helping aboriginal women play an increased role in their communities by housework

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helping aboriginal women play an increased role in their communities

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                   CESO | SACO

                   AUTUMN 2006

     of Canada
     attended a
       train the
      session at   Pictured from left to right are: Cherlyn Billy, National Aboriginal Human Resources Development Agreements (AHRDA)
        CESO in    Coordinator, NWAC; Delia Scribleac, National Programs Manager, CESO; Shelley Ann McKay, AHRDA Coordinator Manitoba,
    Toronto on     NWAC; Paul van der Wel, President & CEO, CESO; Charlene Nolan, Administrative Assistant, CESO; Brenda Ann Simon,
     August 30     AHRDA Coordinator New Brunswick, NWAC; Lisa Gagne, AHRDA Coordinator Quebec, NWAC; Judy Hughes, Vice-President,
        and 31,    Saskatchewan Aboriginal Women’s Circle Corporation; Marj Hibberd, Lead Volunteer Adviser for the Aboriginal Women for
          2006.    Tomorrow Program, CESO; and Bob Dickson, Vice-President National Services, CESO.

                   Helping Aboriginal Women play                                                         New CESO
                   an increased role in their                                                            promotes programs
                                                                                                         in the Philippines
                   communities                                                                           By Patrick Lohier
   CESO’s          By Delia Scribleac                         pleased to support this initiative,

                                                                                                                s the CESO
   Photo                                                      which helps empower women to                      Evaluator and

                   he Canadian Executive                      participate fully in the economic
  Contest          Service Organization                                                                         Project Manager
    2006                                                      development of their                       for the Philippines
                   (CESO) and the Native                      communities and the Canadian
 See results Women’s Association of                                                                      Bilateral, Liliya Volovik
 on page 9                                                    economy at large,” said the                will never forget her
             Canada (NWAC) have created a                     Honourable Jim Prentice, Minister
             partnership, supported by                                                                   first trip to that
CESO's 40th                                                   of Indian Affairs and Northern             exciting country. Liliya
             Indian and Northern Affairs                      Development and Federal
Anniversary                                                                                              arrived in Cebu on
             Canada (INAC), to deliver the                    Interlocutor for Métis and Non
   is fast   Aboriginal Women for                                                                        August 13, 2006, to:
approaching. Tomorrow (AWFT) workshop                         Status Indians. “These workshops           a) orient herself with the
                                                              will develop leadership capacity              regions of the
 Founded in  series.                                          and entrepreneurial skills among              Philippines in which
  1967, CESO       Using training materials                   Aboriginal women, allowing them
will celebrate
                                                                                                            CESO operates;
                   developed specifically for                 to share in the long-term goal of          b) deepen her knowledge
  40 years of                                                 self-reliant, sustainable
  service this
                   Aboriginal women, the series of                                                          of CESO's Business
                   workshops covers topics such as            communities.”                                 Advisory Program (BAP)
 coming year.
Look for news      confidence building,                       AWFT was developed by CESO in                 and Corporate
 and updates       communication and job search               2003 as a pilot project in                    Volunteers for
 on the CESO       skills, entrepreneurship, personal         Saskatchewan and last year was                Enterprise
 Web site and      and financial management, and              expanded to Ontario. The new                  Development (CVED)
  in the next      Board participation skills.                partnership with NWAC will see a              programs; and
    issue of
    FOCUS.         “Canada’s new government is                                Continued on page 4             Continued on page 10
                                              FOCUS AUTUMN 2006

    CESO President & CEO highlights
    programs’ growth and successes
    By Paul van der Wel                 staff knows what is expected       applications in Burkina Faso and
                                        from them and where they           working with elected women at

