for a play that was by housework


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									 WHAT’S ON
FEBRUARY 10 – 23
Friday, Feb. 10               Work Program. Drop-in.        Centre, Ticketmaster,
                              Professional Faculties        Megatunes and Sloth. All
10:30 am FESTIVAL:            Bldg. 3208.                   ages. MacEwan Hall.
Picture This: 5th Annual
International Disability      12 pm LECTURE: A              Sunday, Feb. 19
Film Festival. Rozsa          Defense of Ethnoar-
Centre.                       chaeology. Jeremy Cun-        2 pm THEATRE: The
                              ningham, Archaeology.         Marriage of Figaro. See
12 pm THEATRE:                Earth Sciences 859.           story this page. University
Vignettes by Diane Gui-                                     Theatre.
chon. Nickel and Dime         7:30 pm THEATRE: The
Theatre. $2 admission.        Marriage of Figaro. See       Monday, Feb. 20
Reeve Theatre.                story this page. University
                              Theatre.                      7:30 pm TALK: Monday
7 pm SPORTS: Dinos                                          Night Shakespeare Lec-
Men's Hockey vs UBC.          8 pm READING: Susan           ture: The Merchant of
Tix at door. Father David     Musgrave, poet,               Venice: Shylock, Wills
Bauer Arena.                  humorist and essayist.        & Testaments. James
                              Social Sciences 012           Black, Professor Emeri-
8 pm CONCERT:                                               tus. Boris Roubakine          Val Duncan (left) as Cherubin, Janet McCloy as Suzanne and Iam Coulter as the
Celebrity Series: Marilyn     Thursday, Feb. 16             Recital Hall.                 Countess in the U of C Department of Drama’s production of The Marriage of Figaro a play
Engle, piano. Tix: $25                                                                    by Pierre-Augustin de Beaumarchais. / Photo by Tony Field
adults; $18 seniors/stu-      12 pm TALK: Sigma Xi          Tuesday, Feb. 21
dents from Campus             Lecture Series: Some
Ticket Centre, 220-7202       Like It Hot: Fever in
or at the door. Eckhardt-
Gramatté Hall, Rozsa
                              Newborns and Adults.
                              Quentin Pittman, Physiol-
                                                            12:15 pm MUSIC: Black
                                                            History Month: Gary Mar-      Stories of the heart never age
                                                            tin: History of the
Centre.                       ogy and Biophysics. Bio                                                                                                     witness all the political
                              Sciences 211.
                                                            Blues, Part III. Speaker's
                                                            Corner, Mac Hall.
                                                                                          Fast-moving comedy explores                                     and social commentary in
Saturday, Feb. 11
                              1 pm DANCE: Michèle
                                                                                          power of laughter and intelligence                              the play that Mozart had
                                                            7 pm TALK: Ruby Tues-                                                                         to omit in order to have
9 am CONFERENCE:              Moss’ New Work. Free;         days: Professional                                                                            the opera performed.
Explore Public Policy         info 220-2782. Auxiliary      Wrestling. Bart Beaty,        By JoAnn Reynolds               elor of Fine Arts (Drama)           “The audience can see
Issues: Student Semi-         Gym, Kinesiology.             Communication and Cul-                                        this semester. “The Mar-        and hear what was contro-
nar on Public Policy                                                                                                                                      versial in the 18th century

                                                            ture. Info: rubytues-                or a play that was       riage of Figaro is the story
Issues. Info:                 7 pm SPORTS: Dinos   Prairie             first staged in 1784,    of a household filled with      and determine if the issues       Men's Hockey vs Alberta.      Ink Restaurant & Bakery,             Pierre-Augustin de       colourful characters whose      that Figaro and the other
studentcentre/. Coast         Tix at door. Father David     upstairs at McNally           Beaumarchais’ The Mar-          innermost desires are no        characters talk about are
Plaza Hotel, 1316 33rd        Bauer Arena.                  Robinson Bookstore, 120       riage of Figaro has devel-      different from yours or         still issues of today.”
