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					                                                   SUMMARY OF RULES AND REGULATIONS
       About Hoffman Park
                                                 The rules and regulations governing the Hunterdon County Parks a d
                                                 Recreation Department are promulgated in accordance with provisions of the
This 354 acre park is comprised of hardwood
forest, grasslands, and over 25 ponds of
various sizes. It is the former farm of Albert
                                                 N.J. Statutes Title 40:32-7.12, which reads as follows:
                                                 "The Board of Chosen Freeholders may by resolution make, alter, amend, and
                                                 repeal rules and regulations for the supervision, regulation and control of all
                                                 activities carried on, conducted, sponsored, arranged, or provided for in
and Joyce Hoffman. Mr. Hoffman founded           connection with a public golf course or other county recreational, playground
                                                 or public entertainment facility, and for the protection of property, and may               Trail Map and Guide
the Hoffman Beverage Company and was             prescribe and enforce fines and penalties for the violation of any such rule and
known as the “soda-pop king” for the many        These rules and regulations have been promulgated for the protection of
beverages that his company produced,             our patrons and for the facilities and natural resources of the Hunterdon
                                                 County Parks and Recreation Department.
including the popular soft drink, Orange         Permits: A written permit issued by the Board of Chosen Freeholders for any
                                                 activity shall autho rize the activity only insofar as it may be performed in strict
Crush. Most of the Hoffmans’ farm buildings      accordance with the terms and conditions thereof.
still stand and are under the jurisdiction of    Prohibited Acts: The violation of any Municipal, State, and Federal Law.
                                                 Advertising, solicitation, the release of any animal, explosives of a kind,ny
Union Township .                                 poisons of any kind, after hours use, the sale of merchandise, alcohol without a
                                                 permit in a non-designated area, weapons, posting of signage, attire.
                                                 Regulated Activity: Aviation, bathing, boating, skating, skiing, bicycling, and
                                                 sledding. Powered models, horses, dogs must be restrained with a leash not
                                                 exceeding six feet, camping, fires, groups 25 or more must obtain a permit.
                                                 Prohibited Acts for the Protection of Property: No person shall make,
                                                 excavation on, destroy, paint, fill in, cut, remove or temper with any property,
                                                 organic or inorganic.
                                                 Prohibited Acts for the Protection of Natural Resources: No person shall
                                                 disturb wildlife or vegetation in any manner. No person shall pollute waters,
                                                 litter, or dump debris.
                                                 Prohibited Acts for the P rotection of People: No person shall obstruct the duty
                                                 of a ranger or an official, interfere with a visitor, or conduct any unsafe act.
                                                 Vehicles: All the provisions of the N.J. State Motor Vehicle Act apply.
                                                 Vehicles are not allowed in unauthorized areas. Parking is allowed in
                                                 designated areas only.
                                                 Enforcement: The rules and regulations of the Board shall be enforced by duly
                                                 authorized Rangers or representatives of the Board under the provision of N.J.
   Recreational Opportunities                    S.A. 40: 32-2 thru 40:32 -7.13 Any person who enters into a County Park for
                                                 any purpose whatsoever has a duty and is presumed to be aware of the
                                                 provisions of these rules and regulations governing the use of the Hunterdon
Hoffman Park's paved and gravel paths are        County Parks and Recreation Department.
                                                 Penalties: Any person violating any of the provisions of these regulations
excellent for bike riding and walking. The       shall, upon conviction before a court or other adjudicative body of jurisdiction,
                                                 be liable for the replacement, repair or restoration of damaged property, if any,
ponds offer good fishing, as well as             and shall pay a penalty of not more than one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) or
opportunity for reflective nature study. In      other amount in the discretion of the court or other adjudicative body or may be
                                                 sentenced to imprisonment in t he County jail for the term not exceeding ninety
winter the paths provide a good place to cross   (90) days, or both, provided that this section shall not supersede any applicable
country ski.                                     penalty provision for specific offenses, which may be set forth in the New
                                                 Jersey Code of Criminal Justice, N.J.S.A. 2C:1-1, et seq., or in any other
                                                 applicable state or federal law.