          fter six month as             stand.                             the municipal level in Senegal.
          President and CEO of
          CESO, I would like to         We are in the process of           The National program has
    outline the progress we have        updating the Roster Plan and we    grown more than 50% during
    made.                               have followed-up on many of        the last two years. On page one
                                        the recommendations of the         of this issue, the expansion of
    At the beginning, I informed        Task Force on Roster               the Aboriginal Women for
    you that more emphasis would        Development.                       Tomorrow Program is
    be placed on communication                                             discussed.
    and cooperation between             Our customer/partners request
    management and Volunteer            skilled up-to-date experts in      We are filling a need, clients are
    Advisers (VAs). By October 1st, I   Governance, Human Resources,       responding positively, and CESO
    had made presentations about        Tourism and Hospitality, Food      is expanding.
    the challenges facing CESO to       Industry and Financial
    most of the CESO clubs in both      Management. We are making          Two stakeholders are becoming
    English and French. I look          progress in standardizing the      increasingly important: Donors
    forward to making my                VA intake and recruitment          and Partners.
    presentation to the Victoria and    process and our Roster Plan        For International CIDA projects,
    Central Ontario clubs.              slogan is “Match suitable VAs      CESO has to raise between 3 –
                                        faster for our projects.”          5% cash contributions obtained
    The strategy was explained and
    although it has not changed,        As you may know, our reporting     from Canadian sources, with the
    there is now more emphasis on       requirements have become           objective that Canadians
    governance versus economic          more demanding. Our funders        become more engaged in
    development for both the            want to measure the results and    foreign aid. It is our goal to
    National and International          this requires more discipline      raise $150,000 more this year
    programs.                           from CESO staff, VAs, regional     than last year which will balance
                                        managers, country                         the International budget.
    The key elements of our             representatives,    Our projects        As for partners, we carry
    mission are to:                     country project
       Reduce Poverty                                           scored a        out various projects with
                                        managers and                            other NGOs where we
       Create sustainable livelihoods   clients.                    96%         benefit from each other’s
       Build stronger communities
    for Aboriginal peoples in           I am very pleased    satisfaction knowledge and expertise.
    Canada and for partners in          to report that           rating.        For example, in Haiti, we
    developing countries and            CESO staff and                          are working with the
    countries in transition             VAs, in Canada and abroad,              consortium of four VCA
                                        were recently praised in a CIDA  partners, CECI, WUSC, FPJL, as
    We do this through the transfer     mid-term evaluation report of    well as CESO. We are also
    of knowledge and skills of VAs      the Europe Program and that is   engaged in a project with seven
    in the areas of economic            fantastic. Our combined efforts  Volunteer-Cooperation Agencies
    development and governance.         are being recognized. Our        in Africa.
    We are concentrating on             projects scored a 96%              So, after six months on the job,
    improving the activities of our     satisfaction rating.               and as we approach our 40th
    four major stakeholders: clients,   Three months ago, we also          anniversary year, I want to
    employees, the Board and VAs.       received two additional projects   thank all stakeholders of CESO
                                        in Burkina Faso and Senegal,       for their help and cooperation.
    We have implemented an                                                 In closing, let me say that we
    employee appraisal system and       which will account for 35
                                        additional assignments. The        anticipate a revenue growth for
    the Hay job classification                                             the organization this year of
    system is in place so that our      projects are micro credit
                                                                           25%. Positive news indeed!

                                                FOCUS AUTUMN 2006

Positive Results for CESO’s Europe Program
By Irina Edilova                         operates: Russia; Ukraine;                  Canadian NGOs that provide
                                         Georgia; Armenia; and Serbia &              Canadian expertise abroad.

      mid-term evaluation of             Montenegro.                                 VAs have demonstrated an
      CESO’s 2004-2009                                                               impressive level of
      Europe Program                     In August, the evaluators                   commitment to CESO’s
confirms its high degree of              submitted the draft report which            mission and to the
relevance as evidenced by                cited vastly positive results. Here         achievement of significant
several indicators, including            are some excerpts:                          results for clients. The level of
the level of client satisfaction.                                                    motivation and dedication of
                                                 CESO’s 2004-2009 Europe
These evaluations of Canadian                   program has presented a high         VAs has been instrumental in
International Development                       degree of relevance, as              engaging clients in the
Agency (CIDA) programs and                      evidenced by the level of            implementation of
projects are carried out to                     client satisfaction with CESO        recommendations.
inform CIDA management, the                     support and VA (Volunteer          CESO’s comments on some of
agency’s development                            Adviser) assistance, as well as    the evaluators’ observations and
cooperation partners and                        the appropriateness of the         recommendations have been
Canadians in general about                      help provided to address the       sent to CIDA for integration into
results being achieved,                         various organizational and         the final evaluation report that
improvements to be considered                   individual needs of SMEs and       will be publicized this year.
and lessons learned.                            NGOs.
                                                 CESO has gained an enviable
This one was undertaken by Le                   reputation that provides a          An example of success
Groupe-conseil Baastel Ltee.                    comparative advantage over

