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									                                                                                                                                 Vol. 7 No. 5, July / August 2002
The newsletter of the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association
                                                                                                                     SUMA Publication Agreement No. 40027298

                                                                                                                            Inside this issue
 SUMA pulls out of Policing Task Force
   . . . but positive meeting with Justice Minister yields optimism                                                         • President’s Message . . . . . . . . 2
 Amid growing frustrations, SUMA         advancement was achieved over                                                      • Executive Director’s Report . . 2
                                                                                  G-8 cost concerns
 will no longer participate in the       the years in improving the fairness      addressed                                 • Dirt cheap . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
 Task Force on Policing and the          and equity of the municipal                                                        • Our Members Write . . . . . . . 2
 Administration of Justice.              cost-sharing arrangement for             SUMA also followed up on
                                         policing services.                       concerns that communities could           • Capital Ideas! . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
 That message was delivered by                                                    incur increased policing bills as a
 President Badham during a               However, more recent meetings            result of the security requirements       • Communication grants . . . . . . 3
 face-to-face meeting with Justice       became bogged down in                    for the G-8 Summit in Kananaskis.         • Regional waste . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
 Minister Chris Axworthy, based on       deliberation, and it became evident
 a motion passed unanimously by          that the Task Force would be             The Federal Government has
                                                                                                                            • UMAAS Update . . . . . . . . . . . 4
 the SUMA Board of Directors.            unable to reach a final settlement       committed to paying the direct
                                                                                  costs for any officers while they         • SUMA Advantage . . . . . . . . . . 4
 Badham presented the Minister           on the redistribution issue.
                                                                                  were away on duty at the Summit.
 with a letter formally conveying                                                                                           • G8 cost update . . . . . . . . . . . 5
                                         Minister vows to work                    However, SUMA noted that the
 SUMA’s intentions, which stated,        towards fair model                       reduced complement of officers            • OARS committee . . . . . . . . . . 5
 “It is the opinion of our Board that                                             remaining in some local detachments       • Revenue Sharing flaws . . . . . . 5
 the Task Force has achieved as          Axworthy expressed that he
                                                                                  may have had to work overtime in
 much progress as it likely can on       understood the frustration behind                                                  • Resolution responses . . . . . . . 6
                                                                                  order to cover off for their colleagues
 many of the issues before it.           SUMA’s decision to leave the
                                                                                  away on external assignment.              • Resolution batting average . . . 6
 Recent meetings have revealed a         Task Force and signaled that there
 number of frustrations and              needs to be a resolution soon on         This cost would generally be the          • Farmland value shifts . . . . . . . 6
 impediments inherent in the             this long-standing concern.              responsibility of the municipality,
                                                                                  meaning that some communities             • Water Solutions . . . . . . . . . . . 7
 structure and operation of the          After a lengthy discussion, an
 group that limit its effectiveness                                               could face higher policing charges
                                         understanding was reached that the
                                                                                  indirectly from G-8.
                                                                                                                            • Echoes from history . . . . . . . . 8
 and productivity.”                      Province would work with SUMA
 Axworthy was told, “The SUMA            to develop an equitable formula for      But the Justice Minister committed
 Board therefore feels that we can       municipal RCMP cost sharing.             that if any municipality’s costs
 best advance the positions of our       South East Regional Director
                                                                                  were to rise above the amount it          Quote of the month
 members by stepping away from                                                    would normally pay under its
                                         Dave McCall, who also participated                                                 “It is clear that Saskatchewan's
 the Task Force and working                                                       policing contract – as a direct or
                                         in the meeting, said, “I’m more                                                    future inextricably is linked to
 through various other forums,                                                    indirect result of the G-8 conference
                                         optimistic today than I’ve been in
 including our own Protective                                                     – these costs will be charged back        the success of its urban centres... .
                                         some time. The ‘political will’
 Services Committee and more                                                      to the organizers of the Summit,          Yet senior governments are
                                         seems to be there to end what has
 direct face-to-face meetings with                                                not to the municipality.
                                         been an irritant for years.”                                                       increasingly leaving local
 you and your officials.”                                                         SUMA requested – and received
                                         SUMA informed the Justice                                                          governments high and dry
 Originally struck in 1995, the                                                   – written confirmation of this
                                         Minister that his commitment                                                       when it comes to their power to
 Task Force brought together                                                      arrangement (see G-8 article on
                                         would indeed be pursued
 five parties – SUMA, SARM,                                                       page 5).                                  maintain and expand the
                                         vigorously by the association.
 the RCMP, Sask. Justice and                                                      Other irritants raised                    infrastructure needed for their
 (then-called) Sask. Municipal           SUMA has been lobbying for
                                         a simple, straightforward                                                          physical and economic well-being.”
 Government – to work                                                             SUMA also flagged its ongoing
 collaboratively on policing and         redistribution model that would see      concern over the Province’s                 -- Lead editorial in Saskatoon
 justice issues.                         detachment host communities              wavering 200-officer commitment,            StarPhoenix, June 14, 2002.
                                         pay $45 per capita and                   the 25% fine revenue holdback fee
 Since its inception, however, the       non-detachment municipalities            and extending fine revenue
 group’s discussions have been                                                                                               through these issues to find a
                                         pay $30 per capita annually for          payments to smaller communities.
 dominated by a single topic                                                                                                 solution. SUMA countered that
                                         policing, as determined by
 – RCMP cost redistribution.                                                      The Minister stated that the Justice       this has been a common refrain,
                                         resolution at the 2002 SUMA
 Although painfully slow, some                                                    Department is willing to work              and the time for action is now.
                                                                                  The province is committed to               same time incorporating important
 Cities Act                              Dear Members of SUMA:
                                                                                  increasing municipal autonomy              elements of our current urban
                                         On June 12, 2002, I had the              and reducing involvement in the            legislation. It also contains a clear
 After years of crafting, drafting,      pleasure to give first reading to
 lobbying, negotiating and even                                                   governance of our cities where             statement of principles and municipal
                                         The Cities Act in the spring 2002        there is no overriding provincial          purposes. These sections help to
 old-fashioned political arm-twisting,   session of the Saskatchewan              interest. We recognize the                 define the new relationship between
 it was anti-climactic in the end.       legislature. On July 3, 2002, the        Saskatchewan’s city governments            the province, the cities and their
 One evening in June, Saskatchewan’s     Act was given third reading and                                                     residents in more meaningful ways.
                                                                                  are in the best position to make
 Legislators passed The Cities Act       Royal Assent.                            local decisions for the benefit of         This new statement of principles
 with little fanfare. However the        The Cities Act presents to all of us     their residents.                           and municipal purposes forms the
 legislation, to be proclaimed next      a significant opportunity to             In recognition of this commitment          basis of a new approach to city
 year, will fundamentally change the     advance and strengthen our cities        The Cities Act will:                       governments’ accountability.
 relationship between Saskatchewan’s     and to create opportunities for          • modernize the relationship               I understand that SUMA has
 cities and the provincial               more effective local government.            between the province and cities;        formed a committee of town and
 government. It also holds the           The initial momentum for this            • enable city governments to               village representatives to review
 potential to do the same for every      legislation primarily came from the         encourage initiative and                The Cities Act, with a view to
                                         cities themselves supported by              creativity; and                         determining what principles and/or
 community in the province.
                                                                                  • provide citizens with better,            provisions might be appropriate for
                                         SUMA. I commend the proactive
 The following is a letter from                                                      more accountable local                  use by smaller urban municipalities.
                                         approach taken to advance the               government.
 Government Relations Minister           current provincial-municipal                                                        Congratulations to all SUMA
 Ron Osika to SUMA members               relationship by putting forward          The Act introduces the principles          members and staff in advancing the
 recognizing the achievement this        proposals to revitalize and strengthen   of “natural person powers” and             concepts that formed the basis for
 legislation represents.                 the governance of our cities.            “areas of jurisdiction” while at the       this new, groundbreaking legislation.
 July / August 2002                        The Voice of Saskatchewan Cities,Towns and Villages                                                                       1
                                                       governance has been promoted for                                                           governing Saskatchewan urban
                                                       years by SUMA, but the diligence                                                           municipalities goes back many
                                                       of our City Sector – mayors and                                                            years. In the early ’90s SUMA
                                                       managers – saw the Act through                                                             launched an initiative which
                                                       this year. A task force made up of                                                         became known as the Task Force
                                                       elected officials from towns and                                                           on Urban Government Renewal.
                                                       villages continues to review the                                                           Unfortunately, the provincial
                                                       applicability of this legislation to                                                       government’s preoccupation with
                                                       smaller communities.                                                                       fighting the deficit at the time
