Session Overview by hcj


									Sample Program – Y7 Welcome
Session Overview                         Pupil Activity                              Start
Team Arrival                                                                         8.50am
Introductions and ethos setting.         Hellos and contract signing                 9.30am
                                         House keeping
Ice-breakers                             Name Game                                   9.40am
To build a team spirit and place         Movement Game
pupils into small groups.                Team Shuffle

Theme setting                            House of Cards                              10.10am
This will highlight the need for us to   Pupils asked to help build two towers of
be careful with our words and actions    cards. With explanation and large group
as we are all part of the same family    idea sharing drawn out by team
and need to build together.              member.
Hand of Cards                            Community Chest                             10.20am
Pupils will be asked to design their     Activity focusing on gifts and talents.
own “Hand of Cards” illustrating a
Talent, Hobby, Gift, Personality,
Dream, Worry, Person and Joker.
BREAK                                                                                11.00am
Feedback                                 Form Flush                                  11.20am
All the cards will be collected and      Pupils to be mixed into different groups.
shuffled to then be re-dealt so to       Eg. All who love art, with gsoh, those
illustrate the range and sharing of      with a pet etc.
Deal, No Deal or Dilemma                 The young people will then be further       11.30am
Pupils will be challenged to discuss     challenged in their small groups to deal
then design a poster and a rap on        with the “dilemmas” when things go
“Deal” showing the positive guides for   wrong or people do not play by the
a happy and good school community.       rules.
Under the title “No Deal” the things
which are negative and
Feedback                                 Our Christian Community values              12.15pm
Young people asked to name the           are……….
values that will make it possible for
our agreed deals to be lived out.
LUNCH                                                                                12.30pm
Prayer Points                            Use art to decorate a prayer focus and      1.15pm
Decorate the candle.                     write own gift card prayers for use
Prayer hands                             during Year 7 Eucharist following week.
Community Song
Posters and banners
Mass Prep offertory, sorry, asking,
thank you, scripture drama
BREAK and resetting of hall                                                          2.15pm
Liturgy “Wise Man”                       Young people asked to take part in an       2.30pm
Guided Meditation and prayer             imaginative prayer journey with the
actions                                  person of God.

Evaluations and Check Back               rechecking on mass tasks and roles          3.00pm
Closing prayer and finish                                                            3.15pm

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