(Baastel) in June-July and the                  other similar programs.                 stablished in 1961 as a
methodology included:                            CESO is efficiently and                state-owned enterprise
document review, field visits,                  effectively producing short-            and privatized in 2003,
interviews with CESO Toronto                    term results that are               Galeb-Metaloplastika is a
staff and volunteers, client and                conducive to the achievement        leader in production of
VA surveys and CIDA Hull and                    outcomes.                           metal packaging in Serbia.
field office staff interviews. The               The follow-up activities
evaluation team visited five of                                                     Highly motivated to become a
                                                undertaken by some VAs on a         world-class producer, the
the six countries in which CESO                             voluntary basis have    company requested CESO’s
                                                            proven to be both       assistance and CESO sent VA
Reviewing operations in Ukraine useful to clients,                                  Charles Henry of Parry Sound,
                                                            and a means of
                                                                                    Ontario, to advise on
                                                            supporting the
                                                                                    management structure, labour
                                                            achievement of
                                                                                    efficiency and improving
                                                            results expected
                                                            from the                production flow.
                                                            and training            Upon the completion of the
                                                            provided by the         assignment, the company
                                                            VAs.                    immediately implemented
                                                               CESO’s               most of the VA’s
                                                            assignment rating       recommendations and seven
                                                            system and other        months later a review revealed
                                                            in-house monitoring     it achieved significant progress
                                                            tools have proven       including:
Jeffrey Edelson, Contract Director, Europe-Countries in
Transition, and Paul van der Wel, CESO President and
                                                            helpful to                 120 per cent increase in
CEO, recently travelled to Ukraine to meet with Country     systematically              production;
Representative Olga Vergeles and various CESO clients,      monitor progress.          improved packaging quality;
and to review CESO operations in the area. In Odessa,       This should serve as        and
pictured from left to right are Jeffrey, Olga and Paul.     an example to other        reduced operating costs.

                                             FOCUS AUTUMN 2006

    VA leadership for Nunavut Program much
                                                           Improving community-
                                                           owned operations in
         ESO would like to offer warm thanks to
         Sheila Arthurs, Dale Falkenhagen and Bert
         Rose. Together, they have offered about 15
    years of expertise in the areas of justice,
    education and housing.                                 By Delia Scribleac

    Over the past months, they have decided to step          n January 2006 Shawanaga First Nation
    away from their role of Lead Volunteer Adviser           requested CESO’s assistance in conducting a
    (LVA) of the Government of Nunavut (GN)/CESO             feasibility study to determine the future
    Partnership Program. Fortunately, they have all        sustainability of an existing community-owned
    agreed to stay available for consultation and will     restaurant. The community operates a gas bar
    continue to serve on CESO’s roster. As one VA          and a convenience store situated on highway
    stated, “When I first joined I had no idea how far     #69, northwest of Parry Sound. In 2004 they
    CESO involvement in Nunavut would go. Today, 7         decided to add a restaurant to this
    years later, I see evidence of the impact every        establishment, an investment that incurred
    where I look in Iqaluit and across Nunavut.”           losses to the community’s operating budget.
                                                           The second goal of the study was to address the
    For their ongoing contributions as LVAs, CESO also     community’s economic issues surrounding this
    thanks: Gordon Breedyk, Julie Chahal, Donna            restaurant.
    Denham, Richard Denham, Henry Jaques, Enid
    Robins-Holm, Tom Schatzky, Bill Van Iterson, Mary      CESO determined that this assignment was an
    Lou Ware, and Anne Wieler.                             ideal opportunity to bring in a team of MBA
                                                           students through the MBA Experience Program,
                                                           which is financially supported by the Royal Bank of
    Helping Aboriginal Women                               Canada. A team of four students from Brock
    Continued from page 1                                  University was selected, led by CESO Volunteer
                                                           Adviser (VA) Charles Roberston. The students,
    total of 350 individual workshops delivered to         under VA Robertson’s direction, conducted an in-
    approximately 1200 women across the country over       depth analysis of the restaurant’s situation and
    the next two years.                                    formulated a number of recommendations to help
                                                           the community leaders in deciding the future of
    “The new AWFT program will increase the labour
                                                           this enterprise. They developed two case scenarios
    market, leadership and business-readiness
                                                           – one based on the restaurant remaining open and
    development of Aboriginal women through a
                                                           the other based on the restaurant closing. For
    combination of needs assessments, skills
                                                           each case, the report presented the students’
    development and mentoring,” explained Bob
                                                           findings; advantages and disadvantages, solutions
    Dickson, Vice-President National Services for CESO.
                                                           and recommendations.
    Beverley Jacobs, President of NWAC, feels that this
                                                           Following the presentation of the report, the
    partnership offers a holistic, culturally sensitive
                                                           Shawanaga First Nation leaders have implemented
    program which will increase economic and political
                                                           a number of the report’s recommendations,
    participation of Aboriginal women in their
                                                           including closing the restaurant in the off season,
    communities. “We are pleased to take part in this
                                                           which they estimate will result in over $25,000 in
    joint initiative that will continue to empower
                                                           cost savings in the first year of operation.
    Aboriginal women, by developing skills that will not
    only benefit their families but the community as a     The Band’s Manager, Craig Brown indicated that
    whole.”                                                the community members were extremely happy to
                                                           host the MBA students, and admired their genuine
    For almost 40 years CESO has provided support and
                                                           interest in Aboriginal traditions and heritage. It
    capacity building to Aboriginal communities across
                                                           was an extraordinary learning experience for both
    Canada. NWAC has been an advocate for Aboriginal
                                                           community members and students. Mr. Brown also
    women for over 30 years. INAC is providing
                                                           stated that “we really appreciate the work that was
    $257,000 in 2006-07 for this initiative.
                                                           done. We would not have been able to complete
    For more information, contact Delia Scribleac, CESO    this business plan without the help of CESO and
    Project Manager: 1-800-268-9052, ext. 252,             the MBA team. We see this as a valuable project                              that we would like to see help other communities
4                                                          in the future. Chi-Miigwetch.”
                                            FOCUS AUTUMN 2006

