dsummer vacation draws to a close, we by housework


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   From the Interim Minister’s                    In September, the Presbytery Education and
    Desk - Rev. Angela Bailey                     Students Committee will be discussing
                                                  KUC’s new vision to determine if we can
                                                  collaborate and host events for the wider
D    ear friends: As cottage season and
     summer vacation draws to a close, we
welcome you back to Kanata United
                                                  Church. It is gratifying that several
                                                  individuals have expressed an interest in
Church!      Many have been traveling,            forming a support group (sub-committee) to
camping, gardening or simply relaxing at          help promote events. This will certainly take
home or cottage and we do look forward to         the onus off existing committees and allow
seeing you once again as we get back to           the vision focus to be strengthened
routine.                                          especially after the Transition period of
                                                  Interim Ministry is completed.
                         Summer is certainly
                         a time for rest and      Let us look forward to exciting times as we
                         relaxation but also      minister together as Christ’s disciples and
                         offers opportunity       help make faith meaningful and relevant to
                         for spiritual renewal.   the 21st century context.
                         Part of my own
                         vacation was spent       Blessings to all,
in the U.K. and a highlight was visiting          Angela
Canterbury Cathedral founded in the 6th
century.     It is truly humbling to walk on
ancient flagstones worn down by millions of
pilgrims across the centuries. Someone
asked if I was there on a Sunday to worship
in that historic place. Unfortunately I was
not, but worshipped in a more modern
Church in the beautiful coastal town of Rye.
That Church is a mere 1,000 years old!

Beginning Monday, September 14 a new six
week session will be offered for study and
reflection.    In    keeping    with     the
congregational decision to accept the
Transition recommendation to focus on
Education and Learning, we will reflect on
the book ‘The Meaning of Jesus: Two Visions’
by Marcus Borg and N.T. Wright. These two
spiritual Biblical scholars, offer differing
views and perspectives on Jesus. Each
presentation will examine both viewpoints
with an opportunity for shared input.

                                                   fed with the Holy Spirit.
From Eileen’s Desk

R     ecently, in my reading these words
      caught my attention:
      "Change for the good comes when we
      listen with care, speak with
      compassion, and enact our faith. Such
      wisdom sees that the persistent
      practice of mercy, like love, comes as       Children’s Worship on Sunday morning
      a gift and calling from God.."               will begin (as we have done traditionally) in
                                                   the sanctuary with the adults then continue
                                                   independently in groups led by our
As we continue through this time of                volunteer teachers, following the lectionary
transition, of new beginnings and endings, it      based curriculum Seasons of the Spirit. This
is important for us to stay grounded in our        means that when our families go home on
faith so that we continue to share the Good        Sunday morning we will all have been
News.                                              focused on the same topics of our faith.

Some of us have spent a lot of time this           Confirmation classes will begin on
summer planning for education and faith            September 27th. As last year, we will begin
building in our church community.                  with worship in the
                                                   sanctuary and then leave
I welcome everyone back - back from                to meet in my office. At
vacation or break in routine. As we begin          that first meeting we will
                                                   set up the schedule of
the new season of church life I invite you to
                                                   Sunday          morning
offer your talents where you feel you can.         gatherings. We plan to
Maybe you can offer a drive on Sunday              hold our Confirmation
morning to someone needing that, or lead           Service on January 31,
or help with a group during Children’s             2010. If anyone is
Worship. Could you be interested in a              interested in joining this
Committee here or helping with the Book            group please leave a message for Eileen.
Fair? Don’t be shy - call us and inquire. If you
need to sit and reflect, that’s what you need      Sunday, Supper and Sharing dates have
to do and this is the place to do it. This         been set for January 31, February 14 & 28,
"church family" claims to have room for all,       2010. Our planned theme will be "Dry Bones
s o                                                & New Life." As in the past we will start with
                                                   a meal at 5:00 p.m. followed by table
                                                   worship and at 6:00 p.m. begin our study
lco                                                time, or dramatic presentation or parenting
me                                                 time. We will be finished at 7:00 p.m. so that
a n                                                we have time to get our young ones home
d                                                  and ready for the new week beginning.
be                                                 Please put these dates into your calendar
and plan on joining in this fun
intergenerational time for our church family.

