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									 Shahul Hameed Anvar Ali
Contact Address: P.O.Box 9774, Dammam – 31423, Saudi Arabia
Permanent Address: 1.Hameempuram South St., Melapalayam,Tirunelveli – 627 005, Tamilnadu, India
Mobile: +966 509071566, E-mail:;

                                            Career Objective
Seeking a suitable position as Production, QA/QC, Estimation, Construction
Engineer or any challenging position in reputed Organizations/Consultants
dedicated to the exploration of Oil & Gas, Petro-Chemical Industry and Heavy
Industry involved in Engineering, procurement,construction and commissioning
of Plants, Proceess equipments and other Steel structures.

                                            Summary of Skills
Result oriented, Quality conscious enthusiastic Engineering professional with multi faceted exp e-
rience in manufacturing and Erection of Equipments, Piping and Steel structures and in Plant
Erection & Commissioning. Strong organizational skills in Project execution and capable of ha n-
dling multiple tasks simultaneously.

Thorough knowledge in various manufacturing, welding process, inspection & NDT requirements.
Well conversant with QMS requirements of ISO 9001:2000, passed Internal Auditor Course
conducted by BVQI. Perform and coordinate planned audits and surveillances of Construction/Process
activities and ensuring compliance to project requirements.

Good command of English written and spoken with excellent communication skills . Good know-
ledge of Auto CAD and proficiency in the use of personal computers and Microsoft software.

Working Experience                      :        16 Years

Since July, 2002 working as Production Superintendent in FULATH ENGINEERING COMPANY,
Dammam, SAUDI ARABIA, an ISO 9001:2000 certified, ASME accredited Company mainly engaged in
Design and manufacturing of Storage Tanks, Chimneys, Silos, Pressure Vessels, Aluminum Bulkers, Pip-
ing/Spooling and Steel structures.

      In-charge of overall Production system, planning and distributing fabrication activities with the fo-
       cus on optimum utilization of operational resources. Effectively supervising the Shop floor and
       monitoring & motivating a team of 3 supervisors and 100 workmen achieving scheduled project

      Emphasizing on minimum wastage of materials & manpower and inculcating the theme on work-
       men at every stages of manufacturing process. Constantly monitoring the process to avoid mis-
       takes and repetition of work.

      Reviewing and interpreting working drawings to determine if information is adequate for success-
       ful completion of fabrication. Following up material procurement, identifying and providing solu-
       tions to process problems. Preparation of Job, Process & Procurement status documents.

      Preparing BOQ based on client supplied drawings and providing preliminary material/manpower
       breakdown for costing to Marketing/Sales department for bidding new projects & Equipments. In-
       teracting with senior management on project status and Design department on technical issues.

      Ensuring Quality measures compliance by maintaining appropriate requisite documenta-
       tion/records. Imparting training to all workmen pertaining to quality implementation and com-
       pliance. Planning and conducting Internal Audits at regular intervals to maintain standards.

      Familiar with ASME Sec VIII Div.1, SEC IX, ASTM, ANSI, API 650 and other international codes.
       Prepared, guided CAD operators in preparation of drawings for Pr. Vessels, storage tanks and
       other equipments and steel structures. Directing the fabricators in material lay out & fit up with
       geometric and trigonometric calculations.

Site Engineer, Feb. ’01 – June ’02, Fulath Engineering Company, Dammam.
      Supervising and ensuring correct implementation of the project quality plan & procedures and
       productivity, executing the project in conformity with work program at site. Mobilization & demobi-
       lization of site crew and eqpts.

      Work preparation and planning of erection activities under controlled conditions as per shop
       drawings, specification, and work plan and contract requirements. Double checking the pre-
       fabricated items with approved shop drawing before installation.

      Giving the daily instructions to subordinates in accordance with the work plan. Monitoring the
       progress and preparing reports actual Vs plan and forecasting completion. Identifying necessary
       overtime requirement for the workforce and preparation of time sheet and job accomplishment
       and managing site documentation.