                                                                                                                                                  made it difficult to move the
                                                       The SUMA Board asked me to                                                                 agenda forward. However, later
                                                       inform the Justice Minister that                                                           after a false start, the Province got
                                                       our reps were frustrated with the                                                          into the “act” and came forward
                                                       work of the Task Force on                                                                  with the Task Force on Municipal
                                                       Policing and Administration of                                                             Legislative Renewal which
                                                       Justice. I did so on June 27th, and                                                        became known as the Garcea
 Mike Badham                                           we have agreed to work towards                     Keith Schneider
 President                                                                                                Executive Director                      Report. The report’s
                                                       SUMA’s model approved at                                                                   recommendations on municipal
                                                       Convention (a $15 dollar cost                                                              amalgamation created a firestorm
 I hope all mayors and councils are                    differential between detachment                    The passing of The Cities Act at        across the province and
 enjoying the summer. Even though                      and non-detachment municipalities).                the 24th Legislative Session            subsequently the report was
 there are fewer meetings,                             It was a good meeting and                          marked an important milestone in        shelved indefinitely.
 I know that much happens in a                         SUMA’s justice concerns will now                   the development of municipal
 municipality. This is infrastructure                  be addressed directly with the                     government in Saskatchewan.             The city mayors watched the fray
 installation and repair season. Parks                 Justice Department.                                                                        from the sidelines and quietly
 are pruned and streets patched.                                                                          It represents the culmination of        worked on developing a new act
                                                       We have a meeting with Minister                    years of effort and perseverance        for cities. Following municipal
 Saskatchewan communities are
                                                       Ralph Goodale upcoming. There                      by 13 city mayors, their                elections in 2000 their work was
 beautiful in summer!
                                                       are federal issues that affect                     administrations and others (within      given an added impetus with the
 Water continues to be a concern                       towns, cities and villages in                      government) to make this a reality.     new crop of city mayors who took
 – too much or too little! SUMA                        Saskatchewan. In particular, it is                 But it is more than that. It reflects   up the campaign with a renewed
 Regional Meetings in June discussed                   necessary to register our concern                  a change in thinking and approach       commitment to see it through.
 water issues with Saskatchewan                        that our small municipalities in                   to municipal government. The            Through the years Theresa Dust, Q.C.,
 Environment and Sask Water. We                        this province may not be                           new act does not give cities            Saskatoon’s City Solicitor, kept
 await decisions on quality, supply,                   considered for the Canada                          sweeping new powers to tax or           the commitment alive and
 service and monitoring that will                      Strategic Infrastructure Fund.                     make bylaws beyond their current        provided the focus for the group.
 affect our elected councils.                                                                             areas of jurisdiction. Simply, it
                                                       Next UrbanVoice, we can report                                                             After years of watching other
 The Legislature has adjourned for                     on the SUMA Golf Tournament.                       gives city councils the legislative
                                                                                                          ability to go ahead and do what         provinces make major
 the summer. Among the legislation                     Mayor John Young will show all a                                                           advancements in the recognition
 enacted this session was The Cites                    good time at Shelbrook. Hope to                    they think best for their
                                                                                                          community without having to             of local government as a
 Act. This approach to local                           see you there.                                                                             legitimate and important level of
                                                                                                          refer to provincial legislation at
                                                                                                          every step and turn. Nor will they      government, Saskatchewan is now
Dirt cheap                                                                as high. Cogema                 have to ask the Province for            taking its place as a proponent of
                                                                                                                                                  innovative public policy. The next
 The planned closure of the                                                appears willing                legislative changes every time
                                                                                                          they need to do something not           challenge is to see how this new
 Cluff Lake uranium mine will leave                    to sell off the stockpile for
                                                                                                          covered specifically in legislation.    act could apply to towns and
 Cogema Resources with 300,000                         $125 per bag, less than half price.
                                                                                                                                                  villages. That work is currently
 pounds of bentonite clay (one                         However, the mine site is 750 km
                                                                                                          The first attempts to change or         underway with encouraging
 hundred 3,000 lb. bags) which they                    northwest of Prince Albert, so
                                                                                                          reshape the legislative framework       progress being made.
 no longer need to stockpile. They                     transportation would likely have to
 are willing to make it available to                   be coordinated with supply trucks
 municipalities looking for this type                  returning from the mine (Northern
 of high quality clay to line a sewage                 Resource Trucking) in order to
 lagoon or landfill.                                   keep costs to a minimum.                           The following is an excerpt from        fact, I know many folks who claim
 The original value of this material is                                                                   Island View Mayor Paul Luttmer’s        that the quality of life we have in
                                                       For further information on this
 said to have been about $275 per                                                                         remarks at the SUMA Regional            small town Saskatchewan is better
                                                       opportunity, contact Frank Goodwin
 bag, although transportation costs                                                                       Meeting in Bulyea June 10th.            on balance than large urban centres
                                                       at Cluff Lake (498-2233, ext. 216)
 from Wyoming were several times                                                                                                                  here and in Alberta, to which many
                                                       or Patty Rock in Saskatoon (343-4598).             It occurs to me that Bulyea is a        of our young generation are
                                                                                                          very appropriate venue for today's      tempted to live and work.
                                                                                                          meeting. This small town has an
                                               2002 SUMA Directors:
                                                Councillor Mike Badham, Regina                            important history in rural              The tradition of achieving great
                                                Councillor Fred Clipsham, Regina                          Saskatchewan and its residents          things in the face of adversity is
                                                Councillor Rik Steernberg, Saskatoon                      have a tradition of building and        still alive and well in
                                                Councillor Lenore Swystun, Saskatoon                      supporting their community for the      Saskatchewan, and though passed
                                                Mayor Don Cody, Prince Albert
          200 - 1819 Cornwall Street                                                                      almost 100 years since its              down to us from those who
                                                Councillor Dale McBain, Moose Jaw
               Regina, SK S4P 2K4                                                                         incorporation. Bulyea has the           endured the Depression Years it is
                                                Mayor Dub Henderson, Melfort
             Phone (306) 525-3727                                                                         distinction of having had the first     always born anew.
                                                Councillor Randy Goulden, Yorkton
               Fax (306) 525-4373
                                                Alderman Cecil Campbell, Kindersley                       Wheat Pool elevator in the
                                                                                                                        It is true that we face significant
                                                Mayor Dave McCall, Indian Head                            province, and just down the street
                                                                                                                     long and short-term problems and
                                                Mayor Terry Haggart, Eastend                              from here old Number One still
The UrbanVoice, published ten times per year, Mayor Sharon Armstrong, Wynyard                             stands. It was also one of the first    complex issues that are sometimes
is the official newsletter of the Saskatchewan  Mayor Gordon Hall, St. Walburg                                                                    beyond our control. Nevertheless
                                                Mayor Cecile Caisse, Pinehouse                            communities in the province to
Urban Municipalities Association. Articles,                                                                                                       we should not forget that
letters and photographs are invited.           Staff:                                                     receive a credit union charter. Our
                                                Keith Schneider . . . . . . . . Executive Director        Co-op is still expanding and            compared to almost all the rest
All material is subject to editing.
Subscriptions $18 per year.                     Mervyn Norton. . . . . . . Senior Policy Analyst          growing and is planning a               of the world we enjoy the
                                                Jeff Hryhoriw. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Policy Analyst
                                                                                                          significant retail expansion this       cleanest environment, the most
Managing Editor . . . . . Andrew Rathwell       Brenda Oliver . . . Manager-Member Services
Staff Writers . . . . . . . . Mervyn Norton                                                               summer to better serve the              stable form of government and a
                                                Andrew Rathwell. . . . . . . . . . . . . Manager-
                              Jeff Hryhoriw                            Communication Services             community. And yes, we still have       societal infrastructure that is the
                                                Jane Anweiler . . . . . Manager-Group Benefits            folks moving to town and planning       envy of other nations. And most
SUMA Executive:                                 Shantel Lipp . . . . . . Administrative Assistant,                                                particularly we ought to
  Councillor Mike Badham, President                                                     Group Benefits    to make their lives here.
                                                                                                                                                  remember that with optimism
  Mayor Don Schlosser, Vice-President, Cities Michelle Paetsch. Manager-Financial Services
  Mayor Wally Lorenz, Vice-President, Towns Lucille Fisher. . . . . . . . . Accounting Assistant          So certainly rural Saskatchewan is      and hard work we can sustain
  Mayor Barry Gunther, Vice-President,          Linda Hecker. . . Administration Co-ordinator             not dying and disappearing as the       and improve our communities for
    Villages, Resort Villages and Northern      Fran Ullman . . . . . . . Administrative Assistant        media is so fond of reporting. In       generations to come.
    Municipalities                              Christelle Foreman . . Administrative Assistant

