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					YEAR OVERVIEW – Grade 2 (draft_revised: 6/8/2009)
Weeks Unit of Inquiry (UOI) Transdisciplinary Theme Concepts Central Idea 1 2 3 4 5 Term 1 6 7 8 9 10 1 2 3 4 Term 2 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 2 3 4 Term 3 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 2 Where we are in place and time 3 Term 4 4 5 6 7 8 9 Sharing the planet 10

Who we are
Central idea Relationships are enhanced by learning about other people’s perspectives and communicating our own. Key concepts: perspective, reflection Related concepts: communication, empathy, open-mindedness Lines of inquiry  Social interactions  Acknowledging others’ perspectives  Managing and resolving conflict

How we express ourselves
Central idea Through the arts people use different forms of expression to convey their uniqueness as human beings. Key concepts: function, perspective, reflection Related concepts: perception, self-expression Lines of inquiry  The diverse ways in which people express themselves  How everyone can express their uniqueness through the arts  The role of art in culture and society

How the world works
Central idea The design of buildings and structures is dependent upon the environment and available materials. Key concepts: connection, responsibility Related concepts: structure, sustainability, transformation Lines of inquiry  Considerations to take into account when building a structure  How building impacts on the environment  Indigenous architecture

How we organize ourselves
Central idea In a workplace people share responsibility towards a common purpose. Key concepts: function, causation connection Related concepts: cooperation, employment Lines of inquiry  Purpose of a workplace  Interconnectedness of people in a workplace  Importance of a shared vision or common purpose

Language: English & Bahasa Indonesia (including Drama) Listening and Speaking Reading Writing Viewing Mathematics in the unit

Narratives - Roles playing characters personalities in stories - Reading a variety of narratives and changing tone of voice dependent on the character - Exploring the structure of a narrative and developing expressive and descriptive language - Develop posters on the computer based on the learner profile using photos and keys words Performance Acting, dramatic, presentation, projection, rehearsal

Procedure - Follow both oral and written procedures - Write a variety of procedure using correct structure and grammar - Use pictures to explain steps in a procedure

Descriptive text Personal goals Surveys Vocabulary Interview Fieldtrips (jobs)

Central idea The development of global perspectives is supported through understanding our place in the world in relation to others. Key concepts: connection, perspective Related concepts: context, location, orientation Lines of inquiry:  How we represent place  Representations of place through time  The relationship of our location to other parts of the world Biography Autobiography (recount) Past tense Interview

Central idea Over time, living things need to adapt in order to survive. Key concepts: change, connection Related concepts: adaptation, evolution Lines of inquiry  Concept of adaptation  Circumstances that lead to adaptation  How plants and animals adapt or respond to environmental conditions

Recounts Non-fiction books Diary Journal DVD-nature Vocabulary

Chance + data Graphs Measurement

Mathematics Stand alone Strand Expectations

Pattern and function - analyse patterns in numbers to 100 - recognize, describe and extend more complex number patterns - understand and use the relationship between addition and subtraction 4+3=7, 7-3=4

Number -

counting base 10 system place value addition and subtraction

Shape and space - sort, describe and model regular and irregular polygons, triangles, hexagons, trapeziums - identify describe and model congruency in 2-D shapes - combine 2-D shapes to make another shape - create symmetrical patterns, including tessellation

Number Multiplication and division facts

Measurement - standard - nonstandard Time

The continuation number of Multiplication and division facts and time measurement.

Physical Education Strand Related concepts

- Locomotors skills: running, walking, jumping, galloping, hoping, skip - Non loc skills: steps up, balancing, star jump - dodge ball modification - tag game/ tiger game Instruments (free choice), variety of musical experiences, listening, singing, playing, moving, creating, and reading skill. Practicing solos and ensemble piece. Elements and principals of art and design Movement, pattern, position

- locomotors skills: walking, running, jumping, skip, galloping, hoping - non lock skills steps up, push up, sit up, balancing - dodge ball modification - tag games/ tiger game Instruments (free choice), variety of musical experiences, listening, singing, playing, moving, creating, and reading skill. Practicing solos and ensemble piece. - Students made 3 dimensional buildings and used them to design a city - Students made city buildings from boxes and decorate them and they designed and built bridges from stick. Library expectations Finding resources - searching Paint Programme 4. Mengenal tata cara bersuci (thaharah)

- locomotors skills: running, jumping, side slide, galloping, skip - non loc skills: sit up, back up, push balancing - dodge ball modification - tag games/ tiger game

-Basketball modification - Futsal modification - Foot ball, under over - leader ball, zigzags pass - tunner ball - kriket

Music Strand Related concepts

Art Strand Related concepts

- Students made working tools based on their chosen occupation. - Students made their figure by using clay - Students made paper collage for their chosen occupation

Library Computer Religion for Moslem

Library expectations Finding resources - searching Drawing comic/story with pictures Networks, images (pictures and letters using Word) 1.Hafal al Quran surat-surat pendek pilihan 2. Mengenal dan hafal 5 asmaul husna 3. Mencontoh perilaku terpuji

Library expectations Finding resources - searching Ms.Power point, Ms.Word, Browsing, Adobe Flash and Adobe Photoshop 5. Mampu berwudhu 6.Menghafal Al Qur’an surat-surat pendek pilihan

- Students made picture frame from ice stick - They draw traditional custom. - Photograph each other wearing traditional costume. - They design a family tree. Library expectations Finding resources searching Ms.Word, Power Point, Browsing, CorelDraw, Adobe Flash 7. Terbiasa berperilaku terpuji, bertatakrama dalam kehidupan sehari-hari.

Religion for Catholic

Pelajaran 1 : Saya dapat bermain Pelajaran 2 : Saya dapat bergembira dan sedih Pelajaran 16 : Yesus wafat Pelajaran 17 : Yesus bangkit Pelajaran 18 : Yesus Tuhan Pelajaran 19 : Percaya kepada Allah Pelajaran 20 : Menyembah Allah Pelajaran 21 : Berdoa berarti berbicara kepada Allah Pelajaran 22 : Sikap dan cara berdoa yang baik.

Pelajaran 3 : takut Pelajaran 4 : Pelajaran 5 : Pelajaran 6 : Pelajaran 7 : Pelajaran 8 :

Saya dapat berani dan Saya mempunyai saudara Saya memerlukan teman Kain dan Habel Nabi Nuh Menara Babel

Pelajaran 9 : Allah memanggil Abraham Pelajaran 10: Abraham mempersembahkan Ishak Pelajaran 11: Yakub dan Esau

Pelajaran 12 : Tiga Raja dari Timur Pelajaran 13 : Maria membawa Yesus ke rumah Tuhan Pelajaran 14 : Yesus memanggil murid-muridNya Pelajaran 15 : Yesus menyembuhkan orang sakit

Religion for Christian

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