There is much going on, as you will find as
you read our newsletter. Please be involved
as you are able and call us if there is anything
that we can do for you.
Blessings, Eileen

       Transition Committee                     ministerial staff. The Transition Team will
          by: Stephen Free, Chair               engage with the Board to look at the
                                                implications of the May 31st motion,
                                                including any changes that might be useful in
O     n May 31st, the
unanimously voted in
                                                our governance structure in supporting
                                                KUC's overall mission.
favour of the following
motion:                                         The Transition Team is
    "Moved that Kanata                          hoping to facilitate an event
    United Church, in                           in the coming months that
    keeping with its Interim Ministry goals,    will reflect KUC's intentional
    accepts     the     Transition    Team’s    focus on Faith Development
    recommendation for an intentional focus     and Learning…..stay tuned for more
    on Faith Development and Learning,          information as it becomes available. We will
    within our continuing mission as a church   also explore opportunities to deepen KUC's
    family grounded in Christian Worship and    relationship with the wider United Church
    Reaching Out as a faith community."         of Canada. This would include pursuing a
                                                dialogue with Ottawa Presbytery's Christian
These are challenging times for Christian       Development Committee on possible areas
discipleship when complex issues and            of collaboration related to Faith
demands often arise for us, both as             Development and Learning.
individuals and as a congregation. Through
this motion, KUC has identified Faith           What an exciting path lies ahead of us, as
Development and Learning as a focus in          we, with God's guidance and support,
our journey as a Christian community of         consider what Faith Development and
faith. We are being called by the Spirit to     Learning means for each of us, for KUC and
explore and deepen our own faith and            for the opportunities we might create! This
provide leadership in helping others in their   is a "team" effort involving everyone in our
spiritual journey as we reach out to our        congregation. Contact a TT member or
community.                                      write to us at transition@kuc.ca with your
                                                comments and views.
Your Transition Team has taken time over
the summer to do some reflecting and will       This summer, the Transition Team said
resume its meetings and work in                 farewell to the Rev. Neil Wallace, as he
September. We will support the process to       takes on new responsibilities within the
define a future model of ministry to further    Ottawa and Montreal Conference, and we
KUC's overall mission and intentional focus.    thank him for his wisdom and grace.
This process should result in an updated
Joint Needs Assessment Report (JNAC) to         Blessings,
be considered by the congregation this fall.    Robert Ashton, Rev. Angela Bailey, Lindsay
[As this is being written, we are awaiting      Blue, Rod Delcourt, Don George, Steve
guidance from Ottawa Presbytery as to how       Free (Chair), Susan Maslin, Helen Pinel,
this JNAC process may unfold.] This will be     Maureen Purnell, Deepak Wanner and our
followed by the establishment of a Joint        Presbytery representative Bryan Giffin.
Search Committee to identify and call new