2                                                        The Voice of Saskatchewan Cities,Towns and Villages                                                  July / August 2002
Capital Ideas! Updates on infrastructure issues
Goodale to be pressed on                currently very little information to     sizes of municipalities – big and        Infrastructure
new program                             assist councils with their               small, urban and rural, northern         Program
                                        investment decisions. It is              and remote. By presenting best           (CSIP) grant in 2003 will soon be
SUMA President Mike Badham              estimated that overall costs could       practices for the full range of          able to put pen to paper.
will meet with Public Works             be reduced by as much as 10% if          geographic and climactic
Minister Ralph Goodale on July                                                                                            CSIP application packages were
                                        such help was available.                 conditions, the guide will be useful     mailed to all urban and rural
12th. High on the agenda will be                                                 to all Canadian municipalities.
the new $2 billion Canada               To fill the void, a project was                                                   municipalities on July 15th. Keep
                                        initiated several months ago to          In addition, it will include a major     an eye on your mailbox, or contact
Strategic Infrastructure Fund (CSIF).                                            education and training component.
                                        develop a “National Guide to                                                      the Government Relations office
“While details on the new program       Sustainable Municipal Infrastructure.”   The project is expected to be            if you experience any delays.
have thus far been very sketchy,”                                                finished by December 2004.
said Badham, “we have some              The guide will ultimately provide                                                 The deadline for submitting
                                        local governments, consulting            However, some information has            completed applications is
concerns with what we’ve heard to                                                already been released as part of
date, which will be communicated        engineers and contractors with a                                                  October 1, 2002.
                                        compilation of technical “best           discussion process. Two draft
to Minister Goodale.”                                                            modules – focusing on the                Check your inserts
                                        practices” and innovations to assist
CSIF is intended to fund major,         in infrastructure planning,              inspection and deterioration of          Two infrastructure-related inserts
large-scale infrastructure projects,    construction, maintenance and            water distribution systems and           have been included along with this
estimated to be in the “tens of         repair. Information is being             preventative maintenance on              month’s UrbanVoice mail-out.
millions of dollars” range. It is       gathered in five main areas:             municipal roads – are currently
therefore questionable just how                                                  posted on the project website at         The first is a list of the 137 projects
                                        potable water systems; storm and                                                  approved for CSIP funding in 2002
Saskatchewan-sized municipalities,      wastewater systems; municipal            “”.
whose projects tend to be of a                                                   Municipalities interested in viewing     (as of April 19 of this year).
                                        roads and sidewalks;
smaller magnitude, might be able        environmental protocols; and             the work or providing feed-back are      The second is a summary
to benefit from the program.            capital decision-making and              encouraged to check it out.              compiled by SUMA of various
                                        investment planning.                                                              capital funding programs – both
Best practices guide will                                                        CSIP applications                        government and non-government
save money                              When completed, the project will         on the way                               – that municipalities might be able
                                        provide the most up-to-date                                                       to tap into for assistance with
Municipalities across Canada                                                     Municipalities wishing to apply for
                                        information on infrastructure                                                     different types of infrastructure
spend $12-15 billion annually on                                                 a Canada-Saskatchewan
                                        techniques for all shapes and                                                     projects.
infrastructure. Yet there is