VAs in the Media
                              A solution for employment
  f you’ve been
  interviewed by the          problems
  media, invited to speak
about your CESO               By VA Jacques Latulippe                    • the teaching of skills is
experiences, or are the                                                     supported
recipient of an award, we

                                    he goal of my assignment
would like to share the                                                  • teaching guides are used for
                                    in Burkina Faso was to
details with our readers.                                                   personalized training processes
                                    allow the Centre de
Mail your news clippings to   Formation Professionnelle Valba            2) Training for companies:
Josie Marchese (700 Bay       (CFP Valba) to position itself with
Street, Suite 700, Toronto,   regard to training in order to             • Improve the teaching of new
ON, M5G 1Z6 or by e-mail      increase the effectiveness of its             work techniques in the hotel and
at jmarchese@ ceso-           training and cost effectiveness of            catering industry by carrying out and contact her     its operations in the                         the training in the companies
with the details of your      metropolitan area of                          themselves to initiate the staff.
award or speaking             Ouagadougou.
engagement. Tell us the                                                  • Transfer skills in a particularly
name of the award and         Concerning operational conditions            dynamic context.
why you received it. Also     of the application laboratories, the
                                                                         The first way to achieve their goals
tell us where you spoke       CFP Valba is equipped as are few
                                                                         appears to be the training given in
and to how many people.       educational institutions. Also, the
                                                                         the form of seminars to meet the
                              CFP Valba will offer a dynamic
                                                                         urgent needs identified by the
                              training service of skills for real
VA Forum                                                                 labour market.
                              work environment situations. The
We want your input for        CFP wants to not only be an                It must be said that the owners are
FOCUS. We welcome first-      educational institution, but to            particularly conscious of the
person, CESO-assignment       ensure that it is a leading force in       importance of ongoing training,
accounts, assignment          establishing trends, rather than           the mood that should dominate at
pictures, travel tips,        simply a follower of them.                 work and the new approaches that
reports from CESO Clubs,                                                 should be implemented, as they all
                              The two important items for the
etc.                                                                     concern the training market!
                              CFP Valba were:
Please send your
submissions to Josie          1) Initial training:
Marchese at jmarchese@        • as a starting                  point, the
Update your volunteer           cutting edge
file information                programs are
                                inspired by
- Do you have a new e-          two
  mail address or a             approaches,
  change in your personal       Québécois and
  information?                  French
- Do you want to add to
  your skills                 • based on new
  classifications?              teaching
Roster Services keeps your      approaches,
personal information up-to-     the practice is
date. Please e-mail any         focused on
changes to toronto@ ceso-       realistic                       conditions

Spread the word - pass        • a customized
                                                       Pictured from left to right are: François Traoré, CESO’s Country
your FOCUS on to a              approach is
                                                         Representative in Burkina Faso; Boniface Sombié, CESO client;
friend                          adopted
                                                      Alice Sombié, CESO client; Jacques Latulippe, Volunteer Adviser.

