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Early Childhood Studies
The School of Early Childhood Education offers an innovative program
leading to a Master of Arts (MA) degree in Early Childhood Studies.

This program is unique among graduate programs in North America with
a focus on integrating diversity into early childhood studies. Terms such
as “diversity” and “inclusion” are used in the broadest sense to include
issues of linguistic, cultural and racial identity as well as disability, gender,
class, sexuality, age and migration status. This approach is in recognition
of a child’s need to develop a positive identity, not only as an individual
but also as a member of a group. Through a critical and reflective process,
students will develop a deep understanding of the complex issues that
affect children and their families.

Program Highlights:

❚   Unique to early childhood studies in its emphasis on
    diversity and inclusion issues.

❚   Prepares graduates for advanced practice and study in the
    fields of education, early learning, family and community.

❚   Enriches the knowledge and skills of practitioners
    currently employed in the field.

❚   Provides a networking base within the large group of
    academic and community professionals in the Greater
    Toronto Area.

❚   Promotes research in early childhood studies.

❚   Available as course-only or Major Research Paper options.

❚   Available as a full- and part-time program.

Participating faculty members are dedicated teachers and
active researchers. They are involved members of key local
and provincial task forces, and partners in joint research
projects with other universities.

Patrizia Albanese, PhD                                 Patricia Corson, EdD
University of Toronto                                  University of Toronto
Fields of specialization: immigrant families,          Fields of specialization: child development
and child and family policies.                         and sociocultural context.
Sandeep Kumar Agrawal, PhD                             Aurelia Di Santo, PhD
University of Illinois                                 University of Toronto
Field of specialization: planning                      Fields of Specialization: school readiness,
in multicultural cities.                               quality early learning and child care
                                                       environments, and teacher beliefs and practice.
Mehru Ali, PhD
Michigan State                                         Elaine Frankel, EdD
Fields of specialization: research methods             University of Toronto
and immigrant parents.                                 Fields of specialization: special needs
                                                       and inclusive education.
Rachel Berman, PhD
University of Guelph                                   Francis Hare, PhD
Field of specialization: working with families         University of Toronto
in ECE settings and social research with children.     Field of specialization: evaluation
                                                       of programs for children and youth.
.Judith K. Bernhard, PhD
University of Toronto                                  Dan Mahoney, PhD
Fields of specialization: educational equity           University of Essex
in education, immigrant and refugee families,          Fields of Specialization: health,
and transformative literacy.                           sexuality, family relationships
                                                       and qualitative research methods.
Marni Binder, EdD
OISE, University of Toronto                            Kenise Murphy Kilbride, PhD
Fields of Specialization: literacy, holistic and art   Fordham University
education, and educating inner-city children.          Fields of specialization: immigrant
                                                       families, and children and youth.
Jean-Paul Boudreau, PhD
Tufts University                                       Rachel Langford, PhD
Fields of specialization: infant development           University of Toronto
and research methods.                                  Fields of specialization: early educator
Roma Chumak-Horbatsch, PhD                             professional identities, preparation
University of Toronto                                  and careers, professional development,
Field of specialization: needs of minority             and critical and feminist pedagogy.
language children.

Jason Nolan, PhD                                     Hyacinth Simpson, PhD
University of Toronto                                York University
Fields of specialization: elementary science,        Fields of specialization: migrant writing
children and technology, critical pedagogy,          and diasporic literature.
curriculum theory, web 2.0, online safety            Kim Snow, PhD
and narrative inquiry.                               University of Toronto
Melanie Panitch, PhD                                 Fields of specialization: services for
City University of New York                          children and youth, and children’s rights.
Fields of specialization: disability studies,        Carol Stuart, PhD
activist mothering, inclusive child care             University of Victoria
and social movements.                                Field of specialization: standards for
Robert Rinkoff, PhD                                  practice and resiliency.
Purdue University                                    Vappu Tyyska, PhD
Fields of specialization: children,                  University of Toronto
wilderness and education.                            Fields of specialization: immigrant
Gloria Roberts-Fiati, PhD                            families and youth.
University of Toronto                                Kathryn Underwood, PhD
Fields of specialization: immigrant                  University of Toronto
settlement and immigrant youth.                      Fields of specialization: inclusive education,
Arthur L. Ross, PhD                                  rights of children in educational settings,
University of Toronto                                family-school relations and education policy.
Fields of specialization: immigration                Angela Valeo, PhD
policy and community agency.                         York University
                                                     Field of specialization: educational inclusion
                                                     of children with disabilities.