Communication grants                                                             $2 million. However, it has been
                                                                                 extended for the past two years due
                                                                                                                          course, would be for those
                                                                                                                          municipalities that haven’t yet
Municipalities may lose a               would result in enhanced services        to the slow uptake from                  accessed a grant to make use of the
beneficial grant program if they        across established districts.            municipalities.                          funding available before it’s too late.
don’t make use of it.                   Towns, villages and rural                But even after six years of operation,   Municipalities interested in finding
The Emergency Services                  municipalities are able to apply for     the fund still has a balance of          out more information on the ESTP
Telecommunication Program               grants of $3 per capita, covering        $700,000 to distribute. As municipal     can contact the office of the Provincial
(ESTP) was established in 1996 to       up to 75% of their total costs for       interest wanes, it is feared the         Fire Commissioner or the
assist municipalities to purchase       this new equipment. Cities under         Province may simply discontinue          Saskatchewan Association of Fire
emergency communication                 20,000 population may request            the program and retract any left-        Chiefs (SAFC). The SAFC has
equipment for their fire                $2 per capita up to 75% of their         over funding into general revenues.      designated one representative in
departments, including FleetNet         total expenses. Cities over 20,000       SUMA has requested that any              each district to oversee the
radio systems, alpha-numeric            can access funding for equipment         remaining dollars be used to top up      coordination of the emergency
pagers and related devices. A           used to connect their existing trunk     grants to those communities that         communication network within the
primary goal was to encourage           systems to FleetNet radio.               have already applied for funding         region. This official will best be
municipalities to participate in        The ESTP was to be a four-year           – if the program is indeed wound         able to assist communities with
coordinating area-wide                  program with a total budget of           down. The best-case scenario, of         planning and preparing their
telecommunication plans that                                                                                              applications.

Regional waste                          In the short-term, the earlier           that is going into the Province’s        finding a Saskatchewan parallel
At the latest follow-up meeting of      lobbying campaign will be stepped        general revenue fund rather than         to the new Ontario-developed
regional waste management groups        up to gain access to some of the         supporting SARCAN or regional            stewardship model of “Corporations
                                        $7-8 million in environmental            waste management.                        Supporting Recycling,” which
and other stakeholders on June 18th
in Saskatoon, the team agreed to        handling charges and unclaimed           Another working group will be            covers half of new recycling costs
pursue two priorities.                  deposits on beverage containers          pursuing a longer-term goal of           in that province.

