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                                                      TECHNICAl SUMMARy                   ISSUE 1.0
                                                      www.nautel.com | info@nautel.com

General                                               RF Load VSWR                                      Power Factor
                                                      8000 peak reflected watts (1.5:1 VSWR @ 50 kW,    0.95 typical
Transmitter Type
                                                      100% modulation) results in instantaneous power
Medium wave, 100% solid state
                                                      shutback                                          envIronmenTal
Configuration                                         2000 average reflected watts (1.5:1 VSRW @ 50     Temperature Range
Twenty RF power modules each including a single       kW, 0% modulation) results in a graceful power    0°C to +50°C
integrated RF amplifier/modulator                     reduction                                         Derate 3°C per 500 m above sea level
No frequency dependant parts in Rf module                                                               (2°C per 1,000 ft)
                                                      Frequency Range
Module has internal microcontroller for protection    531 kHz to 1,620 kHz.                             Humidity Range
monitoring over serial bus                            "Quick frequency change capability"               0% to 95% non-condensing
Short circuit protection at the module level offers   Frequency Stability
an added layer of protection                                                                            Altitude
                                                      ±4 Hz over temperature range                      0 m to 4,000 m (0 ft to 13,000 ft)
Hot pluggable
                                                      Optional 300 ppb ovenized source with GPS
Dual redundant digital single board exciters with                                                       Cooling Air Requirements
automatic changeover                                                                                    3,400 m3/hr (2,000 CFM)
                                                      Modulation Type
FPGA/DSP technology
                                                      9 phase direct digital modulation
Adaptive pre-correction
                                                      2.7 MHz modulation sample rate
RF Output Power
                                                      Modulation Capability
Maximum: 55 kW
                                                      140% positive peak modulation to 50 kW
Range: 5 kW to 55 kW                                  130% positive peak modulation to 50 kW
More than 30 preset levels, presets may include
other operational parameters such as DRM vs
                                                      Spurious and Harmonic
                                                      80 dB or more below carrier at 100 kW
Analog and different program inputs
Output level stabilized against AC supply             Meets ITU-R SM.328-10
voltage variations                                    Meets ITU-R SM.329-9
Optional Dynamic Carrier Control
                                                      aC InPUT
Built in AM stereo
RF Output Connection
                                                      350 V to 510 V, 3 phase or to customer
3 1/8 EIA female standard, other outputs on

RF Output Impedance                                   Power Supply Variation
                                                      ±10% voltage, 47 Hz to 63 Hz
50 ohms, unbalanced
                                                      Power Consumption
                                                      57 kW typical at 50 kW, 0% modulation
88% typical at 100 kW
                                                      85 kW typical at 50 kW, 100% modulation
                                                 TECHNICAl SUMMARy                  ISSUE 1.0
                                                 www.nautel.com | info@nautel.com

safeTy                                           Square Wave Overshoot                                Remote Control
Meets EN60215: 1976 Safety Requirements for      1.0% at 400 Hz (100 μS risetime)                     Remote interfaces:
Radio Transmitting Equipment
                                                 Square Wave Tilt                                     - Direct wired optically isolated inputs and open
PhysICal                                         1% or less at 40 Hz                                  collector outputs
                                                                                                      - Web interface - All locally available control is
Dimensions                                       Carrier Shift                                        available over TCP/IP web interface
184.2 cm H x 95.9 cm W x 111.8 cm D              0.5% or less                                         Transmitter ON/OFF
(72.5" H x 37.75" W x 44" D)
                                                 Hum and Noise                                        Selection of Exciter A or B, Automatic Changeover
Weight                                           -65 dB or better below 50kW,                         Power Adjust (full range, 0.1% resolution)
TBD                                              100% modulation
                                                                                                      Alarm Reset

aUdIo                                            ConTrol and                                          Remote Monitoring
PerformanCe                                      monITorInG                                           Remote interfaces:
Analog Audio Input                               Extensive Control/Monitoring/Troubleshooting         - Direct wired optically isolated inputs and open
Dual AES-EBU Digital Audio inputs*               system through 17" front panel lCD touchscreen.
                                                                                                      collector outputs
-4dBm nominal for 100% modulation                Touch panel control system is non-critical and       - Web interface - All locally available control is
                                                 may be removed from the system without affect-
600 ohms balanced                                                                                     available over TCP/IP web interface
                                                 ing transmitter operation or remote control/
+10 dBm nominal for 100% modulation                                                                   Forward Power/Reflected Power
                                                 monitor via direct wired connections. Redundant
Adjustable for -10 to +12 dBm                                                                         DC Input Current
                                                 back-up control interface provides control in case   DC Voltages
                                                 of front panel computer system failure.
Digital Broadcasting Inputs                                                                           Status of Critical Parameters
I,Q over AES-EBU, SRC available*                 Built in instrumentation providing detailed
I,Q over lVDS, 3 pairs, Clock, Data, Framesync   spectrum/impedance and modulation analysis.          Notes:
*Two AES-EBU inputs provided and may be used     Comprehensive troubleshooting providing              Specifications defined in a laboratory environ-
for either analog audio or digital I,Q inputs    detailed historical trend information.               ment with high grade source and demodulation
                                                                                                      equipment. Standard factory measurements does
Optional Embedded DRM Generator
                                                 Metering/Status                                      not include all items
Optional Embedded HD Radio Generator
                                                 Forward Power/Reflected Power                        SPECIFICATIONS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT
                                                 DC Input Current                                     NOTICE
Frequency Response                               DC Voltages
                                                 Fan RPM
+0.2 dB/-0.8 dB, 30 Hz to 10,000 Hz.
                                                 Each RF Module over serial connection:
Optional audio input filters available to meet
regional bandwidth restrictions                  •   PA Current
                                                 •   PA Voltage
Total Harmonic Distortion                        •   B+ DC Power Supply Voltage
Better than 0.8% (THD), 30 Hz to 10,000 Hz       •   15 V
at 95% modulation                                •   Heat Sink Temperature
                                                 •   RF Drive Input
Intermodulation Distortion
                                                 •   Modulation Input
1.0% or less at 100 kW, 60/7000 Hz, 1:1 ratio
SMPTE standards at 85% modulation

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