiff QA


Macro Recorder/Player


Mail-Shot - The Bulk Emailer

$150.00 $179.00

Multi-page Tiff Compiler Multi-page Tiff Creator will enable you to compile an entire folder containing un-indexed single page tiff image files into one multi-page tiff image file. More than this, you can point the integral folder manager at a top level folder that contains many subfolders which each contain lots of single page tiff files. Tiff Compiler will then 'walk' through all the subfolders creating one multi-page tiff file for each of the subfolders, so you can leave your processing to your computer with no human intervention. The multi-page tiff file is then named the same as the folder that it resides in. PDF file Page Counter The PDF Page Counter allows the user to point the integral filemanager to a top level folder. The software will then 'drill down' through all subfolders, and will create an output log file showing the path and filename of each pdf file, together with its page count. At the end of the counting process, the software writes a total page count to the output file, and also displays the total page count. The user is then asked if they want to view the output file. If the user decides to view the output file, the audit log is opened into whichever program on the users system is associated with the csv file-type. Typically this will be microsoft excel. PDF Page Counter is an excellent tool for the imaging bureau. Simply generate all of your billing information in one quick and easy process. PDF Page Counter is equally useful for the end user who has documents converted to pdf format by an outsourced bureau. Now you can be sure that the amount invoiced is the actual amount processed.


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Photoviewer and SlideShow

The photoviewer is designed specifically to be used as a jpg viewer front-end for distribution of image CD's etc for private individuals who wish to distribute their work privately to family and friends. Companies and or organisations that wish to distribute this software with their own images must obtain a distribution licence (available by request only - email us) The private licence for this software is $25 US dollars. The software is excellent for indexing jpg image files. Simply view the file, press F2 and type the new name for the file. Press, enter, and the newly renamed file appears in the file listing. If you make any mistakes whilst renaming your files, you can reset them all to sequentially numbered files and start again. The slide show function can be run in normal windows mode or it can be called from a command line. You are then able to make an auto-run slideshow to distribute on CD or floppy disk or even from within a self extracting zip archive. The quality control viewer for the document imaging bureau allows your staff to easily qc fully scaleable thumbnails of images and enlarge to full screen on the fly. The integral file manager allows for quick and easy selection of next file. Simply press the down arrow and the next file is viewed automatically.


Quality Control for Document Imaging Bureau


Scanned Drawings Counter

Keep a count of all your scanned drawings counted by size to give a full drawing count for each job. Ideal tool for the document management bureau that undertakes large format drawing scanning. The stay-on-top floating window gives the scanner operator easy access to log how many drawings of each size have been scanned. A0 A1 A2 A3 A4 drawing sizes. The Square Footage Calculator is for the drawing scanning bureau who charge their customers per square feet for drawings scanned. This tool gives a total for each folder, and a grand total of all folders, of the total square feet of paper actually scanned. The user can name both the output path and the output filename of the listing that will contain the information for each folder. When the 'autoview logfile' checkbox is ticked, the logfile will automatically launch into the application such as excel, where the logfile type is set to csv, for example. Tiff Annotation Writer will write the image filename to the tiff image as annotation text in the top left corner of the image. Excellent for audit purposes. This product was produced as a direct result of a customer requirement. You too can have software written specifically for a task. Simply complete our on-line "questions & suggestions" form.


