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group dinner menus antipasto dessert

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									      Group dinner Menus                              appetizers for cocktail events                                          primo - pasta
 These Menus are available Monday Thru saTurday.                       finger food list                       the following are just some of the many filled pasta
                                                                   • grape, goat cheese & nuts                   dishes we prepare. a minimum of a week advance
   sunday evenTs are QuoTed separaTely.                                                                                  ordering is required for lasagna,
                                                                    • crostini assortiti di casa
                                                                       • assorted croquettes                         crespelle and certain ravioli with specific
 Below are 4 menu outlines for you to consider                                                                 fillings as they are only prepared for the occasion.
  for your group. choose a menu & the specific                     • roasted potato w pancetta
    items for your group from the appetizer,                 • crespelle w spinach & gorgonzola
                                                                                                               you may also choose from our current menu for the
antipasto, pasta, secondo, & dessert lists that are               • choux puffs with caponata
                                                                                                                             pasta course as we have
provided, depending on your selected menu outline .           • choux puffs with smoked salmon
                                                                                                                        seasonal specials & a daily risotto!
                                                                             & mascarpone
everyone in the group will Be served the same                     • pear, pecorino & prosciutto               crespelle di salmone & asparagi or ricotta & spinaci
 meal that you choose with the exception of                 • endive with gorgonzola & walnuts
                                                                   • veal carpaccio on crostini               lasagne al forno - tradizionale or with artichoke
  anyone with a food alert. courses may Be                                                                               or with ricotta and spinach
       served on platters to Be shared.                                   • sardine crostini
                                                             • bocconcini with anchovy crostini                assorted filled and various shaped ravioli with
     these are menu guides so if there is a                     • farro & mushroom croquetts                       selected sauces - call for some choices
different comBination of items you would like                     • fennel and pancetta sticks
 to choose, we would Be happy to customize a                              • salmon skewers                    rememBer that everyone in your group will Be eating
            menu for your group.                                               • pizzette                                 the same item you select.
                                                                 • zucchini wrapped bocconcini
         prices do not include taxes,                                   • stuffed mushroom                            secondo carne / meat
            alcohol, or gratuities                                         • shrimp skewer
                                                                    • prosciutto & Bocconcini                          Bocconcini di pollo con vin cotto
menus must Be confirmed at least 1 week prior                        • truffled egg on toast                       - chicken Breast wrapped in pancetta & sage
 to reservation date to ensure availaBility.                       • stuffed potato w sausage
    please call if you have any questions                         • potato & shrimp croquettes                         cotolette d’agnello e lenticchie
        at all and check our weBsite                                                                                      - lamB chops with lentils
                                                                 • parmigiano puff pastry sticks
                                                                • asparagus w smoked salmon                                osso Buco ( veal shank )
       w w w . g r a n o . c a                                       •stuffed mushroom caps                               Braised with fennel & orange
  for information on up coming events!                       • choux puffs w red pepper & asiago                     Beef striploin with mixed mushrooms
                                                         • gorgonzola, prunes, walnut & prosciutto
            menu 1 - $30 per person                                      • vegetable skewers
                                                                                                                        veal sausage w peppers & potato
                 crostini di casa                                                                                          grilled pork tenderloin
                                                                        • veal sausage skewers
              2 antipasto choices
           1 pasta or risotto choice                                                                                  mixed grill of chicken and sausage
           1 dessert choice & coffee                    there are seasonal changes in the course
                                                                                                                      lamB sausage, cannellini & polenta
                                                               selections so please call the
           menu 2a - $40 per person                       restaurant if you have any questions .                        spezzatino di manzo - Beef stew
        6 choice appetizers or 2 antipasti
                1 pasta or risotto                                                                                     secondo pesce / fish
                  1 meat secondo
            1 choice dessert & coffee
                                                                     antipasto                                              gamBeri col finocchio
                                                      • prosciutto di parma &   • mixed seafood salad
                                                                                                                         - grilled shrimp with fennel
           menu 2B - $40 per person                   mozzarella di Bufala      • eggplant with ricotta              marinated & grilled atlantic salmon
        6 choice appetizers or 2 antipasti            • calamari alla griglia   • carpaccio di salmone                   guazzetto di pesce - fish stew
                1 pasta or risotto                    • caprese                        e arugola
                  1 fish secondo                      • giardiniera             • grilled sea scallops                       stuffed squid stewed
            1 choice dessert & coffee                 • calamari fritti                w pancetta                       rolled sole fillets filled with
                                                      • grilled calamari        • antipasto antico -              spinach & gorgonzola, Baked in parchment
            menu 3 - $50 per person                          w Balsamic               salumi & cheeses                  jumBo shrimp with sea scallops
           3 choice stand-up appetizers
              1 choice of 1 antipasto
                                                      • caponata
                                                      • chicken radicchio
                                                                                • insalata di funghi e
                                                                                       Bresaola                                 dessert
                                                      • roasted peppers         • insalata di casa
          2 choices - pasta or risotto                                                                               you can choose one of the following:
                                                      • green beans,            • eggplant siciliana                     • assorted dessert platter or
       1 meat secondo and 1 fish secondo                mushrooms & potato      • lamB & lentils                             • gelato & biscotti or
             1 choice dessert & coffee                • Beef and roasted veg    • carpaccio di manzo                       • a fruit and cheese platter
                                                      • eggplant parmigiana         -thinly sliced raw Beef            served with coffee of your choice.
            menu 4 - $25 per person                   • grilled zucchini        • insalata tricolore con            special order cakes priced accordingly
        stand-up cocktail /wine party                 • roasted Beets           pere e gorgonzola

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