 From the Chair of the Board                        Puts up with anything,
            by: Bob Richards                        Trusts God always,
                                                    Always looks for the best,
        “Love Extravagantly”                        Never looks back,
                                                    But keeps going to the end.
                           n August 11th
                     O     Muriel and I
                     celebrated our 25th
                                                    We don't yet see things clearly. We're
                                                    squinting in a fog, peering through a
                     wedding anniversary.           mist...
                     As part of our renewal
                     of vows, our son               But for right now, until completeness,
                     Michael read Paul’s 1st        we have three things to do to lead us
Congratulations      Corinthians 13 from            toward that consummation: Trust
 25th Wedding        the ‘Message’, part of         steadily in God, hope unswervingly, love
  Anniversary        which is below:                extravagantly. And the best of the three
                                                    is love.
  If I speak with human eloquence and            Only in hindsight did I appreciate how
  angelic ecstasy but don't love, I'm            important it was to truly celebrate this day.
  nothing but the creaking of a rusty gate.      And not because it was our 25th anniversary,
  If I speak God's Word with power,              which is admittedly a pretty good reason,
  revealing all his mysteries and making         but because, as Paul instructed the
  everything plain as day, and if I have faith   Corinthians - love extravagantly.
  that says to a mountain, "Jump," and it
  jumps, but I don't love, I'm nothing. If I     How often do I miss the opportunity to love
  give everything I own to the poor and          extravagantly? How often do I tell the most
  even go to the stake to be burned as a         important people in my life that I love them?
  martyr, but I don't love, I've gotten          How often do I recognize and thank the
  nowhere. So, no matter what I say, what        people who do so much for us every day –
  I believe, and what I do, I'm bankrupt         friends, colleagues, members of KUC,
  without love.                                  strangers? Do I always look for the best?
                                                 How many times do I put myself first?
  Love never gives up.
                                                 The summer is drawing to a close and a new
  Love cares more for others than for self
                                                 church year will begin in September. Church
  Love doesn't want what it doesn't have.
                                                 School will restart, there will be two Sunday
  Love doesn't strut,
                                                 worship services and there will be many
  Doesn't have a swelled head,
                                                 activities and programs to be involved in. As
  Doesn't force itself on others,
                                                 well the Transition process will continue as
  Isn't always "me first,"
                                                 we investigate and decide on the best way
  Doesn't fly off the handle,
                                                 to implement our new vision. Thank you
  Doesn't keep score of the sins of others,
                                                 everyone who provides leadership, supports
  Doesn't revel when others grovel,
                                                 these many activities and participates in
  Takes pleasure in the flowering of truth,
                                                 them. Let’s love extravagantly.

        Worship Committee                             Worship Matters Report
           by: Lyn George, Chair                       by: Sally Duke, Music Director

A    s the summer draws to a close we
     would like to thank everyone who
helped lead worship for the past months.
                                                 I n June, a significant, national worship
                                                   symposium took place at Dominion
                                                 Chalmers United Church, Ottawa. Clergy,
Our two ministers provided stimulating           musicians, and lay people from across
sermons: Eileen developing a series on the       Canada gathered for three days to
psalms and Angela preaching about the            participate in Worship Matters 2009. I was
qualities of leadership found in the Bible.      asked to head the Local Arrangements
Sally led us in music with the help of various   Committee two years ago and put together
soloists who offered their talents, both vocal   a team of 8 ministers and musicians to look
and instrumental, to enhance our worship.        after logistics, arrange for catering, plan
We appreciated those volunteers who              three worship services, and so forth. I also
ushered and greeted during the summer            coordinated the music for the closing
months, as well as Glenda who made sure          worship, bringing together choirs, drums,
we had our streamlined bulletins each week.      dancers and handbells, organist and pianists.
                                                 I was pleased that some Kanata United
                        Now we look              members were able to take in some of the
                        forward          to      events.
                        resuming       our
                        regular two Sunday       Our keynote speakers were invited by the
                        worship services on      national committee and included two
                        September 13th. As       Americans, Miriam Therese Winter,
                        the church year          theologian and hymnwriter and Anna Carter
                        becomes very busy        Florence, a professor of preaching, and
                        once again please        Canadian Reverend Joan Wyatt of Toronto.
remember that we do need volunteers in           All three were engaging and inspiring. We
several areas related to worship. If you         were also entertained with a concert of
would like to help (and we have somehow          spirituals in the New Orleans tradition by
missed asking you) remember to speak to          the Hot Five Jazzmakers of Toronto.
Dianne Moore (592-2226) about greeting, to
Wilma Free (271-0326) about ushering and
to Jane Maslin (592-1045) about reading
scripture. These co-ordinators are an
invaluable part of the worship committee.

Future Services are printed on the KUC
Calendar of Services and Special Events at
the back of this newsletter.

