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                                    VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES

MINISTRY                OPPORTUNITY                                     WHEN                     WHERE               CONTACTS

Care Team     This ministry is for meeting and connecting with newcomers to our church, steering                     Grant Kavanah
              them to needed ministries and helps.

              Care Team Worker – We meet first-time visitors,          All worship               Sanctuary           Grant Kavanah
              supply them with church information, reconnect           services
              with them at the end of the service. Training avail.

 The “Edge”   “The Edge” Youth Ministry is our ministry to students in grades 9 thru 12.   It is a great place       Pastor Matt Poterbin
Youth Group   for our youth to worship God together, to grow in a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ              pastormatt@
              and have appreciation for fellowship, evangelism and serving others.                                   newcitygospel.org

              Assistant Small Group Leader - Help lead
              Small Group Bible Studies. Students are divided            Tuesdays
              by age and gender. Excellent opportunity to              7:15 – 9:30 pm            at church               Pastor Matt
              see if you are called to work with this age group.
              Must have a heart for working with young
              people and seeing them grow in God.

              Media Production and Support - Help set up
              Tuesday night worship service and work with the            Tuesdays
              sound and video projection. Clean up sound               6:30 – 10:00 pm           sanctuary               Pastor Matt
              equipment after service.

Evangelism    This ministry seeks to reach the lost and to train others to effectively witness and reach         Mike Finucane, 993-390-0151
              the lost in our world.                                                                             Mfinucane@minutemanpress.ws
                                                                                                                 Shawn Gilroy, 845-708-0388

              Street Evangelism, one-on-one – Confronting              Approx. one               Nyack and           Mike Finucane
              unbelievers with their need for a savior. Need a         Sat. per month            Spring Valley       Shawn Gilroy
              passion for the lost and a desire for this ministry.     11 am – 1 pm
                                        VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES

 MINISTRY                   OPPORTUNITY                                      WHEN                   WHERE               CONTACTS

Greeters           We are ambassadors of Christ’s love to all who enter NCGF. We are ready to answer                    Donna Vassilatos
                   questions concerning ministries and locations, and to provide whatever assistance we can.            634-3945 or 304-9850

                   Welcoming staff – Greeting all who come to NCG,          Sundays Services        Top of stairs in    Donna Vassilatos
                   both members and visitors, in a warm, friendly way.      Cantatas, special       main foyer
                   One service every three months. Be present 15 min.       events
                   before & after services to be of assistance to guests.

Hands of Love      We serve the Lord by serving those in need. We lend spiritual and emotional support to our           Ana Lorenzana, 354-5637
                   church members and regular attenders.                                                                Britjulnick@optonline.net
                                                                                                                        The Serranos, 406-3085

                   Visitation – In the homes/local hospitals, etc. We       Times vary              In homes,
                   provide prayer, encouragement, etc. to the sick and      Flexible days           Hospitals,          Ana Lorenzano
                   elderly, home bound, bereaved, widowed, in               and evenings            Nursing homes,      Helen and Henry
                   family crisis, etc. Training is provided.                                        etc.                Serrano

Hostess Ministry   We serve in food preparation and presentation on special occasions for church                        Helen Serrano
                   functions, on a rotating basis. A commitment of 3 to 6 months is desirable                           serranoh@optonline.net

                   Hostess - Serving congregation & staff with kitchen      Days and                Usually in
                   set up and clean up before and after functions.          times vary              Fellowship Hall     Helen Serrano
                   Occasional set up for pastors during week is needed.

