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									Component Or Page         Behavior                                                      Notes   Status    Tested-
Step 1: Login OR          Redirect to Step 2 immediately after login or registration.
Registration              No email confirmation needed
                          Display Login Form in Step 1

Step 2                    Business Names will Auto complete but still allow to
                          search on content
                          User selects Region, and search will give appropriate
                          results. Region will default current selected region in
                          If New Business, User can add name in step 3

Step 3                    Marketing Plan will have tooltips explaining each feature
                          Select a Plan- Column will highlight Gold and
                          Appropriate form will display underneath, default form:
                          Social Self Managed
                          Check, PO will not require CC but will require phone
                          and email.

Step 4 Receipt Or Login   Requires confirmation if Free is Selected Plan

                          If new registration, new user will not be 'Active', unless
                          they pay for a subscription or confirm registration
                          Paid user- set to 'Active' , Edit to Business Permitted
Basic Plan Changes

Free Plan Changes

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