palliative and end of life care coordinating group terms of reference

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					Palliative and End-of-Life Care Coordinating Group Terms of Reference
Purpose The purpose of the Coordinating Group is to ensure overall coordination of the implementation of palliative and end-of-life care initiatives and to address overlapping areas of interest across the five Working Groups so as to identify opportunities to create synergy and reduce duplication. Membership The membership of the Coordinating Group will consist of: • The co-chairs of the Working Groups including Research, Best Practices and Quality Care, Public Information and Education, Education for Care Providers, and Surveillance; • Health Canada representation; • Representation of Aboriginal needs and issues; and • Possibly two or three key organizations or individuals which are not represented among the cochairs (e.g., Cancer Control Strategy Palliative Care Group, or additional members from the Quality End-of-Life Care Coalition, Caregiver Coalition, National Aboriginal Health Organization, Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association, and so on). Responsibilities • establishing linkages among the working groups and the avoidance of duplication. • ensuring that cross-cutting issues of critical importance are given attention by each Working Group (e.g. support to caregivers, other family members and loved ones; ethical, spiritual and cultural considerations; access to and availability of services). • communicate the priorities and work of the various working groups to other relevant organizations/strategies/working groups (e.g., Canadian Cancer Control Strategy and professional associations), as well as communicating back to their respective working groups. • monitor progress of the working groups and produce a progress report by the end of fiscal year 2003-04. • assess the needs for further work and future priorities. Budget Health Canada will support up to two face-to-face meetings a year, plus teleconferences, provide secretariat functions, and arrange for translation as appropriate. Timeframe The Coordinating Group will be put in place until the end of March 2004. There will be an assessment of future direction and support from Health Canada at the end of that period.

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