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unitarian universalist church of olinda


unitarian universalist church of olinda

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									                         Unitarian Universalist Church of Olinda
                             2953 Olinda Sideroad, R.R. #2
                                 Ruthven, ON N0P 2G0
                                    (519) 326-4352

                             Summer Activities
An unauthorized version written and copied so that you can be informed of summer
activities at the Church. It was mentioned at the Board Meeting on Thursday evening
that the Authorized Version might not arrive prior to the events taking place.

Church Services:

Usual time at 10:30 without Sunday School.

Sunday, July 15: Helen Moore reads from the Writings of Stewart Moore

Sunday, August 5: Evelyn Pigott-Washington presents an Earthbased Workshop

Social Activities:

Saturday, July 21: Barbecue at the Baylis home. This is a fundraiser for the auction. You
may have signed up and paid. If you wish to attend and have not yet signed up and paid,
it is still possible to do so by calling Bobbye or Bill Baylis at (519) 738-2118.

Sunday, August 5: Barbecue/picnic at Indian Ridge Farm. Please note a change of time
with the picnic beginning after the church service at noon. Bring a dish to share, bring
your bathing suit if you wish to swim and make a small contribution to the cost of the
meat. If you have any questions, call Sheron Campbell at (519) 326-7517.


August 5: Sunday Services meeting at 11:30 after the church service and before the
barbecue/picnic. This has been announced at a different time but the minutes of the last
Sunday Services meeting indicate the 11:30 time, so if you plan to attend, please contact
Sunday Services Trustee Jane Innerd at (519) 256-3593 to confirm the time.

August 23: Board Meeting at 7:00 p.m.

Note from the Treasurer:
Please feel that you can, if you so wish, continue to support the Church during the
summer, with cheques sent to the church and/or giving postdated cheques. Thank you for
your generosity whether you plan to donate this summer or not.

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