July / August 2002                        The Voice of Saskatchewan Cities,Towns and Villages                                                                  3
I recently had the opportunity to       information that we need or want to
attend a conference which had a         remember that may not be so
workshop on memory. I would like        “special”? How do we remember
to share the highlights of this work-   the not so memorable?
                                                                                                                             2) Check town records for signs that
shop for the “memory challenged.”                                                Property
                                        This is where memory systems,                                                           this land may have a previous
                                                                                 Transferred to Municipalities
What is memory?                         techniques and practice come into                                                       pollution hazard such as old gas
                                                                                 Municipalities often take over                 stations, fertilizer or chemical
Memory is that faculty essential to     play. We need to learn methods that
                                                                                 property previously owned by others            wholesale or retail sites,
everything we do from the time we       can assist us in recalling the stored
                                                                                 for reasons such as commercial or              manufacturing of any products
are born. Learning would be             information when needed. If you
                                                                                 residential development, protection            or old landfill sites.
impossible without memory.              have ever misplaced an important
                                                                                 of others, failure to pay taxes or a
Imagine starting each day over as a     file or misfiled a document you                                                      3) If there are any possible
                                                                                 donation by a private person or
baby with little or no knowledge of     know exactly what I mean.                                                               pollution hazards, first have the
                                                                                 corporation for some specific or
the world around you. Memory                                                                                                    property tested to identify any
                                        Mnemonics                                continued use.
allows us to learn, store, recall and                                                                                           pollution and then have it cleaned
                                        Mnemonics are devices used to help       No matter what the reason is for               up prior to the municipality
use information and build on the
                                        us retrieve information that has         taking ownership of the property,              taking it over. The municipality
information we have already
                                        entered our brain. You are already       council must be prepared, as                   should not take on any sites that
                                        familiar with mnemonic devices.          sometimes individuals, corporation             have a pollution exposure prior to
How does memory work?                                                            or organizations are transferring the          clean up of the site to avoid any
                                        Acronyms: Using the first letter of      property to avoid continued liability          clean up costs, as these can be
The simplest way to describe            a series of words to help us remember    for certain conditions that exist on           extensive (call SUMA to discuss
memory is by using the analogy of a     the name of an association, a formula,   the land.                                      the Orphan Site program).
computer. In the same way that a        a list or other piece of information.
computer has inputs and outputs, so                                              A couple of areas to be particularly        4) If asked to sign Hold Harmless
does our brain where our memory         Examples:                                concerned with are:                            agreements protecting the
resides. Information enters our         • HOMES – Huron, Ontario,                1) Existing playground equipment               previous owner from liability,
brain through our senses (taste,                  Michigan, Erie, Superior          – this must meet certain codes              make sure that the agreement
smell, sight, touch, and hearing).                (the Great Lakes)                 and it can be expensive to                  only applies to the period from
When we experience an event our                                                     upgrade this equipment to meet              the date of the transfer of
                                        • SUMA –      Saskatchewan Urban                                                        ownership and does not pick up
memory will imprint that input in                                                   codes (Sask. Parks & Recreation
                                                      Municipalities                                                            any past, current or pending
our brain by making connections                                                     has certified Playground
                                                      Association                                                               liability. There have been recent
between what we already know and                                                    Equipment Consultants
the new information. It actually        Rhythmic Phrase: Rhyme and                  available).                                 cases of a service club asking for
makes these connections at a            rhythm (and song) help us                                                               a very broad “hold harmless”
                                                                                 2) Property that has old buildings, wells
physical level by connecting brain      remember something we might                                                             agreement to be signed. Do not
                                                                                    or underground tanks of any sort.
cells in new patterns. These            otherwise forget.                                                                       sign this agreement without
                                                                                 No matter what the reason the                  getting it modified by your legal
connections will either be temporary
                                        Examples:                                municipality is looking at obtaining           counsel to restrict the agreement
(short-term memory) or more
                                        • “ I before E except after C.”          property not previously in their               to be only applicable from the
permanent (long-term memory).
                                                                                 responsibility, there are certain              point in time that the land is
                                        • The Alphabet song.
Our challenge is our ability to                                                  things that need to be done before             transferred and into the future.
                                        • Poems.                                 signing on the dotted line:
retrieve the information that has                                                                                            Remember that once the property is
been stored in our brain. In the        Visualization                            1) Always involve legal council to          transferred, the responsibility for it
same manner that we may have                                                        review all agreements.                   becomes the municipality’s.
difficulty retrieving information       Pictures ARE worth a thousand
from our computer if we have not        words. Anything we can visualize,
                                                                                 For the second item on your list,           Memory and
properly filed it, we might have        we can usually memorize better.
                                                                                 milk, you could visualize milk flowing      studying
difficulty remembering information      Make a picture story in your mind
                                                                                 like Niagara Falls from a shoe.
that has entered our brain.             of the information you want to                                                       Make your study
                                        remember using the following             To remember to buy lamb chops,              sessions about
Benefits of improving                   principles:                              you could visualize lamb chops              20 minutes in
memory                                                                           hang like leaves from a tree.               length and take a
                                        • link the first item to the second
• Improved social relationships.                                                                                             5-10 break.
                                          and so forth;                          And so, not only will you be able to
• Improved self-confidence.                                                                                                  When you come back review what
                                        • use colour;                            remember the items, but also you            you learned previously by
• Improved career possibilities.        • use exaggeration (size, sounds);       will remember them in order.                skimming quickly over the material.
Pre-requisites of improving             • use movement;
                                                                                 There are different peg systems             Use color to highlight key words.
memory                                  • make it crazy (it’s not just a big     described in various memory books.
                                          pencil, it’s a HUGE pencil with a                                                  These may be unusual words or
• Believe that you have a good            book on its head);                     Remembering names                           concepts or items that are repeated
  memory.                                                                                                                    for emphasis.
                                        The Peg System                           Probably the most common
• A desire to develop your memory.
                                                                                 comment heard is: “I never forget a         We tend to remember the first
• Focus/pay attention to the present    Widely used, once you have               face but I can’t put a name to it.”         things we learn in a session, the last
  moment.                               memorized a series of words                                                          things we learn in a session, things
• It must be important to you.          associated with a number, you            Why can you remember a face but             that are unusual or exaggerated and
                                        can attach another item to the peg       not a name?                                 things that are repeated. The goal is
Memory in action                        word and memorize a series of
                                                                                 Visualization. You can see a face.          to increase the incidents of
Whether consciously or                  items in order.                                                                      beginnings, ends, repeated items
                                                                                 Unconsciously you make a mental
sub-consciously, we use our memory                                                                                           and exaggerated material.
                                        Here is a simple peg system for          image of that face and it is stored in
every day of our lives. From the
                                        numbers one through ten.                 your mind. You must go the extra            We learn
moment we get up to the time we
                                                                                 step to store the name with the face
go to bed, we remember thousands          1.   gun        6.   stick                                                          10% of what we read
                                                                                 by remembering some facial
of names, events, places, things and      2.   shoe       7.   heaven            feature, exaggerating that feature           20% of what we hear
a myriad of interrelationships            3.   tree       8.   gate              and seeing it as a picture.                  30% of what we see
among all of these experiences.           4.   door       9.   spine
                                          5.   hive      10.   hen               Example:                                     50% of what we see and hear
We remember because it was
                                                                                 “Richard Roundtree” – Maybe he is            70% of what we say
unique, it shocked us, it was           Once you have memorized the peg
important, it was repeated, we                                                   bald. You might visualize a round            90% of what we say and do
                                        list, and you want to learn a series
wanted to capture the moment and        of items in order, like your grocery     bush (round tree) wearing a toupee          If this is true then we increase our
not let go. We usually call these       list, you peg each item on your          (the bald part) with $1,000 dollar          changes of remembering when we
instances “memorable” – worthy of       grocery list to a peg word.              bills (Rich) hanging from its               include sight, hearing and doing
remembering.                                                                     branches.                                   into the memorizing activity.
                                        If you want to remember to buy some
                                                                                 Let you imagination be your guide.            Jim Toye
What about the other instances,         celery, you could visualize a gun                                                      Past President, UMAAS
people, experiences, and                with celery coming out of its barrel.
4                                          The Voice of Saskatchewan Cities,Towns and Villages                                            July / August 2002
W ritten commitment received on G-8 costs
 Following are excerpts from letters exchanged between SUMA President Mike Badham and Justice Minister Chris Axworthy
 regarding responsibility for policing costs associated with last month’s G-8 Summit in Kananaskis:

      SUMA President Mike Badham                                                     Justice Minister Chris Axworthy

