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request for a slate course


request for a slate course

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									Request for a SLATE Course
SLATE, Sheridan’s learning management system (LMS), provides a web environment for courses. SLATE (Sheridan Learning And Teaching Environment) provides students and faculty with tools that support teaching and learning. It is used for Sheridan online courses, and to enhance classroom learning.

When to Request a SLATE Course
Has SLATE been set up for the course? Check the SLATE Course List (on the login page at IF…. Yes, the course is on the list. THEN… SLATE has already been set up for this course: do NOT follow the Steps in this document. Instead, contact your Associate Dean/Program Administrator and ask for access to SLATE for your class sections. (See diagram below, items 6 & 7) RESULT… At the beginning of the semester, you will receive a SLATE section for each class: • you and your students are autoenrolled from data transmitted from PeopleSoft • Each section includes the template materials set up by the course designer; faculty typically have access to customize their class sections Upon approval by your Associate Dean/Program Administrator, you will receive access to a SLATE course template where you will set up the base materials for the course. At the beginning of the semester, you (and any others teaching the same course using SLATE) will receive their SLATE sections that reflect the template.

No, the course is not on the list.

SLATE has not yet been set up for this course. First, determine whether you should be the one to make the request. The faculty member who makes the request online will become the SLATE course designer and will be responsible for developing and maintaining the SLATE course template (the base materials for the course). Faculty may wish to discuss this role with their Associate Dean/Program Administrator before following the Steps for Requesting a Vista course template.

Process Overview
• • The faculty member who will be the SLATE course designer requests the template using the steps described in this document. The Associate Dean (for Postsecondary) or Manager (for Continuing Education) is automatically notified by email there is a Vista course waiting for approval. The Associate Dean/Manager approves or denies the request online through Access Sheridan PeopleSoft (Sheridan’s student information system). When a request is approved, the LMS technologists are notified to create the blank course template. Once the SLATE course template is created, the faculty member receives an email indicating they have been granted the role of SLATE course designer/course instructor with further information about how to access the course template. The faculty member sets up the SLATE template: this is where they put the base materials for the course that will be provided to each scheduled section (class) at the beginning of the semester.




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When a course is scheduled for a given semester, the Schools approve the classes (sections) in PeopleSoft that should receive a SLATE section. The approved SLATE section(s) include the materials set up by the course designer in the Vista course template.

Process Diagram
2 Associate Dean approves Faculty member requests SLATE template LMS technologist 3 creates blank SLATE template and provides faculty Course Designer access.


Class section 1

4 Course Designer sets up SLATE template for the course

Class section 2

6 5 Registrars Office & School set up semester courses and class sections in PeopleSoft School Admin Assistant approves SLATE class sections in PeopleSoft for those teachers using SLATE


Class section 3 Class section 2 A SLATE section is created for each class: • Faculty and students are autoenrolled from PeopleSoft • Each section includes the template materials

Steps for Requesting a SLATE Course
Before requesting a SLATE course, ensure that you should be the SLATE course designer, and that you have the following information: • Course code (e.g. MATH19999) (in Peoplesoft identified as Subject plus Catalog number), • Associate Dean responsible for the course (for postsecondary courses) • Term. PeopleSoft uses a 4 digit method to identify the term:
1 (all start with 1) 1 Year (2 digits) 09=2009 10=2010 11=2011 Term (month) 1=Jan=Winter 5=May=Spring/Summer 9=Sep=Fall Examples 1091 = Winter 2009 1095 = Spring/Summer 2009 1099 = Fall 2009

1. Log in to Access Sheridan

2. Click on Access PeopleSher SA/HR.



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3. Click on Self Service > Sheridan Services > SLATE Template Request (note that only faculty see
this link)



4. If you are already a
SLATE course designer for any courses, they will be listed on this screen. To get a set of blank fields to make your new request, click on +. (i.e. do not try to type over an existing request.)

5 6

Charles Cloutier

5. From Term. Enter the
term in which the course will start (e.g. 1081 for Winter 2008).


6. Course ID. Click on the magnifying
glass. You will use the course code to look up the course ID, so leave the course ID blank. a a. Subject: enter the first four b characters of the course code (e.g. ARTS) b. Catalog Nbr: enter the last c part of the course code (e.g. 78017) c. Click on Lookup. The course d ID should display. d. Click on the course ID to select it. (The value will be inserted into the Course ID field above).


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7. Approver. The approver will be your Associate Dean (for postsecondary courses). For
Continuing Education, all requests are approved by the Manager (Michael Lefler). Click on the magnifying glass to choose from the list of approvers.


8. Click on Lookup to display the list of

9. Click on the name of the approver.


10. Template. From the
dropdown list, choose Standard, Enriched or Online. This will determine how many of the SLATE tools are turned on in the template to start with. Standard has the basic set; Online is intended for fully online courses and so has all of the tools turned on.) 11. Click on Save.



The Status indicates Waiting until the Associate Dean processes the request. Once this has been done, the status will show Approved or Denied. Upon approval you will receive notification from the SLATE team when the course has been set up. At that point, you can begin working on the Course Template. If you experience problems, please contact the Helpdesk at ext. 2150 For further information about SLATE at Sheridan, including training, please check the login page at


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