the elements of a short story

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					Latoya A. Henry
Adolesent Learning and Development
Dr. H. Hartman
Thursday, November 14, 2002

        Aim                What are the elements of a short story? (ELICIT)
      Objectives           Students will be able to:
                              1. Identify the elements of the short story
                              2. Establish working definitions of the elements of a short story
                              3. Discuss a well known fairytale
                              4. Apply elements of short story to the fairytale
       Materials           Story board, plot development sheet, “Three Little Pigs”
        Do Now             What is a short story? Explain.
      (5 minutes)
      Motivation           Student Responses
      (5 minutes)         What are the characteristics that define a short story? (i.e. length,
                          number of characters, time span, well-defined plot, etc.)
                       2. Questions:
                          How can we use what we have come up with to create a
                          definition for the short story? (The short story is a piece of prose
                          fiction, usually under 10,000 words which can be read in one
Development/Activities 1. Read-Aloud “Three Little Pigs”
      (5 minutes)         Listen to this short story and write down anything you notice
                          the story having. (i.e. title, introduction, characters, setting, point
                          of view, plot, rising action, conflict, climax, conclusion)
                       2. Introduce any of the elements that are not mentioned
   Medial Summary      1. Divide into groups each person within the group will be given a
     (10 minutes)         different element of the story to change (character, setting, plot,
                       2. Group comes together to combine what they have done, to create
                          a new story
 Further Development What is/are:
      (3 minutes)             The setting?
                              The point-of-view?
    Final Summary      Each element of the story is very important to the whole story. As
      (5 minutes)      you can see, changing any one part of these elements can give you
                       an entirely new story.


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