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									               West Winnipeg Athletic Conference
                                      MINUTES OF MEETING
                                      Monday, February 2nd, 2004
Attendance :
                           Shaftesbury                 - No Representative (regrets sent)
                           Oak Park                    - Stuart Nixon
                           Silver Heights              - Rod Gilhouly
                           John Taylor                 - Larry Switzer, Jean Morton
                           Fort Richmond               - Keith Redfern
                           Vincent Massey              - Russ Paddock
                           St. James                   - No Representative (regrets sent)
                           St. Mary’s                  - Christine Rewniak
                           St. Paul’s                  - No Representative
                           Stonewall                   - Tom Johnson
                           Sturgeon Creek              - Deborah Einarson-Woods
                           Westwood                    - Jennifer Douglas
                           PT Consultant               - Nick Dyck
                           SJ Coordinator              - Regrets sent

    1   Additions to and acceptance of the agenda – Larry / Tom                   4:20p.m.

    2   Acceptance of the January minutes – Russ / Stewart

    3   Presentations - None

    4   Business arising from the October minutes

               4.1 Nick and Derek reviewed the recommendations and revised the existing Guidelines for
                   Supervision. The revisions were highlighted and distributed top the membership.

    5   Convenor Reports

               5.1   Treasurer’s Report – Unavailable
               5.2   Volleyball – Westwood distributed their financial statement for the Conference Championship
               5.3   Curling - The Boys and Girls Play-off draws were distributed. * Please note the locations of the
                     rinks for the girls draws. Girls play at CFB until Feb. 10 then all other games are played at
                     Charleswood. The zone is allowed one provincial representative in each category. The Boys
                     (only) will have an opportunity for a wildcard berth.
                     Note – MHSAA Provincial Championships are played at Gimli and Winnipeg Beach on
                     Thursday and Friday. All games on Saturday will be played in Gimli.
               5.4   Basketball – All results and scores need to be emailed to Murray Brown
                     mbrown@pembinatrails.ca . Congratulations to Silver Heights and Sturgeon Creek who were
                     awarded the Conference Championship based on their bid. Basketball report was distributed.
                     A discussion ensued concerning the fulfillment of the WWAC’s obligation to play Winkler. FRC
                     boys are playing on February 28, but as yet, we do not have a varsity girls team willing to play on
                     that date. Schools are requested to solicit their school’s varsity girls team to see if they would
                     play the game in Winkler on Feb. 28 @ 2:30 pm.

                     Motion – Be it resolved that the WWAC pay the costs of a bus that would travel to Winkler on
                     February 28 to fulfill the MHSAA requirement. Nick/Stuart (passed unanimously)
                  Recommendation that any necessary adjustments to school fees be made to cover the cost of one
                  bus for volleyball and one bus for basketball to travel to Winkler.
                  It was further recommended that the Convenors for Volleyball and Basketball contact Winkler to
                  make the interlocking games part of the schedule. Another recommendation was that a rotation
                  be considered so that schools are aware of their responsibility at the beginning of the season.
            5.5   Badminton- Keith requested that schools identify their intention to participate and any conflict
                  dates. Submit your intentions and dates to Gord Poulton at gpoulton@pembinatrails.ca
            5.6   Fastball- Revised bylaws were distributed and will be ratified at the March meeting. Please
                  forward any suggested revision to Dwenda at darnold@pembinatrails.ca . Garden City and
                  Glenlawn have expressed interest in joining our league.

    6   Correspondence
            6.1 none.

    7   New Business
           7.1 Run Jump and Throw Program – Dr. Linda Blade will conduct an Inservice on this program on
               Wednesday, March 17 from 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm at Whyte Ridge School. To register call Sheldon
               Reynolds at 488-4245 or email him at sreynolds@pembinatrails.ca
           7.2 Pembina Trails is hosting a Badminton Skills clinic on Monday, February 16 from 4:00 – 6:00 pm
               at Westgrove Elementary School, 50 Westgrove Way. Please contact Julie Grass at
               jgrass@pembinatrails.ca to register. Participants are requested to bring their own racquets.
           7.3 Basketball Tiering Proposal revisions were presented and discussed.
               Send feedback to Nick by February 20.
           7.4 Scholar Athlete Luncheon –St. James and Pembina Trails have approved the Scholar Athlete
               Luncheon for the 2003-2004 school year. The committee met and amended some of the
               qualification requirements for the luncheon. A draft information package was distributed.
           7.5 Reminder to register for the Senior Years YAG sessions. Encourage your teacher candidates to
               register as well. Note – All Pembina Trails Senior High PE staff are required to register for and
               attend the YAG session on March 18 and 19.

    8   Adjournment – Keith / Christine

    9   Next Meeting Date – Monday, March 1st at 4:15 @ Pembina Trails Admin Office

Important Notice:
Most if not all of the documents presented at the meetings, as well as meeting minutes can be accessed through
the Pembina Trails Website for Physical Education.

The address for the website is http://www.pembinatrails.ca/program/physicaleducation/

Follow the links to WWAC.

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