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									          Developmental Health Research Group

        The Developmental Health Research Group (DHRG) is
        a multidisciplinary group of scientists in developmental
        psychology, developmental disabilities, psychiatry,
        nursing, and family sciences with a shared interest in
        child developmental health.

        The DHRG is a University of Manitoba Research Group
        with eligibility for the Canadian Institutes of Health
        Research (CIHR) – Manitoba Regional Partnership

        The objective of the DHRG is to facilitate
        interdisciplinary collaboration on child developmental

      DHRG Members                         Participating Units:
                                          Family Social Sciences
          Head:                                 Psychiatry
  Rosemary S. L. Mills, PhD                     Psychology
          Members:                       St. Amant Research Centre
   Christine A. Ateah, PhD
  Brian J. Cox, PhD, CPsych
Joan E. Durrant, PhD, CPsych
   Lorna S. Jakobson, PhD
    Garry L. Martin, PhD
 Caroline C. Piotrowski, PhD
   Shahin Shooshtari, PhD
 Roberta L. Woodgate, PhD
 Dickie C. T. Yu, PhD, CPsych

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