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					                                                Getting to Know You…
                                                An Interview with CEO Tom
                                                On Oct. 15 Thomas Mauk walked            Board’s goals.
                                                into the Hall of Administration for
                                                his first day at work as County Ex-         1. We need to continue to
Lou Correa Wins Election                        ecutive Officer. With more than 30             maintain a balanced budget
To represent 1st District                       years’ experience in municipal gov-            and to improve our budget
Lou Correa Assemblyman for the 69th             ernment administration, Mauk has               status
District, was elected to the First Dis-         been praised for his knowledge of              despite
trict Supervisorial seat in the Nov. 2          public policy administration and               the
election. Correa will represent the             managerial expertise. He recently              State’s
cities of Westminster, Garden Grove,
                                                sat down with County Connection                take-
Santa Ana and the unincorporated
                                                to talk about hi first month on the            always
Midway City.
                                                job.                                           and our
His term of office begins at noon on                                                           bank-
Jan. 3 and his first Board of Supervi-          Q. Now that you’ve been on the job             ruptcy
sors’ meeting will be Jan. 4.                   for a month, what are your first im-           debt
                                                pressions?                                     obliga-
Correa was elected to his first term in                                                        tions.
the California’s State Assembly in              A. The members of the Board has             2. We maintain and want to
1998 and was reelected in 2000 and              been first class in providing leader-          develop good relationships
2002. Prior to becoming a member of             ship and communicating with me                 with our labor organizations
the Legislature, he was an investment           about their views and goals. In ad-            and be involved with day-to-
banker, a real estate broker and a
                                                                       dition to their         day negotiations.
business consultant.
                                                                       leadership, I        3. Attention needs to be given
Correa lives in Santa Ana with his                                     believe they’d          to our capital projects in-
wife, Dr. Esther Reynoso-Correa, and                                   agree that the          volved with flood control and
their four children.                                                   County runs             Harbors, Beaches & Parks
                                                                       on the quality          and we need focus in pro-
Shelters Need Volunteers                                               of its employ-          gram issues such as Code
An estimated 70 percent of the more                                    ees. The tal-           Enforcement and annexa-
than 20,000 homeless in Orange                                         ent I’ve seen           tions.
County are families with children. The                                 here is amaz-
little ones, with limited shelter or food,                             ing. One of       Q. You have a long history of City
are the most vulnerable to the rains            my goals is to continue to get out       management. What are the simi-
and dipping temperatures that came              the message about the exceptional        larities and contrasts between the
early this year.                                work being done daily by County          roles of City Manager and County
                                                employees.                               CEO?
During the winter months, the County
of Orange coordinates an emergency
                                                Q. What do you see as some of the        A. There are more similarities be-
shelter program at the Santa Ana and
                                                short-term goals that we need to         tween the two structures than there
Fullerton National Guard Armories.
Both opened at the beginning of this            attain?
month and will remain open seven                                                                             (Continued on page 2)
                                                A. Within the parameters of the
                           (continued page 2)

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(Continued from page 1)                    (Continued from page 1)                 that the County brings skilled,
days a week through March 31.              are differences. The primary differ-    committed employees to this part-
                                           ence is that the size, number and       nership. We want to work along
Although the program is operated by        intensity the County’s issues are       side them to achieve the best for
a non-profit organization, volunteer       larger. Some of the issues faced        Orange county.
opportunities are available for County
                                           by Cities and Counties are the
employees. For more information
about volunteering at the homeless
                                           same or overlapping. Stepping           Q. How would you describe your
shelters, contact Carol McLaughlin of      from City to County is, more than       management style? What will we
the St. Vincent de Paul Society at         anything, a change of perspective.      be learning about you in the next
714.288.5600 or the County Home-           We get through these issues on a        few months?
less Prevention Coordinator, Karen         day-to-day basis. It’s my job to
Roper, at 714.567.7418.                    give attention to the details and       A. My management style is based
                                           make sure that employees have           on support and a strong team ori-
Tis the Season...                          the tools they need to do their work    entation. The first focus is on the
         Let the giving begin. Opera-      and that they understand the mis-       leadership of the Board. Then it’s
         tion Santa Claus is gearing       sion set before us by the Board.        our job to implement that vision
         up for another year of kind-                                              and get the job done. You’ll see
         ness. The toy drive started       The biggest contrast I’ve experi-       that I’m interested in what em-
         November 29 and runs              enced isn’t between City and            ployees are doing. You’ll see me
through December 23.                       County. It’s between the public         out and about the County work
                                           and private sectors. There’s a          sites to
County employees are encouraged to         myth out there that the private sec-    meet you
donate items and volunteer to help in
                                           tor does a better job than those of     and talk to
the holiday store. Each year employ-
ees can give in three different ways       us in the public sector. Having         you. I care
including cash donations, providing        worked in both environments, I’d        about your
new, wrapped gifts or filling angel tag    like to be a messenger to debunk        success and
opportunities. To donate money, send       that myth. I have seen talented,        how our
your check or gift certificates to Op-     skilled workers in City and County      combined
eration Santa Claus, P.O. Box 22006,       agencies as well as in private or-      successes
Santa Ana, CA 92702.                       ganizations. In addition, there’s an    move the
                                           extra measure of commitment to          County toward achieving its goals
During December, gifts can be              the job from public employees be-       in a timely basis.
dropped off at the Operation Santa         cause you are using your abilities
Claus distribution center, 1505 East
                                           to provide necessary services to        Q. How can employees—in any
Warner Avenue, Santa Ana. In addi-
tion, you may also drop off your con-
                                           the public.                             job title or classification—make a
tribution at most Courts and at various                                            difference in how the County
Orange County public libraries.            Q. From a City Manager’s point of       does business? How can an indi-
                                           view, what do we as County de-          vidual employee help move to-
Organizations and businesses can           partments need to better communi-       ward the goalpost?
sponsor an "Angel Tree" by distribut-      cate to the Cities?
ing gift tags provided by Operation                                                A. Each employee’s job is impor-
Santa Claus. These tags have the           A. We need to continue communi-         tant. Employees make a differ-
name (fictitious due to confidentiality    cating to the Cities that we’re part-   ence by viewing the County’s
laws) and age of a child or adult who      ners with them in ensuring the best     goals through their own job’s mis-
needs gifts from "Santa." Gifts being      services and quality of life for Or-    sion and making sure they’re the
donated are returned to the “Angel
                                                                  ange County      same. Hard work and attention to
Tree” organizer at a specified time
and passed along to Operation Santa
                                                                  residents. In    detail in County staff are keys to
Claus for distribution to needy chil-                             doing so, we     making that individual difference.
dren or adults.                                                   need to ap-      If each individual has focus on the
                                                                  preciate and     goal and what we must contribute
For information on how to conduct a                               capitalize on    toward getting there, we’ll be-
gift drive or make a contribution to the                          the commit-      come an even more successful
program, contact Debbie Curnutt at                                ment of public   organization.
714.825.3159. If you need informa-                                sector em-
tion about working at the Operation                               ployees. We
Santa Claus holiday store, call Jane                              should con-
Dawson at 714.834.7440.                    tinue taking the message to Cities
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  Supervisor Chuck Smith Retires After 20 Years
 After 20 years of dedicated public service, Supervisor Charles (Chuck) Smith will retire Jan. 3. He was
 elected as the First District Supervisor in No-
 vember 1996 and was reelected in 2000.
 Smith has served as a Supervisor for eight
 years with two, one-year terms as chairman.