      Ensuring safe working environment and controlling the use of materials & manpower avoiding
       wastages. Requesting materials, consumables, tools and equipments well in advance from Head

      Co-ordinating with client for inspection and obtaining approval for completed activities for claiming
       progressive payments. Report to Project manager and providing Job status and getting clarifica-
       tions on technical issues.

      Independently plan and implement work, or with minimum supervision, in the preparation, per-
       formance and documentation of audits, surveillances and other activities. Monitoring and report-
       ing on the status of implementation of the Quality Management Program and its effectiveness.
       Identifying and recording quality problems and opportunities for improvement, and initiating or re-
       commending solutions to the Site Manager.

QC Engineer, Dec. ‘98 – Jan. ’01, Fulath Engineering Company, Dammam.
      Preparation of Quality Assurance Plan covering evaluation of the manufacturing procedures, and
       definition of inspection criteria for each stage including testing the final product. Ensuring that the
       work is carried in accordance with Drawings and Specifications and maintaining a good standard
       of Workmanship.

      Establishing WPS, preparation of PQR and imparting proper and adequate training for welding
       personnel and qualifying them to meet requirement of applicable codes and standards. Monitor-
       ing and controlling the quality performance of welders. Maintaining records for Welder qualifica-
       tion with a view to audit their performance and maintain their validity.

      Conversant with various material of construction, welding technology and welding parameters for
       all weld joints and deciding NDT requirements. Provides support to Shop floor on welding related
       to issues and sourcing & procuring welding consumables. Liaison with customers and potential
       customers on all aspects of inspection and quality production.

      Carrying out checks on fabricated items in concurrence with production assuring that all toler-
       ances are within specification requirements and correctly recording a complete set of AS BUILT
       drawings for dimensional control. Calibration and operation of all testing equipments.

      Conducting, witnessing Hydro test and NDT. Carrying out inspection on Sand/shot blasted
       equipment structures and conforms surface preparation to comparators. Inspection of painted
       structure/equipments for required DFT.

      Preparation of Quality Control documents such as QAP, WPS, PQR, MTC, Non-conformance re-
       ports, Welding & NDT reports. Ensuring all specified standards are available for reference and
       observing their requirements.

Major projects executed / Inspection carried out
    Developed, prepared detailed Shop floor drawings, procured all materials and manufac-
     tured 20 Aluminum Bulk Feed Trailer worth SR 5million in a record period of time with a
     small dedicated team for ARASCO TRANSPORT, Dammam and HADCO, Hail.

    Supervision of Erection of Ø9 x 7m High One way Water Storage tank for SWCC Hofuf Water
     Transmission Systems, Hofuf through Al-Rashid Hak Consortium.

    Fabrication of Ø2.2 x 70m long Chimney (made in 3 pieces) for SAUDI CEMENT, Riyadh thro’
     Saudi Wiemer & Trachte Ltd.

    Fabrication & Erection of 20,000 ton capacity flat storage Ware house and other Steel structures
     (600 ton) for a major upgrading of Arasco Bulk Feed Storage & Handling facilities at KING
     ABDUL AZIZ PORT, Dammam.

    Damage assessment & Repair of De blend Ø30 x 20m High Water storage Tank roof and bottom
     plate at SWCC, Al-Khobar Plant.

    Fabrication of Iron Ore Tank Ø2.5m x 25thk. x 8m long and Cooling Water Tank Ø3m x 21m
     long for SAUDI IRON & STEEL CO. (HADEED), Jubail. And a Depleted Pr.Brine Tank (Ø2 x
     3.8m long) for ARABIAN CHLORINE COMPANY, Yanbu.

    Fabrication of Coil Build Ø7 x 4m H Phosphoric Acid Storage tank and Ø5 x 3m H Clarifier tank
     and other Tank Farm area tanks and Inspection of Ø10 x 10m high Raw acid Storage Tank at
     ARCHEM, Dammam.