Street NE.                                                  8th Ave. SW.                  oped an impressive              mine—love, status, pas-             Adds Yzereef: “This is
                              7 pm TALK: ISEEE Dis-                                       pedigree.                       sion and a little mystery.”     a story that shows how the
7 pm SPORTS: Dinos            tinguished Lecture            8 pm MUSIC: Reliant K            From being considered           The timing of the play,      ‘little guy’ can outwit his
Men's Hockey vs UBC.          Series: Reliable Energy,      with guests. Tix: $27.50      by scholars as the greatest     which opens on Valen-           social ‘betters’ with
Tix at door. Father David     Clean Energy: Can We          (plus service charge)         comedy ever written, to         tine’s Day, is not lost on      laughter and intelligence.
Bauer Arena.                  Have It All? Pat Wood III,    from TicketMaster or          inspiring Mozart to com-        the actress.                    Given any political cli-
                              immediate past chairman       Campus Ticket Centre,         pose one of his greatest           “This would be a great       mate, I think the rele-
7 pm SPORTS: Dinos            of the U.S. Federal           220-7202. All ages.           operas and to inciting the      night out for Valentine’s       vance will intrigue an
Women's Hockey vs             Energy Regulatory Com-        MacEwan Hall.                 French Revolution—              Day. The play is an exami-      audience.”
NAIT. Tix at door.            mission. Complimentary                                      according to Napoleon—          nation of love in all its           The Marriage of Figaro
Olympic Oval.                 tix must be obtained in       7:30 pm TALK: Rufus of        this play has set a lot of      forms—those getting it          runs Feb. 14 to Feb. 25,
                              advance from ISEEE,           Ephesus: the Melan-           milestones.                     right, those getting it         2006 (except Feb. 20 and
8 pm CONCERT: Celebrity       220-4625 or email             cholic Intellectual. Peter       But what’s its connec-       wrong and those just try-       21) at 7:30 p.m. at the Uni-
Series: Marilyn Engle,         Toohey, Greek and             tion for an audience in         ing to get it. Every Valen-     versity Theatre, $15
piano. See Feb. 10 for        Eckhardt-Gramatte Hall,       Roman Studies. Tix at         2006?                           tine’s date I’ve ever been      (adults); $10 (students/sen-
details. Eckhardt-Gra-        Rozsa Centre.                 door. Info: 252-7332.            According to Iam Coul-       on fit into one of those cat-   iors). Tickets are available
matté Hall, Rozsa Centre.                                   Scandinavian Centre,          ter, who plays the role of      egories.”                       through Campus Ticket
                              7:30 pm THEATRE: The          739-20th Ave. NW.             the Countess, the answer is        For the director of this     Centre at 220-7202 or at
Monday, Feb. 13               Marriage of Figaro. See                                     simple—love.                    fast moving comedy, Dr.         the door.
                              story this page. University   7:30 pm MUSIC: King's            “Stories of the heart        Barry Yzereef, the appeal           For information call
11 am SLIDE SHOW:             Theatre.                      Singers. Tix: $65 general     never age,” says Coulter,       also lies in the opportu-       220-4999 or visit
Black History Month:                                        from Campus Ticket Cen-       who is finishing her Bach-      nity for the audience to
Exploring the Hidden          10:30 pm THEATRE:             tre, 220-7202. Info: 283-
Past of Alberta's Black       Drunk on Monday in            5388. Eckhardt-Gramatte
Pioneers: A Story in          Welcome to Drunk-             Hall, Rozsa Centre.
Pictures. Earth Sciences
                              heller. U of C's Impro-
                              vised soap opera. Tix: $2.
                                                            Wednesday, Feb. 22
                              Reeve Secondary
                                                            8 pm TALK: Big Rock           one,
7 pm TALK: The Euro-
pean Union: Can It
Have a Global Role?
                              Friday, Feb. 17
                                                            Lecture Series: Where
                                                            Am I and What Time Is
                                                            It? Navigating in Four
                                                                                          run all!