                   New City Gospel participates in the Rockland Jail Ministry, which ministers to the incarcerated in   Rose Wanstall, 429-8531
Jail Ministry      the Rockland County Jail. Bible Study is held, prayer and singing, bringing encouragement to         qtclown@optonline.net
                   the men and women in the jail.                                                                       Aldo DeVivo, 634-7828

                   Male & Female Bible Study Workers – Lead basic           One Sunday per          Rockland            Rose Wanstall
                   Bible Study with inmates, answering questions,           month, approx.          County Jail         Aldo DeVivo
                   having worship and prayer time with them. Can            8 – 10 pm
                   follow up as desired. Monthly commitment is nec.
                                     VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES

MINISTRY                 OPPORTUNITY                                         WHEN                    WHERE                 CONTACTS

Junior Church   Junior Church allows children to be in a setting on Sunday mornings designed to meet                       Debby Warren
                specific needs, providing for discipling and leading to a loving relationship with Jesus.                  634-7828, x 115

                Teacher’s Assistants – Will help teacher with              During all AM             Various rooms         Debby Warren
                attendance, passing out work, snacks, etc. Commit-         services                  in building
                ment - 3 months per year, on rotating basis.

                Shopper/Organizer – Order materials, organize              Times vary                Various rooms         Debby Warren
                supply cabinet, purchase snacks, etc.

Kidz on Fire    In this ministry 5th and 6th graders are in a setting designed to meet their specific needs through        Debby Warren
                worship, prayer, games, events and Bible study, discipling them to a deeper walk with Jesus.               634-7828, x 115

                Kidz Team Adult Assistant – Assist in worship,             Every other Friday        Fellowship Hall       Debby Warren
                games, snacks and events. Show love in an “out-            7:30 – 9:30 pm
                of-the-box” fun way. We also have special events.          Thurs. in July/Aug.

Maintenance     We are in charge of the repair, maintenance and cleaning of the property, which                            Jim O’Gorman
                includes the buildings that are a part of New City Gospel Fellowship.                                      845-634-7828
                                                                                                                           Ext. 100

                Maintenance, repair, cleaning, landscaping.                Flexible times
                Members skilled in building trades & landscaping           7 days a week             Church buildings      Jim O’Gorman
                know how are needed. (Wear work clothes)                   (mostly weekends          and grounds
                                                                            8 am to 2 pm)
                                   VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES

MINISTRY                OPPORTUNITY                                     WHEN                   WHERE                CONTACTS

Multimedia     This ministry is responsible for worship song projection (Media Shout), loading Power Point and      Mike Salerno, 821-5701
               video presentations, as well as all video and audio recording.                                       Mikesal99@aol.com

               Video and Audio Recording Operator - Must have          3rd service,            In sound booth
               basic computer skills and interest in working video     11:30 to approx. 2pm    at the back of the
               recorder. We make copies of services for those          starting May 28th       Sanctuary            Mike Salerno
               who miss a service or who want to pass a message        for next 7 weeks.
               on to someone else.

               Media Shout Operator – Worship song projection.         3rd service,            In sound booth       Mike Salerno
               Need basic computer skills or interest to learn.        from 11:30 to 2pm

               Building Male Leadership in the 21 st Century
New City Men   The New City Men’s Ministry is committed to help discipline, mature and empower men for
               leadership in their home, church and community, by first engaging men in relationships by
               participating in different fellowship/equipping events.

               Administrative Staff Member – Will assist with          Times vary              Diverse locals       Ervin Virola, 914-403-1863
               communicating upcoming events (breakfasts,              with one month’s                             ervin@newcitymen.com
               retreats. etc.) Need good email and phone skills.       notice                                       Anthony Falzone, 406-5464

               Web Designers – Provide input and make changes/         Times will vary         Usually at NCG       Ervin Virola
               updates to our current website. Need creativity and                                                  Anthony Falzone
               website template-based design. Computer and web
               concepts knowledge necessary.

               Treasurer – Be responsible for helping maintain         Times will vary         NCGF                 Ervin Virola
               records and receipts to ensure we stay within budget.   Budget prep in                               Anthony Falzone
               Assist in creating yearly budget. Accounting and        August
               spreadsheet skills needed.
                                    VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES

MINISTRY                OPPORTUNITY                                   WHEN                 WHERE              CONTACTS

New City Men   Prayer Warriors – Are part of an intercessory         Dates and locals      Locations vary     Patrick Godfrey, 406-8227
               prayer team, praying for men, especially pastoral     will vary                                pateph21@optonline.net
               staff and local church. Will promote and attend       Contact Patrick                          Mike Finucane, 735-7712
               corporate prayer and small group prayer & events.                                              Mfinucane@minutemanpress.ws
                                                                                                              Dan Quintero, 914-426-3075 (2)

               Outreach Team Member – Must have passion for          Times vary            Locations vary
               the lost. Will assist outreach leader to coordinate   with one month’s                         Mike Finucane
               outings into the community or events in church,       notice                                   Ervin Virola
               specifically for men.