                                                            Hot Five Jazzmakers

The following is a summary of the event on          C   A liturgical art display enriched every
the United Church website:                              gathering         space,       featuring
                                                        handcrafted banners, paraments, and
Worship Matters 2009 took place June 18-                stoles from the region. Such beauty!
20, 2009 at Dominion Chalmers United                    Such creativity!
Church in Ottawa, Canada. From all                  C “Worship Chatter” saw folk gather
reports and evaluations, Worship Matters                around topics of interest to them
2009 was a life-giving event!                           (the hottest topic being “small
                                                        attendance congregations”) taking
   C   A rousing Opening Worship brought                advantage of a genuine chance to
       us all together with energetic music             share with and support one another.
       and vision-making.                               Workshop topics ranged from
   C   Anna Carter Florence challenged us               biblical drumming and risk taking to
       to “die and rise again” through the              prayer writing and emerging youth
       scripture text before preaching each             worship patterns. Each workshop
       week. Worshippers were then                      was well received.
       empowered to say, “I can do that; I      A big thank you to the Local Arrangement
       can see Jesus in this text too.    He    Team for the exemplary participation, and
       really does show up!”                    to the Dominion Chalmers United Church
   C   Miriam Therese Winter challenged         staff and congregation for their amazing and
       us to open wide to God. Ours is a        grace-filled hospitality.
       quantum universe and our worship
       and spirituality must be that big too:
       let go of the god of certainty and
       take the leap into the mystery we
       can and cannot see in every single
       cell of life.
   C   Joan Wyatt urged us to move well
       beyond the narrow confines of
       inclusive language and dare to enter
       into the excitement of expansive
       language - for God and for one
   C   Three daily worship services focused
       on the same two Biblical texts (Ezra
       3: 10-13 and Mark 13: 1-8) - lament
       and joy of foundations - but in three
       different keys: traditional evensong,
       coffee-house worship, and a blues
       liturgy. A feast to remember! A
       handout enabled participants to
       adapt these keys to the melodies of
       their own local context.

      The Gift of Music at Kanata                 Choir practices begin soon.
                                                  The Adult Choir will have a
           United Church
                                                  start-up potluck at Katherine
        by: Sally Duke, Music Director            Blue’s home on September 3
                                                  and the first rehearsal will be
                     I  would like to begin
                        this    report
                      thanking all those who
                                                  September 10 at 8:15 p.m.                The
                                                  Intermediate Choir will begin September 10
                                                  at 7:00 p.m. New members are welcome
                      have brought their          to both. Intermediate Choir members are
                      musical gifts to our        mostly ages 8 to 14. Younger children are
                      summer services. They       welcome to sing with the Bullfrogs and
include Walter Hayduk, mandolin, Bev              Butterflies directed by Frances Balodis. See
Hayduk,        accordion,     singers      Lisa   the article by Frances for dates and times.
Hepplewhite,        Keith    Bailey,     David
Hepplewhite, and Kelly Reid-Fortier, and          Plans are underway for our Christmas
pianist Grace Davies. It has been a pleasure      pageant, called “Christmastime”. Both
to include them in our worship. Joshua            choirs will be involved and children from the
Zentner-Barrett, who substituted for me at        Sunday School are invited to help by
organ and piano on August 9, has been             portraying the characters of the Christmas
studying organ for a year and practicing at       story. Our spring musical will be “The Rock-
Kanata United. It is a wonderful thing to         slingers Greatest Hit”, about David and
welcome a young person who is beginning           Goliath, guaranteed to be a good time for
his training as a church musician, and I thank    singers of all ages. Watch for more
the congregation for its support.                 information in the fall.
Thank you to Bev and Walter and Allan and                            If you play an instrument
Joan Brown for organizing our summer sing-                           and are interested in being
alongs on Thursday evenings. Allan has                               part of the KUC Band,
spent many hours preparing lyrics for us,                            speak to me.           Our
searching out accompaniments and the                                 wonderful cellist, Bernie
stories of the songs, and providing                                  Meyerink, has moved
refreshments with Joan. Those of us who                              away. We have guitar,
have attended, usually around 10 or so, have      mandolin and flutes now and would
had a good time singing, adding our own           definitely welcome more members. Young
instruments or trying out shake’em eggs and       people are welcome to play with us at the
                          tambourines and         start of the service, before church school
                          drums. Themes           leaves, and in intergenerational services.
                          have        included    Rehearsals are on some Saturday mornings
                          Canadian songs on       and the first this fall will be on September
                          July 2, followed by     12 at 10:30 a.m.
                          American songs,
                          country          and
                                                  Please bring me any questions, concerns or
western, Scottish and Irish, Broadway
                                                  ideas you may have for our music program.
favourites, and love songs.
                                                  I look forward to working with you all for
                                                  another year.