 “I’ll miss the ability to help those who are less
 fortunate,” said Smith.

 Smith would like to see the prescription drug
 program initiated and social programs contin-
 ued as incoming Supervisor Lou Correa steps

 He received his bachelor’s degree from Ohio
 State University and completed graduate work
 at UCLA. Prior to his public service, Smith was
 a project manager at Rockwell and a combat
 veteran of the Korean War.
                                                       During the two terms of Supervisor Chuck Smith, he
 Smith and his wife, Nancy, have been married         focused on the issues of children and families in need.
 for more than 40 years and live in Westmin-

        1,000 County Employees Worked The Polls
 An estimated 71 percent of registered voters cast ballot in last month’s historic election. A total of 7,700
 poll workers including 1,000 County employees and 1,400 students took part.

                        Registrar of Voters (ROV) reported that Election Day was completed without any
                        major problems. Despite long lines at some locations, minor equipment glitches and
                        a shortage of “I voted” stickers, this election will be remembered as an impressive

                       “I am thrilled about the success of the election and grateful for the hard work and
                       dedication of countless volunteers including our County family,” said Steve Roder-
                       mund, Registrar of Voters. “According to voter feedback, independent assessment
                       by the Secretary of State and evaluations by voter advocacy groups, this election
 was a triumph for the ROV and all the volunteers who helped us.”

 Many lessons were learned from challenges faced in March. Based on those experiences, precautions
 were taken to prevent reoccurrences in this election. The key aspect was the number and quality of poll
 workers, changing the training to be more consistent for each poll worker, better communication with staff
 and field workers on Election Day, and a better understanding of the equipment which was first in service
 in the March election.

 The Registrar also commended ROV staff members for their sacrifices leading up to and even beyond the
 election. They surrendered flex schedules, vacations and all other time off while preparing for the Novem-
 ber 2 election. The 1,000 County poll workers, from departments across the County spectrum, put in a
 long, high-tension day to facilitate the voting process.
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                                  John Pavlik                      Darlene Denham Martinez
                                  RDMD                             SSA

                                  Dianna Raroha                    James Morris
                                  Probation                        JWA

                                  Robert Reister                   Timothy Morris
                                  Sheriff-Coroner                  Sheriff-Coroner

                                  Linda Robinson                   Ngan Ha Nguyen
                                  Sheriff-Coroner                  SSA
   For the Month of November
                                  Howard Serbin                    Binh Phung
                                  County Counsel                   SSA
 35 Years
 Dwight Tipping                   George Valenzuela                Tuyet Quach
 HCA                              IWMD                             SSA
 Robert Wright                                                     Randall Ressell
 RDMD                             25 Years                         Probation
                                  Rochelle Ambersound
                                  SSA                              Lorena Rios
 30 Years                                                          SSA
 Dana Bianco                      Crispina Beleber
 HCA                              Auditor-Controller               Carlos Rosales
 Janice Dunford                   Jeanette Brone
 CSS                              RDMD                             Michael Russell
 Monica Gallagher                 Robert Courtney
 Probation                        Public Defender                  Jan Shoda
 Regina Garcia                    Christopher Dunn
 Auditor-Controller               Sheriff-Coroner                  Benjamin Stripe
 Earl Hancock                     Alberta Fischer
 RDMD                             Registrar of Voters              Velma Trevino
 Michael Landry                   Cprpthy Gamino
 RDMD                             Sheriff-Coroner                  Thang Vinh
 Walter Levitus                   John Honsberger
 Public Defender                  RDMD                             Minh Vo
 James Lockwood                   William Hunt
 RDMD                             HCA                              Jerry Voss
 Lucy Lozano                      Jorge Lopez
 Assessor                         Assessor                         Lynn Voung
 Marlene McVay                    Rosa Manzo
 Probation                        Sheriff-Coroner

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  newsletter is published by CEO Media Relations. All suggestions and comments may be emailed
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