               Small Group Host – This man wants to bless by         Homes and             Locations vary     Dan Quintero, 914-426-3075 (2)
               providing his home as a host home. Will create        times will vary       with one month’s   Daniel.quintero@kipsbay.org
               an encouraging, private, friendly atmosphere                                notice

               Small Group Facilitator/Apprentice – Team of 2,       Times vary            Locations vary     Dan Quintero
               willing to partner for men’s small groups for a       with one month’s                         Ervin Virola
               minimum of 6 weeks with the goal of having one’s      notice
               own group. Desire for vital relationships to form.

               Event Coordinator – Will assist event leaders. May    Times vary            Locations vary     Anthony Falzone
               participate in planning, staging, set-up and promo-   with one month’s
               tion of events. Must be available before and after    notice

               Service Project Team Captain – Responsible for        Usually the 2nd       Locations vary     Joe Blasi, 201-247-4051
               coordinating a team for service projects. Need a      Saturday of month     indoors or out     jablasi@earthlink.net
               heart for serving less fortunate.                     with month’s notice                      Anthony Falzone, 406-5464
                                                                                                              Ervin Virol, 914-403-1863

               Service Project Team Member – Team member             Usually the 2nd       Locations vary     Joe Blasi
               for service requests of the elderly, needy and less   Saturday of month                        Anthony Falzone
               fortunate. Must be team player with integrity.        with month’s notice                      Ervin Virola
                                      VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES

    MINISTRY             OPPORTUNITY                                          WHEN                 WHERE              CONTACTS

Nursery        Our nursery is a place for you to lovingly minister to babies, newborn to two years old, in a safe     Claudette Edwards
               and nurturing environment.                                                                             845-893-7441

               Nursery Workers – Providing care for babies thru two          During all Sunday     Nursery, off       Claudette Edwards
               years old, entertaining, diapering, feeding and giving        services, 10 min.     main lobby
               love, safety and security while they are in our care.         before and after
               Must be 14 or older.

Nursing Home   This ministry provides Bible study, reading scripture, singing, prayer and fellowship to the           Jo & Darlene Benjamin
               elderly and disabled residents of the Pine Valley Nursing Home in Hillcrest, NY. We want to share              845 -268-0762
               the love of Christ through our ministry.                                                               Forgave27@hotmail.com

               Teaching/Preaching – Will need a love of the Word             1st Sunday of         Pine Valley NH     Jo & Darlene Benjamin
               and ability to teach it to others. Teach approx. 10-20 min.   month, 3-4 pm         in Hillcrest, NY

               Altar worker – Must be a good listener, able to pray          1st Sunday of         Pine Valley NH     Jo & Darlene Benjamin
               individually with others. (5-15 min. prayer time.)            month, 3-4 pm         in Hillcrest, NY

               Singing – We minister in song to the elderly. They love       1st Sunday of         Pine Valley NH     Jo & Darlene Benjamin
               to sing. (10-20 minutes of singing)                           month, 3-4 pm         in Hillcrest, NY

               Bible Study participant – Read the Bible and Daily            1st & 3rd Tuesday     Pine Valley NH     Jo & Darlene Benjamin
               Bread, pray, sing and be patient and good listener.           of each month         in Hillcrest, NY
               Excellent family ministry. (Own transportation)               6:30 – 7:00 pm

Pioneer Club   Pioneer Club is a ministry for girls ages 4 thru 11 that encourages a closer relationship with         Dee Soto, 354-2363
               the Lord through fun activities and Biblical explorations                                              mimax3@optonline.net