                                                   FOCUS AUTUMN 2006

    CESO Clubs                                                            Staffing update
    Vancouver Island                  resumed on October 3, 2006.         National                               Studies from the
    Bill Feyrer                                                           Services                               University of
    250-595-1905                      Mid-Ontario                         Update                                 Waterloo, Master of               Soren Sondergaard                                                          Arts in Geography
                                      519-821-9296                        Sheri                                  from Wilfrid Laurier
    Surrey/White Rock                            Longboat                               University, Bachelor
    Dean Struble, Chair               CESO VAs, especially in the         was                                    of Education from
    604-536-6983                      Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo,        welcomed to                            Brock University, and                  Halton Hills, Oakville and          CESO as                                obtained an Ontario
    The Club meets the third          Mississauga areas, are welcome      Regional                               Teacher’s Certificate,
    Tuesday of the month at the       to join this CESO Club. Contact     Manager,                               Intermediate/Senior
    White Rock Library. Regular       VA Soren Sondergaard for            Ontario, on                            Division.
    meetings will be held from Feb.   further information.                September 5.       Sheri Longboat
    to June and Sept. to Nov. The                                                                                 Why did she come to
    Club holds a holiday season       Niagara                             “Having the                             CESO? “For the past 6
    luncheon the third Sunday of      William (Bill) Miles                privilege of being an            years I’ve worked
    Jan. and a summer barbeque        905 468-9256                        educated Aboriginal woman,       independently consulting
    the third Sunday of Aug.                  I feel it is my responsibility   while eagerly seeking the
                                      Helen Johnson                       to give back to my               opportunity to join a team
    Vancouver/North Shore             905-892-2937                        community, said Sheri.           of professionals with similar
    Priidu Juurand, Co-Chair                  “Making decisions with a         goals. I had looked at CESO
    604-872-6001                      The club meets for lunch at a       good mind and being a            several times and when I                   St. Catharines restaurant.          good role model is also          saw this position I thought
    Our members are invited to        We have a guest speaker,            important.”                      the time was right. And now
    meet once a month on the          usually from the CESO Toronto                                        I’m so glad to be a part of a
    second Tuesday of the month       office to keep us up to date        Sheri established her own
                                                                                                           dedicated team of unique
    at the West Vancouver Library.    with CESO affairs. The speaker      consulting business focused
                                                                                                           individuals. I believe that in
    All CESO VAs are welcome.         at our June meeting was CESO's      on community development
                                                                                                           just doing what I love to do
                                      president and CEO Paul van der      through the implementation
                                                                                                           I can really contribute to the
    Southern Alberta                  Wel, accompanied by another         of community-driven GIS
                                                                                                           organization. I’m looking
    Eldon Loucks                      CESO newcomer, Ruth-Claire          (geographic information
                                                                                                           forward to making an
    403-256-6838                      Alinas, so it was an entertaining   systems) for land and
                                                                                                           impact.”            and informative event.              resource management.
    Meetings are held the first       Meetings for the rest of the                                         On August 29, 2006, Brian
    Monday of each second month                                           Sheri is also active at the
                                      year will be Nov. 30, 2006,                                          Smith left CESO to pursue
    from October to June from                                             National level with a second
                                      March 29, 2007 and June 28,                                          his Masters of Business
    11:30AM-2:00PM at Fort                                                term on Canada’s
                                      2007. Speakers TBA.                                                  Administration degree.
    Calgary, 750-9th Ave. S.E.,                                           GeoConnections
                                      We invite all VAs within easy
    Calgary.                                                              Management Board - a             Brian had been with CESO
                                      driving distance to attend these
                                                                          national partnership             for almost three years and
                                      meetings, as the company is
    Northern Alberta                                                      program to provide               made significant
                                      good and the food is great!
    Rick Boyd, President                                                  Canadians with geographic        contributions to Atlantic
    780-487-0762                      Sherbrooke                          information over the             region operations.            Jacques Latulippe                   internet – and is also the
                                      819-569-9761 ext. 246               Chair of the Aboriginal          Shelley D’Angelo
    Saskatoon                                                             Advisory Group. Previously,
    Jim Orosz                                                             Sheri has advised the            Shelley D’Angelo left CESO
                                      Office: SACO-Estrie, 891 Bowen                                            Canadian Aboriginal              on July 21.
                                      Sud, Sherbrooke, QC, J1G 2G3,
                                      Telephone: 819-569-9761, ext.       Minerals Association,
    Winnipeg                                                                                               CESO changed its
                                      246, Fax: 819-566-0005              worked with the Niagara
    Bill Barbaza                                                                                           fundraising strategy and the
                                      The office is open on Thursdays     College International
    204-489-7585                                                                                           position of Director of
                                      from 1:00-5:00 PM.                  Education and Development,                                                                                        Development and
                                                                          and managed the College
                                                                                                           Communications was
    Ottawa                            Montreal                            Aboriginal programs and
                                                                                                           eliminated. Shelley’s direct
    Len Nylund, Co-convenor           Normand Chevrier                    services. With Six Nations
                                                                                                           reports, Josie Marchese and
    613-829-8602                           Polytechnic, she developed
                                                                                                           Leslie Venturino, now report                                                      a self employment and
                                      Saco Est du Québec                                                   to Ruth-Claire Alinas,
    Ottawa Office:                                                        small business development
                                      Marcel Massé                                                         Director of Human
    323 Chapel Street, 2nd floor,                                         training program, and
                                      3100, avenue du Bourg Royal,                                         Resources and Volunteer
    Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 7Z2                                              developed and delivered a
                                      2ième étage, Beauport, QC,                                           Services.
    613-236-7763                                                          new Native GIS Technician
                                      G1C 5S7, 418-660-9640 ext.          diploma program.
    Back from summer break, the                                                                            Shelley is currently working
    Ottawa CESO Club luncheons                                                                             as Campaign Director for
                                      saco.estquebec@        Sheri holds an honours
                                                                                                           George Brown College
6                                                                         Bachelor of Environmental
                                               FOCUS AUTUMN 2006