Ambassador Pertti Salo-       12:15 pm DANCE:               Dimensions. Gerard
lainen, former minister of    Michèle Moss’ New             Lachapelle, Geomatics.
foreign trade and deputy      Work. Free; info 220-                                       By Sara Schwarz
                                                            Drinks at 6:30 pm; dinner
prime minister of Finland.    2782. Studio C, YWCA,         buffet at 7 pm; discussion
University Club.              320 5th Avenue SE.                                          Run, listen to “the Pen-
                                                            and coffee at 9 pm. Tix at
                                                                                          guin” and light up the
                                                            door. Big Rock Brewery,
7:30 pm TALK: Monday          7:30 pm THEATRE: The                                        world all at the same time.     Event begins with five–km run
                                                            5555 76th Ave. SE.
Night Shakespeare Lec-        Marriage of Figaro. See                                        That’s what participants
ture: Titus Andronicus:       story this page. University                                 in the University of Cal-
                                                            7:30 pm THEATRE: The                                          humanitarian organization       internationally acclaimed
Hunting, Trapping &           Theatre.                                                    gary’s first Runner’s Sym-
                                                            Marriage of Figaro. See                                       affiliated with the U of C      and local experts such as
Feasting. James Black,                                                                    posium on March 3 and 4
                                                            story this page.                                              that is dedicated to bring-     Dr. Steve Norris, Dr. Reed
Professor Emeritus. Boris     Saturday, Feb. 18                                           will be doing.
Roubakine Recital Hall.                                                                      “We invite the avid run-     ing light to world’s poorest    Ferber, Doug Lamont,
                              7:30 pm THEATRE: The
                                                            Thursday, Feb. 23             ner, the seasonal runner,       people.                         Colleen Parsons, Clare
                              Marriage of Figaro. See                                     the first-time runner and          After that, John Bing-       Fewster, Don King, Bob
Tuesday, Feb. 14                                            7 pm FILM: Guantanam-         anyone in between to join       ham, Runner’s World mag-        Plant and Kathy Traptow.
                              story this page. University   era. Tix: $2. Reeve Sec-
                              Theatre.                                                    us in this celebration of the   azine’s “the Penguin,” will        Topics include nutrition
12:15 pm MUSIC: Black                                       ondary Theatre.               Calgary running commu-          speak on his life-changing      for runners, biomechanics
History Month: Gary Mar-                                                                  nity,” says Jennifer de         transition from coach           and injury prevention, run-
tin: History of the           7:30 pm PRESENTA-
                              TION: LEGACY: Explor-                                       Cocq, director of the Run-      potato to runner.               ning technique, self
Blues, Part II. Speaker's                                      Compiled by Ken            ners’ Symposium. “I                 “I’m not a former           defence for runners, inter-
Corner, Mac Hall.             ing Black History
                              Through the Arts. Tix:        Bendiktsen                    wanted to find a way to         Olympian,” says Bingham,        val training and how to run
                              $25 advance, $30 at door      The listed events are of      bring the ever-growing          “and I won’t be sharing         until you’re 60-plus. A
7:30 pm THEATRE: The                                                                      number of recreational          any great high school ath-      trade show will take place
Marriage of Figaro. See       — email: urbanss@ucal-        general interest. Events of
                     MacEwan Hall                                       runners under one roof.”        letic achievements, but I       from 10 a.m. until 1:30
story this page. University                                 a specialized nature may         The event will begin on      will share the experience       p.m.
Theatre.                      Ballroom
                                                            not be listed here but can    Friday evening with a           of a 40-year-old, over-            Tickets are $125 for
                              8 pm CONCERT: The             be found on the Web at        five–kilometre run around       weight, drinker, smoker,        both days and $50 for Fri-
Wednesday, Feb. 15            New Pornographers          the periphery of the uni-       who saved his life with his     day only. For more infor-
                              with guests Novillero.                                      versity. A portion of all       own two feet.”                  mation, visit
12 pm INFO: Meeting for                                     Email your events             proceeds will go to the            On Saturday, sympo-
Students Interested in        Tix: $22.50 (plus service     information to
                              charge) at Campus Ticket                                    Light Up the World Foun-        sium participants will          and to purchase a ticket,
the Bachelor of Social                                        dation, an international        attend sessions led by          call 220-7749.

12       FEBRUARY 10. 2006

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