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									The Facts after 9/11
    Tons of steel used to build the World Trade Center: 200,000
    American flags sold at Wal-Mart on Sept. 12, 2001: 200,000
    U.S. citizens killed on Sept. 11: more than 2,000
    U.S. citizens who lost their jobs: more than 300,000
    Ratio of Americans killed by terrorists last year to the estimated number who died from food poisoning:
    Number of times “Osama bin Laden” appeared in the U.S. press on 9/11/01: 3

    Bush’s approval rate on Sept. 21, 2001: 90 percent, the highest for any president

    Aid money returned to a Saudi prince after he linked the attacks to U.S. support for Israel: 10 million
    Percentage of people polled who said Giuliani should have accepted money: 10
    Rumor that spread through the Internet: Nostradamus prophecy

    Increase in sales of books about prophecy in the week following 9/11: 80 percent

    Application increase at Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School: 40 percent
    Years before U.S. air travel is expected to return to pre-Sept. 11 levels: 2 to 4

    Lower Manhattan residents who reported clinical depression symptoms eight weeks after the attacks:
    Percentage of residents near Ground Zero still experiencing physical symptoms related to the attacks:
    Observation deck tickets sold annually at the World Trade Center: 1.9 million
    Annual visitors to the observation deck at the Empire State Building since 1931: 1.5 million
    Tickets distributed at Ground Zero since January: 1,070,499
    Increase in tourists in New York City since last year: 8 percent
    Decrease in tourist spending in New York City since last year: 9 percent
    Therapists who signed up for trauma treatment training immediately after 9/11: 1,400
    Increase in first-aid kit sales on 150 percent
    Increased activity at since 9/11: 100 percent
    Dollar compensation received by families of the six victims of the 1993 WTC bombing: 0
    Minimum compensation to each victim’s family from 9/11: $300,000

    Families that have so far sued the New York Port Authority: 450
    Travelers who say another U.S. terrorist attack is likely: 79 percent
    Millions of dollars to repair the Pentagon: 500
    Increase in American public’s attention to foreign news since 9/11: 7 percent

    Countries that gave specific warnings of a terrorist attack before 9/11: Germany, Egypt, Russia and

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