               Club Leaders – these leaders implement weekly                 Wednesdays            NCGF               Dee Soto
               lessons and teach Christian values to the girls.              7:15 – 8:30 pm
               Need commitment to weekly meetings.                           Sept. thru June
                                    VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES

   MINISTRY             OPPORTUNITY                                        WHEN                    WHERE                CONTACTS

Prayer         This ministry is for upholding our leadership and congregation during and between Sunday                 Deanna Lewis
               services and throughout the week, plus one night a month.                                                845-359-7499

               Prayer Partners – Our ministry is prayer! We may          Sundays during            At NCGF
               be called on for crisis prayer or ongoing prayer.         and between               Also in homes,
               We pray for our leadership, heads of ministries, etc.     services, plus 7          over the phone,      Deanna Lewis
               We commit to daily support 2 people, keeping in           days a week, at           contact via
               touch regarding needs. This ministry is for everyone.     least 15 minutes          email, etc.

               SWAT is a Sunday morning program intended to guide children ages 4 thru 12 into a relationship           Debby Warren
SWAT           with Christ and to aid parents in developing a godly character in their children.                        634-7828, x 115

               SWAT Assistant – Use curriculum provided to               2nd Service
               engage children age 4-12 in learning Bible truths .       10 – 11:30 am             Fellowship Hall      Debby Warren

Toddler        Our Toddler Nursery provides care for toddlers, age 2-4 in order to allow parents to worship in       Sylvia Milani, 362-0632
     Nursery   the sanctuary. We help lay a spiritual foundation in the lives of the children                        Isabel Falzone, 627-1068

               Toddler Nursery worker – Will serve 2-4 yr olds           Sundays                   Room #4              Sylvia Milani
               during Sunday worship, providing care, playtime           1st,2nd, & 3rd            Lower level          Isabel Falzone
               story time, snack and song time. Serve once every         services
               4 to 8 weeks, depending on number of workers

               Our ministry is to make sure that the service flows freely and to allow the pastors to preach            Jos Blasi, 354-1413
Ushers         the Word of God without interruption. We will be seen, but not distract from the spirit                  Michel Sabba, 425-9037
               of the service.                                                                                          Skariah Thomas, 323-3173

               Ushers - We serve the entire congregation at each         8:00 – 10:10 am                                Joseph Blasi
               service. All services needed, on a rotating basis.        10:00 – 11:30 am          Sanctuary            Michel Sabba
                                                                         11:30 am-1:45 pm                               Skariah Thomas
                                                                         + other special events
                                      VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES

     MINISTRY             OPPORTUNITY                                       WHEN                WHERE       CONTACTS

Vacation Bible   VBS provides a fun atmosphere for children ages 4 thruogh 12 to learn and develop a        Suzette Venner
   School        relationship with the Lord during their summer vacation                                    914-760-0463

                 Crew Leader – leading children from one station           M-F, July 1-14th     NCGF        Suzette Venner
                 to another in an orderly fashion..                        6:00 – 9:00 pm

                 Registration – Allowing parents to sign their             3 Sundays prior      Lobby       Suzette Venner
                 children up for our VBS program.                          to start of VBS

  Voices of      Voices of Restoration is a choir designed to minister the gospel through song and to       Jason Rodman
 Restoration     bring restoration to those ministered to.                                                  634-7828, Ext. 119

                 Section Leaders – Be a liaison to their designated
                 sections, i.e. soprano, alto, tenor, bass. Skills           Mondays            Room #8     Jason Rodman
                 related to gospel/urban praise and worship music.         7:15 – 9:15 pm
                 Childcare available when needed.

Worship Team     The worship team leads congregational singing and worship during our church                Nicholas Tenore
                 services.                                                                                ntenore@subarudistcorp.com

                 Worship Team Member – We lead the singing                 Rehearse on          NCGF        Nicholas Tenore
                 and provide music and musicians for services.             Mondays,
                 Must be able to sing in tune or play an instrument        7:45 – 9:00 pm
                 with a good degree of skill.                              Minister Sundays
                                                                           all services

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