    Welcome to Bullfrogs and                     following directions, experience standing up
          Butterflies!                           with a group of people in front of a group of
   by: Frances Balodis, Choir Director           people, learning new words as a vocabulary
                                                 building experience, following a melody line
                                                 of music. Exciting times.
W      e are a happy, young group of
       children ages 3-8 years of age who
come together every Wednesday evening at         Hope to see you at the first practice on
6:30 p.m. to sing some songs. At 7:00 p.m.       Wednesday, Sept. 23rd at 6:30 p.m. The
we adjourn to the Pre-school room to             first time this fall that we will sing at church
continue singing and also have fun with          is on October 25th at the 10:30 a.m.
stickers and coloring.                           service.

Our young children
sing at church once
per month at the 10:30                                             Knitters
a.m. service from                                              by: Judy Anderson
October to May. The
songs we sing are
often short and easy to remember as most
of the children in our group are not able to
                                                   T     he knitting season is
                                                         back and I am
                                                   appealing to all knitters
read any language yet.                             in the congregation -
                                                   ones of previous years,
Sometimes we play rhythm instruments,              as well as any newcomers, who wish to
sometimes we use props. Variety is                 join us. To make life more interesting,
important to children of this young age.           this fall we have an exciting new book of
                                                   prayer shawl patterns.
Parents are welcome to come to the
practice and stay in the sanctuary as we           Yes, we will be needing some more
rehearse. Do whatever is best for your child       shawls and your assistance is needed.
– if your child needs you there, then stay. If     There is still lots of wool available in
not, then feel free to go grocery shopping         different colours and weight - you can
and return for the pick-up.                        have your choice.
If you think that your child is too young for      Remember too that preemie caps, baby
this little group – think again. Your child is     receiving blankets and lap rugs are also
growing up before your eyes and wanting to         welcome. You only need to supply the
learn new things. Your child may seem timid        needles and time - we supply the rest.
to you – perhaps the child wants to reach
out and do new things and just needs the           Call me with your requests -           Judy
courage to do so! Bullfrogs and Butterflies        Anderson 613-270-0147.
will bring many skills to them in a positive
way – listening, communicating, sharing,

                 THE ADULT CHOIR

          We would like more singers to join us.
         Sopranos, Altos, Tenors & Basses are all welcome.

               Not sure what part you would sing?
           No problem, we'll find the right place for you.

                        Can't read music?
             No problem, most of us learn on the job.

          Too busy to commit to a whole year of singing?
       Try a short commitment first, September and October,
                    November through Christmas.

                We are a happy group and
              we welcome newcomers gladly.

       First rehearsal - Thurs., Sept. 10 8:15 - 10:00 p.m.

        For information, speak to Sally Duke, 613-592-3659
              or call the church office at 613-592-5834


            FOR AGES 8 TO 13

        Rehearsals Thursday evenings
           7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

 Help lead our 10:30 a.m. worship every Sunday,
           beginning September 13.

    Be part of our church school Christmas
     pageant and sing in our spring musical.
FIRST REHEARSAL, Thursday, September 10

 For information, call Sally Duke at 613-592-3659
     or call the church office at 613-592-5834

       Christian Development                      tradition. A maximum of 24 participants are
         by: Kathi Campbell, Chair                admitted each year. Way to go Jason! We
                                                  look forward to hearing about your
Members: Margaret Burman, Heinz Burger,           adventure.
Tricia Carran, Donna Hobbs, Frances Murray,
Maureen Purnell, Ruth Sword, Audrey               KUC programs are gearing back up for
Wanner, Rev. Eileen Hepplewhite                   September! Adult study groups, children’s
                                                  church, and mid-week groups for adults and
                                                  children!   Come out and see what’s
C    amp      Awesome
     had two successful
weeks, one in July and

