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					                                                                               October 2008

 A newsletter to inform and help the community find the resources they need to succeed!

Pumpkins for Sale                                 Good Neighbour
  Pumpkins are approximately 15 lbs. and will
cost WHRC tenants $4.00. Please call by 4 PM        On September 24, Ali
on Tuesday, October 14 to order                   Al-Chemmari’s name was
your pumpkin. Tenants will be                     drawn from the entries received
able to pick-up their pumpkins on                 during September and is the
October 17th at 60 Frances Street.                winner of the Good Neighbour
For more information or to order                  Award. He has won a $30 gift
your pumpkin call 228-5518.                       certificate.
                                                    Often tenants nominate other
                                                  tenants who have been kind to
                The WHRC office will              them or who make an effort to       Ali Al-Chemmari

                be closed Monday,                 be helpful or polite. Project Glow congratulates
                                                  Ali for being helpful and a good neighbour.
                October 13, 2007.                   Each month, WHRC awards one tenant
                                                  the Good Neighbour Award, so please take a
                                                  moment to enter someone from your building

Message from the                                  who is a “Good Neighbour.” If you don’t know
                                                  their name, you can just tell us their apartment
Property Manager                                  number. Entries can be made at the office or call
                                                  Sheila at 228-5518. The next award draw will be
IMPORTANT ITEMS:                                  held Friday, October 24.

  1. Winter is coming - keep windows
     and patio doors closed to the                Tenants Keep Winning
     freezing temperatures to keep
     the heating pipes from freezing.             Recipe Contest...
  2. Unauthorized persons living in suites will     Congratulations to our winner
     result in a termination of the lease and     Peggy P who sent in one of her
     notice to vacate in one month.               recipes. Send us a recipe and
                                                  your name will be entered to win a
  3. Only tenants are permitted to have keys to   WHRC cookbook and cooking pot
     the building. If a tenant hands              (with a lid). Email, mail or drop off your recipe to
     out a key to a friend - they are             the office at 60 Frances St. by Friday, October
     jeopardizing their lease with                24.
                                                                     Project Glow is sponsored by:
                                                        Winnipeg Housing Rehabilitation Corporation
Home Fire Safety                                    Spot the Mistake
Kitchen                                                        If you spot a mistake while reading
• Avoid loose long sleeves when cooking.                       the Project Glow newsletter call
• Check kettles and toasters for damaged                       228-5518 and you may win a prize.
   electrical cords and thermostats.                           Also, please let us know if you
• Keep a timer handy to remind you when the       don’t receive your copy of the newsletter at the
   oven and burners should be switched off.       beginning of the month.
• If you take medication that causes drowsiness,
   do not use cooking appliances.                   Pumpkin Pudding
• Never leave your cooking unattended.
• Use appropriate cooking appliances that have      Recipe
   an automatic shut-off. and keep them clean.    2 eggs beaten
• Keep a pot cover nearby to "put a lid on it" in 2 cups milk
   the event of a fire.                           1 tsp cinnamon
Living Room                                       1/8 tsp nutmeg
• Do not overload electrical outlets or use       1/8 tsp cloves
   extension cords in the place of additional     2 tbsp cornstarch
   outlets.                                       1/3 cup suger
• Never leave cigarettes in an ashtray            540 ml can pumpkin or 2 cups cooked pumpkin
• Keep matches, lighters and lit candles out of     In a pot, add eggs, milk, cinnamon, nutmeg,
   the reach of children.                         cloves, cornstarch and sugar. Mix until no
• Never leave lit candles unattended.             lumps are left. In a pot, over medium heat, stir
Bedroom                                           pudding mixture until it starts to boil. Continue to
• Check electrical appliances regularly: electric cook and stir for about 2 minutes. Slowly stir in
   blankets, heating pads, curling irons, radios, pumpkin. Serve warm or chilled.
   televisions, irons.
• Bedrooms should be non-smoking areas.
                                                    Contact Info
Thanksgiving Dinner                                 Sheila Hunter
Winner                                              Supportive Housing Coordinator
                                                    Winnipeg Housing Rehabilitation Corporation
Congratulations to Karen & Dana                     60 Frances Street
Barnes who have received a gift                     Winnipeg, Manitoba R3A 1B5
card to purchase a turkey, and all                  Phone: 949–2880 Fax: 947–9183
of the trimmings. Thank you to                      E-mail:
everyone who entered. WHRC                
wishes all tenants a happy Thanksgiving holiday.                     Project Glow is sponsored by:
                                                        Winnipeg Housing Rehabilitation Corporation

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