An Experiment In Popular Participation
This is an excerpt of an article      simplify the legislation remained.     philosophy of the Government
written by CESO Volunteer Advisers                                           Administration and Control Act
(VAs) Sidney Fisher and Michael       Having completed several other         and its principles of increased
Clegg, from the September/October     legal and administrative projects      power and responsibility for
2006 edition of LawNow                in Bolivia for CESO, we were           municipalities.
( a bi-monthly         asked to carry out a public sector
magazine published by the Legal       reform project in Bolivia              Concern for the well-being of the
Studies Program, University of        regarding municipal finance            community was obvious.
Alberta.                              legislation. This involved a review    However, there were signs of
                                      of Bolivia's Government                growing frustration and

       ne of the most common          Administration and Control Act,        resentment.
       problems throughout the        in light of the needs of municipal
       world is a lack of trust in    governments.                           Since our recommendations were
government. This often results                                               put forward to the congressional
in large sectors of the citizens      In particular, we were asked to        commission, there have been
of a country feeling                  propose amendments to the law          changes in Bolivia's
unrepresented or uninvolved.          to make it work better, focusing       administration. President Carlos
However, attempts to increase         on small municipalities whose          Mesa resigned in 2005 and Evo
participation through the             lack of resources, both human          Morales was elected to replace
decentralization of government        and financial, make it difficult for   him. Many members of Congress
may fail if citizens cannot           them to comply with complicated        and its commissions have
understand the laws that              financial accounting and               changed also. It therefore
govern them.                          reporting requirements.                remains to be seen whether the
                                                                             recommendations will be
There has been a tendency to          We met with a number of Bolivian       adopted. It is worth noting that
believe that law is irretrievably     mayors and municipal councilors        Bolivia is in the process of
complicated and there is no           and made recommendations to a          striking a constitutional assembly
purpose in trying to avoid legal      commission of the Bolivian             to review the country's
language that is beyond the           Congress on how to improve the         constitution and structure. It is
comprehension of most people.         administration and control of          possible that the functions and
But the challenge to draft precise,   municipal finances. We focused         responsibilities of municipalities
direct and straightforward            particularly on Bolivia's smaller      will change as a result of this
language has been undertaken          municipalities, where complex          review.
and many countries, including         laws, a lack of local banking
Canada, have made considerable        services and limited human and         Whatever the outcome of the
headway over the last 25 years.       financial resources made               constitutional assembly, we are of
                                      compliance with legislative            the view that the popular
Bolivia has been trying to involve    requirements difficult.                participation reform and its vision
the 60% of its population that is                                            of strong local government,
indigenous in local government,       We reported our                        defined by clear legislation, is
hoping thereby to win its trust.      recommendations to the                 one way to manage political
Although there are growing            Commission of Decentralization         change and address discontent
numbers of poor indigenous            and Popular Participation, a           and mistrust in the democratic
people in cities, most of them live   commission of the House of             system.
in the rural areas. Complicated       Representatives of the Bolivian
and opaque legislation formed a       Congress, whose mandate was to         Sidney Fisher, a CESO VA since 2001,
barrier to their development. The     support the development and             worked as legal counsel at the House
government of Bolivia had not         strengthening of municipalities.                of Commons and is pursuing
succeeded in removing this                                                        graduate studies in International
                                      In all of our meetings with                  Relations. Michael Clegg, Q.C., a
barrier when the election in          municipal, congressional and
December 2005 brought a radical                                                    CESO VA since 1986, worked as
                                      national government officials and      Parliamentary Counsel to the Alberta
change of government through a        organizations, we were received
populist movement of the                                                     Legislature and Legislative Counsel to
                                      warmly and with enthusiasm for             Parliament. Both have carried out
indigenous people.                    our work. The participants              several public sector reform projects
However, the challenge to             generally supported the                                             in Bolivia.
                                                           FOCUS AUTUMN 2006

    Insurance coverage                                       VAs participate in public
    update                                                   engagement training
      n September 2002, CESO-paid health
      insurance coverage for Volunteer                       By Patrick Lohier                        International Development
      Advisers (VAs) on international                                                                 Agency (CIDA).