       “We are aware that a number of Saskatchewan-based RCMP                         “From time to time, special events or emergencies require the
       officers were sent to Ottawa for varying lengths of time in the                RCMP to redeploy resources to meet its extraordinary policing
       wake of the September 11th crisis. I also understand that as                   needs. When this happens, the jurisdiction requiring the
                                                                                      assistance pays for all of the incremental costs to provide the extra
       many as 400 provincial officers will be deployed to provide
                                                                                      service, including the salaries of the officers being used during
       security at the G-8 Summit in Kananaskis later this year.
                                                                                      their absence from their permanent posts. This is a practical
       “While municipalities that will experience a temporary loss of                 arrangement. There have been occasions when Saskatchewan
       officers are concerned about the reduced policing they will                    needed to bring in extra resources, and the same rules applied.
       receive during this time period, they are likewise concerned                   “In this case, all leave has been cancelled and the RCMP
       about the possibility of being charged for officers who will not               Commanding Officer is confident that each department has
       be present in their detachments delivering services.                           appropriate contingency plans in place to meet the needs of
                                                                                      communities that will be temporarily short staffed. The officers
       “SUMA would like a written explanation from your                               left behind could incur extra overtime, but it is expected that this
       department of how RCMP costs for municipalities will be                        would be more than offset by salary savings.
       adjusted to reflect the periods of time when officers normally
                                                                                      “If the overtime does exceed the salary saving, the excess cost will
       stationed in Saskatchewan detachments are seconded for
                                                                                      be charged to G-8, not the municipalities. When Saskatchewan
       assignments away from their regular postings.”
                                                                                      sent officers to assist Alberta with the Winter Olympics a few
                                                                                      years ago, the province received a $186,000 credit for salaries
                                                                                      and there was no perceptible change in overtime costs.”

 Early strokes by OARS
 The Committee on Opportunities for        developed a spreadsheet model for                                              Management Consultants
 Alternative Revenue Sharing               Saskatoon that could be adapted to
 (OARS), chaired by Yorkton Mayor          show possible revenue trade-offs in                        Creating Productive Workplaces
 Phil DeVos, held their second             other communities.                                         Straightforward Cost Effective Advice
 meeting on June 20th in Regina.                                                                      Simple, Practical, “doable” Solutions
 Estevan Mayor Tim Perry and               The options include sharing                    Organizational Effectiveness       Strategic Planning
 Shaunavon Mayor Sharon Dickie             Provincial tax bases like sales,               Council/Board Effectiveness        HR Management
 also participated on this occasion.       income or fuel taxes, which were               Training & Development             Compensation Review
                                           originally used to determine the size
                                                                                        Call us at 1-888-474-5463 or see us at
 It was reported to the Committee          of the Revenue Sharing grant pool
                                                                                            Suite 105, 4990 - 92 Avenue, Edmonton, AB T6B 2V4
 that some delegates at the just-          twenty years ago. Other options,
 concluded SUMA regional meetings          including a hotel room tax or fees
 had expressed wariness about              for fire services or garbage disposal,
 adding new types of local taxes as        could be more exclusively
 opposed to claiming a rightful local      controlled at the local level if
 share of taxes already being              municipalities were given this
 collected by the Province.                authority.
 The Committee did a preliminary           The only local revenue option
 review of the 15 alternative revenue      thought obviously unworkable at
 options itemized in the study by          this point was a flat tax (poll tax) on
 U. of S. Commerce students (also          each resident, but more study is
 highlighted at the SUMA regional          required of other possible
 meetings). The students also              mechanisms.

 Revenue Sharing flaws
 As highlighted again at the recent        suggesting “the goal is to achieve a
 SUMA regional meetings, the               consensus on a new formula based
 $4.9 million increase in the urban        on certain principles that will work
 Revenue Sharing grant pool this           under any level of funding.”
 year brings the total amount              Indeed, one of the reasons why the
 distributed to $31.8 million. This is     formula was frozen for much of the
 still less than half of the $67 million   1990s is that the funding had fallen
 paid annually in the late 1980s and       so far that the pool provided only
 less than the original amount started     10-15% of the intended equalization
 in 1978.                                  in the fiscal capacity of different
 Since SUMA had requested for the
 last two years a minimum increase         One of the key questions to be
 of $20 million, this target remains a     considered in the review is whether
 lobbying goal in budget planning          a new formula should be based
 for 2003. As part of this goal,           more on straight population size
 SUMA has also committed this year         and less on trying to equalize
 to participate in a review of the         local ability to pay for service.
 grant distribution formula, which         Stay tuned.
 has not been used for five years
 and cannot be simply restarted.
 Government Relations officials
 have been working on a draft
 document which contains some
 useful historical information but
 remains fundamentally flawed in

