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					                                            This pamphlet gives information about the
                                                                                                  Supporting California’s Children
                                            general procedures of the County of San Diego
      Points To Remember                    Department of Child Support Services, and
• It is important that you do not ignore    should be used for informational purposes only.
  the Summons and Complaint. It does        You have the option to consult an attorney.
  not go away and can impact the rest
  of your life.
                                            The Department of Child Support Services
                                            does not offer legal representation or give legal   SUMMONS & COMPLAINT
• You have 30 days from the date                                                                                       and
  you were served to respond to the
  Summons and Complaint.
• If you have any questions about the
                                                                                                PROPOSED JUDGMENT
  Summons and Complaint, please
  contact the child support office at
  866-901-3212. A case manager will
  assist you.
• When coming to the DCSS, please
  bring proof of income such as a
  recent pay stub and W-2 form.

      Family Law Facilitator
A Summons and Complaint is a legal
document and a civil lawsuit. If you
need assistance in completing and             “Enhance Our Children’s Futures
filing forms, you may visit the Family        by Obtaining Support For Families
Law Facilitator on the fourth floor of the                 Today”
downtown courthouse located at 220
W. Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101.
                                                     County of San Diego
                                              Department of Child Support Services
                                                  220 W. Broadway, 6th Floor
                                                     San Diego, CA 92101

                                                     Phone: 866-901-3212

                                                                                                        COUNTY OF SAN DIEGO
                                                                                                            Department of
   WE ARE HERE TO HELP!                                                                                 Child Support Services
                                                            SDPUB 001 (11/08)
When the Department of Child                       What should I do after I am                          What happens if I do not
Support Services opens a case                              served?                                             respond?
to establish a support order,                 You have thirty (30) days to respond from the        Do not ignore       the   Summons     and
a Summons and Complaint                       date you were served. You should file an Answer       Complaint!
with a Proposed Judgment                      and/or sign an agreement (Stipulation).              • If you do not sign a stipulation or file
may be issued. If both parents                File an Answer                                         an Answer within thirty (30) days, the
participate in the process, a                                                                        Proposed Judgment will become a
                                              Filing an Answer refers to submitting a written
fair order can be obtained.                                                                          Final Judgment.
                                              response to the Complaint. An Answer form            • If you ignore these papers you will be
                                              is included in the Summons and Complaint               considered the legal parent and child
         What is a                            packet or can be obtained from DCSS or the             support may be ordered.
    Summons and Complaint?                    Family Law Facilitator. You must formally file
                                                                                                   It is in your best interest to take care of
                                              an Answer with the court within thirty (30) days
A Summons and Complaint is a legal            of the date you were initially served.               this legal matter before it becomes a Final
document used to establish paternity, child                                                        Judgment. The information you provide
and/or medical support.                       Genetic Testing                                      will help ensure the order is fair.
                                              If you are unsure you are the father of the child,
 What is a Proposed Judgment?                 you may have the option to request genetic                      Representation
A Proposed Judgment states what the           testing. To request a genetic test, you must         The Department of Child Support Services
Department of Child Support Services          come to the DCSS office and bring a photo             does not represent either party. Our focus
(DCSS) recommends the court to order          ID. Also, bring a copy of your filed Answer or        is to promote the well-being of children.
based upon the Summons and Complaint.         be prepared to file an Answer at that time. If
                                              you do not request genetic testing, you may be
                                              named the legal parent of the child, even if you
   How will I be notified if a                 are not the biological parent.
Summons and Complaint is filed
                                              Sign an Agreement (Stipulation)
        against me?
                                              You can contact the local child support agency
You could be mailed a courtesy letter         named in the Summons and Complaint to
informing you of the complaint. The letter    sign an agreement (stipulation) to establish
tells you that you can pick up the Summons    paternity, child support, medical support and/
and Complaint at the local child support      or childcare.
office or return the Acknowledgement of
Receipt (included in the Summons and          Making contact or meeting with child support
Complaint packet).                            representatives does not itself meet the 30-day
                                              deadline. A signed stipulation to all terms must
Otherwise, you may be served (given) the
Summons and Complaint personally at
                                              be reached to be in compliance with this time        Children who receive support
your home or workplace.
                                              frame.                                               from both parents do better
                                                                                                   socially and scholastically.