* visit the program's website at www.ryerson.ca/graduate/programs/childhood_studies/                  7
 for a complete listing of teaching faculty.
Requirements & Curriculum
Full- (12 months) and part-time (2 months) programs are available
with a course-based option and a Major Research Paper (MRP)
option. In the course-based option, students complete 10 one-term
courses while students in the MRP option complete seven one-term
courses and write a three-credit research paper.

 Degree Requirements:
 ❚   Families and Educational Equity (Fall)
 ❚   Theoretical Frameworks for Childhood Studies (Fall)
 ❚   Research Methods in Early Childhood Studies (Winter)
 ❚   Curriculum Development in a Changing Society (Winter)
 ❚   Major Research Paper (Spring for students in the MRP option)

 Elective Courses*:
 ❚   Implications of Educational Change for Learners from
     Diverse Backgrounds
 ❚   Inclusion: Educational Change
 ❚   Achieving Social Justice in Education
 ❚   Special Needs Across Diverse Populations: Issues in Assessment
     and Pedagogy
 ❚   Multi-age Groupings in Early Childhood Studies
 ❚   Elements of Statistics
 ❚   Risk and Resilience Among Children and Families
 ❚   Social and Political Contexts for Early Childhood Professionals
 ❚   Social Research with Children
 ❚   Transformative Literacy: Critical Pedagogy in Action
 ❚   Linguistic Issues of Minority Language Children
 ❚   Canadian Policies Affecting Children: Policy and Early
     Childhood Education
 ❚   Policy Issues Related to Immigrant and Refugee Children
 ❚   Issues in Children and Technology
 ❚   Human Services Evaluation
 ❚   Children’s Rights
 ❚   Multicultural Cities and Planning Policies

* Not all elective courses will be offered in a given academic year. The current list is expanded as enrolments   
  increase, the program develops, and new faculty or adjunct faculty becomes involved with the program.
Applicants require a four-year honours Bachelor’s degree with a minimum
B average or equivalent in one of the following disciplines:

❚    Early Childhood Education     ❚   Sociology

❚    Child and Youth Care          ❚   Political Science

❚    Social Work                   ❚   Child Development

❚    Psychology                    ❚   Disability Studies

Applicants from other disciplines will also be considered. Applicants who have
not taken a course in research methods, or who do not have a background in
research, are strongly advised to take a qualitative or quantitative research
methods course prior to entering the program. Applicants to the full-time
program are required to submit two letters of recommendation from academic
references. Applicants to the part-time program may substitute one letter from
their current employer for one of the academic references.

Additional Information
For detailed program information, visit

Program Contact Information
Telephone: 16-7-5000, ext. 53
E-mail: maecs@ryerson.ca

Financial Support
Ryerson University offers financial support in the form of scholarships,
awards and assistantships for as many full-time students as possible. As
scholarships and awards are offered on a competitive basis, the number
awarded in any given year will vary. For more information on available
funding, visit www.ryerson.ca/graduate/funding.

How to Apply
Application forms and instructions are available at
Graduate Studies Admissions
School of Graduate Studies
Ryerson University
350 Victoria Street
Toronto, ON M5B 2K3
Telephone: 16-7-5150
Fax: 16-7-5153
E-mail: grdadmit@ryerson.ca

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