 July / August 2002                          The Voice of Saskatchewan Cities,Towns and Villages                                                              5
                                                                                specific proposals in response to      SASKATCHEWAN
More resolution responses                                                       the CTA Review Panel.                  WHEAT POOL:
                                                                                Legislative amendments will be
Most responses from Provincial           The Fund will complement the           tabled following consultations on      President
Cabinet Ministers to our 2002            existing Infrastructure Canada         the transportation Blueprint.”         Marvin Wiens
Convention resolutions were              Program [CSIP in Saskatchewan]
published in our May issue. Other        which addresses a wide range of                                               43. Encouraging Grain
provincial and federal government        infrastructure pressures across the                                               Companies to Sell
                                                                                INTERNATIONAL                              Abandoned Elevators for
responses follow below. The              country. That said, I certainly take   TRADE:
response from Sask. Wheat Pool           seriously your concerns about the                                                 Commercial Uses
President Marvin Wiens was               need for long-term funding for         Federal Minister                       “I am pleased to advise SUMA
received earlier but not printed due     infrastructure projects of varying     Pierre Pettigrew                       delegates as well as the community
to space limitations.                    size in municipalities across          34. Eliminating the 19% Tariff         leaders throughout the province
                                         Saskatchewan.”                             on Softwood Lumber Export          that Saskatchewan Wheat Pool has
GOVERNMENT                                                                          to the U.S.                        led the way on this initiative. We
                                                                                                                       were the first grain company in
                                         TRANSPORT:                             “The Government of Canada,             Western Canada to implement a
Honourable Ron Osika                     Federal Minister                       together with the provincial           formal program for selling closed
                                                                                governments and industry, is           facilities, and we are pleased with
13. Assisting Property Owners            David Collenette
                                                                                evaluating all options in view         the overwhelming success of our
    with a Province-Wide Tax             27. Permitting the Joint Use of        of a resolution to this dispute.       efforts.
    Deferral Program                         Rail Infrastructure                With the close co-operation of
                                                                                industry and provinces, we are         “Since 1998, the Pool has sold
“Government Relations and                “In June 2000, I announced the
                                                                                challenging the U.S. trade             about 200 facilities to members,
Aboriginal Affairs has undertaken        appointment of a Panel to conduct
                                                                                actions in all available legal         customers and community groups
research on a property tax deferral      a statutory review of the Canada
                                                                                venues. Canada will continue to        who are using the elevators for
program and the implications for         Transportation Act (CTA).
                                                                                pursue its rights under the dispute    commercial businesses, storage or
Saskatchewan as requested by the         Included in the Panel’s terms of
                                                                                settlement provisions of the           heritage purposes. We have
City Mayors.                             reference was a requirement to
                                                                                World Trade Organization               accomplished this through both a
“Only the provinces of British           ‘consider proposals for enhancing                                             tendering process and by utilizing
                                                                                (WTO) and the North American
Columbia, Prince Edward Island           competition in the railway sector,                                            the services of Re/Max Realty.
                                                                                Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).
and Yukon Territory have                 including enhanced running rights,                                            We have heard from many local
                                                                                The softwood lumber cases that
provincially administered and            regional railways, and other access                                           government leaders, Pool members
                                                                                Canada has launched in the WTO
financed property tax deferral           concepts.’                                                                    and customers who are excited
                                                                                and the NAFTA are strong, and we
programs for eligible homeowners.                                               remain confident that we will win      about the opportunity to own an
                                         “On June 29, 2001, the CTA
                                                                                these cases.                           elevator – and to work with us to
“The provinces of Alberta, Ontario,      Review Panel submitted its report,
                                                                                                                       preserve an important symbol to
Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and            which was released on July 18, 2001.
                                                                                “We worked hard to negotiate an        their community.
the Yukon Territory have provided        In its report, the Panel
                                                                                agreement with the United States.
legislation that allows the              recommended several changes,                                                  “The Pool has a long history of
                                                                                The Government of Canada, in
municipalities to offer a tax deferral   including that any competent                                                  contributing to the economic health
                                                                                close co-operation with
program to eligible homeowners.”         railway operator be allowed to                                                and social fabric of Saskatchewan,
                                                                                provinces and industry, put
                                         apply for running rights, including                                           as we have demonstrated through
                                                                                forward serious and substantive
                                         the right to solicit traffic. The                                             our elevator sales program. The
                                                                                proposals that addressed the root
INFRASTRUCTURE:                          Review Panel’s recommendations                                                Pool has welcomed the opportunity
                                                                                causes of the dispute.
                                         are currently under consideration.                                            to work with SUMA on issues of
Federal Minister John Manley                                                    Regrettably, the United States
                                                                                did not accept our fair and            mutual concern in the past, and I
3. Establishing a Long-Term              “The report will be one of the key
                                                                                reasonable offer as the basis for a    assure you this is a relationship I
   Infrastructure Funding                building blocks in the development
                                                                                long-term solution. We remain          will continue to consider of the
   Program                               of a new Transportation Blueprint
                                                                                open to pursuing a negotiated          utmost priority. Like the Pool,
                                         for Canada. I intend to bring
                                                                                resolution should the United           yours is an organization that
“The Government of Canada                forward the Transportation
                                                                                States government demonstrate a        represents the views of the
has recently announced a new             Blueprint in 2002, which will
                                                                                willingness to re-engage on a          grassroots. I would welcome an
$2 billion initiative called the         address the broad directions that
                                                                                basis that is mutually acceptable.”    opportunity to meet to discuss our
Canada Strategic Infrastructure          the federal government will pursue
                                                                                                                       elevator sales programs and other
Fund (CSIF), which will invest in        in transportation over the next
                                                                                                                       matters of mutual concern.”
large-scale strategic projects.          decade and beyond, as well as

Past and future resolutions Farmland shifts
A tally of provincial government responses to SUMA convention                   Our June edition noted that the        foundation grants. Yet a growing
resolutions over the last few years reveals the following “batting averages”    Board of SAMA (Saskatchewan            number of school divisions do not
or box scores which fall into four categories. Percentages are for 2002,        Assessment Management Agency)          receive any foundation grants
with {2001}, [2000], and (1999) comparisons in brackets.                        had decided in May to move back        because their overall assessment
                                                                                from Local Market Index                levels are relatively high.
                    • RUNS:                                                     adjustments to province-wide
                      Action taken or working towards ...                       assessments based on soil              Any remaining shortfall in local
                      25% {15%} [36%] (19%)                                     productivity for farmland. This        school funding would have to be
                                                                                change would take place starting       made up from school levies on
                    • HITS:
                                                                                in 2005.                               other property classes in urban
                      Further study or review needed ...
                                                                                                                       centres, and this will be more
                      38% {39%} [32%] (33%)
                                                                                We correctly reported there would      pronounced where no foundation
                    • LEFT ON BASE:                                             be no overall assessment shift from    grants are being paid.
                      Said unnecessary or already done ...                      agricultural land to other classes
                      13% {19%} [12%] (26%)                                     but that there could result some       Conversely, in areas where
                    • STRIKE OUTS:                                              substantial shifts in farmland         agricultural values are increased by
                      Neither agreed to nor supported ...                       assessments from higher-priced         the 2005 adjustment (e.g. on the
                      25% {26%} [20%] (22%)                                     areas (mostly on the west side of      east side), school foundation grants
                                                                                the province) to other areas.          could decline, as could school
In theory, the official responses are not the end of the game but simply help                                          levies on other property classes
to guide further SUMA lobbying through various Board committee, meetings        Our report, however, stopped short     like residential or commercial.
with Cabinet ministers and forums like the Municipal-Provincial Roundtable.     of highlighting the potential school   But assessment and tax modelling
                                                                                tax implications.                       would have to be done to estimate
Two more recent resolutions submitted from the Northwest regional meeting                                                          the magnitude of these
call for giving towns and villages the same tax tools as cities (e.g. to use    Any downward shift in                              shifts.
more tax subclasses rather than just condos) and for assessing loaded           farmland assessments
railway cars as storage facilities if the they have not moved for 30 days.      (e.g. on the west
                                                                                side) would see, in
Other topics already flagged for possible resolution development included       theory, a partial
keeping ethanol investments private, charging full school tax levies in         offset from
provincial parks, and implementing a paper stewardship program.                 higher school

