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					                                            Grindstone Island
                                            Group Policy

Groups at Grindstone
The facilities on Grindstone Island are designed for small group, intensive meetings combined with relaxation
and sport. We can easily accommodate groups where some participants are doing business and others
attend for pleasure. However the total number of attendees including guests cannot exceed the agreed

Facilities                                                Meals at Grindstone Island
The Main Lodge Living Room, Recreation Room,              Meals at Grindstone Island are prepared by Rob
and 120-foot Veranda provide spaces for groups            McDonald, most recently Executive Chef at the
to meet, An online classroom facility with up to          French Embassy in Ottawa and Consulting Chef
12 networked workstations, computer projection,           to the National Arts Center. For larger groups,
interactive whiteboard and conference table make          Rob may have assistants in the kitchen who are
for productive small group meetings and                   themselves notable local chefs.
                                                          Three meals a day and non-alcoholic beverages
A windsurfer, paddleboat, row boat, sail boat and         are included in the daily per person price at
numerous canoes and kayaks are available. There           Grindstone Island. Typical breakfasts are self-
is good swimming at several beaches and off the           served, continental, with fresh fruits and juices,
front dock, A recreation building houses ping-            cereals and bread. Lunches are salads and light
pong, darts and games. Volleyball, badminton,             entries with simple desserts. Three course dinners
croquet, boule, and horseshoes are also available.        are served seated or buffet style.

Rooming                                                   Groups may add to the set menu to include
More than a dozen separate rooms in five                  special items at an additional charge. For
buildings accommodate singles and doubles; a              example, morning and afternoon coffee and
bunkroom over the Boat House provides                     snack breaks can be added at $10 per person.
additional shared accommodation. Each group               Full breakfasts, warm lunches, and four or five
will receive with a list of available spaces and is       course dinners are priced based on menu choices.
responsible for assigning rooms in a way that
satisfies its members. A final rooming list must be       The group’s liquor cabinet will be stocked by
provided 1 week in advance of the first day of the        prior arrangement at a charge of 150% of LCBO
group’s stay.                                             prices. No additional liquor can be brought onto
                                                          the Island.
Number of Attendees
                                                          With one week’s advance notice, the kitchen will
The maximum group size is 20, except by special
                                                          accommodate vegetarian, no red meat, and low
arrangement. A set number of attendees must be
                                                          fat/low salt preferences, as well as any allergies.
guaranteed 30 days in advance. Increases in
                                                          Other special requests will be accommodated if
numbers of attendees will be accommodated if
possible, but are not guaranteed. Numbers
cannot be changed less than one week in advance
of the first day of the group’s stay.

                     Grindstone Island, P.O. Box 285, Portland, Ontario, K0G 1V0 Canada
              Phone: +1 613 272 5163 Fax: +1 613 272 5215 Email:
Grindstone Island Group Rates for 2002                Further Information
All prices are quoted in Canadian Dollars,            For further details about bringing your group to
without taxes. No gratuities are expected.            Grindstone Island, please contact:

Group rates are $150 per day/per person rate          Jennifer Trant or David Bearman
regardless of type of accommodation. The daily        Partners, Archives & Museum Informatics
fee includes room and board. Transportation to        Grindstone Island
the island, contracted extras, and taxes are not      PO Box 285
included. There is a minimum charge per group         Portland, Ontario, K0G 1V0
per stay of $7,000.                                   Canada

Fees for groups are not refundable. Payment           Phone: +1 613 272 5163
must be made by check, 30 days in advance of          Email:
the first day of the group’s stay. Payment by
credit card is possible, subject to 5%
administrative fee.

If the group wishes to opt for individual payment,
a set list must be provided 30 days in advance,
accompanied either by credit card details
personal checks, A 10% administrative fee will
be added to each individual bill to cover the costs
of multiple collections.

                     Grindstone Island, P.O. Box 285, Portland, Ontario, K0G 1V0 Canada
              Phone: +1 613 272 5163 Fax: +1 613 272 5215 Email:

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