2009 NHMRC Funding Overview

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					2009 NHMRC Funding Overview
Below is a summary of the various NHMRC funding opportunities available to researchers in 2009. Please note the deadlines listed here are subject to change. The NHMRC website can be accessed for up-to date information: Project Grants Project Grants support individual researchers and research teams to conduct the highest quality research across all fields of health and medical research on researcher initiated projects. The 2009 round will encourage research in fields such as Indigenous health, complementary and alternative medicines, water quality, global health, obesity intervention, nanotechnology and health, and the health challenges of climate change.  Open 8 December 2008  Close 17 March 2009 Program Grants Program Grants provide support for teams of high calibre researchers to pursue broadly based collaborative research activities. Teams will be expected to contribute to new knowledge at a leading international level in important areas of health and medical research. The scheme is available for all research approaches relevant to better health (ie biomedical, clinical, public health or health services research) and is typically for 5 years.  2009 dates still be decided Development Grants Development Grants support the development of health or medical research that has commercial potential and is likely to benefit the Australian community. Development Grants provide funding for research commercialisation at the early proof-of-concept stage. Development Grants are designed to support development work undertaken in a human health related field, for example, diagnostics, medical devices or pharmaceutical product development, biotechnology, bioinformatics and biomaterials. Funding is normally awarded for a period of one year, although it may be provided for a maximum period of three years, subject to satisfactory achievement against agreed milestones.  2009 dates still be decided Enabling Grants Enabling Grants are designed to underpin the current NHMRC funding system by strengthening the research base in particular areas. It is intended to assist Australian researchers to continue high quality, world-class research by providing support for specific facilities and/or activities to enhance the national health and medical research effort.  2009 funding round still be decided Senior Fellowship Awards Fellowship Awards provide support for experienced researchers to undertake research that is both of major importance in its field and of benefit to Australian health: Australian Fellowships Australia Fellowships support the salary and research of outstanding researchers with a vision to expand the scale and scope of Australian health and medical research. Australia Fellows will be conducting innovative research at the highest international levels.

Australia Fellowships have a two stage application process, as follows: a. Submission of an Expression of Interest; and b. Call for Full Application for short-listed applicants Expression of Interest (EOI)  Open 8 December 2008  Close 3 March 2009 for applicants from Australia.  International applicants may submit an EOI at any time during the 2009 funding round. Call for submission of a Full Application  Open 29 May 2009  Close 10 July 2009 Research Fellowships Research Fellowships provide opportunities for outstanding health and medical researchers with proven track records to undertake research that is both of major importance in its field and of significant benefit to Australian health and medical research. Research Fellowships offered by the NHMRC are prestigious awards and are, therefore, highly sought after and extremely competitive.  Open 8 December 2008  Close 6 February 2009 Practitioner Fellowships Practitioner Fellowships assist experienced and productive clinical and public health and health services researchers who wish to maintain both a research and a professional career. The scheme aims to support clinical (medical, paramedical, allied health) and public health or health services professionals who have undertaken a successful research program and wish to continue at nationally or internationally competitive levels. Successful applicants must, for their non-research time, be employed by a health care authority to provide clinical care, or public health services or related policy activity.  Open 8 December 2008  Close 6 February 2009 Postgraduate Scholarships (TBC) /index.htm Postgraduate Scholarships support outstanding Australian health and medical graduates early in their career so that they can be trained to conduct research that is internationally competitive and develop a capacity for original independent research. This is usually achieved by NHMRC funding its scholars to attain a PhD by full-time research.  Open 4 May 2009  Close 31 July 2009 Postdoctoral Fellowships (TBC) Training (Postdoctoral) Fellowships provide a vehicle for training in basic research either in Australia or overseas (where appropriate) to enable Fellows to work on research projects with nominated advisers. Awards are offered to a limited number of persons of outstanding ability who wish to make research a significant component of their career.  Open 2 March 2009  Close 1 May 2009 NHMRC Career Development Awards (TBC) This scheme aims to further develop Australian health and medical researchers early in their career. It will enable investigators to establish themselves as independent, self-directed researchers; expand capacity for biomedical, clinical, public health and health service delivery research, and for evidence-


based policy development in Australian health systems; and encourage the translation of research outcomes into practice.  Open 13 January 2009  Close 6 March 2009 International Collaborative Indigenous Health Research Partnership Grants The International Collaborative Indigenous Health Research Partnership (ICIHRP) is a joint initiative of the NHMRC, the New Zealand Health Research Council and the Canadian Institutes for Health Research. ICIHRP is one of the initiatives implemented under the five year Tripartite Agreement signed by the three organisations in 2002. The aim of the ICIHRP is to support research in the area of Indigenous peoples’ health by building upon existing networks of researchers and further developing research in agreed priority areas. Likely major dates for the next funding round which focuses on chronic disease include:  Notice of Intent to Call February 2009  Registration of Intent April 2009  Expressions of Interest May 2009  Full Application July to October 2009  Full Application Notice of Decision January 2010  Funding Start Date February 2010


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