6                                          The Voice of Saskatchewan Cities,Towns and Villages                                    July / August 2002
Water Solutions
The following article is the           project managers when the town         We put
second instalment in a series from     wanted to replace the pipeline         quite a bit
Sask Water. The column is a part       from their well to their treatment     of thought
of SUMA’s commitment to                plant. It involved about a mile of     into what the capacity needed to        project. Often we have to find a
ensuring there is two-way              pipe, so it wasn’t really a big        be. Also, the Town had received         good compromise between the
communication and education on         project, but it did have its own       proposals from other companies          customer’s needs and the budget.
this vital issue.                      challenges. Part of the pipeline       and we worked very closely with         We’re flexible. We don’t go there
                                       had to come in on the edge of the      them evaluating the pros and cons       with our minds made up about
Engineers are the targets of lots of   town and there wasn’t much space       of the options they were looking        what should be done and we make
jokes. Sometimes, though, you          to work with. We had to exercise       at. We had their best interests in      sure the customer gets a good
meet engineers who put all the         special care to ensure we stayed on    mind and we had a good                  project at a reasonable cost. We
stereotypes about the profession to    the available land and didn’t          relationship with Council. That         don’t want to move our price and
rest and Bob Parker, Manager of        interfere anywhere else.”              moved the project ahead and we          then leave them hanging. We
Project Engineering for Sask Water                                            ended up with a project that was        build a good solid project that will
is one of those.                       The project was a success. It was      cost-effective for them.”               meet their needs now and in the
                                       built within the estimate and on                                               future.”
Bob, who has worked for Sask           schedule and went into operation       In Bob’s estimation, Sask Water is
Water for 17 years, is known to        with no difficulties. Bob credited     a strong project management             Sask Water’s project management
Sask Water and Sask Water’s            the close working relationship         company for several reasons. The        services include recommending
customers as someone good to           Sask Water had with the town           company has good project and            capital improvements, managing
work with, and someone with a big      foreman and town administrator as      construction skills of course, but it   the consultant if a consultant is
smile and a great attitude.            key to the success of that project.    also understands the financial          hired, supervising construction,
                                       “We provide the town with regular      issues facing small communities.        scheduling and commissioning,
We recently caught up to Bob on                                               As well, Sask Water’s background        budget analysis and expenditure
                                       updates that include any issues as
his return trip to Moose Jaw from                                             in government and its business as       control.
                                       they arise. Often that means
Saskatoon where he had been                                                   a water supply company have
                                       we’ve resolved the issues before                                               Sask Water’s services also include
reviewing progress on a Sask                                                  given the company a deep
                                       they cause any problems,” he                                                   Total Water Quality Management
Water project to supply water for a                                           understanding of the regulatory
                                       added.                                                                         Services, which provide operation
SaskPower power generation                                                    process. Sask Water’s projects for
project at the Cory potash mine.       On the other side of the province,                                             and maintenance under contract of
                                                                              municipalities usually move
We asked him about his experience      in Eastend, Sask Water acted as the                                            water and wastewater systems,
                                                                              smoothly through the regulatory
working with communities on            project manager when the Town                                                  audits, emergency planning, and
                                                                              approval process because the
water projects. Bob has been           extended their water supply to the                                             training operators. As well, Sask
                                                                              company has years of experience
project manager for several large      T-rex Discovery Centre. This                                                   Water offers bulk sales of water
                                                                              in moving their own projects
Sask Water projects over the years,    project was a bit different for Sask                                           from its regional water systems.
                                                                              through the process.
but we wanted to hear about his        Water because it provided water to
                                                                              “We’re good listeners,” Bob said        Sask Water offers an initial
work on projects driven by the         a single facility rather than to an
                                                                              when asked about how Sask Water         assessment at no-charge.
many small communities in the          entire community.                                                              If you’re interested,
province.                                                                     works with communities. “We
                                       “One of the important issues here,”    talk to the community a lot about       please contact Sask Water at
“Broadview comes to mind right         Bob remembered, “was to avoid          what they want to get out of the        (306) 694-3106 or
away,” Bob said. “We were the          any over-design or under-design.                                               (306) 694-3783.

July / August 2002                       The Voice of Saskatchewan Cities,Towns and Villages                                                            7
Echoes from h istory
Echoes                                                                                             Other stories about accountability can be
                                                                                                 found in SUMA’s own paperback history book,
                                                                                                     The Urban Age: Building a Place for Urban
                                                                                                          Government in Saskatchewan,
Lynda Haverstock, when Liberal          We still do value the work of
Opposition Leader in                    publicly appointed auditors to                                        available from the SUMA office.
Saskatchewan in the early 1990s,        monitor the performance of
used to leave Cabinet members           governments. And we expect them
temporarily speechless when she         not just to check on the bean
first asked them, “What are the         counting but also to look at value
goals and objectives of your            for money spent.                                               Saskatchewan
department?” Only in the last                                                                          Scrap Tire Corporation
decade has the expectation arisen       The Provincial Auditor of
that government leaders should be       Saskatchewan, for example, said in
accountable for their performance       the 2002 Spring Report that the                                A Tire Recycling Program for
on at least an annual basis, not just   department of Municipal Affairs                                our Environment
at election time.                       and Housing (now part of
                                                                                                       P.O. Box 1936, Regina, SK S4P 3E1
                                        Government Relations and                                       Phone (306) 721-8473
Since public administration is by       Aboriginal Affairs) continues to                               Fax: (306) 721-1585
its nature more publicly                make improvements to its annual                                E-mail:
accountable than private                report but could include “what the                             Members of Canadian Association of Tire Recycling Agencies ( CATRA )
corporations, the novelty today is      Department views as its measure of
seeing previously reputable             successful achievement of its
accounting and auditing firms           strategic goals.” Similarly, the                                                                • Residential
publicly slammed for letting major      Provincial Auditor said about                                                                   • Recycle
companies like Enron and                Sask Water that future annual
                                                                                                                                        • Landfill Transfer Sites
Worldcom essentially misrepresent       reports “should describe the key
their financial status. The distrust    risks that Sask Water faces in                                                                  • Commercial and Industrial Hauling
of some private audit firms like        achieving its objectives and should
Arthur Andersen has now slid to         provide reasons for significant                         Providing Waste Removal Solutions
the point at which investors are        differences between planned and
dumping the stock of other              actual results.”
                                                                                                             For A Free Estimate Call
companies also audited by the
                                                                                                                 (306) 773-0623
same firm.

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    Municipal Marketplace is a new
    advertising tool now available in the UrbanVoice.
    Municipal Marketplace offers advertisers four
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8                                         The Voice of Saskatchewan Cities,Towns and Villages                                                                                 July / August 2002

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