                                                      ore than 60
    assignments was secured from                      volunteers from all                             Gerry Barr, the President and
    American International Group (American            over Canada,                                    CEO of the Canadian Council
    Home).                                     including five from CESO,                              for International Cooperation
    At the time, CESO announced that VAs       attended a special public                              (CCIC), which coordinates the
    over 80 were not covered for international engagement training                                    Canadian Make Poverty History
    assignments, but could still work in       workshop organized by                                  campaign, kicked off the event
    Canada and receive coverage up to the      CESO and eight other                                   with a keynote address on the
    age of 85.                                 Canadian volunteer-sending                             evening of August 25, 2006,
                                               organizations (CUSO, WUSC,                             on the potential of returned
    As of September, 2006, CESO VAs aged       VSO Canada, Oxfam Québec,                              volunteers to make a
    80 and over will not have insurance        SUCO, Canadian Crossroads                              difference in helping Canada
    coverage of any kind while on              International, CECI and                                achieve the promised goal of
    assignment.                                Canada World Youth).                                   allotting 0.7% of gross
                                                                                                      domestic product to overseas
    We do acknowledge that VAs over 80 may                   Held at a conference retreat             development assistance by
    still have a great deal to contribute and                centre on l'Île-Perrot, Quebec,          2015.
    we encourage you to consider becoming                    the goal of the collaboration is
    an in-house volunteer. If you would like to              to effectively mobilize the              Over the following two days,
    work in-house, please e-mail your request                thousands of Canadian                    participants took part in
    to                                volunteers who have returned             special workshops on how to
    In Memoriam                                              from overseas assignments in             give effective presentations,
                                                             an attempt to sensitize the              meet with and influence their
    Our condolences go to the families of the following      Canadian public and media                MPs, plan and prepare effective
    CESO volunteers who recently passed away:
                                                             about international                      events and community-based
    Viateur Alain of Québec, QC                              development issues.                      activities, and more.
    Raymond Baillargeon of Bury, QC
    Jerrold Beckerman of West Vancouver, BC                  The collaborative initiative is          Some volunteers have already
    Larry James Cruikshank of White Rock, BC                 called Global Citizens for               made plans to coordinate
    Leo Eikmeyer of London, ON                               Change (French: Citoyens du              activites with others in their
    George Porozny of Winnipeg, MB
    Cornelis (Kees) Pruyser of Peace River, AB
                                                             monde en action) and is                  communities.
    Frank Rendulic of Timmins, ON                            funded by the Canadian
    Karel Frank Smolek of Edmonton, AB
    Norman Thyer of Nelson, BC

    Their friends and associates will miss them.

     FOCUS is the quarterly newsletter of CESO|SACO
     (Canadian Executive Service Organization)
     Ruth-Claire Alinas, Director Human Resources &
     Volunteer Services
     Josie Marchese, Communications Co-ordinator/
     John Blanchard, Michael Clegg, Jeffrey Edelson,
     Irina Edilova, Sidney Fisher, John L. Gibson,
     Jacques Latulippe, Patrick Lohier, Josie Marchese,
     Delia Scribleac, Gilles St-Amand, Paul van der Wel,                                                      Photo by Gilles St-Amand/CECI
     and Josée Vauclair
     For submissions or inquiries: Josie Marchese,             Representing CESO at the public engagement training workhsop, and pictured
     700 Bay Street, Suite 700, Box 328, Toronto, ON,          above from (l to r) are: Volunteer Adviser (VA) Marquita Riel of Orford, QC; VA
     M5G 1Z6, Fax: 416-961-1096, jmarchese@ceso-               Dean Struble of Surrey, BC; VA Jacquie Trafford of Chase, BC; VA Ron Butler of,                              Oshawa, ON; one of the workshop planners and coordinators and CESO’s Public
                                                                 Engagement Officer Patrick Lohier; and VA Bruce Mackenzie of Victoria, BC.
                                          FOCUS AUTUMN 2006

Winners of CESO’s Photo Contest 2006
First place                                                              Burkina Faso.
                                                                         Honorable mention goes to
                                                                         the following VAs for their
                                                                         photo submissions: Elaine
                                                                         Campbell, Chris De Fonseka,
                                                                         Dan Matsushita, Paul
                                                                         Matthews, Peter Muller, and
                                                                         Alex Vega.
                                                                         The contest judges were:
                                                                         Ruth-Claire Alinas, Director
                                                                         Human Resources and
                                                                         Volunteer Services; Anna
                                                                         Eloi-Francis, International
                                                                         Co-ordinator; Anna Heychuk,
                                                                         Administrative Assistant;
                                                                         Josie Marchese,
                                                                         Communications Co-
                                                                         ordinator; and Leslie
                                                                         Venturino, Development Co-
                                                                         Thanks as well to all the VAs
By Josie Marchese                   your best to ensure a successful     who sent in their photos.
                                    assignment in Tuguegarao. The     Keep them coming.

