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					BuzzTown Migration Plan – New BuzzTown Markets
This is a quick estimate of the time required to migrate Buzztown to the next market.
Both technology and marketing support are included.

Functional Requirements
(24) What data types and functions need to be restricted to local region? Which ones are
open and where should we give users the option?
What                                         Restrict to Region
Home Page                                    Yes
Ads                                          Give Local Data Priority?
Articles?                                    Give Local Data Priority?
Users?                                       Yes
Events                                       Yes – How do we determine if an event
                                             belongs in a specific region?
Groups                                       Yes - How do we determine if an event
                                             belongs in a specific region? or all regions
Video/Photo                                  Yes
Deals                                        Yes

Content such as articles could be valuable in new (especially small) regions, but the users
will loose the local feel if all authors are from other areas.

In the event where a local user may want more results, they can just choose all regions at

Static Pages
Contact Us Will want to show all contacts.

Sales Tax Issues
(12) Add tax tables and calculations to subscription & store.

(8-12) Import and Migrate new data.

(4) Test Cookie Setting for last region.
Add Cookie Setting for 1st page Landings from off-site.

We will need to enable filtering for Region in various searches.

(6) Whatever needs to be collected, created formatted as described by BT staff

Support People & Marketing Efforts
(6) Reviews
(6) Business Signups
(6) Content manager
(6) Sales