Square Footage Calculator for Scanned drawings


Tiff Annotation Writer


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Tiff Batch Separation Batch Separation & Multi-page Tiff file Compilation. This software allows the user to select a top level folder and Multi-page Compiler which contains many subfolders, which in turn contain many single page tiff files, and automatically detect the batch separator that has been scanned between each batch of pages that form each document. How to Prepare and Scan your documents for use with this software Preparation is the key to successful operation of this software. Ensure that you place an A5 sheet of paper in-between files with some unique information or logo on it so that you can visually identify it as a headsheet or batch separator, to denote the end of one file and the begininng of another. You would make your logo big enough to view easily, but use as little linework as you can to ensure the filesize of the A5 headsheet becomes the smallest file within the batches of documents that you will be scanning, as the software is specifically looking for files that are below a certain number of bytes in size to determine the start of each document, (although this is not absolutely necessary, as we will visually verify all headsheets with the autoadvance system). 1st Pass Simply point the software at either the top level folder or a specific folder, set the number of bytes that you would expect the file size of your headsheets to be below, and begin to search for the headsheets. Once all headsheets have been found, a complete listing of them is shown in the listbox. You can then set the speed of automatic advance to visually verify that you have indeed captured all of the headsheets. Where you may have found a page that was below your headsheet file size, but is NOT a headsheet, simply press F1 to increase the file size (you can select the dpi that you wish to use with this function). This make the file size larger than any of the headsheets, therefore it will not be processed as a headsheet when you run the 2nd pass of this software. Pressing escape toggles the autoadvance on and off. The figures below the speed control bar are :- Pages per second Estimated Time of Arrival (estimate of how long the process will take, shown in minutes) Modes of Operation (2nd pass) With the checkbox UNCHECKED the software simply renames all files starting with the separation sheets, e.g., HS00000000-000.tif and then the subsequent pages of the file, e.g. HS00000000-000.TIF HS00000000-001.TIF HS00000000-002.TIF HS00000001-000.TIF HS00000001-001.TIF HS00000001-002.TIF ETC.. With the checkbox CHECKED the software performs the above process and then compiles each of the documents into multi-page tiff files, and deletes the blank page separator sheets. Setup Setup requirements are minimal. Simply ensure the maximum size in bytes of your headsheets is the same as the figure you used with the 1st pass (it will automatically be transferred to the 2nd pass) The program will then recognize separator sheets (headsheets) if their file sizes are smaller than the bytes that you entered into the edit box. A fast and efficient process from start to finish. Tiff Compression & Rotation Utility This uselful utility will allow you to scan all your images using any of your existing software, and then compress them using tiff group iv compression. You can even add rotation to the images as you compress if you so wish. This software is particularly useful if you scan large format drawings using the SCAN32.EXE application from IMTEC, as the Imtec product saves images as raw tiff. Now you can compress them, and rotate them.



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Tiff Counter

The program allows a user to 'point' the folder-manager at either a single folder containing tif image files, or a Top Level folder containing no images, but containing many sub folders, which themselves contain many tif image files. Any combination of multi-page and/or single page tif files are accommodated. When the user clicks "Count 'em", the software counts all pages contained in the Top Level folder (where there is only one folder) or all subfolders of the Top Level folder. TifCounter supports a combination of Multi-page and single page tif files, thus giving the imaging archivist a complete and accurate overview of the total page count for any job.An ideal application for the TifCounter is within an imaging bureau environment where an accurate page count is paramount when preparing to invoice the customer for the work scanned.Similarly, if you have had documents scanned by an outsourced imaging bureau, you can use TifCounter to satisfy yourself that the page count shown on the bureau invoice matches the page count of the image files actually received. An excellent way to approve invoices for payment. Tif Counter also write an audit trail file to top level folder where you began counting, itemising each file together with its page count.


Tiff Splitter - Command- Use this version within your own applications. Split Multi-page tiff image files into single page files into folders Line Version named the same as the multi-page tiff file where they originated. Tiff Splitter - user version Web Job Spec Creator for Scanning Bureau Split Multi-page tiff image files into single page files into folders named the same as the multi-page tiff file where they originated. Create Scanning and Indexing Job Specifications quickly and efficiently in html format that can be viewed within your organisation on any pc using your standard internet/intranet browser. When creating your spec, double clicking on any of the fields immediately opens the field up to a full page for text editing. Double click on the page again and it reverts to the form layout as shown above. Once you have created your specs, you can maintain them by editing and revising them within the same software environment, ensuring you always have the current version of a job specification available to your production staff where it matters, on their desktop at the workstation.




Our products are compatible with all versions of windows from '95 upwards with the exception of Autocrop that will not work with Windows '95. Our products can also be used under the XP operating environment with the installation of our free XP compliance pack, that can be downloaded from our website

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