    Fabrication & Inspection of Ø3 x 12m high Silos – 24 Nos and its supporting structures for
     ARASCO FEED MILL, and SS304 & ALLOY20 Tanks for ARASCO GLUCOSE Plant, Al-Kharj.

Erection & Commissioning Engineer, April ’95 – Nov.’98, M/s Ell Ess Engineering Pvt Ltd., Bom-
      Supervision of erection of FILTRATION PLANT & EQPT. in CAUSTIC SODA PLANT based on
       membrane cell technology. Commissioning of the same plants & Eqpts. Offering successful per-
       formance run meeting all committed guarantees.

      Mobilizing & managing site crew. Co-ordinating with clients, smooth & timely completion of site
       activities. Attending site review meetings and preparation of site progress report. Preparation of
       COMMISIONING REPORTS for future reference. Servicing & trouble shooting of plants & equip-
       ments supplied by us.

Major Plants Commissioned
   1. FILTRATION PLANT, biggest indigenous plant in the country so far, in 350TPD capacity
      CAUSTIC SODA plant for Mardia Chemicals Ltd, Ahmedabad.

          a) M/s Century Chemicals Ltd, Bombay, b) M/s TATA Chemicals Ltd, Gujarat, c) M/s N.R.C.
             Ltd, Bombay, d) M/s Kothari Sugars & Chemicals Ltd, Pondicherry.

Inspection & Expediting Engineer, July ’91 – Mar. ’95, M/s Ell Ess Engineering Pvt Ltd., Bom-
      Development of vendors for fabrication of various equipments like Pressure vessel, Heat ex-
       changer etc. Planning & scheduling of fabrication activities to ensure timely completion of the
      Preparation of BAR CHART and co-ordinating between the works. Conducting NDT /
       STAGEWISE inspection of various equipments. Carrying out final inspection and issuing release
       note for dispatch and preparation of complete inspection docket.
Major inspection work carried out
Inspection of fabrication of Pressure vessels designed as per ASME Sec VIII Div.1 code, such as 1)
SS/MS REACTORS with mechanical seals. 2) Heat exchanger of various type in different M.O.C”s. 3) 12
nos of Brine Polishing filters of different sizes, 3) 4 nos. of Brine Polishing Filter of 60m3 area, biggest of
its kind in India so far. 5) 18 nos. candle filter in varied M.O.C’s.

Site Engineer, July ’90 - June ’91, M/s Shalis Fire Engineering Systems, Madras.
       Mobilizing & establishing site gang. Work allocation to site crew. Review of installation drawings
        and documents. Installation & commissioning of Fire protection systems (Sprinklers, Fire hydrant,
        Smoke detection instrument etc.) at various Textile Mills.

Machines handled
       ‘ATLANTIC’ Heavy Duty 250 Ton Bending machine, ‘LEO PONTIGGIA’ & ‘SWIFT’ Heavy Duty
        Lathe,     ‘BERTSCH’ Rolling machine, ‘PROMA BEAM’ Beam cutting machine, ‘PEARSON’
        Shearing machine, ‘PARKSON’ Universal Milling machine, ‘Schlick-roto-jet®’ Roller Conveyor
        Shot blast Plant.

Other Experience         :        Widely traveled in India for erection and execution purposes.

Languages Known          :        English, Hindi, Tamil & Malayalam.

Technical Qualification :         DIPLOMA IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING – Year 1990
                                  From Board of Technical Education, Tamilnadu

                                  QMS INTERNAL AUDITOR COURSE, ISO 9001:2000
                                  From Bureau Veritas, Saudi Arabia.

Computer Skills          :        Auto CAD 2005 & MS Office 2003.

Driving License          :        Light Vehicle, Saudi Arabia

Personal Data            :        Indian National, Aged 35 Years, Married, one Child.

Passport Details         :        No. E 1443598, Issued at Riyadh, Valid until May 2012

Other                    :        Excellent health, dependable, trustworthy, self motivated,
                                  task oriented and ambitious.

Month of Availability    :        3 Months from receipt of Employment

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