one in August. Very                               Children’s church will start up again in
special thanks go out to                          September and we invite parents to fill out
Audrey Wanner, co-                                registration forms. KUC has a new co-
ordinator and to Josh Haywood, registrar.         ordinator and we are pleased to welcome
They both offered their time and talents this     Audrey Wanner. New this year is the Seasons
summer so that the children in our                of the Spirit curriculum which follows the
community could have an opportunity to            Sunday worship lectionary lessons. This will
attend an exciting camp. The camp could not       help us have a stronger connection between
run without the many volunteers from our          sanctuary and children’s church, and provides
congregation who give rides, prepare snack,       resources for special worship activities
help with registration, and are simply around     together.
to lend a hand and support this exceptional
children’s program.                               Adult studies also continue with the
                                                  Wednesday morning lectionary group that
Did you know that 120 children in our             meets in the fireside room. There is always
neighborhood attend Camp Awesome for a            room for another chair and another cup of
five day camp? The children participate in        coffee on Wednesday mornings! Rev. Angela
Christian themed curriculum from 10:00 a.m.       Bailey will be continuing an evening adult
till 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Each        study beginning on September 14th.
child is participating in the equivalent of 30
classes of church school education in one         As always, CD welcomes anyone interested in
week of camp!                                     volunteering Sundays with children’s church
                                                  or with any of the CD activities. The
Jason Winter attended the Future Quest            committee meets the last Monday of the
Summer Experience at Queen’s Theological          month at KUC at 7:00 p.m. For more
College in August. Future Quest is for youth      information contact
aged 14-17 who want to explore community,         Kathi Campbell, Rev.
theology, and leadership by challenging their     Eileen Hepplewhite,
body, mind and spirit. It is an ecumenical        Tricia Carran, or
program open to participants from varieties of    Audrey Wanner.
faith traditions, including those with no faith

                                                                Camp Awesome
      Jokes That Can Be Told in                          by: Audrey Wanner, Co-ordinator
 A Sunday school teacher was discussing the
 Ten Commandments with her five and six
 year olds. After explaining the
                                                    W       hile writing this article, the August
                                                            Camp Awesome is about to start
                                                    tomorrow on August 17. I am sure that it will
 commandment to 'Honor thy father and thy           be as successful as the July Camp Awesome.
 mother,' she asked, 'Is there a                    Sixty children had an amazing energizing time
 commandment that teaches us how to treat           learning about sharing and the Christian life.
 our brothers and sisters?' Without missing         The counsellors and Leaders in Training were
 a beat, one little boy answered, 'Thou shall       caring and enthusiastic with the children.
 not kill.'                                         Everyone had a really good time laughing,
                                                    singing and playing, mostly inside because of
                                                    the rainy cool weather. Thank you so much to
          Children’s Worship                        the team of volunteers who assisted with all
     by: Audrey Wanner, Co-ordinator                the jobs around Camp Awesome that enable
                                                    the counsellors to do their job. They know

C     hildren’s worship has a new program this
      year “Seasons of the Spirit” beginning
September 13. They will be following the
                                                    who they are and who they are going to be in
                                                    August but there are too many to mention in
                                                    this article. We all had a really wonderful time.
lectionary series their parents will be             If you would like to be part of Camp
following in the sanctuary. We look forward         Awesome next year, please inform Eileen
to a lot of fun and spiritual growth. Joy           Hepplewhite. All are welcome to volunteer.
Forbes will be returning to do music with the
children in the fall and early winter. We will
have special guest appearances from Sue
Maslin with camp songs in the winter and
                                                          Jokes That Can Be Told in
Deepak Wanner and Donna Stewart with
stories. Our abundance of teachers include                         Church
Tricia Carran (she just can’t tear herself away)
Ed Attfield (neither can he), Jay Jarvis (ditto),     Attending a wedding for the first time, a
Donna Reynolds, Debbie Fleming, Trina                 little girl whispered to her mother, 'Why is
Lamarre, Kathi Campbell, Pamela Shea, Jason           the bride dressed in white?'' The mother
Winter and Megan Batty. If you have a gift            replied, 'Because white is the color of
you would like to share as a special guest or if      happiness, and today is the happiest day of
you would like to join as a teacher, we would         her life.' The child thought about this for a
love to have you. Teachers only commit to 6           moment then said, 'So why is the groom
weeks at a time. Please talk to Audrey                wearing black?'
Wanner 613-271-1934.

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