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									                               HUNTERDON COUNTY PLANNING BOARD
                                    Minutes – October 13, 2005

MEMBERS PRESENT:              George Wickard, Chair; Ken Johnson, Vice Chair; Steve Rawlyk, Frank Renda,
                              Frank Doyle, Tom Mathews

OTHERS PRESENT:               Gene Robbins, Hunterdon County Democrat
STAFF PRESENT:                Sue Dziamara, Ken Bogen, Leilani Hershey, Crystal Barnes, Kevin Richardson,
                              Josie Glynn.

Chairman George Wickard, who read the Open Public Meetings Act notice, called the meeting to order at 8:15

 "This meeting is being held in accordance with the provisions of the Open Public Meetings
 Act. Adequate notice has been provided by prominently posting and maintaining so posted
 throughout the year in the Office of the County Clerk, Hall of Records, Main Street,
 Flemington, New Jersey, a public place reserved for such announcements, and by mailing
 on or before January 14, 2005 to the Hunterdon County Democrat, The Beacon, The
 Express-Times, Courier News, The Times, Hunterdon Review, and Star Ledger,
 newspapers designated by the Hunterdon County Planning Board to receive such notices.
 Notice has also been posted on-line in the Hunterdon County News"

MINUTES OF THE September 8TH PLANNING BOARD MEETING: Due to the fact that none of the
members at this meeting were at last months meeting, the minutes will be held over for approval until the
next meeting.

     Oct 13: Steve Rawlyk and Frank Renda
     Oct 27: Mary Melfi and Ken Johnson

George Wickard mentioned that at his last meeting he asked for a sub committee to review the Draft County
Master Plan, which should be finished by the end of the year. Mary Melfi, Ken Johnson, and George Wickard
volunteered at the last meeting and Frank Renda volunteered today.


   •   Staff update: Sue Dziamara, Supervising Planner, introduced Ken Bogen, Crystal Barnes and Leilani
       Hershey that have joined the planning staff in the past month. Sue also reported that Gary
       Pohorely’s last day is tomorrow, October 14th.

   •   Sue spoke to the board about the Farmland Status Meetings with the Municipalities that were held
       on October 5th. There has been a lot of concerns from the municipalities about their farmland
       applications and the status of these applications. She informed the board that these meetings were
       very positive and the representative’s left feeling well informed about the status of their applications
       and were very pleased with the outcome. They will continue having these Status Meetings on an as
       needed basis.

   •   Sue has been in contact with the NJPO in regards to the educational requirements for Planning
       Board and Board of Adjustment Members. The NJPO plans to have 2 meetings per year. It is still
       unclear if this is something that we can provide as the curriculum is still not set as of yet. Once the
       curriculum is set we will know what level of expertise is needed to hold the sessions. The training is
       a 5-hour course and if municipalities want to budget for this the cost would be $500.00. Professional
       Planners are exempt and perhaps engineers and attorneys may also be exempt but it has not been
       determined as of yet.

Draft Minutes – October 13, 2005
Page 2

   •   Cross Acceptance – Sue spoke with Barry Abelman and has plans to meet to discuss GIS Data
       Layers with regards to our Cross Acceptance Report. There is not much going to happen with this
       until after the election.
   •   Stormwater Ordinance – Sue reported that she has spoken with and emailed Marcia Karrow and
       asked her to let her know as soon as the committee has released the ordinance so it can be sent out
       to our municipalities.
   •   Project for Public Spaces - Ken Bogen spoke about the 1st of 4scheduled workshop he attended,
       this series is called NJ Smart Choices creating great street and Great Community Spaces. These
       workshops are geared towards the NJ DOT’s new approach they have to addressing transportation
       problems. They have a new approach called New Jersey Future in Transportation (NJFIT) where the
       focus is more on integrating land use and transportation planning and also focusing more on
       reducing reliance on automobiles, trying to expand bicycle pedestrian and mass transit options,
       connecting neighborhoods to each other and protecting the community character. They are going
       out to the public with this new approach and reaching out to the townships and the counties. There
       were several PowerPoint demonstrations and speakers. After the presentation they had a working
       lunch to discuss the ideas that were presented during the presentation and discussed the action
       steps the DOT can take to help achieve the new NJFIT approach.

      Mr. Wickard introduced Kevin Richardson to speak on this subject. Kevin thanked the County
   Planning Board for submitting a letter to Commissioner Brad Campbell expressing the county’s
   concerns with the changes in the Green Acres rules as it effects not only funds or lands but also the
   implication and the impact it has on other lands where we have not used any state funds and those
   properties have been exclusively purchased by the county for its particular recreation and conservation
   uses unrelated to Green Acres program requirements. There were also some municipalities that
   submitted resolutions and letters voicing their concerns and reservations with some of the rule
   implications as well as the BOCF. He had prepared 27 pages of comments about the rules and
   recommendations as how the rules could be modified and revised by the department. The public
   comment period expired on October 6th and now we will see how the department responds with the
   comments that have been submitted.

Mr. Wickard will be out of the country next month and since there are no issues that will be upcoming in the
following month he wanted to get the input from the other members of the board in regards to having a meeting
or not for the month of November. It was suggested by Ken Johnson to forego the November meeting and meet
the second Thursday of December. The rest of the board agreed.

Since there were no other items to be brought before the Board Steve Rawlyk moved to adjourn the meeting.
Seconded by Ken Johnson.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:45 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Charles W. Halsey, Secretary

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