      ongratulations to the         people there really
      Volunteer Adviser (VA)        love you and
      team of Barbara Schejbal      Mark!!!"               Second place
and Mark Smith. They are the
winners of CESO’s Photo             The second place
Contest 2006 and will receive       photo at top right
a digital camera as their prize.    was submitted by
                                    Dr. Khalil Al-
The response to the contest was     Mughrabi. Taken
impressive. We received a           while on
number of entries and               assignment in
painstakingly whittled down the     China, Khalil was
short list to the final three.      sent to advise the
VA Barbara Schejbal took the        client on disease-
winning photo while she and VA      free potato
Mark Smith were on assignment       propagation and
                                    production            Third place
in the Philippines. CESO sent the
VA team to Tuguegarao City,         practices.
Cagayan Province, Philippines on    At the bottom
a cluster assignment to advise      right is our third
on management and marketing.        place photo. It
In the photo, Mark is in a          shows the hands-
preliminary consultation            on teaching
meeting with the clients.           approach used by
Extracted from an e-mail to         VA Denis Rigot
Barbara, Philippines Country        during his bakery
Representative Matt Navalta         products
wrote, "Thanks also for giving      assignment in

                                                   FOCUS AUTUMN 2006

     New CESO documentary promotes programs in the Philippines
     Continued from page 1
     c) represent CESO at the                                                               predominantly employ
        premiere of a new                                                                   women. "On behalf of
        documentary, titled                                                                 GAMANO," said Ms
        Empowering                                                                          Gonzaga, "we would
        Enterprises: Rising                                                                 like to express our
        Above Poverty that                                                                  heartfelt gratitude to
        profiles the goals and                                                              the people of Canada,
        successes of the BAP                                                                especially to CIDA
        and CVED programs.                                                                  through CESO . . . Your
                                                                                            generosity and
     BAP, managed by CESO                                                                   compassion surely
     and funded by the           Ambassador Sutherland and Liliya Volovik share a moment at make a big difference in
     Canadian International      the documentary premier.                                   the lives of the women
     Development Agency                                                                     of Negros Occidental."
     (CIDA), provides                     CVED in order for these
     technical and business                                                          The event included a Southern
                                          programs to be sustainable. The
     consultancy assistance to small                                                 Partners Fair Trade Corporation
                                          documentary helps us with this
     and medium enterprises (SMEs)                                                   factory tour where Ambassador
                                          goal."                                     Sutherland, Mr. Carroll, Liliya
     to enhance their global
     competitiveness through              The premiere, held at the Cebu             and others were able to see
     improved marketing, products,        City Marriott Hotel, on August             firsthand the operations of one
     technology, production               14, attracted a host of CESO               of CESO's clients.
     practices, and organization and      partners and clients,                      On August 25, Liliya attended a
     management systems.                  representatives of the                     CVED Volunteer Adviser
                                          Philippines Department of Trade Recognition Ceremony at which
     CVED provides business               and Industry, and
     advisory service to strengthen                                                  Joe Goodings, Second Secretary
                                          representatives of the Canadian            (Development) CIDA, also
     micro and small enterprises          government, including Canadian participated.
     (MSEs) with the help of              Ambassador to the Philippines
     volunteer business advisers. It      Peter Sutherland and CIDA Head Liliya's trip focused on the areas
     matches Filipino entrepreneurs       of Aid Tom Carroll.                        of operations of BAP and,
     with its pool of Filipino VAs - a                                               partially, CVED. It allowed her to
     strategy based on the CESO           Liliya gave an introductory                see CESO's successes in the
     assistance model and intended        speech. Ambassador Sutherland regions and the challenges the
     to ensure the sustainability of      gave the keynote address and               organization faces as it strives
     BAP's results. CVED is part of       spoke about CESO's significant             to promote sustainable growth
     the CIDA-funded Philippine           contributions to enterprise                for Philippine enterprises.
     Business for Social Progress         development in the Philippines
     (PBSP).                              and CESO innovations such as               While in Bacolod, Negros Island,
                                          the clustering model of                    she noticed that Empowering
     The development of the               enterprise development.                    Enterprises: Rising Above
     documentary was commissioned                                                    Poverty was screened eight
     and monitored by Pam Koch,           Ms Bing Gonzaga, of the                    times in one day on local
     CESO’s Contract Director for         Garment Manufacturers                      television stations. "The
     Asia, Africa and the Americas.       Association of Negros                      documentary attracted attention
     Directed by communications           Occidental (GAMANO), gave a                to the activities of CESO-BAP
     consultant Snoogie Apolinairio,      moving testimonial before the              and PBSP-CVED and made them
     the 10-minute documentary            documentary was screened.                  more visible to potential clients
     portrays success stories of BAP      GAMANO, a CESO client, is an               and partners, the Philippines
     and CVED clients. Liliya asserts,    association of garment                     government and the general
                                          manufacturers which                        public," says Liliya.
     "We need to promote BAP and

               CESO gratefully acknowledges CIDA and INAC for their support of our work at home and abroad.


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