                                                 NOTE:The Park Rangers of the Board of Chosen Freeholders are vested with                            County of Hunterdon
                 Hunting                         police authority and empowered to make arrests for violations of rules and
                                                                                                                                             Department of Parks and Recreation
                                                 regulations governing the Hunterdon County Parks and Recreation
                                                 Department. This is only a summary of the rules and regulations. Rules                   PO Box 2900, Flemington, NJ 08822-2900
                                                 applying to special conditions, activities, or situations may be supplemental to
To control deer numbers, hunting i allowed       these rules and regulations. When special rules apply, they will be posted at                1020 State Route 31, Lebanon, NJ
(by Parks Department permit only) in some        affected areas. The complete text of regulations is available for inspection at        Telephone (908) 782-1158 : Fax (908) 806-4057
                                                 the Park administration office in Clinton Township during regular business
sections of this park. Please wear blaze         hours.                                                                                       E-mail: parks@co.hunterdon.nj.us
orange during hunting season or confine your
visits to Sundays.                                                                                                                          Office Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8 AM to 4:30 PM
                                                                                                                                        Sat. 8:30 AM to 12 PM, and 12:30 PM to 4 PM
                                                                      Printed on Recycled Paper
             Hoffman Park                             General Trail Information                                         Birds
                                                                                                   A host of different bird species can be
Location: Hoffman Park is located in Union         From the parking area, Hairpin Lane winds       found in the forests and fields, but Hoffman
Township, Hunterdon County, west of Clinton        down a steep hill towards Manny’s Pond.         Park is probably best known among bird
and just south of Interstate 78. The gate is       The vista at the start of the trail offers a    watchers for endangered and threatened
open from 9 a.m. to sunset.                        wonderful view of Hoffman Park’s fields         species that nest in grassland habitat. These
                                                   and forests, as well as Spruce Run and the      include bobolinks, eastern meadowlarks,
Directions from the East/Clinton area:             hills of the Highlands in the distance.         grasshopper sparrows, and savannah
                                                                                                   sparrows. Please keep pets on a leash as
Take Route 78 west to exit 11. Follow the          Once down the hill from Hairpin Lane,           these birds nest directly on the ground and
circle around to the left and cross over Route     Hoffman Park’s trails meander through           are highly susceptible to disturbance.
78, following the signs for Pattenburg.            woods and past ponds. Most of these trails
Immediately after crossing 78, turn left at the    are old gravel or paved roads that are flat     Eastern bluebird nesting boxes and wood
light. Proceed to the remains of an old church     and easy to hike, bike, cross country ski, or   duck boxes were erected in 2000 as part of
and veer right onto Baptist Church Road.           push a stroller on. Most of the trails are      a Boy Scout Eagle project. The bluebird
Proceed on Baptist Church Road under a             named for features one would find on            boxes can be seen in the fields, where
railroad bridge and shortly thereafter turn left   them. For example, Powerline Road has a         bluebirds can be spotted year round. Wood
into the park entrance, which is marked by a       power line running along it, and Birch Way      ducks are harder to find. They prefer
large brown sign.                                  has birches growing along the trail.            wooded habitat near ponds or streams.

                                                                   Fishing                         In the fall, this can be a good area for
                                                                                                   watching hawk migration.        Northern
                                                   Five of the park’s 25 ponds offer good          harriers and American kestrels can
                                                   fishing for bass (catch and release only)       sometimes be seen hunting over the fields
                                                   and sunfish. Anglers can concentrate their      in fall and winter.
                                                   efforts at the pond along Crow’s Road or at
                                                   Manny’s Pond, both of which have an open
                                                   bank suitable for fly-casting. Manny’s             The Hunterdon County Parks and Recreation
                                                   Pond is the largest pond in the park. Three         Department is dedicated to preserving open
                                                                                                       space and natural resources, providing safe
                                                   ponds on the northwest end of Manny’s              parks and facilities, and offering educational
                                                   Pond Road are also well suited for fishing.       and recreational opportunities, all contributing
                                                                                                      to an enhanced quality of life for present and
                                                                                                                   future generations.