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					How to Play Slot Machines

Casino of the Rockies offers coinless slot machines. Bill acceptors accept $5, $10, $20, $50, or $100
bills in Canadian funds. Simply insert the bill into the bill acceptor of a slot machine and start playing.
When you're ready to cash out, press the Cash Out button and you'll receive a Ticket that can be
redeemed at the cashier. To continue playing, the Ticket can be inserted into another slot machine.
Ticket Pays are valid for 30 days at the Casino of the Rockies.

By pressing the Bet One button, you’ll wager one credit. By the pressing Max Bet, you’ll bet the
maximum allowed on that machine for each game. Pull down and release the arm on the side of the slot
or press the Spin button. Then the fun begins!

All slot machines display the number of credits won based upon the results of the reel spin.

Ways to Play

Options, options, options… choose from wagering on one-line, two-line, or multiple-line outcomes on
the slot reels. You can wager one or more credits.

Multiplier machines: These machines have a table of payouts for specific combinations of symbols.
Multiply the payout by playing more than one credit. So, if the payout is five credits for three Red 7
symbols when you play one credit, it would pay double if you played two credits, and triple if you
played three. For some machines, playing the maximum coins will increase the size of the jackpot more
than you’d think. For example, a one coin play yields a jackpot of 1,000 credits while a two coin play
yields a jackpot double in size (2,000 credits), and a three coin play (the maximum) yields a jackpot of
5,000 credits, which is more than triple in size.

Multi-line game: These machines have more than one pay line possible – so you can win on multiple
lines! The pay lines are activated depending on how many credits are played.

Buy-a-Pay: On these machines, each additional credit activates a different set of payouts according to
the prize legend. Play with just one credit and you’ll qualify only for the first set of payouts. With the
maximum number of coins played, you’ll qualify for all the possible payouts on the machine. For
example, one credit may allow you to win only on the smaller prize payouts while the second credit
will allow you to win both the mid-sized and smaller prizes. The third credit qualifies you to win the
top, mid-sized and smaller payouts.

Progressive slots: These slot machines have a jackpot pool that continues to grow with each credit
played. The progressive jackpot amount, displayed on the meter, continues to climb until some one
wins. Someone could win a small jackpot prize early on but the prize grows very large if no one wins
for a longer period of time.

On all progressive slots, you must play the maximum number of credits to qualify to win the
progressive jackpot. If the winning jackpot combination appears and you are not playing the maximum
number of credits, you’ll win a fixed jackpot amount corresponding to the number of credits you
played according to the paytable – not the progressive prize.

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