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royal city education foundation how you can help

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									Royal City Education Foundation
"Enriching the Quality of Education within the New Westminster School District since 1981"

1. To provide scholarships, bursaries, honorariums, grants or other means of financial assistance to deserving students or former students of any public school in the District; and from International students that would contribute to the education and betterment of the District: 2. To fund seminars, workshops, speakers, field trips or other projects creating learning opportunities within the District; 3. To purchase for the District, any machinery, equipment or other material aid to the learning experience within the District; 4. To contribute financially to any undertaking or acquisition which will otherwise help to enrich the quality of education in the District; 5. To administer and manage all monies of or entrusted to the Society in accordance with the purposes of the Society or the terms of any trust imposed upon it; and, 6. To strengthen the connection between our School District and the global community. 7. To maintain and seek out links with organizations and peoples of other areas that would enrich the peoples in our District with a global perspective on Education.

How You Can Help
Cash Contributions Donors may give gifts of cash by cheque, credit/debit, or money order. Revenue Canada allows charitable donation tax receipts for such donations. Gifts-in-Kind Gifts-in-kind are non-cash donations and may take the form of: 1. Tangible property such as: equipment, vehicles, supplies, food, books, computer, software, artwork, etc. 2. Securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds or real estate) When giving a gift-in-kind to a charity, the donor transfers ownership of the gift to the charity, as is, for the charity's use (for current operations, projects, or sale for the use of proceeds). Bequests and Wills

A legal will is a guarantee than an individual's estate will be divided according to his or her wishes. Designating a portion of assets to preferred charitable organizations is increasingly popular and important. In Memoriam If you would like to honour the memory of a friend, family member, or colleague who has passed away, a memorial gift to the Royal City Education foundation offers an opportunity to do so. For example, a memorial scholarship or bursary, named in honour of the individual is a wonderful way to create a lasting legacy

Other Opportunities
Securities and Shares: Residual Bequests, Specific Bequests; Contingent Bequests; Insurance Policies; are all examples of other gift giving opportunities.

How To Donate
Donate by Credit Card, Cheque or Money Order. This could be in the form of: 1. A one-time donation 2. A monthly donation - by automatic bank debit. Your Donation Can Be Used For: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Scholarships and Bursaries Literacy The Arts Sports Food and Nutrition programs Other areas of your choice

Royal City Education Foundation Society is a registered Canadian Charity BN/Charitable Registration Number: 888573649RR0001

For more information please contact Doug Wong, Assistant Secretary Treasurer, School District No. 40 (New Westminster) at 604-517-6312 email:

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