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									What is KYC?                                       parents or guardians is encouraged as the            consultation, monitor client conferences and
The Kuiper Youth Center is named after             subject material covers how to parent through        serve on screening boards. The Juvenile
former Assistant Chief County Probation            exploration of self, family and community            Justice Outpatient Clinic, through the
Officer, James T. Kuiper.                          and is pertinent to successful reunification of      Department of Mental Health, provides
                                                   client with family.                                  ongoing direct treatment services: individual
It is a residential facility located at 900 East                                                        and family therapy.
Gilbert Street, San Bernardino, CA 92415.

The program is 6 to 9 months, offering             School
                                                   The school program is provided by the San
extensive aftercare (4 to 6 months) support
systems to a population of twenty (20)             Bernardino County Juvenile Court Schools               1. To provide protection to the community
females who are 15 through 18 years of age.        and is administered by the County Superin-           during the rehabilitation process.
Characteristics of clients include female wards    tendent of Schools. Full-time, credentialed
                                                                                                          2. To socialize and develop the individual's
who are in need of a highly structured out-        teachers and teacher aides provide a
                                                                                                        decision-making skills through supervised
of-home placement, academically behind in          competency-based educational program
                                                   which is designed to address the students'           daily living experiences, role modeling,
school, educable, and able to participate in
                                                   abilities and disabilities on an individual basis.   counseling/therapy, developing personal
extensive community programs, as well as
                                                   Individual academic and vocational testing is        responsibilities, etc.
vocational training activities.
                                                   provided to assess present level of achieve-            3. To sensitize wards to the impact of
                                                   ment and ability. Remedial tutoring is               crime upon victims through a Victim Aware-
                                                   provided by volunteers. Students have                ness Program, restitution to victims and
Purpose                                            opportunities to complete their high school          visible community interaction.
The purpose of the Kuiper Youth Center is          requirements through programmed classroom
                                                   instruction, GED study and testing, and/or              4. To provide an environment and cur-
to provide a competency-based remedial
education program which includes:                  adult education classes, vocational training,        riculum applicable to life experience,
accelerated physical training through a            character education, and attendance at               emphasizing community survival; e.g., family
Leadership Challenge Course and weight/            community colleges.                                  planning, nutrition, budgeting, consumer
fitness program, a Victim Awareness                                                                     buying, credit, tax preparation, banking,
Program which presents the impact of crime                                                              occupational/educational guidance counsel-
on victims, work experience, restitution,                                                               i ng and community resource utilization.
community service and family planning clinic.      Supportive Services
                                                                                                           5. To improve employment possibilities by
A trained community volunteer provides             Medical services are provided by on-grounds          providing supervised in-community voca-
screening for learning disabilities including      medical staff with access to large hospital care     tional training and regular employment or
visual/audio handicaps. Substance abuse is         as needed. Private medical care is a legal           work experience.
addressed in a two-tier program treating the       option of client and family.
recreational abuser and addict. A mandatory                                                               6. To maximize each ward's academic
client-parent reentry class is provided weekly     Psychological services are provided by the           potential by identifying learning disabilities
by St. Bernardine's Medical Center staff           Probation Department's consulting services           by stressing competency-based evaluations
through the Mission Project. Participation by      who provide crisis intervention, case                and by providing access, support and
structured time necessary to prepare the ward
to acquire a general education diploma
(GED), High School Proficiency Exam, High
School Diploma, trade school acceptance, or
college acceptance.
   7. To encourage good health and physical
fitness through structured training in personal
hygiene, dental care, venereal disease, birth
control, drug and alcohol counseling, calis-
thenics, exercise, weight training and
organized athletic activities.
  8. To help wards develop and internalize
socially productive values through a
formalized Character Education program.
    9. To assist wards to reenter the com-
munity as productive citizens through the
i ntegration of program components and the
supervision and support of the aftercare
phase of the program.

Placement Referrals
Each young woman referred will be evaluated
through a screening committee. For screening
appointments, contact the Program
Supervisor at (909) 387-6935.

                                                               San Bernardino County
                                                                Probation Department
                                                                Kuiper Youth Center
                                                               900 East Gilbert Street
                                                           San Bernardino, CA 92415-0941
                                                                Phone (909) 387-6933


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